Well hooray for them, they actually showed some cojones — that’s hip hop for “backbone” — and the principal got himself some principles somewhere.

If you missed this outrage from last week, here’s the original terrible story and the happy update about the wingnut neckless turd getting fired from his hate-radio show for leading a racist crusade against little kids’ faces on a mural painted on the walls of their own elementary school. [YouTube]

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  1. Ken, it’s as if you are ASKING for trolls. Every time you post another thread about this terrible terrible thing, we get terrible terrible commenters. I miss the banality of TruckNutz and Poop…

  2. The racist radio guy’s firing was very nice; I love it when bad things happen to bad people. Now radio executives, there’s a certain extremely racist host you might want to look at next, he’s the one who shares his name with an 80s Canadian Libertarian rock band.

    Oh, and I’m still working through the firing thread; that thing turned epic. Shows me for not reading on the weekends.

  3. Hey, that’s actually a pretty sweet mural. Nice composition. Really well executed.

    (But why’d the hell’d they put that colored kid right smack in the middle for?)

  4. Cue K-Lo or somebody equally stupid, wingnutty, and non-white talking about how this means we will now have to darken all the faces on Mount Rushmore.

  5. [re=593494]norbizness[/re]: Now if we could only get “Cro-Magnon softheads” equally represented in school murals.

  6. [re=593485]CivicHoliday[/re]: “Every time you post another thread about this terrible terrible thing, we get terrible terrible commenters”

    Seriously, where do these dolts come from? I appreciated the hit & run teabagger who got “the vapors” over all of our filthy cussing but fully supports her white pride radio host.

  7. My righteous indignation has been replaced with righteous dignation, (see, cuz I “dig” a “nation” that produces people who come to their senses when stoopid bullhockey happens and then do the right thing.)

    Of course now I’m waiting for the “Black Paint Splashed On Arizonan School Mural: May Have Racial Motivations, Duh” story so I can drag out my righteous indignation again.

  8. [re=593503]lawrenceofthedesert[/re]: It’ll turn into Wonkette’s TV sitcom that’s universally despised by critics, ignored by audiences and canceled after four episodes?

  9. A few months ago I heard a speaker say someone wasn’t going to do something because he (the person not doing it) didn’t have the “huaraches.”

    I guess the speaker probably was thinking of “huevos.”

    On the other hand, I was the only person in the room who heard it and then started to laugh…

  10. Now I’m thinking of all the sad, dazed, alcohol-fetal syndrome faces of the merry band of Gawker trolls who invaded Wonkettia over the weekend. They’ll never believe in anything ever again. Bwahahahahahaha.

  11. Ok, well that’s real sweet apologizing to the townsfolk for their “mistake”, but what the fuck about that poor “BLACK” kid whose face all those white people got all klan-y about? Where’s his fucking apology?

    They should give THAT kid his own radio show and make him the Honorary Mayor of “Prescuit” and give him the key to the city or SOMETHING for this horrible mind fuck he’s had to endure and Scott Blair should be forced to be this kid’s man-slave for the next twenny years, if his fat fuck hunchback pig heart lasts that long.

  12. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue … you get one of his fired from a sleazy radio station, he gets one of yours fired from the White HOuse Press Pool.

  13. The school guy got uncoupled from history there for a minute but then he coupled back up. Okay. Woulda been better if he’d done the right thing in the first place. Leaves you wonderin what the school admin really thinks. Is AZ really as bad as it seems lately?

  14. If you think you’re getting another 550 comments out of us, you’re sadly mistaken.

    To prove it, I’m not going to…

    Oh, crud.

  15. Gee, it’s nice to see public administration officials stand up for principles — once they see that there’s overwhelming outrage about their rolling over against them.

  16. [re=593485]CivicHoliday[/re]: “Ken, it’s as if you are ASKING for trolls”

    The toxic fumes they give off are a small price to pay for the page views. Sort of the cost of doing business, like the gulf spill. We still get to drive our hummers, and there are plenty of other oceans that aren’t dead yet.

  17. [re=593527]Look At My Wiener[/re]: From the site, “The hand-made craftsmanship, the strong leather designs, and recycled tire sole, remind us of a Mexican tradition that has lasted for centuries.” They had TIRES 200 years ago?

  18. [re=593540]harry palmer[/re]: Trolls + Anti-Trolls = pageview clickies = $7.50/1000pv bonus for Ken. This is why Ken doesn’t mind leaving the keys to the website in plain view on the coffee table over the weekend.

    If troll bait be the food of love, snark on!

  19. [re=593489]Jukesgrrl[/re]:

    What a crappy lesson to learn so early in the game. I’ll never forget the first time I was made to feel less than for being different. You’re right- never have recovered. Guess that’s why I sniff around teh Wonkett, where we are all equals, in the gutter. And what is there in our culture to make them feel more at ease? Home is one thing, but they can’t be at home all of the time. And obviously school is no safe haven. At least I had “The Cosby Show” to make me feel “a part of.” What have they got now?

  20. You just know that Obama and his ACORN/SEIU thugs had a hand in pressuring the school to give in to the radical demands of the anti-white hatemongers who originally defaced the school building with blatant pictorial representations of some students who go there. I certainly can’t think of any other explanation.

    Now, when is someone going to complain about mural’s depiction of a kid wearing ia bicycle helmet? It’s advocating a nanny-state approach to EVERYTHING!! Next, they’ll painting murals telling us we can’t eat cheeseburgers!!

  21. his backbone had nothing to do with it . he was finally forced to chose which side he was more afraid of , a smug bigot or the defenders of children . wonkette won the battle . all about backbone

  22. [re=593542]JamesMichaelCurley[/re]: They used them on their ATV’s to drive up and down the Inca pyramids. Besides, the used ones looked great for flower beds in their front yards.

  23. Maybe all those colored children should go back to where they came from in Mexica and Africa and stop oppressing all the good white American radio show hosts!

  24. Oh great, now they’re neither brown kids nor white kids and you’ve given them a complex about their heritage. Leave mural children alone!

  25. [re=593553]nappyduggs[/re]: It makes me crazy that no matter how much parents love a kid, they can’t make up all the way for what assholes say to that kid.

  26. That principal needs to get the fuck out of there too.

    I’m looking forward to doing my part to impoverish Arizona, even after their fucking law is declared unconstitutional.

  27. Now lemme see. You start showing some balls only when your state is being boycotted and people the world over are amazed at the dinosaurs still living in Arizona. What balls!

  28. It’s still an insult to the troops and Sarah Palin because they didn’t include that little round headed kid in the mural.

  29. and the principal got himself some principles somewhere.

    Yeah, he gave out after he gave in to the bigots. Like Churchill once said. Americans will always do the right thing. After they’ve tried everything else.

  30. [re=593492]Prommie[/re]:

    I concur. Welcome to 21st century America, fuckturds, we stopped this overt racism stuff sometime around 1983.

  31. [re=593492]Prommie[/re]: Too good!!! You should get a free <a href=”” Wonkette commemorative shirt.

  32. but i thought he wanted to whiten them for “artistic” reasons. Kinda like when the nazis got all “artistic” on the jews.

  33. I foresee Steve Blair being portrayed as “The Martyr In The War Against Progressivism” ™, not the racist scumbag that he really is.

  34. The critics have a good point about the mural not accurately reflecting the school. I mean the kids in the mural are like GIANTS (insert multiple exclamation points here).

  35. [re=593540]harry palmer[/re]: yes and no. I actually clicky-click LESS when threads start going off the deep end and the editors disappear. Trolls are really only fun if they are more silly than hurtful, a la Paultards. I found the weekend’s posts to be rather exhausting, so I just kept my laptop closed and drank beer by the pool. So…then again, that was really great, so maybe Ken should just turn over Wonkette management to the GOP so that I’m never again tempted to waste a sunny afternoon reading this babble

  36. [re=593551]whiteasasheet[/re]: Sweet jeebus yes, what I wouldn’t give for some of that right now. Or diaper-wearing politicians. Or whore diamonds. Or diaper-wearing transvestite whores.

  37. [re=593647]slappypaddy[/re]: As far as honorifics go, I think when you’ve got “President” up front you don’t need “Esq.” out back to pump up your ego.

    Now, when the Vatican names him Pope, the titles are going to get awkward for sure.

  38. I leave Wonkette for the weekend and all hell breaks out.

    God I hate Arizona. All the negatives of South Carolina without the proximity to that sweet Appalachian Trail.

  39. [re=593587]Katydid[/re]:

    Word. Boo-boo’s like these mommy can’t kiss away. So.Sad.

    [re=593591]Big Liver[/re]:

    You are sweet. I will remember you the next time I feel like unleashing mayhem on the stoopids.


    Word. I truly hope they realize that Hopey is part of an actual *rule* that is out there, and not an exception to one.

  40. [re=593657]edgydrifter[/re]: yeah, you’re right, i know, and he does not strike me as a fellow who needs any labels to pump his ego, it’s just, i’ve always like the sound of “esquire.”


    You people see what happens when you Lay Down A Little Covering Fire Of Righteousness? See? See?


  42. [re=593542]JamesMichaelCurley[/re]: “They had TIRES 200 years ago?”

    What are you, stupid? Do you think that Cortes and the Conquistadors WALKED to Tenochtitlan?

    (And yes, I know that was more like 400 years ago. Which made it all the harder to get a low rider Chevy Impala.)

  43. Well, hell, Nikki Haley better start blowing Mark Sanford right away or South Carolina is going to lose the title as stupidest shithole state to Arizona.

  44. [re=593646]CivicHoliday[/re]: “yes and no. I actually clicky-click LESS when threads start going off the deep end and the editors disappear”

    I only bothered with one of them because I found his side-hobby to be hilarious and inadvertently reduced him to spittle-flecked ravings.

    Then they all just started repeating themselves over and over and it got dull again.

  45. It’s a compromise. They will leave the brown kids in, but add a few policemen checking their papers.

    The other day I was walking around the Mission District when I saw this guy wearing a t-shirt: “I only look illegal.” Awesome.

  46. [re=593695]Jukesgrrl[/re]: So you’re saying the Arizonians aren’t breeding!?!?
    That’s a bright spot in an otherwise dreary day.

  47. I heard a group of young gentlemen from Compton were planning to head over to AZ and address this problem. Lucky for them they don’t have to make the trip.

  48. [re=593530]Sharkey[/re]: He was just here in San Francisco last month putting his work up on some walls around town (then having some of it “accessorized” by local graffiti artists). I have to say that it’s probably the best public art this city has ever seen. This is not saying much, but still, in a city where the most notable public art includes an incongruously placed statue of Gandhi (in the middle of a parking lot) and a fountain once described by a prominent art critic as something that looks like it was left by a giant concrete dog with square bowels, Banksy is a big step in the right direction.

  49. [re=593760]joementum[/re]: I wish. I have a friend in AZ who is a hard core tea party glenn beckster. He goes on and on about how government power should be limited in every way possible, and then he goes and works for a defense contractor making advanced weapons for the government. And he’s breeding.

  50. [re=593766]One Yield Regular[/re]: “probably the best public art [Frisco] has ever seen”

    Even including the ’60s? Anyways, glad you like it. I know some walls in DC that could use his talent.

  51. [re=593804]AnglRdr[/re]: The link is most welcome. That was beautiful. I also have not really been able to “celebrate” the fact that mural won’t be changed, and that post really captures why.

  52. Thar be trolls here!

    Wait, where are they all? Gosh, it’s quiet in here. Guess I’ll come back on the weekend when things are happening again.

  53. [re=593520]Tundra Grifter[/re]: Messico = huaraches – (The rest of) Latin America = guaraches

    … darn Messicans can’t say anyting in Meso-Spanglish right.

    Expression should be inserted into the mural. Also.

  54. [re=593833]Darkness[/re]: They need those linky things to hypertext their way over to Outer Wonkettia. Otherwise they get lost. Newell will probably hyperlink them over here at some point, just as a merry prank – because he loves us.

  55. This is great posting I actually clicky-click LESS when threads start going off the deep end and the editors disappear. Trolls are really only fun if they are more silly than hurtful, a la Paultards. I found the weekend’s posts to be rather exhausting, so I just kept my laptop closed and drank beer by the pool. So…then again, that was really great, so maybe Ken should just turn over Wonkette management to the GOP so that I’m never again tempted to waste a sunny thanks by student aid.

  56. It’s fascinating to observe all the “enlightened” liberals who have probably never been to Arizona and rely upon hysterical left-wing propaganda for their understanding of the state to use Arizona and its residents as the whipping boy for that racism is rampant here. My advice is to educate yourself. Visit Arizona and see the reality of what is happening here, rather than relying upon the demagoguery of Al Sharpton and ill-informed bloggers with an agenda.
    Sure, that are numbskulls here, as there are in every state. But the majority of Arizonans appreciate its Latino heritage and live in harmony with Latinos.
    It’s actually sickening to me to observe how many people fall for the propaganda being disseminated about Arizona. Clean up your own backyards.

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