Not even a 'face for radio.' Fat piece of racist shit.A little bit of justice? Maybe. A news website and tourism agency in Prescott, Arizona, announced in the dead of night that Prescott city councilman and local-wingnut KYCA talk-show idiot Steve Blair has been fired from his radio show because he’s bringing national shame to Prescott because he campaigned to have the faces of little school children removed from a K-5 mural because some of the kids were black and brown. HE SHOULD BE DUMPED IN A CESSPOOL FILLED WITH BOILING BP CRUDE, etc.

But whatever, look at this fat fucking hunchbacked pig, and pity him if you have that kind of generous soul. And if you live in Prescott, head on out this morning and try to make the town look a little better to the outside world. [Prescott News]

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  1. Between this jerk and our governor it shows how racist AZ is. Makes me ashamed to live in the state.
    ATTENTION ARIZONIANS It’s time to vote out the Repubs. They certainly do more harm than good.

  2. Once you’ve given up hope of ever finding another job again ever, the only real pleasure you enjoy (other than teh porn) is watching stupid people – far stupider, wealthier and more well-known than you – losing theirs.

    I’m still rooting for JD because
    1. We have a better chance at the seat,
    2. Arizona deserves nothing but the worst, and

  3. Well that aint dat sumtin. I can wipe the tears from my eyes and cry for that ManBearPigs existence. I’m super serial, he looks like some kind of dead mammal I’ve seen floating in a river I fly fish in, poor thing.

  4. Geeze Ken, you make having pity seem like a bad thing. Or at least that was my sentiment until I went to that website and listened to the interview. The reporter gave him every chance to not be an asshole and was trying to be as gentle as possible — and yet his appalling sentiment still comes through loud and clear. It’s defacing public property to have a black child depicted on the side of a school? Why that’s the same kind of sincere respect for the will of the people that Strom Thurmond would’ve considered.

  5. Once again, shoddy fact-checking/editorial work at Wonkett: typing ‘fat’ when u meant ‘rat’. No, being short-staffed is no excuse.

  6. A man who is so supinely racist that he doesn’t even realize he’s racist. Being called out for being racist, he defends his G-d-given right to be racist under the US Constitution and the laws of Arizona. He rationalizes his racism by echoing the “follow your bliss” philosophy of Joseph Campbell, a man whose views he would despise if he knew who Campbell was.

    His radio interview is like listening to the realtime psychoanalysis of a Grand Poobah of the KKK. If you were to write a thesis on the Tea Klux Klan, this would be the seminal audio self-vivisection you would use to explain the internal mechanism of the entie movement.

  7. generous soul? i thought i had one but…
    racist asshole
    eat shit and die. after all, his fat ass looks like it’s eaten everything else.
    (sorry for the lack of snark)

  8. Wait, if Arizona is starting to act sane, does this mean that we would have to put up with six more year of John McCain?

    And will Idaho or Wyoming have to step up as the Florida/South Carolina of the West?

  9. Ken: “Look at this fat fucking hunchbacked pig,”

    I tried, but I only saw an ignorant, boorish, bilious old cretin. You see, pigs are intelligent, and they’re actually pretty nice animals. In fact, they can even be trained to not poop in the house. Thus, I find the comparison between this man and an overfed pig with a spinal deformation to be completely unfair.

  10. For five whole minutes on Friday morning, Jake Knotts made me think South Carolina was even more hideous than Arizona. Thanks to this human excrement, all has been set right in my world.

  11. i won’t know what to think about this until i know what sarah palin thinks about this.

    wait… what? she doesn’t think? she simply twitters? then i am lost!

  12. In the Prescott News photo, he looks like a pope. Well, more like an anti-pope, I suppose.

    Now I feel like ramming pope and anti-pope together in the ultimate physics experiment. It might bring about the end of the universe, but it would be worth it.

  13. Don’t get too excited. I mean, after all, it took a bucket full of bad national press to get this guy fired. He wasn’t fired for promoting White Supremacy through his radio show, or he’d have been fired the day he first launched his whitification campaign. He was fired for embarrassing the wrong people.

  14. From Palin’s Facebook page:

    “The lamestream media attacks another patriot. Steve Blair is fired for defending American values. Call KYCA and let them know that we are fed up with political correctness. The first Amendment used to mean something.”

  15. Fired from the local radio station for being a racist slob, huh? So which gig does he take: the soon to be offered commentator gig on Fox News Channel, or the “policy analyst” position at the Heritage Foundation?

  16. I’m surprised at some of these things that occur in the US as it’s a country most often held up as the leading light in freedom, equity, and all things wonderful (except for the loony religious right).

    It seems that this is probably a backlash against unrelenting immigration and the multiculturalism that has been forced down our throats in Western democracies. In Australia, the people were never asked if we wanted multiculturalism. Governments of the day decided we needed it and spent millions trying to tell us it was what we needed to be fulfilled. Now we have a gradually dividing country; we’ve homogenised the milk, but not the people as one of our Governor’s General noted.

    We accept immigrants from anywhere, but we want them to become part of our culture, not set up their own ethnic utopias. My guess is that real Americans are the same.

  17. [re=592261]Hopey dont play that game[/re]: Is that a joke? I would like to punch her in the face, no really I would take supreme pleasure in just beating the snot out of her. Peace.

  18. [re=592261]Hopey dont play that game[/re]: Seriously? Do we have to remind these stupid faux “Patriots” that it ain’t free speech when you work for a private company you stupid CUNT, it’s your precious FREE FUCKING ENTERPRISE and if your boss doesn’t like what comes out of your fat ugly fucking mouth he can fire your ass.

  19. [re=592263]Robinoz[/re]: Keep telling yourself “I’m not a racist, I just hate the way those damn dark skinned folks look/act/talk differently than me!” Maybe if you say it enough, you’ll keep believing that you’re not a racist fuck.

  20. [re=592261]Hopey dont play that game[/re]: Meanwhile, on Palin’s Twitter account, she takes Helen Thomas to task, the same Helen Thomas who has forgotten more about almost everything, except moose hunting, than Palin has learned:

    Helen, Helen, Helen… unimaginable misunderstandng of Jewish history…& unconscionable indecency.Press corps colleagues calling u on this?

    And here’s the irony — there’s always irony with this bitch, isn’t there? — one of Palin’s top advisers is none other than Fred Malek, Richard Nixon’s top Jew hunter and get ’em out of governmenter.

    Arizona’s holding land open for Palin if she wants to live on the mainland.

  21. The only reason they voted for him in the first place is because his mouth was more pretty than his opponent. Can’t you tell?

  22. Ah, the “we just want them to assimilate” argument.

    Ok. Seems reasonable. It usually walks down the street with “our ancestors had to,” in the U.S. In fact, the second half of this crippled pair is often the stronger, as speakers will wax eloquent about immigrant grandma who spokeh no Englisha, but just look now.

    The “multiculturalists” (and, by the way, “multiculturalists” seem to be about like “political correctness,” these days: the people talking about it seem to be against it; one almost never finds people speaking for it, and yet it’s presumed to be this massive Force coming to oppress Us) actually argued (n.b. past tense) that pluralism is a hallmark of any nation that is founded on ideology rather than ethnicity. If a nation were founded on ethnicity, then the UK, Ireland, Australia, and, most of all, the U.S. would dissolve. Those nations that maintain more than one culture operating within the dominant, official culture maintain multiple sources of ideas and resources against strains.

    The open borders people, who are, incidentally, entirely fucking unrelated, argue that immigrants set up separate communities for one or two generations and then assimilate on their own. Separate cultures exist for a while, but language proficiency occurs in a single generation. (Amazing!) The sense of isolation disappears after two. (No! Gasp!) However, the people who migrate tend not to be the most educated, the most affluent, and so they tend not to be speaking the new language already. (Imagine taking construction workers from Australia and dumping them in Vietnam. Would they learn Vietnamese instantly, or would they choose to live in “Aussie town?”)

    Sheesh. No one wants homogeneity, I hope. It ruins tourism. In the U.S., we make big bucks selling tickets to go gawk at the Amish, to gaze at the Shaker houses, and to see a live Indian.

  23. [re=592260]Serolf Divad[/re]: he was fired for having a negative impact on advertising revenues. (i used to work in radio, i know how it works.)

  24. Keep fucking that chicken you fat bucket of greasy chitlins.
    (I am not racist, some of my best friends are fat or greasy or chitlins)

  25. [re=592275]Geogre[/re]: I think you mean “non immigrant” when you say “indian”. Trust me, the Lakota and the Choctaw would really like it if all the newcomers went back where they came from … I’m pretty sure the Winnebago, Mohican, et al would too … but they don’t get a vote anymore for some reason.

  26. [re=592282]Monsieur Grumpe[/re]: mmmmm… that justice sure was tasty. In a rare moment of forsight, I saved some room for dessert.

  27. [re=592263]Robinoz[/re]: We accept immigrants from anywhere, but we want them to become part of our culture, not set up their own ethnic utopias. My guess is that real Americans are the same.

    What’s a “real American?” This story has nothing to do with immigration; nobody knows if the children painted in those murals are immigrants, or the children of immigrants, or if their families have lived in what is now the U.S. for 500 years. You think all black people are immigrants?

    Slavery began in America in the late 16th century. In case you haven’t heard, African slaves didn’t exactly immigrate; they were kidnapped. Latinos have lived in what is now the U.S., particularly the South and Southwest, for about 500 years as well. Native Americans came here about 10,000 years ago. I’m white, but my family has only been here for about 100 years. Who are the “real Americans?” Yet I guarangodammedteeyou you weren’t talking about Native Americans or the descendants of slaves or the Latinos who came north in the 17th century when you vomited up the “real Americans” canard.

    Australia is a land of immigrants too, and the only “real Australians” are the aborigines, whom, I hear, aren’t treated too well by the descendants of immigrants. Why is that?

    I am so tired of people like you changing the subject to deflect from what is clearly bigotry; you don’t blame the bigot, you blame the target. “Well, people are only racist and upset because the immigrants aren’t enough like us.” Left out of your apology for bigotry is that we’re all immigrants, and that you’re terrified of “the other.” Snap out of it.

  28. After yesterdays barrage of awful news, I’ve gotta say, “Thanks for the good news Ken.” Really. No shit. Now, I’m putting the computer away and not reading any other news for a while.

  29. FROM KYCA’s Website:

    “KYCA began the transition to full-time news-talk radio with the premiere of The Rush Limbaugh Show in 1988 (KYCA was one of the original affiliates of Rush’s show) and The Dr. Dean Edell Show a few years later. Both programs remain on KYCA to this day, along with a talk lineup which includes many of today’s top rated talent, including Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Jerry Doyle, Michael Savage and more.”

    From the Mouth of KYCA (moto: “Dreaming of spreading KY on all those CA Brownies”) Looks like without Mr. Blair the dial will be moving hard LEFT; mebbe needs a new call letter sequence like WWTF; oops, already taken by WTOP’s re-transmitter in Bumfuck, Md..

  30. Robinoz: Australian enlightenment, like in the movie “Rabbit-Proof Fence,” where your country forcibly removed mixed and aboriginal children from their parents UNTIL THE 1970’s for their own good, and put them in re-education camps to learn “Australian” ways.

    Cripes, I agree with Katydid. Recognize your limitations. And for the rest of us, please look at videos of the Criminal Executive Officer of BP and ralize that lies with a Brit accent are still lies. Australia (motto: “Drink Foster’s: It’s Australian for Budweiser!”) has just as many creepy apologists as any English speaking country.

    Tojo never made it to Darwin. Neither did enlightenment for all those lil’ Paul Hogan wannabes.

  31. You know, I honestly do feel a little sorry for him. Imagine being the sort of person who literally cannot look at an elementary school mural without seeing a race war. It can’t be a pleasant way to live. And I’m sure this episode will only make him even more of a prisoner of his own futile rage. I don’t envy the permanently miserable.

  32. Four extraordinary and interesting insights:
    1) Can we start a data base of people we want Ken to get fired?
    2) Why did you use a picture of Jake Knotts’ younger brother as an illustration?
    3) White folks were mean to my Choctaw ancestors, but they didn’t hunt them down like aborigines.
    4) I forgot what the other one was, something about defending swine as human beings.

  33. You know what really seems fascinating about our Aussie non sequitur artist? The change of subject to “immigrant” would be particularly piquant in Arizona, because these are not ranchers we’re talking about. These are not range war descendants we’re talking about. These are not Confederate refugees we’re talking about. (Those are your choices, generally, for white folks from “old families.”)

    These are stinkin’ snowbirds. These are yankees from the northeast, tax haters from California, cold warriors and birchers from the upper midwest, etc., who moved to the area for the heat.

    Yeah: immigrants are bad.

  34. Don’t blame him. He’s never recovered from when the Fratellis ever had him chained up in a basement somewhere, begging a fat kid for a Baby Ruth.

  35. So many of today’s racists are slightly aware that some might not approve, and so are a little careful to not let on, unless three or more are gathered together. Or Palin is at the microphone. This guy is more noble, not letting a little thing like shame get in the way of his important message for us all. Let your freak flag fly, Steve.

  36. Diego Rivera would have jacked this guy up. Fuckstick McGoo needs to get down to the Phoenix Art Museum to see some of the muralist’s work. Or over in Tempe, at the ASU art thingee place.

    Or maybe read Archie MacLeish’s six poems, Frescoes for Mr. Rockefeller’s City, to gain some perspective from the middle ground.

    Otherwise, ignorant shitards like Blair can stuff it.

  37. [re=592301]What Fresh Hell is This?[/re]: Again with the swine? The poor pigs must cringe every time we compare some fat bigot a pig. I’m thinking of starting an anti pig defamation league.

    Let’s call them slugs. The slugs won’t care.

  38. [re=592312]Real DC Native[/re]:
    Ya know, the slugs haven’t really done anything reprehensible either; how about ticks? Big bloated bloodsucking ticks? Or leeches? Wait, leeches are good for sucking blood out of re-attached limbs. I give up.

  39. News unshocking if you know Prescott – crawling with white escapists trying to conjure Mayberry on ex-Mexican soil. It’s funny because it’s sad.

  40. [re=592290]Katydid[/re]: The white kid is definitely an immigrant, the brown one could be Mezo Indian so maybe, not so much.

    On the assimilation front,as a result of my ongoing and exhaustive survey of internet porn, I’ve come to the conclusion that assimilation is an ever present and irresistible force in human culture, driven by our well known tendency to insert tab “a” into slot “b” (or any one of a truly amazing number of variations on that theme) at any opportunity in which we can envision a mechanical means to bring the appropriate naughty bits into functional proximity. In short, we appear to be hard wired with a “if it’ll reach, stick it in” approach to inter cultural relations ergo we must eventually unify (largely do to improvements in mechanical engineering).
    Against this awesome power, resistance is ultimately futile. Effective opposition to human beings getting their freak on is a fantasy roughly akin to “abstinence only education” and those who believe otherwise need to head down to the nearest immigrant community and see if they can’t find a little love (or at least, score a little strange). Redneck, talk radio, rodeo-clowns notwithstanding.
    Praise Jesus, brothers and sisters, praise Jesus.

  41. Let me get this straight, the mural is provocative because it shows kids from a school with diversity, therefore the artists are troublemakers for inciting a race war. Where have I seen this logic before . . . something about offshore drilling . . . ?

  42. [re=592293]Baby who ate the Dingo[/re]: Yeah, it’s funny, cause that’s the name of a brand of lube. Does the gheyness of the Right know no bounds?

  43. Fox in general, and Hannity in particular, absolutely fall in love with stories like this. Poor White guy is being persecuted! This is America damn it, how can this happen in our country!?
    Hannity was first to defend Dog the Bounty Hunter. The first to defend Imus. The first to defend Beck after his, “Obama is a racist” comment. The list goes on and on.
    I guarantee Hannity will have Blair on his show next week.

  44. [re=592300]doxastic[/re]: when his misery is actively forced on to little kids , he can fuck his misery . there is no reason why 5 yr olds should carry the burden of some weak , fat coward . it’s such a molesting thing to do …………

  45. A tick, I have heard, has only one sense. It can smell, but only carbon dioxide and butyric acid. When it smells carbon dioxide from breath, its legs start jumping, and it will hop and start walking/running toward that source. It doesn’t know why. It will land on a spot with butyric acid (sweat) and lance. That is all it knows how to do. It has no thought processes, apparently, and its mating is accidental.

    Replace “carbon dioxide” with “fear” and “butyric acid” with “hate,” and I think we have a perfect and complete analogy for most of the targets of Wonkette satire.

  46. [re=592321]dijetlo[/re]: Regarding assimilation…

    We could assimilate to universal grey as Ursula K. Le Guin did in “The Lathe of Heavan.” You know, you have one of those days where your dreams come true, and you dream that skin pigment issues were gone forever, only you wake up and everybody is grey. No-hued, K Street-in-November kind of grey. Know what? The reality is you’ll look vaguely Puerto Rican, like my nephew, grandson of Norwegee/Africanized American paternal grandparents and Indian(Mumbia kind)/Italiani but probably Palestinianish(orphan WW2)maternal grandparents. Much to the chagrine of my bretheren, he appears to be tall, dark, and handsome. No wonder the greasy old fat white men hate these foreigny lookin’ people:

    Trucknutz just ain’t gettin’ the lube jobs like they used to.

  47. See, this is the reason why I still dig fisticuffs: when someone needs Comeuppance writ Large, and that feeling of your hand as the Righteous Tool of G-d bitchslapping a fuckwit like Blair, the brick-like intent of your hand colliding with the corpulent mass of his face…mmm.


    Anyway, I moved to AZ for the Lucre that is tourist dollars for people who want to see a giant hole in the ground, but I never venture past Sedona for this reason. I guess that’s why douchetards like him get voted in however.

  48. No one wants homogeneity…. Oh? Try living in Hawaii. If you’re white, you will be impressed by the desire of the people there for homogeneity.

  49. [re=592318]mynameisdetroit[/re]: Are you familiar with “irony?” Because you provide a shining example. I live in Prescott, and to characterize the WHOLE FUCKING TOWN as backwards because of this choad-licker is not quite accurate. We have some assholes, and a lot of good people. Sorry for the lack of snark, but fuck this shit about the entire town being like this asshole.

  50. [re=592263]Robinoz[/re]: Damn straight! None of the paddy micks in the US asked for “multiculturalism” with spic beaners! O’Reilly and Hannity should personally patrol our borders with red, white and blue shillelaghs!

    And good luck with your “White Australia” down there. Gotta keep those Indos out and abbos down…

  51. As we say in C’Addle [re=592275]Geogre[/re]: for both you and [re=592290]Katydid[/re], we have to ask Grandma to get out the rye bread and mustard, it’s grand salami time. Well done.

  52. [re=592360]Guppy06[/re]: In our ‘hood there are current sparks between the new African Americans and those with slave diaspora heritage, also.

  53. [re=592347]Baby who ate the Dingo[/re]:
    No wonder the greasy old fat white men hate these foreigny lookin’ people.Trucknutz just ain’t gettin’ the lube jobs like they used to
    No, it’s not “fat, greasy old white dudes”. Old white dudes tend to get fat and greasy, so I can understand your confusion, but in fact this problem is just as acute among Asians, Africans, Hispanics and if you really want to see full on, in your face racist dogma, date an east Indian woman. Some of them call marrying outside their race “a fate worse than death” (some of course, do not because they are people and therefor, just like us.).
    My wife is Chinese and she’s has had hotel staff in rural China refer to her as a prostitute because she’s married to a “greasy, old, fat, white dude”.(BTW, she maintains my trucknutz exquisitely.)
    Racism is both universal and entirely personal, it also fades with exposure to the hated race so have hope.

  54. [re=592356]Aurelio[/re]: Well, I said I hope no one wants homogeneity.

    That’s the problem. In ethnically defined places, there are people who do want it, and, when they do, the results aren’t very nice. Preserving one’s culture is fantastic. Homogeneity, though, means sameness, and that always leaves the problem of “same as who?” Monocultures are weak in biology and weak historically. This isn’t because of anything divine or mysterious: it’s because they don’t have very many ideas or methods for responding to challenges. (The antebellum South tried to have a monoculture in agriculture and human culture. See what happened when there was an outside challenge? They could do nothing but war.)

    Yes, in Hawaii, there is a nebulous, unfocused hostility toward the “invading” whites and Japanese. It’s unpleasant. I don’t think it’s quite, though, the same. I hope not, anyway.

    This fellow in Arizona, though, is the group with political, economic, and land power being recent arrivals and complaining that any of “those people” are present. It’s the rage of an angry tourist that he can see the natives out the window.

  55. Any pictures of Space Jeebus or Cowboy Jeebus in the vicinity of Prescott, Arizona, that need a good whitewashing? I’m surprised that this assault upon Chrisitanity has been allowed to stand. The Son of God being depicted as one of the brown people. I mean…..Reaalllllyyy!….

    ::clutch pearls, and gasp::

  56. [re=592356]Aurelio[/re]: “Try living in Hawaii. If you’re white, you will be impressed by the desire of the people there for homogeneity.”

    If I remember correctly, that’s the problem Sister Sarah had with it. And why her “let’s get some college credits while I stay drunk on a tropical island for four years” came to a quick end. Hooray, Hawaii! Think about it: they produced Barack Obama AND drove Bible Spice back to the tundra. What a peoples!

  57. [re=592300]doxastic[/re]: [re=592337]rmjag[/re]: You know, I honestly do feel a little sorry for him. Imagine being the sort of person who literally cannot look at an elementary school mural without seeing a race war.

    The other side of that coin is, is well, coin. Maybe he doesn’t spew the racist bullshit so much because he actually believes in it, but because of the company he keeps. He’s sharing airtime with Limbaugh, Savage, Laura Ingraham, et al and doesn’t want to be some watered-down version of his big heroes. He wants to outdo them, make a name for himself, get big ratings and be a syndicated talker all over the (southern) US.

    In which case your pity is even more misplaced.

  58. [re=592261]Hopey dont play that game[/re]: cracker-ass-crackers stick together like two crackers and mayonaise. She’s a White supremacist/separatist, too. But still a victim. Remember when SP said “We live it” when asked why there weren’t more coloreds around her? I guess they just “lightened up” Toad.

    Like I said yesterday, dude: too obvs.

    It’s good news that there are so many sane offended people that his tumbleweed got his ass tossed out.

    Thx, Layne. Yay for now?

  59. Looking at the photo of Steve Blair, I’m forced to ponder why conservative pundits look like Jack Spratt and his wife in reverse. You have enormously bellied fatboys like El Rushbo and pudgy lumpasses like Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Mark Levin, Hugh Hewitt, etc. Meanwhile, many of the neoconartist she-devils are emaciated caricatures of womanhood. Only someone who dreams of fucking a bulimic fresh off a nice, vomity purge could find the bones and flesh of Ann Coulter or Laura Ingraham attractive.

    Yeah, some of the second tier propagandists are a little more attractive, but as noted by another poster, being batshit insane cancels out any inherent hotness. I might do S.E. Cupp in a pinch, but not with the knowledge I would have to listen to her talk.

  60. [re=592371]dijetlo[/re]: About a week or tw ago one network or another did a story about the Chinese in that vein. They don’t even bother using coded language, it’s straight up, in your face. We may be one of only a few countries whose pastime is shining a light on it, batting it around and coming to a consensus… and then someone promptly loses their job.

  61. C’mon, let’s not think of him as a disgraced former radio talk show host. Let’s think of him as the new Fox News, Chief Race Relations Expert and Correspondent.

  62. [re=592356]Aurelio[/re]: I lived in Hawai’i for a spell. I decided its unique racial quality was a result of isolation and that it wasn’t particularly replicable. God I loved it there.

  63. Be sure to read the comments in the Prescott News article – some are hillarious!

    ‘prescott alternative transportation is a leftist organization, redistributing income from car drivers to bike riders’

  64. [re=592393]vicnads[/re]: I didn’t hear any actually racist comments in there. Do you have any other links, of him actually saying racist things?

  65. This certainly means that this sack of Crisco will be in disgrace for the rest of his life, that he’ll never be able to find a job, that Repubs and Conservatards will denounce and disown him, and his ideas (such as they are) will be thoroughly repudiated.

    Hahaha, just kidding.

  66. [re=592404]vkladchik[/re]: Let me guess: “I didn’t hear anything racist because I agree with what he said and I don’t think I’m racist?”

    I’ll make it simple for you: any statement that begin with “I’m not racist, but…” is racist. Period. If you agree with such a statement, you’re a racist. Anybody that needs that qualifier (especially when combined with the classic “I have token ethnic friends!”) doth protest too much. Stop trying to convince yourself that you’re not and you’ll be able to sleep at night (unless, of course, some Negroes move into the neighborhood) and save the rest of us from your cognitive dissonance.

  67. ….and so America’s treacherous diversity murals are allowed to continuing their horrible molestation of defenseless white people.

  68. Prescott is approx. 93% white yet the mural depicts a minority child. It seems like the artist was trying to push an agenda on public property with public funds. How many murals of white people do they have in China? How many Murals do the have of Asians or Blacks in Mexico?

  69. I really hated Bush and his cabal of crooked cronies and the Neo-Cons in general, but you liberals are vile. The disinformation gang/wing of the progressives is scary. When I would speak out against Bush, I would run across people that would call me stupid and misinformed, nowadays I’m almost terrified to speak out against President Obama, or the Green Movement, or in favor of HB1070. I’m afraid to get my face smashed in by the rabid progressives.

  70. ManchuCandidate:
    No just your typical Mexican-American who believes that America has every right to protect it’s borders and decide who get’s to immigrate into this country.

  71. [re=592417]psychicsidekick[/re]: Good point. 99.9999% of the birds in the United States are not bald eagles, yet the fathers of this country chose to use a minority bird. How many state seals include catbirds or tit-mice? I’d say the exclusion of nuthatches and grackles is political correctness gone amok.

    Oh, and the mural has lots of greenery and hummingbirds (and probably a goddamned whale or two!).
    How many murals of parched, arid desert do they have in the Amazon or in Antarctica?

  72. [re=592425]psychicsidekick[/re]: Is English a second language for you? You’ve learned really well, but please review that part in your ESL manual about the proper use of the apostrophe.

  73. Great point. But they chose the Bald Eagle because it’s majestic beauty and overwhelming power when compared to other birds. So was the artist trying to tell the mostly white people of Presscot that minorities are more majestically beautiful and overwhelmingly powerful. Like I said, it seems like the artist had a progressive agenda to push on the mostly white populace.

  74. [re=592417]psychicsidekick[/re]:
    Mural was done with the students from the school. Apparently this school is made up of the 7%.

    Really, I thought libruls were supposed to be pussies. I wonder who carried guns to HCR. If I recall correctly, it wasn’t libruls.

    Mexican American Palin?

  75. [re=592300]doxastic[/re]: “You know, I honestly do feel a little sorry for him. Imagine being the sort of person who literally cannot look at an elementary school mural without seeing a race war. It can’t be a pleasant way to live.”

    If he offed himself, the thousands of people affected by a dude trying to start a race/culture battle could avoid our anger.

    I don’t feel sorry for the forces of misery and ignorance.

  76. [re=592417]psychicsidekick[/re]: Hoo boy, where do I begin? The faces were that of kids from the school. Why do people always assume they know the artists’ intent when they see art? We all know damn well what the radio shock jocks’ intent was; froth the local racist yahoos up for some cheap publicity. Well, it wound up painting the whole town as a bunch of racist yahoos and embarrassing the radio station and the city elites so the clown lost his job. Arizona of late seems determined to piss off at least half of the country or more and this doesn’t work well as a strategy to market the state for tourism. As for murals of white folks in China or Mexico, they have plenty of ethnic minorities there (religious, as well as cultural) as well and they are predjudiced against them there too. But for pete’s sake, we are America! We should be better than this! I would like to think, since almost all of us are descended from somewhere other than North America, we might have a little more empathy for new immigrants. Grow the hell up!

  77. Firing won’t do any good. He’s probably on some right wing blog right now typing “Hmm…guess I TOUCHED A NERVE!!11!”

  78. [re=592422]psychicsidekick[/re]: “I’m afraid to get my face smashed in by the rabid progressives.”

    Good. Just as your Neo-nazi brethren need to run whenever they see someone that could beat their face in.

    You Stormfronters should live in fear.

  79. [re=592425]psychicsidekick[/re]: You must be one of those 500 year dynasty Mexican Americans in Arizona who are convinced their shit don’t stink and they are Gods’ chosen since they were here for half a millenium. You don’t have any problem slamming the door on someone in the same skin as you by accident of birth. Yeah, you’re a real American all right, just make damn sure you have your ID handy and talk real nice to the good officers when they pull you over for driving while brown. Good manners might keep you from a cavity search.

  80. What Fresh Hell is This?: Thank you for the tip on punctuation. I really should have proofread my comment. I love it how you liberals just go straight for the personal attacks. If I wouldn’t have mentioned my background you would have been calling me a redneck but since I did mention it there you go with the ESL quip. Is making fun of ESL students fair game now just because you, a liberal decides it’s okay. Please other liberals weigh in. Is it fair game to make fun of ESL students?

  81. [re=592425]psychicsidekick[/re]: That’s what they all say. Then you should have no problem proving that. Produce your Social Security Card, Drivers License and any other documentation you have on your person showing that you are in facta legal resident of the United States of America. I have all the time in the world. However, you have 5 minutes to produce it or we will take you downtown and hold you until we are satisfied.

  82. [re=592431]psychicsidekick[/re]: And for what it’s worth, the Bald Eagle is a carrion eater and a predator of opportunistic nature. Magnificent My Ass! You want a smart bird, Franklin was right when he suggested the wild turkey. Smarter by orders of magnitude and it dont live on road kill like Bald Eagles do. Carrion eating turds do represent the fascist side of our country well enough though.

  83. [re=592417]psychicsidekick[/re]: Obviously it’s a total outrage to pick a student from the 7% rather than the 93%. The only possible solution, then, would have been to pick a student that, himself, was exactly 7% black! Gotta make sure to use exactly the right shade of paint, though, lest the citizenry finds itself to burn crosses in the schoolyard.

  84. [re=592441]psychicsidekick[/re]: Is making fun of ESL students fair game to *us*? Dude, AZ is firing qualified teachers because they have “accents” and they ain’t Hungarian. I think you better look askance at your “border protecting” friends if you’re worried about people funnin’ you. What side of this equation do you think has supported ESL programs?

    BTW people on this forum make fun of the poor language skills on the right all the time. You’re too precious about it. If you’ve been here for more than 5 minutes you know from muslin, merkin, trucknutz ™ etc etc etc. Don’t get yer panties bunched about *that*, hon.

  85. [re=592450]psychicsidekick[/re]: “Hispanic” is an ethnicity, not a race. Pay attention to the Census form you didn’t fill out!

  86. Rotundo: So true. But the Crested Caracara, also known as the Mexican Eagle is scavenger as well. It even has the bald face so commonly identified with vulture. This bird is generally regarded as the type of bird depicted on the original seal of Mexico, the modern seal uses the Golden Eagle.
    EscapeGoatNation: In California where I live, illegal immigrants are not allowed to have drivers licenses. When the police pull me over and they ask for my “papers”, like always do every single time I get pulled over, i just produce the required document and then I’m on my way.

  87. you didn’t ask, but: That is the point I’m trying to make. It’s okay to make fun of poor language skills, but the joke was based on the fact that I’m hispanic and Fresh Hell made an ESL joke. Can I make Watermelon & Fried Chicken Jokes? How about Wheelchair jokes, are those okay now? And how about “time of the month” jokes for our lady friends. What’s off limits to you people? Because I think any opinion you disagree with is what’s really off limits for you people.

  88. [re=592457]psychicsidekick[/re]: “In California where I live, illegal immigrants are not allowed to have drivers licenses.

    But foreign nationals with visas are. And what happens to the state-issued ID if the federally-issued visa is revoked or expires?

    You want people to carry around proof of citizenship or other immigration status. Where’s yours?

  89. Guppy: I just reread all my comments and don’t see anywhere that I claimed that Hispanic was a race. Now Little Fish I have to ask you a question. Are you trying for a job with the disinformation gang of the progressives? Because you are showing a lot of aptitude for that vocation.

  90. [re=592458]psychicsidekick[/re]: Guess I didn’t read the comments back far enough; didn’t realize you are Hispanic. But Hispanics aren’t the only ones who take ESL, BTW.

    The folks who comment on this side are usually pretty hardshelled @ personal attacks, except for derogatory remarks @ gays (unless said remark is made by a gay person)… We make fun of everything, literally, and in a cynical fashion. You may be new to our site; welcome, but try to remember much of what is said can be viewed as overboard for effect. I am half Irish, but “mick” “paddy” and “crossback” and “papist” don’t much bother me, at least in the way the usual commenters use it here…. Pick your battles as you wish, just try keep some of our very loose rules in mind when reading other folks’ comments… :-)

  91. Let’s switch gears here. The U.S. has approx 340 million people living here now. Just how many more immigrants of any race or national origin do you want to allow entry and permanent residence here?

  92. [re=592458]psychicsidekick[/re]: Nope. Didn’t read your bio, could just tell you weren’t “one of us.” So, am I supposed to tell you if you don’t like how we do things in America, go back from whence you came? Just wondering.

    And I like watermelon and fried chicken. What problem do you have with that?

  93. [re=592425]psychicsidekick[/re]: Heh. My wife is Mexican-American too. And my mother-in-law is so Mexican she sounds like the Frito Bandito. Unlike you, however, neither my wife nor her mama are assholes desperately attacking a negro strawman.

  94. [re=592263]Robinoz[/re]:

    Perhaps someone should have asked the Aborigines if they were interested in living in a multicultural society in, oh, about 1770 or so.

  95. [re=592458]psychicsidekick[/re]: You have to understand that [re=592428]What Fresh Hell is This?[/re] is from Alabama, and there are, perhaps, one or two of his state’s born in the USA lily-whiters for whom standard English is, perhaps, a second language. How would our beloved Fresh Hell know that you are Hispanic? You made no reference to that in your earlier posts. I guess WFHIT is phizzic, or psychotic, or whatever, and reads teabags or something.

    As for watermelon jokes, our Wonkette has run with a bazillion or three over the years.

  96. No you can disagree, but I haven’t used a single racial slur or spoken of any people in a hateful way. And within seconds someone is insinuating that English is my second language because I am Hispanic. Talk about bigotry.

    Words: That isn’t the screen name of the person who made the crack, are you the same person? And if so why do you have 2 different profiles, seems a little sneaky to me.

  97. [re=592431]psychicsidekick[/re]: they chose the Bald Eagle because it’s majestic beauty and overwhelming power Lol…we’re talking about a bird that will steal rather than hunt, and feast on carrion when it can.

    Ben Franklin thought the turkey might be a better choice.

    But then, looking at behavior of my country of late, perhaps the bald eagle, while not the best choice, is certainly the most accurate.

  98. [re=592465]psychicsidekick[/re]: You should tell a joke or something. It can even be about progressives or Obamorans or how Rahm Emmanuel’s finger got caught in a Chicago sausage processor (= Blago’s pooper) or whatever.

    If you are not trying to be funny, then you are wasting everyone’s bandwidth.

  99. [re=592465]psychicsidekick[/re]: Depends on the actuarial stats. Baby Boomers are the largest population group at the moment; they’re all getting older, and when they die off, the population could be reduced somewhat. A good many of the next 2 generations are waiting to have children and waiting to get married, and when they do have children, a significant number are having only 1.

    I personally think the question should concern the budget, the deficit, and how we are going to provide a future for the present population. The state I live in has many great resources, but because of local corruption and a constitution that favors out-of-state landowners and bought-and-paid-for gov’t, it has never achieved its potential. I think the problems we have today in our country require the participation of every person, every resource we have. Improve some of these conditions, and you’ll improve our overall quality of life.

    Enough of the boring!!! Needz moar snark…..

  100. [re=592471]psychicsidekick[/re]: Nope, didn’t know you were Hispanic. Thought you were just another semi-literate tea-bagger. That does make you special, in a self-loathing kind of way.

  101. [re=592412]Guppy06[/re]: I’m not racist. I support the school’s (new) decision not to whiten the kids in the mural. I’m pretty sure the drive-by racists screaming racial epithets are about as intelligent as you are. It’s hard to say whether I disagree with Blair, though, because he hasn’t really said anything. He thinks it’s suspicious that the main kid (a Hispanic) is “black” and thinks this may have something to do with Obama being president.

    But where are the racist statements he made that got him fired? I’m still waiting for that.

  102. [re=592470]weejee[/re]: [re=592471]psychicsidekick[/re]: On Wonkette, there are one or three right-brained members of the English gestapo, so be careful about ending a sentence in a preposition with.

  103. [re=592459]Cookie Guggelman[/re]: he might be practicing for a paid troll position . it only took a few posts for the rw tactics to emerge . no impulse control . this started as a story about some minority kids at a minority school getting to help paint a mural , then they have to hear the nasty catcalls from grown-ups in passing cars , who got motivated by steve blair . now we get trolls who do what trolls do and we all know what that is . which means more fun for all who have time to waste when drunk and laughing at trolls . ( he’s already got us pegged as ” you people ” )

  104. I openly stated that I was Mexican-American just three minutes before he posted his ESL crack. But enough with that.

    The U.S. has approx 340 million people living here now. Just how many more immigrants of any race or national origin do you want to allow entry and permanent residence here? I sincerely want to know what your desired result is?

  105. [re=592465]psychicsidekick[/re]: The problem isn’t with people coming in, borders are porous and if we get too hung up on setting up a defensive perimeter around the US, it will fail and cost a lot of money doing so. What I do not hear a peep about from the anti immigration crowd is making the penalties for hiring illegals more painful. Everyone wants to build minefields, fences, shit moats filled with rabid crocodiles, but you never hear about wanting to send that restaurant owner or slaughterhouse owner off to the iron bar hotel for a decade or two for hiring them. Send a couple HR reps and CEO’s off to the joint and I am thinking that demand for illegal labor would probably drop a bit. But that will never be brought up by these folks because the money funding their astroturfed groups comes from: You guessed it, the same people who are hiring the illegals to cut meat, bus your table, mow your lawn, hang your drywall, nail your roof, etc. ad nauseum. Population doesn’t worry most of the conservatards, they certainly fight any form of birth control, not just abortion, and they don’t have problems with big families from anything I have heard, so the population argument loses a little validity as well. It’s about getting racist crackers riled up and voting so they can go back to the same old same old they have been doing since the Reagan era: piss away money on useless weapons systems that line the rich folks pockets and cut taxes to the same rich folks so they can accumulate and hoard more wealth. Same shit different decade.

  106. [re=592377]Geogre[/re]:
    Well, I said I hope no one wants homogeneity. Actually you didn’t say that. You said no one wants it [re=592377]Geogre[/re]. But that’s OK! I agree that no one should want it. But some people do, and they aren’t all white people. That’s my experience.

  107. [re=592471]psychicsidekick[/re]: …I haven’t used a single racial slur or spoken of any people in a hateful way.

    psychicsidekick says at 5:58 pm, June 5th, 2010 – Reply
    I really hated Bush and his cabal of crooked cronies and the Neo-Cons in general, but you liberals are vile. The disinformation gang/wing of the progressives is scary. When I would speak out against Bush, I would run across people that would call me stupid and misinformed, nowadays I’m almost terrified to speak out against President Obama, or the Green Movement, or in favor of HB1070. I’m afraid to get my face smashed in by the rabid progressives.

  108. [re=592471]psychicsidekick[/re]: [re=592444]Escape Goat Nation[/re]: [re=592466]What Fresh Hell is This?[/re]: [re=592470]weejee[/re]: [re=592468]Lascauxcaveman[/re]: Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here! This is the War Room!

    BTW, my favorite racist rant on racism is Chris Rock’s classic “Because Black People Hate Black People Too” routine.

  109. [re=592379]Jukesgrrl[/re]:
    If I remember correctly, that’s the problem Sister Sarah had with it. That’s like refuting vegetarianism by saying Hitler was a vegetarian. Congratulations. You have just committed the fallacy of abusive ad hominem, red herring, poisoning the well and guilt by association all at once! You are emininently qualified to be an attorney, PR person, press flack or speech writer. I’m very happy for you. You have a great future in front of you. Just sieze the day!

  110. [re=592471]psychicsidekick[/re]: I have only one profile, Words, and have been since, oh, about 2005 I think. So much for the sneakiness.

    [re=592481]psychicsidekick[/re]: I gave my answer to your query @ population increase by immigration at 7:19 pm. FWIW. I’m sure more educated/smarter Wonketteers could give a much better response to the question.

    Do you always have such a big chip on your shoulder? Some of us are trying to honestly reply to you.

  111. [re=592483]Rotundo[/re]: Agreed. Everyone think back to fourth grade science class. Now which is easier: chasing down seven million tiny little iron filings with one pair of tweezers, or removing the ONE BIG MAGNET that’s pulling them all in?

  112. I’m going to leave you guy’s now. I’ve been fighting concurrently on another site with a bunch Aztlan/La Raza/Mexica Movement types. You wouldn’t believe the things they say. Here’s one now:
    5 days ago
    “americans are 87% morally corrupted people, 94% spiritually deficient animals and 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 % fucking assholes”- mrmrjenaro1 on YouTube
    And I never hear progressives condemning this kind of language

  113. What’s wrong with more people? We try like he’ll to keep making more all the time. These people don’t even need diaper cleaning! What kind of idiot would kick healthy people out of their country? Racist morons, that’s who.

  114. [re=592498]Words[/re]: Thanks.

    Ya know, I’m not racist, but there are four Mexican-American families in my town, and I’ve been friends with them since childhood, and…aw, hell, I can’t do it. I don’t have the stomach for it. But right now, I wish I did.

  115. I think that part of mrmrjenro1’s 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999% includes you too.This gentleman’s point of view isn’t that rare. They don’t care how big your bleeding heart is, they want all of the Americas to themselves. Haven’t you seen the “European Go Home” signs? Maybe all of you sympathizers should listen to them and leave America for the Americans who have the will to retain it.

  116. [re=592502]psychicsidekick[/re]: Thought that was “Ugly Americans Go Home” and “Yankees Go Home”…. Some of my Cherokee ancestors would love the first sentiment (changed to Ugly Europeans) and some of my other Southerner ancestors would have like the latter sentiment, methinks. —————- Why do you dislike the Mexicans so much? or am I misreading your comments somehow?

  117. [re=592504]Words[/re]: You’re assuming that one has written anything that’s true. Personally, I wouldn’t. My only curiousity about the troll is how it got here. He/she has managed to change the conversation to immigration, which has nothing to do with the post. I still haven’t read whether he/she supports the racial epithets that were hurled at the children, a major reason we were so upset. Until I read differently, I’m going to assume he/she doesn’t care if children are damaged by stupid adults. I also haven’t read why he/she cares one little bit about the skin color of the child on the building. I read the bullshit line about the population of Prescott. I’ve been writing this for 3 days running: how do people’s minds get so bent?

  118. [re=592457]psychicsidekick[/re]: When the police pull me over and they ask for my “papers”, like always do every single time I get pulled over, i just produce the required document and then I’m on my way.

    Good Christ, I had to explain this to someone else earlier on another thread. The cops have to have a reason to pull you over before they ask for your license — busted taillight, speeding, etc. The Arizona law as originally written did not require the cops to do anything like that. If you have dark skin or they hear you speaking Spanish, that’s enough for them to ask for your identification to make sure you are a citizen. I guess this driver’s license argument has become a meme among supporters of the law, but it’s a false equivalence.

    I love it how you liberals just go straight for the personal attacks.

    Yeah yeah, that’s another right-wing meme: liberals are the ones who believe in personal attacks! They always start it! Blah blah blah. I don’t think there is enough space on the internet to provide you with all the examples disproving that.

    Hey, I live in California too! We should meet up never!

  119. To take a break from the flame war, which one of you guys posted this on

    “I have worked for Steve for 2 years now. I am a person who hates rasism with a passion. Steve is not a racist… I believe that he was just trying to discibe what he saw in the mural. And what he saw did not agree with him and his ideas of what Prescott is. But that is what art is all about. Interpitation. What you feel about it and how it makes you feel. If you don’t want your art misinterpitated, don’t put it on the side of a public building.”

  120. No, I don’t hate Mexicans at all. I am 100% Mexican American and so are all of my relatives. Half of them are United States citizens and the other half are Mexican Citizens who live in Mexico. Only one small portion of my relatives immigrated here illegally. Which I disapproved of then and still do now. I do not know why it is so outraseously intolerant for me to support HB1070 when it so closely matches the federal law that President Clinton signed in 1996.

  121. I step out for what, three or four hours? And you guys go and throw a party!

    Psychicsidekick. Buddy. Your wayyyy cool avatar name notwithstanding, I invite you to enjoy a Costco sized bag of lightly salted poison rat dicks.

    What do you think of us libs now?

  122. [re=592502]psychicsidekick[/re]: I agree with your point, if I understand you correctly, that white folk don’t have a monopoly on being assholes. Assholium is filled by folks of all colors, shapes, and persuasions. Even some libtards are round, red, and stained about the edges.

    We can try to push for an more thinking approach to immigration as suggested. Work on the market side, rather than supply. That said, as a small biz owner who employs folks with too much geeky tech edjamacaishun, the ol’ U S of A is a bit short on the supply side in those areas. Also and too, that situation is going to get worse as the boomers retire since they include a disproportionate geekdom population. A total bottom-line approach is to move that work off-shore where folks are a bit more willing to get those kinda degrees.

    I don’t want the border to be a sieve, and please correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m not happy with the idea that I seem to be hearing from you today is the day to slam the door shut. My closest boat is from the early 1850s, but I don’t think that makes me more of an American that someone who took the oath last Friday. I’m a combat vet, but I don’t see that would make me more patriotic than someone without military service. [re=592504]Words[/re] how do we decide who gets to be the last one for whom Lady Liberty lifts her blessed torch?

    [re=592509]Atoz[/re]: I cannot tell a lie, it was Jim Newell. Only he could spell that poorly.

  123. [re=592447]Escape Goat Nation[/re]: Vultures are my peeps!

    Everyone wants ethical eating, but there’s no such thing… except… behold, the vulture! Turkey buzzards (what I see a lot of) are the construction workers, the laboring class, of the animal world: everyone thinks they’re ugly, they’re not friendly, they’re not educable, but they’re doing the work we need done.

    “Oh, sheesh, man! I got a huuuge carcass up on I-80 I’ve got to clear out before I can even begin to get to that armadillo you’ve got stinking up your precious gated community. I’ll get there when I get there, ok, Mack?”

    No killing, even of “that which has no voice to scream” (Matthew Arnold’s ridiculing of vegetarians), just waiting around and cleaning up the mess.

  124. [re=592510]psychicsidekick[/re]: Erm, no. [re=592507]imissopus[/re]: has it exactly right.

    Here’s another clue: in every Allies vs. Nazis WWII film ever made, which side is it that always has the line: “Papers, please?”

  125. [re=592506]Katydid[/re]: …”minds get bent.” My mom would blame it on bad parenting!

    I agree @ the children thing. I’ve been appalled at seeing photos of folks attending KKK meetings and neoNazi meetings and have their children all tricked out in matching attire.

    I also think those children in the state of Texas are being incredibly ill-served by their textbook committee fundamentalist narrow-minded members. What will happen when (maybe if, I guess) they manage to go to college out of state, and find out lo, and behold, they learned all the wrong stuff? Shrinks will be working on them for some time, I bet!

  126. [re=592511]RoscoePColtraine[/re]: “What do you think of us libs now?”

    You know, I find the most offensive thing of all the idea that it takes a liberal to object to racism. We’ve really gotten to a sorry state of affairs when it’s considered “liberal” to just have basic humanity.

    I know that the right wing has been moving the bar farther and farther, what with the “I’m proud I waterboarded Kahlid Sheik Mohammed” by Bush (admission of war crime, admission of crime against humanity, admission of violation of US law, coupled with “proud” that he tortured a man who conclusively had no knowledge to impart and who imparted no useful intelligence under torture and whose torture was, in fact, partly done on a “hunch” by people who were not elected and not qualified to have “hunches” of that nature), but the idea that we are now calling it liberal to disagree with a jackass who wants students to undergo involuntary white face?

    Let’s reject that shit. Next troll who comes along, let’s be really clear: this is not liberal/conservative. This is American vs. Nazi.

  127. [re=592511]RoscoePColtraine[/re]: I’ve always wondered: are poison rat dicks from a special breed of rat which happens to be poisonous, or are they normal rat dicks to which a poisonous substance has been added?? I feel a sense of shame in having to ask this.

  128. imissopus: Just stop watching the MSNBC and you’ll snap back to normal in no time. As for the right wing stuff you are accusing me of I strongly reject the notion. Not only am I Mexican American but also happen to be Gay as hell. I’m sure that will prompt many cute comments of me being a Funny Uncle Tom and similar. As for HB1070 originally allowing them to just question someone because of dark skin or speaking Spanish, I’m afraid I’m going to have to call you a big fat liar. Please post the language in the original bill that allowed that kind of profiling. Please do it if it’s there. I’ve read it and couldn’t find it but if I somehow missed it I’d like to know. As for never meeting up with me, I’m sure you’ll get your wish. You probably live in a gentrified upscale neighborhood where the only Latins you see are the Gardeners and maids and they all go home at night and don’t bother you at all.

  129. a few years ago, i thought that this country had reached it’s lowest point when a couple of dipshit republicans passed a statute that french fries be renamed freedom fries in the senate cafeteria. this actually happening in america. also. but yet, here we are today. fuck me.

  130. [re=592512]weejee[/re]: I sure didn’t think any of my comments would be read in such a way as to infer we slam the door on immigration. On the contrary, I don’t think we should turn anyone away. My remarks to the psych-guy were that we need to address some other questions that are important and quit screwing around w/questions that seem to only worry teabaggers and other folks who dislike diversity.

  131. [re=592519]Geogre[/re]: Point taken. But I never meant to infer that disagreeing with racism, itself, is “liberal.” Surely there are conservatives who find this episode repellent. I was specifically going after the mistaken notion that libs are all about holding hands and kumbaya and preserving people’s self of stream. Isn’t it a common complaint from trolls around here that we’re so vulgar and nasty with our progressive talk? They seem so taken aback! And they almost never see the humor.

  132. [re=592522]psychicsidekick[/re]: Everyone’s a gay, left handed, disabled minority on the internet.

    None of those qualities prevent you from being an ignorant douchebag, any way you look at it.

  133. [re=592518]Words[/re]: The Texas State Board of Ed is insane. Why would you want to handicap children? I can’t even deal with what went on down there.

    But look I dod, and if you’re interested, the Texas Freedom Network has good, detailed info on exactly how fucked up the Texas State Board of Ed is.

  134. [re=592522]psychicsidekick[/re]: “Not only am I Mexican American but also happen to be Gay as hell.”

    Wow. That’s really gay. So I guess you wouldn’t mind showing your papers the next time you’re caught in public with a dick in your mouth.

  135. [re=592496]psychicsidekick[/re]: “And I never hear progressives condemning this kind of language”

    Also, what’s the deal with Ay-rabs, amirite?

  136. Jeeeezus… That “Steve Blair ” thing looks like a giant malformed lump of Silly Putty that’s been rolled around in shards of broken yellow glass and had a couple of dull marbles stuck into it.

    Someone in Prescott needs to do a little digging on this foul tumor… he’s totally got a PedoSmile®.

  137. What’s high-sterical is that on my desktop the story is framed on one side by Glennda Beck and on the other by that porcine Boss Hogg wannabe.

    Coincidence? I think not.

  138. [re=592531]Mr Blifil[/re]: Not really gay. Really Gay. The word “Gay” is always capitalized in the midst of a sentence when used to describe homersexuals, as Psychicsidekick has correctly shown.

  139. [re=592525]Words[/re]: Sorry for that. Your linky should have have been further up, in the second paragraph We can try to push for an more thinking approach to immigration as Words and Rotundo suggested. That last link shoulda been for psychicsidekick.

  140. [re=592522]psychicsidekick[/re]: The operative wording is: “For any lawful stop, detention or arrest made by a law enforcement official… where reasonable suspicion exists that the person is an alien and is unlawfully present in the United States…”

    Who is to determine what constitutes “reasonable suspicion” and under what circumstances it “exists?” This is carte blanche and too broad and fuzzy. You seem not to understand that it is the fuzzy and broad power of implementation which concerns us. See Chaney, Goodman, and Schwerner ( for an example of “police discretion” which us oldz can relate to.

    I live in NYC, I love the police, but they really have better things to do.

  141. [re=592458]psychicsidekick[/re]: Actually, I think we’re saying the exact opposite. The point of the joke was the mistake and the ESL was the aside. I think you should clarify when you say “you people” if you mean scary lefties or wonketters anyway as per my alliance w/ ESL programs. Plus, “you people”, also.

    Also, also. If you have to worry about our rads on the left/wonketters punching you in the face and we have to worry about your rads/unfunny people on the right carrying guns to Toilet Paper rallies, who’s the worst bully boys?

    But whatev. I’m rubber you’re glue, tomato, mahto, etc. Infinity!!!!1!!!!

    Nice, Dude.

  142. [re=592528]Katydid[/re]: And since they buy all the books for all of the public schools in Tejas, what is held in the Texas Schoolbook Suppository ends up shooting a big hole in the texts available elsewhere.

  143. [re=592540]psychicsidekick[/re]: Either someone borrowed your handle or you are finally getting a sense of how this place goes down. Normally. Ehem.

  144. 70% of America is on my side. All you can throw at me is that the cops are going to racially profile me or the Gestapo is going to kick down my door and put me on a train with a pink triangle. I’m not afraid of being racially profiled because I’m a white Hispanic and if the Gestapo comes a kicking I’ll be a blasting away and shoot as many of them before they get me. That’s what makes America different than Nazi Germany. And all you people have no substance. The biggest issue up for national debate and you nitpick grammar and punctuation. You stupid stupid weak ineffectual scaredy people. If the Mexicans do win back America it’s because of you weaklings.

  145. Have you morons figured out that the bill number is SB 1070 not HB 1070 yet? Maybe someone will be nice enough to give you a primer on bicameral legislatures.

  146. Well, the scene in Billy Jack where the locals gang up on the hero and beat the shit out of him was filmed in Prescott. Another anecdote about Prescott? Ok. During a campus visit at ERAU the college republicans had a life size cardboard cutout of W. In 2005. They were so deep into the Right wing dweeb forest they did not realize that most college kids realize he is the mental equivalent of his father’s VP, senor Quayle. Not exactly the best way to recruit the brightest engineering students to your cause.

  147. [re=592523]memzilla[/re]: Makes sense, that way you can control the dose. And the warfarin is perfect because the consumer of it dies at a distance.
    [re=592540]psychicsidekick[/re]: You said you were leaving an hour and a half ago. You know this is a humor site, right?

  148. [re=592546]you didn’t ask, but[/re]: “I think you should clarify when you say “you people” if you mean scary lefties or wonketters anyway as per my alliance w/ ESL programs. Plus, “you people”, also.”

    “Good liberal” to him seems to include anyone who’s to the right of McCain.

    “Also, also. If you have to worry about our rads on the left/wonketters punching you in the face”


  149. [re=592550]psychicsidekick[/re]: “I’m not afraid of being racially profiled because I’m a white Hispanic”

    In Haiti and Jamaica, the mulattos historically enjoyed privileges over the blacks, and while fighting for their own rights, specifically excluded the others.

    PS: You’re an insincere troll, but you’re still a failure.

    “I’m a hispanic but i think racial profiling is ok!” is the new fake “I’m black but i think Obama is a COMMUNIST.”

  150. [re=592535]El Pinche[/re]: I don’t know, he could be a big ol’ Messican just crawlin’ wit da geyhness.
    The problem I see with him as on of Wonkettes pet trolls, however, is he’s not funny.
    He doesn’t even try.
    We can do better, Pinche. It’s a big ol’ world, chock full of bigots and foul mouthed contard parrots, there’s bound to be at least one with a sense of humor, I say we hold out for a better quality idjut.
    This is Wonkette, we have standards.

  151. [re=592550]psychicsidekick[/re]: Oh now you’ve confused me, Psychic. So, what you’re saying is, if the police ask for your papers, and you don’t have them on you, and they go ahead and arrest you on suspicion of being here illegally, you’d have the moral right to just “blast away and shoot as many of them before they get you.”

    Did I read you correctly? You agree with the law in Arizona, and would grant the police the power to arrest you for not having papers, which is like the gestapo, who were the bad guys but now the good guys, and undocumented aliens should have the right to shoot the gestapo, and uh…..wait, what were you trying to say?

  152. [re=592555]What Fresh Hell is This?[/re]: “Oh, this looks like fun. Can I play? Hasn’t PsilocybinGirl taken his meds yet?”

    No, but I believe he does run a show on bigfootology.

  153. Anyone catch this today? Palin showed up at the Belmont Stakes today to put the jinx on “First Dude,” who after an easy lead, quit in deep stretch. The horse later claimed he had good reasons for quitting and losing the race: “I know the time when its time to pass the ball for victory. Trust me with this decision.”

  154. [re=592553]PsycGirl[/re]: I know! Tick, tock Mutherfucker! Jeez!

    yeah, and they can make rusty lead pipes and stuff from our closed delapidated factories across America. Yippee!

    He’s like the anti-rainbow coalition from Coraline or something: White, Latin, Conservative, Gay, Spiteful, Unfunny, “Concerned”, Defensive and Contradictory+++. (w/ caps, Roscoe) Maybe he’s one of the “little brown ones” GHWB was yammering about. Awww, all growed up!

    And the doofus ain’t spoiling my buzz: The good guys won and the cool folks of Prescott stepped up! And kept the pigment in the paint!

    Who shall Layne and his motley crew of outlaws slay next????!!11?? Yay for later!

  155. [re=592561]Maus[/re]: Now is he one who says he is Mexican? Did we find out where he stands on evolution, Catholic priests, and the gold standard? Do we know his favorite recipe for broccoli casserole? What have I missed? Bigfoot — wasn’t he Adam’s younger, somewhat-slower brother?

  156. Just to jump in here a second.

    Here’s the simple stoopid facts as I have read them over the last 24 hrs.

    A non-profit group that promotes “green-commuting” gives a grant for a mural to be painted on a school.

    The school’s population is [airquotes]diverse[/airquotes].

    The artists use actual students as a basis for the mural, and the students themselves participate in painting the mural.

    Local politician who has a radio program speaks disparagingly of said mural. Says “I am not a racist individual, but I will tell you depicting a black guy in the middle of that mural, based upon who’s president of the United States today and based upon the history of this community when I grew up, we had four black families – who I have been very good friends with for years – to depict the biggest picture on that building as a black person, I would have to ask the question, ‘Why?'” and, “”I’m not a racist by any stretch of the imagination, but whenever people start talking about diversity, it’s a word I can’t stand…. The focus doesn’t need to be on what’s different; the focus doesn’t need to be on the minority all the time….”

    Artists reports that while the project was being worked on, passing motorists shouted racial epithets such as “get the niggers off the wall” or “take the spics off the wall” “you’re desecrating our school”.

    School officials go to artists as ask that faces of the children in the mural be lightened, “We asked them to fix the shading on the children’s faces,” he said. “We were looking at it from an artistic view. Nothing at all to do with race.”


    So all those independent facts are taking together. Um, and gee, many, many people, look at it and say…

    Ok, so you look at a mural on a school, of kids that attend the school, promoting clean “green” transportation, and you choose to focus and nick-pick/complain that the largest child in the mural is black and in some bizarre non-sequitur think it has something to do with the fact that we have a black President, (even though as you reverse racism fucktards like to say we shouldn’t even care or notice the POTUS is a negro) and then even though you think we shouldn’t be focusing on race it really irritates you that the artist of this mural chose to make the biggest person in the image a black guy (even though it’s a Mexican/Latino)…

    You’re not a racist or bigot or anything.

    You do understand that it’s really true that the minute you say “I’m not a racist but…” you sound like a fucking naive racist idiot. That the quintessential cliche is “I have plenty of black friends…”

    See, most of us evil, progressive, race-baiting, name calling liberals (i.e. most pragmatic moderates) would see the mural and say, “oh how cool,” and “Isn’t that nice, it warms the building and shows a community spirit.” We wouldn’t catalog and itemize how many whites, blacks, browns, yellows etc were represented in the picture and them go rant about it on talk radio.

    So the fact that this shithead was so focused on how center focused the black kid was is what makes everyone say, “stupid fat white bigot said what???”

    Damn kids it took so long to type this there are probably 12 more posts now that are going to incense me.

  157. [re=592502]psychicsidekick[/re]: The America you want to retain sticks it’s cock in too many faces. Move to Texas and keep it.

  158. [re=592550]psychicsidekick[/re]: Oh and also, because I just saw your comment about 70% of America being on your side? That does not make a law constitutional. I had to explain this to someone else on another thread as well. Protecting the minority view from the tyranny of the majority and all that. Don’t know how you feel about gay marriage and Prop 8, but the reason it is being fought in court is so that judges can rule on its constitutionality, even though a majority of residents in our fair state voted in favor of it. That’s one of the reasons we have a court system. Or were you asleep the day they taught civics in civics class?


    Your right, that there could be a problem here in C’Addle. However, we are looking forward to a safe and soggy summer as we’re trying to keep those Sid Vicious service employees on other meds, sometimes called paychecks, until [re=592555]What Fresh Hell is This?[/re] and
    [re=592553]PsycGirl[/re]’s ‘shrooms come-up in the fall.

  160. You people are really unfair.

    Prescott, Arizona is the home of J&G Sales. BARGAIN prices on AKs, AKMs, and SVDs, among others.

    And I mean BARGAINS!!!!

    Just check this out:

    AKM74 M74 ERTD Rifle, 5.45 mm x39 mm caliber, ONLY $369.95 each. But if you buy two or more, the price DROPS down to an UNBELIEVABLE $349.95 per!!!!!!!!!!×39-caliber%2C-by-cai-/products_id/4274

    Whatever our differences as Wonketeers, I think we ALL can agree that — whether you’re planning on gunning down a schoolyard full of illegal brown/black toddlers, or “thinning down the herd” at the next Teabagger/KKK rally — MASSIVE FIREPOWER is the only way to go.

    So let’s try to build on that common ground, shall we? Reasonable minds can differ about things like undocumented immigrants; the strange mutation that resulted in Glen Beck’s asshole being where his mouth should be; and whether “cuntagogue” should be the next addition to the Oxford English Dictionary.

    [Okay, that last was a shameless piece of self-promotion.]

    But, whatever our differences, let’s remember that, when it comes to dealing with the opinions of our fellow citizens with which we may disagree, nothing promotes resolution of controversy like fully automatic weapons and plenty of ammunition.

    Thank you.

    Spiritual Director,
    National Rifle Association Foundation for Interpersonal Dialogue
    (A fully funded subsidiary of J & G Sales, Inc.)

  161. so many typos. ugh. So much wine. Ugh. So many stupid people.

    Why is it so hard to explain to people why they are so stupid and racist? Let’s just plug them in the oil leak and be done with it.

  162. Neilist, I know a lot of Wonketteers give you shit, but you really are a subtle gift of snark and wit that keeps on giving. My husband took a firearms class and is getting his permit. It kind of scares the shit out of me but I have an open mind.

  163. [re=592263]Robinoz[/re]: “In Australia, the people were never asked if we wanted multiculturalism.”

    Well, given that you’re all the spawn of deported felons and inbred undesirables (largely Irish (Ugh!)), you didn’t really expect to be asked, did you?

    I mean, were the Abbos asked if they “wanted” to be wiped out by said spawn of deported felons, as part of the whole “Keep Australia White” thingy? (I think not . . . )

    But seriously, a word of advice to you as a new poster: If you’re going to say something that Mind-Boggling Stupid, put quotation marks around it. That gives you some intellectual cover when the Shit-Storm starts.

    Or you start taking small arms fire. Same thing, really . . . .

  164. [re=592559]RoscoePColtraine[/re]: did you not know that psychicsidesaddle recently crowned himself the “sarah palin ” of wonkette ? you have to believe his shit-throwing blabbering ’cause he is that person now . until he dies .

  165. [re=592582]tootsieroll[/re]: Toots, you clearly are insane. (NEVER agree with ANYTHING I say in here.)

    Neilist Consumer Product Alert!!!!! The “subcompact” Glock Model 27 (in .40 S&W) has a weirdly designed recoil spring with a high failure rate. Mine let go at the range yesterday, without warning, while I was re-qualifying. On a pistol that had fired maybe 1000 rounds total.

    Given that the Model 27 is a typical CCW or backup gun, this kind of thing is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE.

    Just imagine having to draw down on a drunken GOP/Christian Right politician in the men’s room of your local Baptist church or Boy Scout meeting hall, and your Austrian-made piece of “Glock Perfection” suddenly turns into a very expensive paperweight after you’ve only wounded the Republican Pants Python!

    [In fairness, the full size and compact Glocks don’t have the same spring design. But the subcompacts are engineering disasters in this regard.]

    The Moral: BUY AMKERIKUN!!!!!!!!

  166. [re=592528]Katydid[/re]: On-topic hours ago, and troll related now, great comments,

    As to the ‘gay spic’ psychicsidekick, I’m going to leave you guy’s now., then he leaves 4-5 more comments…
    Trolling 101,

  167. Imissopus, I’m still waiting for the wording in the original law that says they can stop people because of skin color or language.

  168. [re=592590]Radiotherapy[/re]: I love the birther-bigfootologist overlap. I’m now convinced he’s at least sincerely nuts and not just a BoB-style troll or imitator.

  169. [re=592590]Radiotherapy[/re]: he shoulda left , woulda left and coulda left when he was riding the crest of the lookatalltheattentioni’mgetting wave . but he stayed too long , his power waned , and he’s now just another-common-as-dirt troll . and a big disappointment . hopes were high . he was supposed to be another sarah palin , for wonkette to use and abuse exclusively .

  170. I’m sure a lot of you mean well. But MAUS is a certifiable freak. He’s already googled my name to find out who I am, I would never dream of being that invasive. What are you going to do with anything you learn about me? What’s the point? Are you trying to intimidate me? I just started posting my comments a few hours ago and you’ve already proven how vile you are. You think you are so bad and scary in cyberspace, I guarantee you that if you were standing in front of me right now you would be on your knees begging for forgiveness. I am your friend and you are turning against me in favor of the invader.

  171. Vile vile people. Truly Vile. Your self satisfaction and smugness will not save you, but switching sides will, because at heart you are all trimmers.

  172. [re=592593]rmjag[/re]: following on [re=592558]dijetlo[/re], had hopes that the psychicsidecar woulda be more coulda, but instead we got a shoulda. Another trollhorse cookie.

  173. Also, I want to thank you. Today was an experiment, not having dealt with too many evil people in the past I wasn’t sure what to expect. Now I am much closer to understanding your twisted minds.

  174. Yaaaarrrrrrgh! The internets keep eating my long response to psycha-whats-his-fuck! It’s probably jammed up in some sort of WordPress queue. Too bad, it has linky-links and everything.

    Hey Maus, how’d you do it? I googled Gay Mexican-American California and got 557,000 hits. tl;dr.

  175. [re=592594]psychicsidekick[/re]: When I googled your name, I got an Urban Dictionary listing:

    Psychic Sidekick: also known as Tijuana Backpack, Mexican Bendy Straw, and Gaucho Slap-somewhere between a Cleveland Steamer and a CIncinatti Hotplate, but Mexican and gay as hell.

  176. And MAUS, why don’t you friend request me on MySpace since you went through all the trouble of finding me. Really Fucking Freaky.

  177. [re=592544]weejee[/re]: Sorry. I have a MacPro and Safari search thingy. We unemployed folks in the publishing sector are really stubborn @ keeping our Macs…. also, I’m on Earthlink… altho I keep petitioning my husband to change to AT &T which is SO much faster in my neighborhood, but everything in my house that must receive 2 votes of adults stays on my husband’s “Island Time,” so perhaps in a month or two the mood will strike him and we’ll change…… Until then, my “upload this page” thingy will be slow, as my responses are now… and please, Don’t blame it on me being Southern!! We do take our time, but this is an uplink problem, not at hardware problem, ok?

  178. [re=592608]psychicsidekick[/re]: Oh, Shut The Fuck Up already. Nobody here is interested in knowing who you are. Just something we might take as funny. Calm the fuck down.

    [See also: Skoalrebel, Wonkette, Class Clown]

    You’re not even funny. If you stop yakking we won’t even remember your name by tomorrow.

  179. [re=592594]psychicsidekick[/re]: i guarantee you , you nasty little twat , that nobody on this site would be down on their knees begging you for anything . they’d be armed and loaded . you would be shitting your pants ’cause you’d know there would be no mercy after trying to fuck with us w your neurotic-til-i-die personality . and who the fuck still uses myspace ?????

  180. [re=592550]psychicsidekick[/re]: Honey, more than 70% of the Germans thought Hitler’s shit didn’t stink…… Ergo, they thought it Fine that Jews, blacks, Catholics, and ohbythefuckingway!! Homosexuals were a waste of human tissue and warranted killing by any means. Your point?

  181. [re=592613]RoscoePColtraine[/re]: His freaking out over it is pretty funny, considering how easy he made it. Seriously psycho, if you’re upset about Maus finding you why did you then post the clue for the rest of us to see?

  182. After a hot tub confab with Jake Knotts, Steve Blair has apologized. Done and done, doper hippies.
    Can we now focus on the issues???

    GOP Senate Candidate Mark Kirk acknowledges never having served at either Little Big Horn or Cemetery Ridge, but says maybe at Yorktown

  183. [re=592578]Neilist[/re]: Oh, my, Neilist!! (I know I’m late to the party but, a girl has to eat!!)– So glad you weighed in and now we have our priorities straight. Also, noting your sign-off, do you hear confessions from fallen-away Catholics? just askin’ ….

    Plus, welcome to the fray! We might need someone fully armed, who knows?

  184. [re=592623]Words[/re]: Damned BP sons of bitches. Fucking up those sugar sand beaches and killing everything in sight. I’d broil their Limey testicles just because of what they did to my oysters, scallops, and shrimp.

  185. [re=592626]What Fresh Hell is This?[/re]: I’d like to kill them personally (BP) for more than just fucking up our beaches…. My first (and much loved) cousin married a Cajun from the down-deep Delta part of LA (a little ways from Lake Charles) and some of her people depend on fishing for their livelihood. These people live (4-5 in a household, sometimes more, if GrandPere and GrandMere are w/them) on @ $22, 000 to $24,000 a year, folks. Their year is in the crapper. BP (and maybe Obama) won’t even let them help clean up their neighborhood and area that they love and nurture. So, screw the going to the beach for a tan…. You’re lookin’ at getting a whole new bunch of folks very much below the poverty level. For that I’d help Mr. Haywood up the 13 steps to the hangman’s noose….. and I’m a peaceful person, as a general rule.

  186. [re=592594]psychicsidekick[/re]: Man, you need some meds. Everybody Googles everybody. You obviously do not know Maus like we do. Is the paranoia you are so deep into part of your therapy? You’re being to sound a little like J. Edgar…. God help us.

  187. [re=592626]What Fresh Hell is This?[/re]: They may get a dose of this oil yet, up there in knifecrime island. Sorta my hope and sorta my fear too. If not the gulf stream will be shutting down soon anyway. Look on the bright side!

  188. [re=592629]Words[/re]: “BP (and maybe Obama) won’t even let them help clean up their neighborhood

    Suggest that they renew their Green Cards.

    “and maybe Obama”??
    Paranoia strikes deep

  189. [re=592635]Darkness[/re]: This last post and then, i’m done—– I hope the Gulf Stream doesn’t carry this shit from BP to Ireland…. which it jolly well could.. Altho the BBC pointed out that by the time this crap made its way that far, it would be pretty diluted.

    Too bad we can’t say the same about the Gulf (which, and I can’t resist this!, Napolitano thinks is an “Ocean”….. Sheesh. — Sweet dreams all. And Ken, Wake Up!!!

  190. [re=592558]dijetlo[/re]: Yeah, there’s nothing like snort laughing at meetings while reading Wonkette. Thanks for the low job performance ratings , fuckin Wonktards.

  191. [re=592639]S.Luggo[/re]: Ok, just read your comment. Hello, asshole. These folks (Cajuns) have been here since the French took what was most of the Louisiana Purchase from the Spanish, twit. They’ve had “green cards” since like oh, whenever LA, MO, etc., were accepted into the union–see Andrew Jackson, etc.

  192. [re=592589]Neilist[/re]: This is fuel to my argument that, much like the utter reliability of an American revolver such as a Colt .357 Python, say, as against some overly-designed foreign NATO-committee semi-auto piece o’crap, the time-proven quality and reliability of my sidearm of choice, the Springfield M1911 .45 ACP, just cannot be beat.

  193. [re=592509]Atoz[/re]: I guess that was Psychicsidekick’s problem. He just misinterpitated.

    [re=592629]Words[/re]: Didn’t you hear the esteemed Sen. Landrieu announce (without first informing the White House) that BP is going to hand over to every fisherperson their total income from last year in cash? She forgot to say anything about the years to come when the shrimp will still be dead. But what the hey! BP’s been so consistently generous so far … it rings true to me … duzz it to yew?

    But seriously, what’s happened to your relatives is tragic. It’s beyond criminal what’s been stolen from them.

  194. [re=592571]tootsieroll[/re]: I like tootsie rolls,

    I was waiting for PsychicDick to call the mural “racist graffiti, but…”

    [re=592620]RoscoePColtraine[/re]: Damn, you have pointed out the ultimate Wonkette insult…you are nut even funny,

    Also, If you stop yakking we won’t even remember your name by tomorrow., Uhhh, who was that guy Jim Nuevel? Or something like that?

  195. [re=592651]Radiotherapy[/re]: I’ve been checking Gawker. I haven’t seen dick yet. I can’t wait to see Newell’s take on JUSTIN BIEBER FEVER!

  196. [re=592551]Thatcher[/re]: Hey, it’s one thing to be Gay as hell, but it’s another thing entirely to be bringing up bicameralism. Wash your mouth out with soap!!1!

  197. [re=592650]Jukesgrrl[/re]: Thanks. Sorry I’m so unfunny at the moment.

    Anyway… sweet dreams all… …. “…the Sun will come out, Tomorrow, Tomorrow….” (Bang!!Bang!) –Neilist laughing: “got that sum’bitch…. Yeehaw!!” Ah, love the crazies, I do I do.

  198. Jeezus Krist on a cracker. Every society that isn’t in the process of dying is multi-cultural. The Saxon/Briton mess in the A.D. 400’s was a multi-cultural stew. As was the Han/Mongol thing in China in the A.D. 1000’s. Unchanging monocultures are, by definition, a dead end.

    What these windbaggers never confront is that the very idea that they define themselves as members of the one culture that is the *true* American culture is all the evidence needed that they are racists and chauvinists. In a hundred years American culture will be less Anglo, more Hispanic. You can bet on it. But it will still be American culture and it will still be changing from influences of cultural traditions from other countries. Maybe it will be changing from a predominant Hispanoanglo culture to a predominant Hispanoanglo/Eskimoian one. Or maybe the French will have conquered the civilized world and we’ll all be speaking Algerian. More power to ’em.

  199. [re=592645]Words[/re]: “Hello, asshole.” Pithy.

    “Cajun” is a corruption of the word “Arcadian”. Booted out of Canada’s Arcadia region by the English (after their being deported to Arcadia from Brittany by the French, after being chased to Brittany from Celtland by the Normans, after being sent scurrying to Celtic Wales by the Anglo-Saxons), the Cajuns are United Statia’s first, white trash illegals.


    (And hence, Bobby Jin’s election.)

  200. [re=592597]psychicsidekick[/re]: What the fuck does pubic hair have to do with anything? Are my pubes sekretly Muslin-Messican?

  201. [re=592441]psychicsidekick[/re]:I’m not afraid of being racially profiled because I’m a white Hispanic and if the Gestapo comes a kicking I’ll be a blasting away and shoot as many of them before they get me. That’s what makes America different than Nazi Germany.

    Sorry…I know I’m late to this party, but holyfuckingshit. If the police do something to me that I would support if they did it to people who have darker skin than I do, I’ll just shoot a bunch of them, and that’s what makes America different from Nazi Germany???

    I could have hoped for a different comparator. You know, something like, we wouldn’t have the police going around asking people for identification based on a “reasonable suspicion” that they “aren’t one of us.” And don’t even get started with “wah wah wah, the law doesn’t say that you vile lib,” because I can interperet statutory construction in my sleep, and let me tell you that the implications of certain omissions made by the drafters of this steaming pile of legislative excrement will be perfectly clear to those charged with executing the law. And it’s “different from,” not “different than,” and I’ll nit-pick your spelling and grammar whenever I damn well please. Und you vill like it.

  202. Arnold Toynbee – a sort of famous historian – wrote that (I’m paraphrasing) “the story of mankind is the history of immigration.”

    More randomness: In 1751, Benjamin Franklin asked, “Why should Pennsylvania, founded by the English, become a colony of aliens, who will shortly be so numerous as to Germanize us, instead of our Anglifying them.”

    True Fact: today Asians number a little over 11 million, making them just as, if not more populous than Hispanics. They also have bigger families in general, and therefore the future face of the US America will be more Asian than Hispanic.

    Personally, I’m descended from Belgian & Dutch (Saxon/Saxon) immigrants, but you don’t hear me crying about the Irish, the South Germans, Slavs or even the fucking British. This is America; it’s all good.

  203. I’m on the wrong end of the time zone(s) to keep up with these comments, but y’all are keeping me totally entertained this weekend. And that guy – CrappyCAMike101Pyscho? – the one who mentioned he’d even driven to Ensenada to excuse his racism?

    Please look for beadazzled “I’ve driven to Ensenada” t-shirts at my etsy store. 100% cotton fibre with rhinestones.

    I hate people.

  204. I been tryin’ to get me a doctor here in Arizona but my chicken, shit she’s only layin’ brown eggs! I tried to get her to drink some bleach, but she just ain’t interested. My buds Rushbo and Stevie tell me it will all be fine – I just need a bit of white paint. Well I found the paint at Walmart but all I can find is straight edged brushes. Anybody here know where I can find a fancy curved top paintbrush?

  205. Well, I for one would like to welcome our new Mexican overlords!

    What’s that? White people still run everything? Whew, I was totally bluffing up there. I don’t speak a word of Mexicano, or whatever their language is called.

  206. [re=592571]tootsieroll[/re]: Great summary.
    (You have several later, but your initial summary was an excellent troll test. If Goofus came back still wanting to see the mural as insulting, or Wonkette, or the reaction of the country, as insulting, he’d prove himself a troll. There was no way out, after that. A ten year old could understand, and a sophist couldn’t get out.)

    I know people still who choose their college basketball teams on whether or not there are whites playing. I know even more who don’t watch college basketball because, they say, they have counted, and there are no whites. There are many, many, many people who count, who see skin tone first, and absolutely none of them believe that they’re racists.

    Oh, and none of them have read Invisible Man.

  207. So no one can come up with any actual racist things he said? Even in a blog? Caught on an unexpectedly live mic? No embarrassing college pics?

    Seriously, nothing?

    As a dyed-in-the-wool liberal it really worries me that someone can get fired for saying (essentially, although he phrased it much more mildly) that the reason the center kid is “black” is because we have a black president.

    Is this really a firing offense? Really?

  208. [re=592642]El Pinche[/re]: Tsk, tsk, young Capitalist.
    Tell your supervisor you have Tourettes. This will also explain why you howl “shitsucking asshole!” every time you see him. If he fires you it’s a violation of Americans with disabilities act so he wont do that and if he does you can sue him. Either way = PROFIT!

    [re=592649]S.Luggo[/re]: It will, in fact, fit on a tee shirt if you are fat enough. I have the complete 23rd psalm on a T-Shirt with annotations and alternate translations however after two years of the economic apocalypse with the resultant steady diet of Hobo beans and wish sandwiches, my family and I can now live in it…so…win!

  209. [re=592661]psychicsidekick[/re]: Wait. You post a link to your Myspace page, then it’s “Oh damn. You Crazy progressives cannot help yourselves. You keep looking at my page. Crazy Stalkers. Worse than Neo-Cons : (”

    Does this prove something?

  210. [re=592696]vkladchik[/re]: See: [re=592571]tootsieroll[/re]: Oh, and click on a few linkies.

    Are you really that stupid?

  211. [re=592696]vkladchik[/re]: I think it’s more the incessant demands that it be removed because the child looks suspiciously…Nigerian. I don’t recall over the last 234 years any popular movement to keep white kids off of murals because they looked too much like the current President, can you?
    At some point, we all have to realize that the man who is inserting his penis into the rectum of a chicken is in fact, fucking that chicken and not attempting to inoculate the poultry for Avian Flu, regardless of how strenuously he protests.

    [re=592694]Katydid[/re]: Can someone please define “gay as hell”? As a Talibangelical, I find it difficult to grasp how someone can be “gay as hell”, hell is only gay if your straight, if your gay I’d always assumed it would be more like a Mormon pick nick, except hotter, of course.

  212. I forsee a future in which many who in fact cowered in safety, will claim to have been here on Wonkette, this weekend. This should be illegal. I will write to my congress person. No false and fraudelent caims of partecipation in the Midnight of the Trolls (or whatever it ends up being called) permitted.

  213. [re=592695]loquaciousmusic[/re]: I know right? As it was last night I was to entranced in this thread of twisted surreality to peruse the original mural story post with over 300 comments. I may still have to go read them all. Are the trolls in there any better than in here?

    And problem child thanks for pointing out my response to the obvious question for me.

  214. [re=592705]x111e7thst[/re]:
    That he which hath no stomach to this fight,
    Let him depart; his passport shall be made
    And crowns for convoy put into his purse:
    We would not blog in that man’s company
    That fears his fellowship to blog with us.

  215. [re=592675]BigWhiteCloud[/re]: HA!

    Ok, I went there and just got to the good stuff. “I’ve driven to Ensenada” maybe you could put, “I like their happy horns” on the back?

  216. [re=592640]bago[/re]: I’ll try “Gay Gingspanic” if the cat toy comes back. Loved his little meltdowns w/ the last couple posts. Very tantrummy! From concern troll to just troll. Poor baby. I’d say 22 y.o. at the most (and I like that group). I don’t care to verify by clicking him.

    Belated thx for the alt txt KL. Keep it real.

    Looks like the AZ progressives are coming out of the woodwork, too. Not the just drive-by racists:
    (kinda weird url, though)

    [re=592622]S.Luggo[/re]: I saw that the school admins apologized but I didn’t see the Blair one. If you could link, I’d appreciate. If not, sorry if I missed the joke.

    [re=592589]Neilist[/re]: As per my nom de plume…sir I will not agree to anything you say but I defend your right to say it and I would love to subscribe to your newsletter.

    [re=592713]Oldskool[/re]: Thank you for explaining the old tequila bottles and the Belushi corpse that’s been in my apartment since ’78/’82. I was wondering…

  217. [re=592703]weejee[/re]: “Nothin’ like the feel of a good pig in yer hands . . . .”

    Weejee, I was all ready to make some nasty comment about “better an G-3 or an MG-42, you tourist.” But after that Glock recoil spring thingy, maybe the old Pig is a viable alternative. Although I never got used to the way the grip/trigger housing would fall off if that little spring broke. Which it did. Repeatedly. At the worst possible moment.

    (Good times. Good times. :::Sniff:::)

    Either way, a light machine gun is a much better discussion piece than one of those coffee table art books.

    [re=592671]Lake Affected[/re]: “if the Gestapo comes a kicking I’ll be a blasting away and shoot as many of them before they get me . . . ”

    Damn. I just got an erection. Could this weekend mark the “Neilistization of Wonkette”?!?

    (If so, we really are fucked.)

    [re=592624]Words[/re]: Fallen-away Catholics are going to hell. In fact, we insist on it. (Better company, better conversation, etc.)

    And “hawking”? No, but I have a reliable FFL for anything less that full auto. (You can’t own those in The People’s Republik of Kalifornia. :::Sigh:::) Whatdayaneed?

    [re=592648]Beanball[/re]: I cracked the frame on a Python once. And it had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO with the triple handloads I was running through it. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. (That’s my official position, anyway.)

    Seriously: This weekend, you people have restored my faith. When are we going to have a link to the National Rifle Association?

    Never mind . . . .

  218. Good god. The comments on the Reich Wing state of Arizona sure has taken a toll on Wonkette; there’s bodies laying around, walking wounded and shell casings strewn about.
    Its been a while since Wonkette was last cordoned off with crime-scenr tape like it has been this weekend.

    Jim leaves and the place goes to hell. As has Arizona.

  219. [re=592699]Clancy_Pants[/re]: More like Psycho Spastick. Who posts a link and then cries like a pussy when people click on it?

    On another note, I still love you people. Even Neillist.

  220. [re=592719]Crank Tango[/re]: “Even Neilist”? Are you insane? Neilist is an asshole.

    On a slightly more serious note, it being June 6 and all:

    “Although the Department of Veterans Affairs does not know the exact number of Hispanics who fought in World War II it estimates that up to 500,000 served. The number includes 53,000 Puerto Ricans in the 65th Infantry Regiment from Puerto Rico. Hispanics earned 12 Medals of Honor during World War II, distinguishing themselves in the Philippines, North Africa, the Aleutian Islands, the Mediterranean and Europe. In fact, Hispanics have earned more Medals of Honor — 39 in all – than any other ethnic group. After World War II, General Douglas MacArthur described the 158th Regimental Combat Team, comprised mostly of Mexican-Americans and Native Americans from Arizona, and known as the “Bushmasters,” as “the greatest fighting combat team ever deployed for battle.”

    Those damn Mexskins. Hoggin’ all dem Medals of Honor.

    (Although I personally wouldn’t accept MacArthur’s evaluation of a Girl Scout troop. Even a Mexskin one.)

  221. [re=592716]Neilist[/re]: I felt it could be sort of a post big house Martha Stewart special something. Ya know, when you’re having folks over for brie and Blue Nun chicken wings and PBR.

  222. [re=592441]psychicsidekick[/re]: It’s fair game to make fun of people like the fat fucking hunchbacked pig we’re roasting here and, in my book, of all conservatives.

    By the way, don’t ever think liberals are pussies. I’m as liberal as it gets and I’ve never been afraid of jumping on any motherfucking Repug hick who makes me lose my temper.

  223. [re=592716]Neilist[/re]: I dearly hate the NRA but I will shoot whomever you like after I talk them to death. My new avatar until things calm down tomorrow will be my dear mother’s unfinished novel and the piece she used to take along on dates at the 55+ Arizona hell hole she used to frequent. I miss you Mom!

  224. [re=592716]Neilist[/re]: Ok, I let all this go for a long time, but your elitism is just sickening.

    You want to defend, offend, and thin the herd? Shotguns, man. I don’t need more’n five shells (only wimps leave the plug in), and nobody needs all that extra accuracy from a long barrel. Besides, while you’re shouting, “I’ve got a gun,” the chik-chik of a pump action speaks most eloquently that I’m near sighted, armed, and ready to be vice president of the U.S.

    But seriously, shotguns.

  225. Lord, I sleep, have breakfast, go to church, cook a mess of fresh vegetables, and y’all are still at it? Hasn’t this poor, pathetic chicken been totally choked?

    Something the preacher said reminded me: the Roman Empire was a successful (if brutal) multicultural entity for generations. It fell only when it acquired a monotheistic state religion.

  226. I say let them say whatever they want. Let’s just take away all their federal dollars and water. Then they won’t be having any more problems with illegals and they can just fight it out amongst themselves.

  227. [re=592589]Neilist[/re]: I feel your pain with the Schlock failure. Buy American, indeed! Except for my Colt Defender, anyway. I’ll never get used to “cocked and locked” instead of a real safety; have nightmares of a .40 cal JHP bloodying up another pair of jeans. 1911 or GTFO.

  228. [re=592603]psychicsidekick[/re]: you shall never understand my twisted mind, for i am a cat in a cardboard box. i chase imaginary bugs up walls. i know they’re there. are you psychic enough to know they’re there, also? do you understand the twisted connotations of also in wonkettia? what’s your take on buttseks? it’s around here somewhere…

    there it is! i shall chase it up the wall!

  229. Now I want a gun. And that’s just wrong. Neilist must be totes banhammered.

    That traitor Newell should NOT have been allowed to take the damn banhammer with him. It’s Wonkette property, and we need it right now. ::stalks off looking for Layne::

  230. [re=592737]slappypaddy[/re]: Aw! Still frisky… I thought those were apartment elves my cats were chasing. Or maybe they are, since I let mine have real bugs. Crunchy!

  231. [re=592415]JackWilsonAZ[/re]: We hear you Jack! I spent much of last night on the comments back in the AZ papers and it was very heartening. This is a satire site though so don’t come back here anymore.

  232. [re=592717]WhatTheHeck[/re]: When was Jim in Arizona?

    [re=592730]Geogre[/re]: Are you from the South, suh? Shotguns are in every home — it’s required to live down here!

  233. [re=592738]Katydid[/re]: Well get a cute one please. Some of these trolls are GAY as hell robots from California and every time it gets pulled over the HP just lets it go or else.
    We need to be afraid because some of them are secretly Mexicans and or maybe blackish and can talk the Spanish behind our back and you can’t tell and they just show some papers and that’s it they are like Americans to the police. I can tell which are the important ones though because like in Egypt and Hollywood the bigger the head the more important you are. That is why Sarah uses her bump-it when publicly speaking!

  234. [re=592731]Dashboard_Buddha[/re]: I don’t think so, comment-wise, but check out the views….. I believe Ken now has hit an ALL-Time record in those!

  235. [re=592701]the problem child[/re]: I did. I’ve clicked on all the links. I have yet to see how he instigated the drive-by slur-hurling. If he did, then by all means fire him. I haven’t seen any proof of that, though.

    The general consensus here that if you say you’re not a racist, then you’re a racist, is Orwellian. (Let me ask you: are you a racist? Be very careful how you answer.)

    So that’s it then. He didn’t say anything racist. In fact, it seems like his main offense was to say that he /isn’t/ racist. Oh, he said he hates the word diversity, which is like the conservative equivalent of a liberal burning the flag – empty gesture that just inflames emotions.

    As a liberal, I find it disturbing that so many people here are perfectly willing to shut people up (cf. Katydid[re=592738]Katydid[/re]) because they don’t like their opinions. I also find it disturbing that just because I question the rationale for firing the guy, people start calling me a racist. It’s a double-bind. I can’t deny that I’m a racist (because that would make me a racist according to the superb logic of the gathered geniuses), but if I don’t respond by saying I’m not a racist, then I’m tacitly acknowledging the truth of the accusation.

    If that’s not Orwellian thinking, nothing is. I’ve been a faithful reader of Wonkette since the 2008 election campaign. The snark and sarcasm have always been funny as hell, but moreover /intelligent./ But calling this guy a “fat fucking hunchbacked pig” and a racist because he didn’t say anything racist (?) is stupid.

  236. [re=592751]102415[/re]: in for Maus, sorry— Nope, but they did try like hell to impeach him… There were huge billboards all the South plastered with that exact sentiment…

  237. [re=592716]Neilist[/re]: The words that have so aroused you are psychicsidekick’s and not mine, so I can safely say that I’ve had nothing to do with this particular erection of yours.

  238. [re=592746]the problem child[/re]: tasty, too, though moths tend to be a little chalky. most of my friends don’t care for moths. and not a one of us will touch cockroach. they are rancid! i still prefer sparrows, mice, and lizards. hummingbirds are a nice little delicacy, when you can get ’em. it’s always fun to catch one and show it off to the other cats. right now i could go for some psychicsidekick. i haven’t scarfed down a fresh one of those in a while.

    there’s one! i shall chase it up the wall!

    [re=592594]psychicsidekick[/re]: you don’t seem to know where you are. i’ll bet you didn’t know where you were before you ever thought to come here.

    you state a guarantee that if any one of the real us were standing before the real you now, we would be kneeling and begging for forgiveness. well, if we were standing, we wouldn’t be kneeling, now would we? as far as that goes, if you told me you had ever in your life had anyone kneeling before you, begging for forgiveness, i would demand forensically verifiable video proof of same, or at least two affidavits from unrelated witnesses. and some of us don’t beg. not even for fresh cherry cheesecake washed down with cold lemonade.

    you have no way of knowing what we think, of knowing whether or not any one of us thinks we are bad or scary. we’re wonketteers. don’t you know where you are? you said it yourself. think back a minute, it’ll come to you. we’re in cyberspace. we’re avatars. there’s no proof any one of us thinks anything, much less thinks we’re bad or scary. hell, you don’t even have any proof we’re here. think about it.

    go ahead, wrap your psychic mind around that.

    what are you? you don’t have to answer that, i don’t care anyway and anyway, you’re an avatar. i’m a cat in a cardboard box. there’s an imaginary bug crawling up the wall behind you. don’t look! i’m going after it!

  239. [re=592754]vkladchik[/re]: “As a liberal, I find it disturbing that so many people here are perfectly willing to shut people up (cf. Katydid) because they don’t like their opinions.”

    I don’t think you understand what you’re talking about.

    “So that’s it then. He didn’t say anything racist. In fact, it seems like his main offense was to say that he /isn’t/ racist.”

    Demanding that someone cover up a picture of a black child on a mural because it pains you to look at them and think of them as “America” and representative of your town is offensively racist and people have the right to express their desire to have him replaced with someone less loathsome.

  240. And please remember, you Arizonians need the browns to keep up the golf courses, clean your malls, and wipe the drool from your faces in the nursing homes! Of course you could always move to Alaska where the REAL ‘Murikans are.

  241. [re=592752]Words[/re]: It’s probably due to Psychicidelphia emailing all of his gay, illegal Hispanic friends and saying “See! See! This is where hate lives!” about a website that prides itself on being smart ass-ity.

  242. i’ll bet you didn’t know where you were before you ever thought to come here.

    Did you make this up? I want to cite it properly when I reuse it.

  243. [re=592754]vkladchik[/re]: Unless I’m being particularly dense, and Katydid please kneecap me if I’m wrong, seems to me that [re=592738]Katydid[/re]’s comment about autobahnhammering our resident Gunz & Ammo expert Neilist as lol satire.

    That said, there are a number of us who are tempted to watch him dance a bit around a few bursts from our new M60 coffee table accouterments, also.

  244. [re=592748]Words[/re]: I am from the South, and now, to my chagrin, I’m back in the South. (I kept my chagrin in the South.) My pre-registration 20 gauge traveled with me, though, on my wanderings through schools and jobs in the northeast and mid-Atlantic, because I have a Y-chromosome and, uh… cultural legacy?

    Actually, the shotgun issue is something that annoys me about the “I dream of defending my family from intruders” NRA crap. They all want handguns, expensive and sophisticated ones, and assault rifles and semi-automatic rifles with toasters in the stock. Well, that’s a fine bit of horse crap, because actual “defense of the home” is best accomplished when the intruder runs away, and a shotgun chambering a round is a clear signal. Additionally, aiming a bullet is difficult. Aiming a spread of a shotgun is not. Finally, shotgun blasts with fine shells won’t kill. The people getting all rigid about their handguns don’t seem to be hunters and don’t really seem to be home defenders.

    At least they don’t seem very persuasive to me. Issue those shotguns with bird shot or rock salt. Yay, home defense! Yay, 2nd amendment! No “concealed carry into a bar” necessary.

    Yes, though, I’m living out my very own “Green Acres,” where I get to be Ava.

  245. Ok I’m just here to call BS on the giant volcano rat and their dicks. I will put up any NYC subway rat against that mofo and not only will my rat win he’ll mug that sucka at the sametime. I demand that NYC subway rat dick to be the rat dick of choice. Carry on

  246. [re=592754]vkladchik[/re]: You’ve helped me see the error of my ways. I’m turning in my librul credentials right now. How dare I applaud the firing of racist, who’s only sin is not thinking that the mural was representative of Prescott. By this criteria, we’d expect Lumpbaugh to be fired, and who’d want that?

  247. [re=592754]vkladchik[/re]: You are correct. He did not tell people to do drive-by slur hurling. Instead, in a situation in which people are doing drive-by slur hurling, he (an elected official and radio personality) made this statement: ”I’m not a racist by any stretch of the imagination, but whenever people start talking about diversity, it’s a word I can’t stand…. The focus doesn’t need to be on what’s different; the focus doesn’t need to be on the minority all the time….”

    By virtue of his profession as a right-wing radio host, he has to know that he hardly needs to use the words “nigger” or “spic” to tacitly encourage further bad behavior by those who are not so constrained. It’s the dogwhistle, and white supremacists and those who watch them carefully recognize it.

    He may or may not in fact be a racist. But he helps to whitewash racism, which is at least as bad.

    And I don’t for a moment think he lost his job because he is a racist. He lost his job because his boss calculated that he was a net liability to their ability to make money in the local market. Which actually speaks pretty well for the advertisers in Prescott.

  248. [re=592754]vkladchik[/re]: Perhaps you’re not looking hard enough.

    : “To depict the biggest picture on the building as a Black person, I would have to ask the question: Why?”</blockquote

    Why? Wtf kind of question is that? Of course, what he doesn’t go on to say why there shouldn’t be a black kid on the mural. Also, after reading some more about the dude, it turns out he didn’t have any trouble with other murals in town…just the one with the black kid.

    As far as whipping out the “banhammer”, I don’t think that should be done. Unless of course someone is spamming or deliberately trolling.

    As an aside…fun story. I once had a Jehovah’s witless for a boss…and of course, she was always trying to market her faith. Looking at the collections of Watchtowers in her office, I noticed that in the tastefully rendered pictures of JWs, there was not one black family in the forefront (this is many years ago, btw). I didn’t claim racism, but I was puzzled so I asked her about it. I was told that there were far more white people in the faith than blacks and that once their numbers increased, they too would enjoy the front and center with the box hedges and lions playing poker with lambs. Maybe Mr. Radio Personality felt the same way?

    “Hey, I’m not racist, but I think that once we have more black folks in town, they should be happy to take their place at the back of the mural.”

  249. [re=592754]vkladchik[/re]: You’re either not really a liberal or you just like playing the contrarian. Or you have the mental capacity of a gopher. I’m betting some combination of the three.

    No, Blair did not use any epithets, ask why there is a painting of a n***** on the wall, or whatever. It’s more of a general attitude. He seemed to have a problem with a mural depicting a non-white child in a town that is majority white. As one definition of racism is “intolerance of another race,” I’d say that a white guy who cannot tolerate a painting of a non-white person for reasons he cannot define, other than the fact of said person’s non-whiteness, can be reasonably accused of racism.

    Not only that, he is an elected official using a radio show to demagogue about it. You think that’s not in some way inciting people to drive by that mural, see it for themselves, and then deciding to hurl a slur or two? Please. Just because he never said specifically “Drive by this painting I find offensive for racial reasons and yell ‘spic’ at any little brown kids working on it” does not let him off the hook.

    Also in case you haven’t noticed in the two years you claim to have been reading Wonkette, it’s a satire site, not a formal debate. If someone here wants to tell someone else to take their bullshit opinions somewhere else, that is his or her right, and it’s the right of the second person to listen or not. I have no problem with some of the idiot trolls we’ve had here coming in with their racially charged opinions, and I have no problem with the good wonketteers shouting that person down and telling him or her to take that shit somewhere else. We’re here to snark, not write term papers.

    And in the spirit of snark let me also invite you to eat a large bag of heavily salted rattus rattus dicks. Also.

  250. [re=592771]the problem child[/re]: “And I don’t for a moment think he lost his job because he is a racist. He lost his job because his boss calculated that he was a net liability to their ability to make money in the local market. Which actually speaks pretty well for the advertisers in Prescott.”

    And anyone who loathes social sanctions as a manner of change is no friend to progressivism. There is often no legal recourse for being a regressive douchebag, but it is possible to apply social and financial pressures to institutions. You can hate “diversity” all you wish, but when you demand expressions of diversity are torn down and whitened, you become a scumbag.

  251. [re=592754]vkladchik[/re]: you don’t get fired from radio for being a racist, or for inspiring your listeners to act uncivilly. proving intent and causation could be a bitch in the latter case. you get fired for having a negative impact, including a potential negative impact, on advertising revenues. causation is easily proven there, in declining arbitron ratings and in advertisers canceling, or threatening to cancel, their contracts.

    i do agree that calling someone a “fat fucking hunchbacked pig” may be a little off target. as pointed out, it slurs pigs. it also slurs fat, fucking, and hunchbacked. and it’s too easy. we can do better! let’s see… how about, “obese and dickless twisted butt-wipe”? any takers? i’m not so very good at this sort of thing.

  252. [re=592758]Maus[/re]: “Demanding that someone cover up a picture of a black child on a mural because it pains you to look at them and think of them as “America” and representative of your town is offensively racist and people have the right to express their desire to have him replaced with someone less loathsome.”

    Thanks. I lurk here all the time, but I never bothered to register for an account until now, and I did so just to tell vkladchik off. But you went and did it for me. Back to lurking!

  253. [re=592708]dijetlo[/re]: In the stirring words of the old Jacobite hymn
    Who wouldna blog for Wonkette, who wouldna click that link

  254. To all the recently hatched earnestly obnoxious Redstate/Kos wannabes:

    This is the Devil’s Playground and not a place for interlopers. Go dawdle in the emo kids’ sandbox.

  255. [re=592754]vkladchik[/re]: Oh, and I didn’t answer your direct question. Am I a racist? Probably. I do tend to make assumptions about white people feeling over-fucking-entitled and being douchebaggily morally superior when it comes to race issues.

    Snark on, little sister in satan.

  256. [re=592754]vkladchik[/re]: For the love of God and all things holy.

    Ok, no. As non-residents, who have not been following the mural’s development and listen to Blair’s show regularly, and only reading reporting on the story after the fact it’s unfair to suggest that he instigated the “drive by slurs.”

    That said. I’ll write slowly…

    An artist painted a mural.

    The subject of the mural was promoting green transportation.
    ~~~~The subject or purpose of painting the mural had nothing in any way shape or form to do with “diversity” or race.

    The artist used actual students who attend the school as a basis for the subjects in the mural.
    ~~~~Not really a stretch, is it? To think it if this was a joint project, and the students were participating in painting?

    Believe it or not, us “liberals” do not see an agenda in everything. (It’s the other side of the aisle, which then love to project it on the left and say we play the fucking race card all the time.) We would see a mural, on the wall, paid for by a grant from an environmental non-profit.

    But it has been reported, that it was this local politician and part-time radio host who looked at this mural as having some agenda to push “diversity”.

    He is the one who, to quote Joe Biden, made a big fucking deal about there being some black kid as the biggest and most prominent child in the mural. And he asked “why?” And he made some bizarre illusion to it being because we had a black President.

    And he seemed to have a problem with it.

    Blair, in typical “the poor oppressed white male, why do minorities get all the attention?” fashion is the one who projected the so-called racial controversy to the mural.

    Which made a lot of people ask “Why?”

    So he isn’t a racist. Fine. But he’s definitely an boorish, bigoted, pot-stirring, wingnut asshole with nothing better to do than stir shit for personal gain.

    And I said it earlier, anytime you do the “I’m not a racist but…” and “I have lots of black friends…” which were all in his remarks, you sound like someone pathetically trying to rationalize and defend a point of view which is anything but.

  257. [re=592768]Geogre[/re]: good points. i have a bolt-action with a toaster in the stock, and whenever i pull the trigger, i get a slice of hot whole-wheat popping right up and hitting my nose. i think i’ll trade it for one of those basic 20-gauges.

  258. [re=592738]Katydid[/re]: “Now I want a gun.”

    Got just the thing:

    (That’s the compact model, rather than the subcompact. So you won’t have the recoil spring problem.)

    [re=592767]weejee[/re]: “[W]atch him dance a bit around a few bursts from our new M60 coffee table accouterments, also.”

    “A few bursts. And then it jams.” How many headstones at Arlington could that be carved on?

    And shotguns, while effective, lack artistry. Those KKK hoods have two eyeholes for a reason. A true pistolero should be able to put a round through each before the Klaven’s knees buckle.

    Shotguns. ::::Sniff::: Some people . . . .

    [re=592768]Geogre[/re]: “Finally, shotgun blasts with fine shells won’t kill.” Oh, really? That must be why guide hunters in Africa backing up a tourist for leopard or lion sometimes use to carry a 12 gauge double loaded with No. 8 shot. At close range, the shot stays together in a fist-size clump. Even the traditional rocksalt load could kill at point-blank range.

    Gesh. Just when I thought of putting up a “Soldier of Fortune” franchise in here . . . .


  259. [re=592788]Neilist[/re]: I must point out that most Southern (I’m including Geogre in on this, since he has wandered back to his place of birth) homes have a shotgun (sorry, I’m not good w/the fancy gun lingo, being a girly girl) to hunt with, as in deer, squirrel, turkeys, other good things that most Southerners eat at least once in a while.

    And yes, you are correct @ the headstones at Arlington, tragically.

    Carry on…

  260. [re=592788]Neilist[/re]: Plus, you would be secretly dismayed if you couldn’t come here and duel verbally and very eloquently with the rest of us Wonketteers here!

  261. Principal & superintendent openly apologize at Saturday rally

    Those jello-spined profiles in courage are bigger cowards than the porcine bigot that rattled all those racist’s cages.

    They couldn’t agree fast enough to paint out the offending faces.

  262. [re=592788]Neilist[/re]: Si, from time-to-time the Pig did become the pluggee rather than the plugger. My CAR-15 E2 had its moments, also. And the bid goes to…gosh, the lowest bidder. Not necessarily the primo way to achieve six sigma.

  263. Looks like I missed another party. Same ol’ Wingnut song and dance – “We want our wild, wild, white west back!”
    Go to Texas and secede like you’ve been promising and your Crackertopia will become reality. You can bible thump/squaredance/circle wagons/clear brush/shoot each other into oblivion. Whattaya waitin’ for?

  264. [re=592789]druranium[/re]: Nice to see those incredible patriots fighting the good fight against the forces of orwellianism and thoughtcrime!

  265. [re=592767]weejee[/re]: Anytime I used “totes” and ::stalking off to find Layne:: I’m trying to bring the funny. It definitely was satire, thanks for pointing that out, and I sure hope Neilist took it that way. I’m glad to see Wonketteers seemed to have read it correctly. I think that while vkladchik says he/she is a liberal, I don’t think he/she is a regular Wonkette reader, or he/she would have gotten the banhammer joke.

  266. vkladchik:Be careful the thought police get vicious, I’m just glad the Conservatives are more well armed. I pray it never comes down to that, but these people are Stalinists.

  267. [re=592550]psychicsidekick[/re]: 70% of America is on your side- of course. You write a lot of BS here – we don’t believe your personal profile and your statistics are crap, too.

  268. [re=592802]psychicsidekick[/re]: from the structure of your sentences, the “these people” your posting appears to be referring to are “the Conservatives” (whom your posting also claims are “more well armed,” which could be taken to mean the same thing as “better armed,” which is how a native english-speaker might put it, and which also assumes facts not in evidence, but i quibble, which i really should do only in the privacy of my own cat-box). amirite? i, too, pray that the conservative stalinists never come down to whatever the “it” is that you are praying it never comes down to.

    “stalinists.” how droll. surely you don’t mean us, do you? sweetie, you haven’t a clue what the word means. not a clue.

    do come back and visit wonkettia soon, please, you have been most amusing. you do realize you’re being toyed with, don’t you? oh, my, you didn’t know? well, dearie, dry your eyes and get up off the floor. rest assured we didn’t mean you much harm.

  269. [re=592808]finallyhappy[/re]: he’s a twat off his meds . what does one expect ? this is all sexual excitement for him anyway …… off his meths , i meant .

  270. vkladchik is the same guy who was saying on a previous thread how great it was to post bad cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, just to enrage Muslims, because enraging Muslims is a good thing to do until they learn how to behave like white folks. His “I’m not racist, but… ” attitude is transparent.

    Many so-called “liberals” have ended up in this trap – the trap of “white middle-class urban people have the best morals and standards, and we have to oppress brown people because they’re not civilised enough, or treat their wimmins and gheys bad”.

  271. [re=592809]slappypaddy[/re]: did you know that he masturbates furiously when he gets attention ? so we are kinda like having sex with him . so he came here for sex , w/o consent . he raped all of us . i am only 12 ( give or take )so that is child rape . a ‘felony’ i believe . i base this on teabagger style logic and linear thought, based on ‘facts’ not quite in evidence yet but trust me , they will be ‘soon’ . why does he rape little children ?

  272. Obviously, this guy is going to get a nationally-syndicated radio show on Glenn Beck’s Premiere Radio Networks sometime this week. If he does, I have a modest suggestion for the theme song.

    I mean, duh, right?

  273. In other racist news Rush Limbaugh tries marriage again:
    Amid dozens of giant bouquets of white roses, reports the Palm Beach Post, guests at the wedding included former Bush adviser Karl Rove; actor-politician Fred Thompson; former Kansas City Royals slugger George Brett; Fox News commentator Sean Hannity; former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani; New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft; former Clinton adviser James Carville and his wife, GOP analyst Mary Matalin; and golfer Tom Watson, among others.
    Sir Elton John sang for the love birds for a fee of $1 million.

  274. [re=592813]loquaciousmusic[/re]: no he is not , teabaggers never reward their pals for bigotry . nevereverever . ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  275. [re=592246]Lionel Hutz Esq.[/re]: Well, since I live and was brung up in Wyoming, my heart weeps at the thought of what racist mayhem certain nogoodniks in my state could do to it. However, Wyoming Republicans (while in the majority in the state government, and just as blinded by Randian bullshit as their Teabagger cousins everywhere else in the country) seem to be more on the genteel cowboy kind of tip.
    That said, I think Idaho – with all its teabaggers, white supremacists and milita wackos – is already competing heavily for the dubious honor of which you speak.

  276. [re=592811]doloras[/re]: “vkladchik is the same guy who was saying on a previous thread how great it was to post bad cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, just to enrage Muslims . . . .”

    Personally, I think that’s a wonderful idea.

    And I need a matching set Al-lah cartoons to go with my “The Passion of the Gay Homo Christ” placemats; “Buttsex Buddha” Soap On A Rope; “Find G-D/Waldo” Jewish board game; Vishnu The Destroyer Barbeque Lighter . . . .

    [re=592801]Katydid[/re]: It definitely was satire, thanks for pointing that out, and I sure hope Neilist took it that way . . . .


    Katydid, I’ll be over to patch up the bullet holes in the front of your house shortly. But if you find any unexploded 40 mm grenades, just leave them alone, okay? (They look like a really big, short and fat bullet. Only a 15 meter kill/disable radius, but don’t use them to play “Fetch” with the dog, alright?)

    [re=592797]weejee[/re]: The way the Pig’s barrel release would catch on your web gear was a Real Design Masterpiece, too. But speaking of the CAR: I just got done reading Sebastian Junger’s new book, “War.” I am not making this up, but about every five or 10 pages there is another reference to one of our guys cursing and trying to clear a jam out of his M-4. (That’s the shorter, “carbine” version of the M-16, for all you now-not-so-anti-gun-nut Wonketeers.)

    Neilist’s Thought for The Day: The CEO of any arms manufacturer should have to use his/her company’s product(s) for a week on a front line someplace. Ideally, standing knee deep in a hole filled with British Petroleum’s fine output . . . .

    [re=592802]psychicsidekick[/re]: “Stalinists”? THESE people? These folks couldn’t organize a massacre of the kulaks or run a gulag if you spotted them a million AK-47s.

    Although, in fairness, they might be able to run a show trial or two. Particularly if it was a musical show trial: “Coming Soon! Arthur Koestler’s ‘Darkness At Noon: The MUSICAL!'”

    Anyway, you have nothing to worry about. It’s grossly inefficient to use a gun when a simply Bitch-Slapping would do the job just as well.


  277. [re=592814]chascates[/re]: I’m disappointed in Sir Elton. Did he forget for a minute that he is gay? Or did a cool $1 mil change all that?

  278. [re=592821]HedonismBot[/re]: Chascates left out the part where Sir Elton re-wrote “Candle In The Wind” to “Large Explosive-Filled Dildo Shoved Up Rushbo’s Ass.”

    Come on, kids! Sing along! You all know the words!

  279. I love this site to fucking death. Fun to watching psychodickwad and vladimirchicafuk scramble and fumble and dig themselves deeper, what with the total snark-bashings y’all gave them. So worth the four hours it took to wade through all these posts. The moral arc and snark of the universe bends towards Wonkette.

  280. [re=592802]psychicsidekick[/re]: Oh please. you want to get really pummelled, go piss off those people on Pharyngula.

    Will the trolls come out tonight or has something else, more recently inflammatory, appeared on their Facebook news feeds?

  281. [re=592821]HedonismBot[/re]: Yeah the same thought went through my head and then I decided that maybe Sir Elton found a better use for Rush’s mil than leaving it with Rush. And maybe he also went in the medicine cabinet and switched out the Oxy with gayballs pills.

  282. [re=592821]HedonismBot[/re]: I probably don’t need to clarify myself here, but just to be safe… By bringing up Elton John’s sexuality, I didn’t mean any kind of insult. But I thought supporting Republicans (even if only by playing music for money) was only something CLOSETED homos did.

  283. [re=592820]Neilist[/re]:
    I’m “stunned” that the M-4 would be as bad as the M-16.

    US America equips its men with the BEST (from the lowest bidder)!!!

  284. A musician plays the gig, not the audience. With a few exceptions — Sun City, e.g. — getting a performance fee of a million for a single concert? Uh, I think Rushbo paid his asshole fee.

    I don’t think open flames should be anywhere near gasbags, so singing “Candle in the Le Petomaine” would be a bad idea.

    The “I’m a liberal, but you guys are all wet” person sounds awfully trolly to me. Back when the intarwebs were new, the first trolls used to do that: go to the Feminism group and say, “I’m a feminist, but I simply can’t agree with abortion on demand! How can you all let me down?” The idea was to get the group divided, because, secretly, you see, the troll was absolutely sure that the group didn’t know anything and the troll could easily turn them all.

    Maybe Vladchik marched with Che, or Caesar Chavez, but I kind of doubt it. Besides, as I said before, this isn’t “liberal”: this is Usonian. We either believe in pluralism, the way our national motto has it, or we believe in ethnicities and races, the way the various doomed and bloody handed groups of imperial Europe that the Enlightenment founders rejected did.

  285. [re=592809]slappypaddy[/re]: Boy, that Psychoskid guy is really trying to be hoity-toity: Calling us “Stalinists”. We may be Procrastinators, but we ain’t no fucking Stalinists.

  286. With all due respect, what happened here last night is not to be compared to “Animal House” no matter how overpowering the smell of stale beer the morning after might be and no matter how overflowing are the ashtrays.

    It was strictly “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”, baby. Posts were being posted that took WAY more than 30 seconds to think up and write. As near as I can recall, fucking Roman History was brought up. Sick, twisted stuff, all in all. (P.S. Don’t look in the bathtub.)

  287. [re=592820]Neilist[/re]: Anyway, you have nothing to worry about. It’s grossly inefficient to use a gun when a simply Bitch-Slapping would do the job just as well.

    If by inefficient you mean “lacks subtlety” then sure. Otherwise I’m certain the bitch slap would require more calories.

    (I’m just here to push this over 500 by midnight. What the hell.)

  288. I curse you who brought up Rushbo’s wedding, for this makes me realize that someone is going to have sex with him and now I have to scrub my brain. With bleach and a steel wool pad.

  289. [re=592771]the problem child[/re]: Dear vkladchick: I think you would enjoy the Southern Poverty Law Center very much and would love to subscribe to their newsletter.

    [re=592769]BklynIlluminati[/re]: And you would know as those particular vermin are part of the Illuminati, yes?

    [re=592802]psychicsidekick[/re]: Oy. I thought you left. Just in the bathroom? You’re the worst party guest evah! If you want to make the moves on vkladchik, just go through eharmony, for criminiy’s sake. Oh. Right. They don’t like the (Gringspanic!) Gays there…

    [re=592821]HedonismBot[/re]: Even the former Reggie Dwight was married to a girl once. Maybe he was telling Rush that it’s never too late to still make an honest man out of one of them Dominican boys…

  290. [re=592713]Oldskool[/re]: This is like a three-day weekend thread — BONUS!

    [re=592674]Lionel Hutz Esq.[/re]: Hellyah! Y’all made a bunch of win this weekend with your batarangs.

    [re=592705]x111e7thst[/re]: I came, I lurked, I drank another beer.

  291. [re=592802]psychicsidekick[/re]: As [re=592820]Neilist[/re] and [re=592840]geminisunmars[/re] note, we may be a lotta things, but we are far to burnt by the sun to be Stalinists. Trotskites? Perhaps, and maybe some of the oldes might be Eugene Debster Wobblies or Hunter Thompson wannabes. But most are the spore of Mad Magazine, the Onion, Finnegan’s Wake, and innumerable bits of shithouse wall graffiti. Suckers for butt sechs and poo, perhaps, but clearly not Stalinists.

  292. [re=592844]PsycGirl[/re]: the marriage may imply sex but sex won’t happen . his wife is the wrong color , wrong sex , wrong age and wrong nationality . please don’t dwell on a fiction ?

  293. [re=592844]PsycGirl[/re]: I hope Elton John sang Candle in the Wind or Sacrifice for Marta. This is the real tragedy.

    Tonight, that poor poor woman will be smothered by this sweaty, wheezing swine while he tries to jam his flaccid piggly wiggly into her. Because Rush can only get it up when 12 year old Dominican boys take a shit in his mouth, he’ll have to satisfy her with his demon-pig hybrid hoof. It will be a long two years of stealing his OxyContin and hydrocodone and numbing the pain of beastial sex and forced scat sessions. No god damned ELton John song can make Marta feel better.

  294. [re=592849]rmjag[/re]: I see your point. Thank you for comforting me.
    [re=592836]psychicsidekick[/re]: All that violence stuff, having a myspace account and posting a link to it twice (which I for one have never clicked on) suggests that you are in fact 14 years old. It’s a school night so no more late night postings for you, young man. your Mom is taking away your computer if that algebra grade doesn’t get raised.

  295. [re=592850]El Pinche[/re]: tragical for marta but hell , she knows him and she still married him . she had to weigh up the short term hell against the long term gains . she may be betting on the oxycontin ………………..

  296. [re=592855]joan[/re]: I’m afraid that if I try to explain it, you still aren’t going to get it.

    Take some issue that is stuck in your craw and just snark it out! Just . . . snark!

    Had I been able to reach the ears of the guy speeding by the playground outside today (had he not been flying by at 50 in a 25 zone) I’d have shouted, “Hey, I’m sure if you go a little faster you could atomize the schoolchildren rather than just crippling them for life. It would save their parents the trouble of burying them.” See, now I feel better. Give it a try.

  297. [re=592850]El Pinche[/re]: Oh sweet baby Jesus….[re=592844]PsycGirl[/re]: I think we’re gonna need something a bit stronger than bleach and steel wool.

    I, for one, am disappointed that Gawker hired a fucking plane-towed-banner to soar over Jabba the Huts wedding and all it said was “Congrats on your 4th marriage xo gawker”. Sure, suppose it’s marginally better than nothing, but doesn’t that Newell fella have any pull over there?

  298. [re=592825]Neilist[/re]: Glad you’re back. You know we love you like our eccentric uncles in the attic, right? Hugs, and Kisses !!!! teehee!

  299. [re=592855]joan[/re]: “Purpose”?

    Why, lolz. Everyday, making fun of the most terrible people involved in (or tangentially-related to) politics. Saying “fuck” and calling trolls “grundle-huffer” or whatever is funny.

    Why do you visit the sites you do? Big, important stuff? Yeah, right.

  300. I am SO disappointed our Kitty Pope hasn’t paid us a visit. Dammit, we put his butt on the “over 20,000 hits” this weekend… Such ingratitude!!!

  301. [re=592825]Neilist[/re]: Now that the kinda Stalinist purge Wonketteers can get behind, so to speak: giving Rushbo an high colonic. And from the crow’s nest we hear “there she blows!!”

  302. [re=592811]doloras[/re]: Thank you, I knew that troll had been making a poorly-thought-out argument somewhere around here recently.

    [re=592855]joan[/re]: I know! And they’re all pretty fuckin’ funny, aren’t they?

    [re=592836]psychicsidekick[/re]: You’ve now posted the link to your MySpace page twice on here after freaking out about Maus finding it on his own? You are just a big ol’ attention whore, amirite? Promise us tomorrow you’ll get your lithium refilled.

    Also, since you asked yesterday I’m going to try to post the response I wrote out about the language in the immigration law or whatever it was, even though a couple of people on here have already answered it much more clearly than I have. But I have links to some helpful reading! I tried to post it a bunch of times yesterday and for some reason the internets kept eating it. But I want to take one more shot at telling you to piss off:

    Ooo, I love research. Allow me to rebut your points from the beginning:

    –I don’t own a TV, therefore I don’t watch MSNBC. And when I did watch TV the only host on MSNBC I could stand was Rachel Maddow. And even then I only watched her rarely. If that makes me not normal somehow, I can live with it.

    –You are parroting right wing memes, you called liberals “vile,” and you said something about fearing the rabid progressives would smash your face in. So I felt it was a safe assumption to make that you’re a right winger. I’ll grant you not many of the folks at that end of the spectrum are gay Mexican-Americans. Well done! You sure taught me a lesson about making assumptions! Now what right wing stuff that I accused you of do you object to, exactly?

    –Let’s see, Phoenix’s police chief said this about the law: “When you get a law that leads a state down this path, where the enforcement is targeted to a particular segment of the population, it’s very difficult not to profile.” Here’s the story:

    Here’s one discussing the law through the prism of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, written by Conor Friendsdorf, who is by no means some sort of bleeding heart:

    Here’s a good one. You should scroll down to the comments made by the AZ House majority’s research analyst, who says essentially that the way 1070 was written means that ANY contact between a cop and a civilian can initiate an investigation of that person’s immigration status:

    Here’s a question for you, Poindexter: if the original law was so clear, why did the state legislature feel a need to go back and pass an amendment to make it clearer? Here’s a story with many helpful links about that whole rigamarole:

    –As for that last sentence, do you live in or are you familiar with L.A.? I live in the Koreatown section. My neighbors are all Koreans and Hispanics. Whites like me are a minority on my block. Maybe many of the Hispanics are gardeners and maids, I have never asked. That last part though, where you said they “don’t bother you [me] at all”? That’s true. I don’t give a shit if they are here legally or illegally. It’s a quiet neighborhood and we generally leave each other alone to live our own lives. Okay, I don’t get invited to any of the quincinera parties, but big deal, other white people don’t invite me to mansion parties up in the hills either. I like it that you complained about others on this board making assumptions about you because you’re Mexican and then you assumed I must be some sort of Westside limousine liberal. Unless you were finally getting the gist of this whole ironic sarcasm thing we do here. Anyway trust me, Koreatown has a ways to go before it can get to even gentrified-adjacent.

    Hope that helps! And if not, what someone upthread said about the poisoned rat dicks, also.

  303. You stupid twat. If we were in some kind of cult of personality, we’d be Newellists, not Stalinists. Stalin died and took hisbanhammer with him.

  304. [re=592876]Crank Tango[/re]: You are correct; I am chastened. Or whatever. Also!

    [re=592877]Brick Oven Bill[/re]: You’re back? Sheesh. All the trolls are out tonite.

  305. [re=592811]doloras[/re]: Thank you, I knew that troll had been making a poorly-thought-out argument somewhere around here recently.

    [re=592855]joan[/re]: I know! And they’re all pretty fuckin’ funny, aren’t they?

    [re=592836]psychicsidekick[/re]: You’ve now posted the link to your MySpace page twice on here after freaking out about Maus finding it on his own? You are just a big ol’ attention whore, amirite? Promise us tomorrow you’ll get your lithium refilled.

    Also since you asked yesterday, I had a whole response written to your little jeremiad calling me a liar about the language in SB 1070. Unfortunately the internet for some reason keeps eating the post. It’s probably stuck in some sort of weird WordPress loop and tomorrow our Wonkette overlords will push a button and either delete it forever or post it seven or eight times.

    Luckily a couple of folks on here have answered it much more clearly anyway. But just for the record:

    –I do not own a TV, therefore I do not watch MSNBC. And if I did own a TV, I can barely tolerate any of the hosts on there. Except for Maddow, who is awesome.

    –Do you live in or are you familiar with L.A.? I live in the Koreatown section. My neighbors are all Koreans and Hispanics. Whites like me are a minority on my block. Maybe many of the Hispanics are gardeners and maids, I have never asked. That last part though, where you said they “don’t bother you [me] at all”? That’s true. I don’t give a shit if they are here legally or illegally. It’s a quiet neighborhood and we generally leave each other alone to live our own lives. Okay, I don’t get invited to any of the quincinera parties, but big deal, other white people don’t invite me to mansion parties up in the hills either. I like it that you complained about others on this board making assumptions about you because you’re Mexican and then you assumed I must be some sort of Westside limousine liberal. Unless you were finally getting the gist of this whole ironic sarcasm thing we do here. Anyway trust me, Koreatown has a ways to go before it can get to even gentrified-adjacent.

    Hope that helps! And if not, what someone upthread said about the poisoned rat dicks, also.

  306. My doctor says I should be eating oily fish twice a week (for my cholesterol). Thanks to BP, I’ll be eating oily fish the rest of my life. When life hands you a lemon, make lemonade. Then add lots of vodka. I recommend Tito’s.

  307. [re=592877]Brick Oven Bill[/re]: For snark to sit up and earn its paycheck, you’ve got to tie in what you’re saying somehow with the overall point of the post. Also, it helps to be clever, and if ever you find yourself comparing anyone to the Nazis generally or one Nazi in particular, you’re probably not. You haven’t yet, and that’s a good sign for you.

    It could be funny to say that the Liberal ideal is to make America more like Mexico, but how does that relate? Are there asshole radio personalities who have their minions paint over the faces of blond Anglo kids who inexplicably made their way into a mural on a Mexican public building? If so, a link to a supporting article would explain your “joke” to an adoring public.

    Practice a little, you know, feet on the ground, reaching for the stars. Look yourself in the mirror every day, and say, “I can make a joke that’s on point. I can be witty, goddammit.” Okay, have a drink first if you need it.

  308. [re=592887]Aflac Shrugged[/re]: ” . . . if ever you find yourself comparing anyone to the Nazis generally . . .”

    What if it’s Prescott Bush we are discussing. There must be some exceptions to this rule.

    Ratzinger, for example.

  309. We’re stuck at 484 comments and everyone would like to be the 500th. So to keep things moving along where the hell is DustBowlBlues and TexasBulldoggette?!?!?!?

    Also Shorts.


  310. [re=592877]BoB[/re]: Yer BAAAAAACK. Are you bobbing for libtards or snark? You should really make the Wonkette Halloween Scene. The presence of trolls is more fitting that time of year. Spring – first of summer is more about fairies. Unless…naah…but

    BoB, not meaning to get all personal, but have you caught the ghey like psychicsidedick? If that’s the case, then welcome to the festive fairy season.

  311. Surely I can’t be the only one who’s been reading the troll’s name as “Psyduck”?

    (My kid’s pokemans–let me show you them)

  312. [re=592895]ShiningMathPath[/re]: Now that you mention it her face certainly does. I haven’t seen Liz’s thighs and Tonya’s are like a fullback’s. And Liz is trying to knee-cap anyone that might criticize her dad. But recalling Tonya’s deflated tats from her leaked wedding night home movie I refuse to consider Liz in that respect. That’s just too, too horrible.

  313. [re=592887]Aflac Shrugged[/re]: If everything isn’t white, its because the minorities are taking over and they hate white people. That’s why we gotta take our country back from the people we stole it from. And Rush Limbaugh’s not racist because he has a black studio engineer who goes along with everything he’s paid to agree with and had a black house keeper growing up. Come on, get with the program.

  314. Yeah, I looked at the other link, and nothing. Nada. Also, to the conservative actual trolls on this thread, no one here is a Stalinist. Go look it up on Wikipedia. Or on Conservapedia or whatever lifts your conservative luggage. Calling anyone on this thread a Stalinist is as ludicrous as Blair being fired. You don’t have the faintest fucking idea of what actual Stalinism was, which is scary, because you shit-for-brains present yourselves as the protectors of the US. How can you protect anything when you’re so ignorant? Go fuck a pig and/or your sister.

    I have been a regular reader. There’s no way to prove that, but whatever. Actually, there might be. If whoever is in charge here can look up when I registered to post (not in 2008, but quite a while ago) they can show it. I understand snark. I understand humor. Trust me. I’m continuing this conversation with you clowns, which is proof enough.

    Yes, I think that drawing pictures of Muhammad (learn how to spell it, you ignorant dicks) blowing Jesus ( – the pussies among should not click that) is a good thing. There’s this thing called freedom of speech, which some people here don’t think is worth dying for. I disagree. I intend to piss everyone off as much as possible because I think that the way most Muslims treat their women is despicable. I think the way they treat homosexuals is despicable. In other words, I want to take the fight to them. I know that most of you are willing to sit by and watch women get beaten by their husbands because it’s a different culture and we ought to understand blah blah blah, but I’m not. For the same reason that I give to the ACLU every year, I give to charities that fight female circumcision in Africa. I also understand and agree with the recent AMA stand on “nicking” as a replacement of female circumcision by American doctors. It’s practical! No, it’s not ideal, but it doesn’t leave the girl horribly mutilated or permanently unmarryable.

    You see how that works? I look at the issue and decide what’s most practical. That the day would come when I would have to prove my librul creds to Wonkette commenters isn’t something I ever imagined. Also, I haven’t commented that much, so I didn’t know about banning. It’s shocking to me (shocking, I say!) that the site’s owners would ban people. That goes against every grain of my liberal soul. We’re supposed to be the fucking smart ones! The ones who can win the arguments! Banning people is what the knuckle-draggers at Freerepublic do, because they consistently lose arguments over there with such regularity that the makers of Exlax are looking into ways of bottling it.

    We win arguments! Well, ordinarily. So far, no one here has provided any proof that Blair is a racist. He said some things that you would have to be biased to believe as racist, but nothing actually racist. Nothing like Boss Limbaugh telling a black caller to put a bone in her nose, etc.

    But of course, because I’m not aligning myself with the absolutely most extreme lefty position re this guy, I’m taken to be a racist, a crypto conservative, etc. I’m not. Here that, assholes? I’m not a racist! So go stuff your various holes with hot pokers vis-a-vis my racism.

    I don’t think this guy deserved to be fired. There was no reasonable rationale for it. The beauty of the first amendment (not that I’m saying his first amendment rights were violated – they weren’t, and only a pussy would claim they were in this case) is that it keeps the loonies in plain view. If you want to shut them up and make them hide, then you fucking clean them out later on. (Hint: you’re not going to.)

    The guy didn’t say anything racist. He said some questionable things, but nothing actually racist. He should’ve been left in his position.

  315. [re=592896]chascates[/re]: i heard tonya was adopted out after the ‘incident’ . the entire population of portland oregon pitched in and shipped her to wyoming , and the rest is history . heard they gave her a white hispanic maid called psychicsidecar …

  316. [re=592754]vkladchik[/re]:

    “The general consensus here that if you say you’re not a racist, then you’re a racist, is Orwellian. (Let me ask you: are you a racist? Be very careful how you answer.)”

    “I can’t deny that I’m a racist (because that would make me a racist according to the superb logic of the gathered geniuses), but if I don’t respond by saying I’m not a racist, then I’m tacitly acknowledging the truth of the accusation.”

    If you were to ask me if I was a racist I’d respond by saying no. Pretty direct and simple no? Now, if I were to proceed that no by saying something like; but, you know? I think the cholos and the darkies fuck up everything they touch and are lazy as fuck, then you can point your finger at me and call me a racist fuck.

    If the audio on that you tube video is anything to go by, I guarantee you that this fat, dolphin toothed piece of shit spends the afternoon drive making up all kinds of reasons why the white man is being kept down by them minorities. So much so that some of his listeners went by the school, while the little kids were out painting their mural, just to yell racial slurs at them.

    Your, Duhhh!! logic makes you sound not entirely bright and a few millimeters away from being labeled a full on ray-tard. Keep it up.

  317. [re=592903]vkladchik[/re]: “learn how to spell it, you ignorant dicks”

    Learn yo’sef some transliteration, chump.

    “I don’t think this guy deserved to be fired. There was no reasonable rationale for it.”

    Nobody gives a shit about your already-discussed opinion.

  318. [re=592903]vkladchik[/re]: And it’s true, your earth is flat.

    [re=592902]ShiningMathPath[/re], [re=592904]rmjag[/re]: Imagine, if you will, ariving at a working-class pub in the Northwest. Outside, you notice a fancy, yet filthy, 4×4 pickup. Lots of traffic tickets under the wipers. Lots of empty Bud Lite and Marlboro red packs crushed in the floorboard.

    You walk inside and you see Tonya. Long, blonde, dirty hair. Eyes as cold blue as the North Sea. Wearing crusty cut-off Levis with a pair of Day-Glo stockings. With lots of holes & snags.

    And you know that she’s half crazy
    But that’s why you want to be there
    And she feeds you tea and oranges
    That come all the way from China
    And just when you mean to tell her
    That you have no love to give her
    Then she gets you on her wavelength
    And she lets the river answer
    That you’ve always been her lover
    And you want to travel with her
    And you want to travel blind
    And you know that she will trust you
    For you’ve touched her perfect body
    with your mind.

  319. The guy didn’t say anything racist. He said some questionable things, but nothing actually racist.

    Just he isn’t going around yelling “nigger, nigger, nigger” you can’t connect the racist dots staring you in the face.

    Okaaaay. Except for the fact that I haven’t read so much mush mouth, passive agressive, phoney justification of bigotry since the all-white male jury nullifications of klan members on trial in the south.


  320. [re=592834]ManchuCandidate[/re]: Neilist is a fucking perfectionist.
    Normally I read his guns and ammo reviews with a certain amount of indulgence but here, we right thinking Americans have to draw the line. He’s inferring that the AK family of weapons is somehow superior ( on the international market, AKs are the only competitors for the M-16) by repeating the oft heard complaint
    “It’s jammed!”
    To which, I’ve always replied, “did you fucking clean it?”

  321. Imaapussy: That is your screen name right?
    Vladchick: Vampires are Passe’
    The rest of you Stalinists are still talking about me? Oh goodie, are you blackberrying each other about the crazy hispanic faggot who thinks that when shit goes down soon that progressives are going to go the way of the passenger pigeon and the eight track tape. Well have fun kids, because if 70% supports 1070 then you must be only a fraction of the remainder 30%. Also I looked at Wonkettes Facebook and noticed a shortage of brown faces. See ya suckas!!!

  322. [re=592904]rmjag[/re]: [re=592908]chascates[/re]: the shipping to Wyoming idea is way more plausible than Leonard Cohen as a soundtrack to that little scenario.

    It’s gotta be Tanya Tucker

  323. [re=592903]vkladchik[/re]: This here is the big kids’ table. I don’t think you’re ready for it yet. In fact, I think the adults should give you a bottle and put you down for the evening before dinner’s ready.

  324. [re=592834]ManchuCandidate[/re], [re=592910]dijetlo[/re]: Cannot liberals (& trolls) agree that a properly maintained weapon with suitable ammo in the hands of a trained person is the determining factor rather than design? Are not HKs & other Euro designs are better than the AK & ARs? Even granted different oddities of their own.

    This kind of discussion is what caused that right-wing ass-wipe to be on radio in the first place!


  325. [re=592908]chascates[/re]: jesusmaryjoseph , i lived in portland back then . you just described my car . filthy , boozy , red packs etc … and tonya stole it ?

  326. [re=592915]ShiningMathPath[/re]: She’s the one that said her entire marriage to Glen Campbell was only about cocaine and sex.

    Now imagine Liz Cheney naked with her legs up in the air.

  327. [re=592914]psychicsidekick[/re]: “Also I looked at Wonkettes Facebook and noticed a shortage of brown faces.”

    They’re all “white Hispanics”, obviously.

  328. [re=592915]ShiningMathPath[/re]: tonya/liz has a gig on ‘america’s dumbest criminals’ , as a panelist , snickering at folks – like you and me – and the dumb crimes they do . she is heavy into beer and meth i think

  329. [re=592903]vkladchik[/re]: In other words, I want to take the fight to them.

    Fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here!

    Bored now.

  330. [re=592811]doloras[/re]: vkladchik is the same guy who was saying on a previous thread how great it was to post bad cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, just to enrage Muslims, because enraging Muslims is a good thing to do until they learn how to behave like white folks.

    I remember that one too. Yeah, he’s basically a dick and “happy to die for freedom of speech” etc. I call it “Libertarianitis,’ the inability to follow an idea through to its logical conclusion. Sure, what the hell, pissing off Muslims a goal unto itself.

    I once suffered from this particular mental block, too, when I was about 14 years old. These are the foot soldiers of half-assed tyrants of all political stripes.

  331. Huzzah, Beyond 500!!! with trolls!

    [re=592916]imissopus[/re]: Eh, let’s kick him around. We’ll get him to call me a dirty spic nigger in no time. We have the uncanny ability to make em shine their true colors.

  332. [re=592919]chascates[/re]: I forgot Jim said we should be offensive in a gender-neutral kind of way.

    Does that mean we have to picture Glen Campbell naked, with his legs in the air, to balance things out? I guess we need one more male candidate, as well, and then we can call it a night…

  333. [re=592927]El Pinche[/re]: if troll posts were snubbed and relegated to a sub-human status just for the sheer bigotry of it , would it still be over 500 ?

  334. Over 500 post .. why isn’t Jim Newell in here deleting everybody? Oh right. Arguing about public art is pissy neurotic stupid crazy, and Steve Blair should seek mental help. The way to solve the problem is to fund more public art, not less. Here’s one pleasant vision of Arizona .. and here’s another, and another. And soon all the ugly buildings will be covered in pretty murals, and tourists are visiting the town to see.

  335. [re=592903]vkladchik[/re]: Man, you are one tiresome racist. In fact I almost find you tiresomeness more offensive than your racism but whatever, let’s call it a draw.

  336. [re=592928]ShiningMathPath[/re]: according to his last mug shot , his face and his ass are twins . he can play both roles ( a la bette davis )

  337. [re=592923]rmjag[/re]: tonya/liz — with beret and machine gun?

    [re=592929]chascates[/re]: I guess that does count as Rush naked with his legs up in the air. You’ve capped off the night.

  338. delurking to say this weekend wonkette lollapalooza has brought me back from the abyss, cancery husband and stuff. i luv you all, for realz.
    always suspected neilist had a bit of a tender heart in there. dude, you done good here. i know my spelling and punctuation sucks. so goodnite and don’t let the bedbugs bite.

  339. [re=592934]ShiningMathPath[/re]: no . thong and fingers …. and she giggles way too much , like she’s detoxing and needs the paycheck . on a brighter note , she looks like we all knew she’d look ,15-20 years down the road if not worse . bty , when portland shipped her out to wyoming , they ‘forgot’ to poke ‘airholes’ in the ‘box’ for a reason . she never was supposed to be ‘adopted’ – and now they call her tonya/liz

  340. [re=592903]vkladchik[/re]: Yes, it was a firing offense. It could have possibly cost advertising dollars. It really is that simple. The free market worked for once!!!!

  341. [re=592903]vkladchik[/re]: Can I ask for an example of something you would consider racist enough to merit being fired? Do you actually have to use racial epithets on the air? Because nobody does that anymore, mainstream society no longer tolerates it. Since the ’60s racism has been forced underground. Racists aren’t against blacks or latinos or asians or greeks or irish or what have you anymore. They have code words now. Racists aren’t even racists anymore, because no one wants to think of themselves as a racist.

    They’ve learned to define themselves as pro- rather than anti-. They don’t hate mexicans, they just love white people. That’s all. What’s wrong with that? They’re not against minorities as people, they’re against “enforced diversity” or the “PC establishment” or whatever. But however they say it, what they mean is they don’t want brown people in their town. If the town is 90% white or something similar, it’s not worth getting worked up about that last 10% and ride them out of town on a rail. Unless, apparently, someone puts a brown person on a mural where they have to see it. Then they totally lose their shit.

    You say that you don’t think that this guy said anything racist. Well, let me submit that if he wasn’t a racist there wouldn’t be anything about this mural for him to talk about. It’s a mural supporting green transportation. Ride your back to work or something. For the kids, also. And it has kids from the school it’s painted on in it. That’s it. A couple of the kids in it are brown, because a few brown kids go to the school. Why even bring this up? Why take time out of your radio show to talk about how one of the brown kids is more prominent than the other kids in the mural? With everything else going on around the country and the world you’re worried that white kids at this school aren’t getting their fair share of mural space just because the President of USmerica happens to be black? If you’re not a racist, you ignore this mural, just drive right by it with the AC on full blast. But this guy decided that the PC police had come to his town and were forcing them to deface public buildings with pictures of brown people. In what way is this not racist?

  342. Imapussy: Yes I know Koreatown well, A friend of mine had an apartment just around the corner from California Donut on 3rd and his car got broken in 3 times in a year. I’m going to go out on a ledge and assume that in that neighborhood it wasn’t Whitey. Also I’m so happy that they finally caught the Koreatown rapist. I won’t even mention his race. I worry about your safety in that slum. I worry about your safety in that slum. I worry about your well being in that slum.
    Pinche: No, I would never call you a dirty blank blank, I’m afraid you will declare a Stalinist Fatwa on me.

    *The rest of you why don’t y’all just friend request me?

  343. Going to bed with tears in my eyes from laughing so hard over this thread. This has been even more fun than that poor, hapless person way back when, who was getting shit on by professionals.

  344. Aaaannd….Scene!

    Please, no one post anything else here. You’ll just ruin my “mots du theatre.”

    Oh, and GOOD WORK, EVERYONE! Um, Psychicsidekick, could I have a word? Thanks. Look, when you play the crazy-as-a-shithouse-rat, try not to overdo the “look at me! I’m crazy as a shithouse rat!” next time. It starts to feel, ah, how shall I say, — ‘less sympathetic.’ Let the audience DECIDE if they want to be your friend. Don’t try to force it so much. You’ll get there. Maybe.

  345. [re=592927]El Pinche[/re]: Psycho-guy is afraid of a Stalinist fatwa. I don’t know what that is but it sounds terrifying. Any ideas? Don’t post ’em here, just Blackberry me.

  346. [re=592952]imissopus[/re]: You’re gonna be missing more than Opus, for running through that wet cement I just put down!


  347. You guy’s are just mad at me cuz I’m not another little brown slave for you. You don’t have any real Mexican friends. You people are ridiculous. I’ll tell you where I agree with you: Bush stole the election in 2000 in Florida and in 2004 in Ohio. What do you think those election fixers did in 2008? Did they just give up? No. They did it again with another face to make you suckers think there was a “Change”. Bush and Obama have the same exact policy towards illegal immigration and you saps don’t even think that is weird. You’re going to be like deer in the headlights when this shit boils over. I don’t even want it to be that bad, but I see what has been done to us. We’ve been lied to by MSNBC and CNN and Fox. Sorry for the writing errors I guess a lot of you are teachers. That’s probably why you are so supportive of the illegal influx. Job security I guess.

  348. [re=592956]psychicsidekick[/re]: You don’t seem to understand, psychic, that we’re not talking about illegal immigration. We’re talking about Arizona’s response to illegal immigration. I’m sure that those of us who comment here on Wonkette share a broad range of views about what steps, if any, should be taken to control or limit the illegal entry of foreign-born men, women, and children into this country. This may be a hot-button issue, but it’s a political issue. Frankly, as someone who lives in New England, far away from all of this ridiculousness, I don’t particularly see immigration as one of America’s top domestic priorities.

    No, what we are passionate about here on Wonkette—and what you don’t seem to understand, because you’re a troll—is that Arizona’s response to the problem of illegal immigration within her borders has been to come out swinging, passing Draconian, ridiculous laws about who can be detained by police and for what offense. These laws are, quite obviously, motivated by a deep distrust of immigrants—especially those from Mexico—and what I would consider to be an unfair and unconstitutional reliance on the perceived ethnicity of those men, women, and children who are being detained.

    On top of that, some obnoxious guy on the radio in Arizona tried to get a diverse school in his community to lighten the skin of some of the children on a mural outside the school, claiming that the mural represented only a politically-correct view of Arizona’s population. In fact, that mural was, as you probably know, based upon and even painted by many of the students in that school. Fortunately, he was fired and will, I hope, slink away into obscurity forever and ever, Amen.

    As for the jab about teachers, yes: I am a teacher. This is why this whole situation makes my fucking blood boil. The angry, old white men in Arizona—the same angry, old white men who would happily pull you over, psychic, and detain you for no reason at all—aren’t just going after the adults, who can at least stand up for themselves. No, these spineless, dickless bastards are going after the kids—and for what? Because they have some outdated, 1950s, Pleasantville idea of what America should look like. Here’s a news flash: America has never—never!—looked like that.

    I do agree with you that we’re all going to be like deer in the headlights “when this shit boils over,” although the “shit” that you and I are talking about is different. I think the “shit” that you mean is the influx of illegal immigrants and the havoc they will wreak upon the fabric of America. The “shit” that I mean is angry, old, white men with guns who decide that enough is enough; that they’re going to take their country back by any means necessary. I worry about them a hell of a lot more than I worry about the illegal immigrants who drive ten miles an hour below the speed limit and pay into Social Security and Medicare without receiving any benefits.

    Fortunately, here on Wonkette, we can—and do—take these horrible racists to task EVERY SINGLE DAY. I know that, as a troll, you’ll be in and out of here in no time, but I’ve been coming back since the days of Ana Marie Cox, Butterstick the Panda, and the original “Blingee” contests, and I will keep coming back because I appreciate this community of funny, snarky, ob-fucking-noxious, retarded liberals who quote obscure lines from Warren Zevon songs and who make mincemeat out of people like Arizona councilman and former radio host Steve Blair.

  349. [re=592887]Aflac Shrugged[/re]: Yeah, comparing teh pigfuckers and ‘pugtards to the SS is a hallowed tradition ’round here and yeah, it does get pretty tiresome.

    That being said, images of certain schmutzige schweineirin und arschloche still give us wood.

  350. Shit. I’m sorry folks. Never post before the java.

    Here’s the image I was referring to in my previous post. God, did I get thousands of nasty emails about that exposed areole – but not a fucking peep about the criminal uniform.

    Go figger.

  351. [re=592956]psychicsidekick[/re]: you still don’t know where you are, do you? try pulling your head out of your ass and looking around. it’s morning in america!

  352. [re=592941]AnnieGetYourFun[/re]: Good point. I perhaps need a different adjective. I think the ticks, when they mate, aren’t seeking sex even while they’re having sex…insofar as entomologists can tell what ticks seek. Then again, I’m getting this from a series on Slate on despised critters.

    re: Vkladchik: You are demanding that someone here prove that the person involved in this story satisfies your own personal definition of “racist.” How very troll (or illogical). I could hold out a private definition of any term and resolutely say, “No, that’s not proof” forever, too. Cf. Bushies with their “that’s not torture.”

    re: Flush Limbaugh’s marriage: This creature is getting married for the fourth time, indeed. While many are speculating on sex life, there is no need. Many are speculating on what a great drug stash he has, but there is no need for that, either. 1. Rush has been hospitalized. 2. Rush is fat. Rush continues to smoke and live in a bath of yellow and black bile and the blood of infants. 3. Rush has many, many, many gazillions of dollars. 4. The last wife has an advantage over previous wives and children. See argumentum ad rem, or “I got it; come try to get it.”

    re: 500: Pikers! Something like this, where the thing’s picked up by Huffiepo, Yahoo, etc., and we’re left with the keys over the weekend? I think we’ve got 18 more minutes to reach 1,000.

  353. [re=592956]psychicsidekick[/re]: i turned from wonkette to the chuang tzu this morning and almost immediately hit upon a passage that almost immediately brought me back here, to share with you:

    “lao tzu said, ‘a moment ago, when i looked at the space between your eyebrows and eyelashes, i could tell what kind of person you are. and now what you have said confirms it. you are confused and crestfallen, as though you had lost your father and mother and were setting off with a pole to fish for them in the sea. you are a lost man—hesitant and unsure, you want to return to your true form and inborn nature but you have no way to go about it—a pitiful sight indeed!’:

    i saw the same thing lao tzu saw when i looked at the space between your eyebrows and eyelashes. betcha didn’t know i could see you from here.

  354. [re=592960]agitpropster[/re]: It’s not that mysterious. Pretty girls are pretty girls, whether they’re in aprons or severe gear. Thanks to the Bauhaus-inspired design, the Germans had excellent uniform looks. In fact, their uniforms were costumed for psychological effect. Other militaries were strictly utilitarian or slapdash or working from inheritance. (The were “old, traditional” uniforms in the German army and navy, too, but you don’t see those featured.) I.e. you take an attractive person and put that person in a garment that has been consciously designed to be clean-lined and flattering, and, well…. It’s not the ideology.

    If it is the ideology that one finds sexy, then Sandra Bullock’s ex is looking for you. (Don’t know his name.)

  355. [re=592962]Geogre[/re]: I know, right? It was free-range commentating all weekend long. I doubt the topic had much to do with it (although I could be wrong, “Friday Fun Video” seemed to run its course fairly quickly and that was left so we’d have an entire DECADE upon which to comment but it was the ’70’s so, eh). I think it was the whole having the keys over the weekend and NO GROWNUPS that did it.

  356. [re=592956]psychicsidekick[/re]: Speaking only for myself, G. Dubya’s approach to immigration was one of the only things about his administration I did not hate with a passion. Like with Obama, that approach was far from perfect. But at least he wasn’t demagoguing the issue and demonizing all the brown (to be precise, Mexican brown,) people, like these Arizona racists are. At one time, before the teabaggers started scaring him with primary challenges from wingnuts, John McCain also had a sane approach to immigration. America’s right-wing fringe needs to be slapped down and put in its place. These are dangerous people. Anyway, I agree with loquaciousmusic: you, sir or madam, are entirely missing the point here.

  357. [re=592964]Geogre[/re]: You might want to take another look at that poster because you just called Coultergeist “a pretty girl.” He is neither of those things.

  358. [re=592962]Geogre[/re]: I should add that HuffPo posters are humorless ass vampires. The reason HP has all those self-help articles is because they need help. They’re probably wondering where the Fan/Fav buttons are at Wonkette. But without celebrity tits, Huffposters won’t stay long.

  359. [re=592943]psychicsidekick[/re]: I used to work in Koreatown. Nice neighborhood. I liked going to hear middle-aged Korean businessmen sing Sinatra at the karaoke bar after work. They didn’t care that they couldn’t sing very well, or that they looked a little silly, because whatever. And I loved that. It kept me alive. There are some horrible things about L.A., but they have nothing to do with crime or not-white people.

    Of course, Koreatown is a huge part of L.A., so there are probably some less nice parts too. In any event, I’m afraid you won’t convince me that there’s something wrong with not-white people, or immigrants, because your friend got his car broken into three times in one year in Los Angeles. Hell, I could get that done on the campus of Vassar fucking College.

  360. [re=592967]ThePuckStopsHere[/re]: Yeah, I know, but that actually wasn’t Coultergeist. It was, first of all, a B-cup, and Ann couldn’t get there with implants. Secondly, it was an artist’s impression. I think it vastly improved upon the “Republican stick figure,” as one commentator called her.

    That said, the GOP has a huge thing about beauty queens, as we know. There is something really creepy about them. Miss California, aka “Who was Onan? He wasn’t queer, was he?”, will be on FoxNews soon, and Miss TeenSC, such as, is on “The Amazing Race” (white… white is the amazing race, apparently).

  361. [re=592290]Katydid[/re]: Ah, your post and George’s and countless others give me hope when I feel like the USofA is being completely overrun by racist, teabagging Palinista morons (amd I being redundant?). Thank you all for helping me stay (somewhat) sane.

  362. [re=592483]Rotundo[/re]: Perfectly said. Who do these assholes think does all the labor-intensive work in their gated communities? Who supplies the food on most American’s tables? Who cleans the bathrooms at the motels/hotels/spas they vacation at or stay in while on business? Who is building their addition or watering their lawn or serving their fat little spawn chicken fingers at the local drive-thru?

    These idiots just don’t get it. You want to deal with the immigration ‘problem’? Go after the corporations and business owners who hire them. If companies want to hire cheap labor, want to avoid paying their taxes, want to game the system to their benefit, then they should be held accountable. This corporate welfare state that the teabaggers and neocons defend is what’s ruining the country. Not people from Mexico or Santa Domingo or Poland or India or anywhere else on this planet who want to better their lives, working shit jobs for shit money that spoiled middle/upper-class kids certainly don’t want.

  363. [re=592522]psychicsidekick[/re]: OK, so you’re a Mexican-American-Gay-Man-Woman-Transgendered-Alien from Mars, right? With one limb? And a wheelchair. And you’re a recovering alcoholic. And you’re pregnant. And you have red hair. And are left-handed. Have I left out any things-you-supposedly-are-in-order-to-qualify-your-moronic-beliefs?


  364. [re=592417]psychicsidekick[/re]: The mural actually depicts faces – white, brown and black – of children WHO ACTUALLY ATTEND THE SCHOOL, you moron!

  365. This guy reminds me of the rest of delusionals in Arizona that think they can boycott the rest of America because of their No Browns Allowed law.

  366. [re=592956]psychicsidekick[/re]: “You guy’s are just mad at me cuz I’m not another little brown slave for you.”

    Yes, we get it, as you’ve mentioned before you’re white, not one of those “brown people” or indigenous (not “good Mexican” obvs!)

    So, deep down, can Bigfoot pass for “white” or is he a cryptid of color?


  367. [re=593207]PsycGirl[/re]: I vote yes.

    I believe Ken must have a hell of a hangover today, since he’s been AWOL all weekend. Or maybe he got lucky w/the Mrs.??

  368. [re=592910]dijetlo[/re]: “It’s jammed!”
    To which, I’ve always replied, “did you fucking clean it?”

    Given that the troops in question in Junger’s book were members of the 173rd Airborne Brigade (which, even back in my day, were considered “serious”), I respectfully suggest that you make such a reply from a considerable distance.

    Unless, of course, there are some discarded AKs lying around. In which case, make it a very considerable distance . . . say, over 300 meters?

    But you clearly know more about modern small arms than I — or Col. David Hackworth, for that matter: “Hackworth came across an accidentally exposed Viet Cong gravesite, yanked out a mud-caked AK, pulled back the bolt, and fired off thirty rounds as if the gun had just been cleaned. ‘This was the kind of weapon our solders needed and deserved, not the M-16 that had to be hospital cleaned or it would jam,’ wrote Hackworth.”

    Good times. Good times.

    [re=592866]Words[/re]: You’re insane. Neilist is an asshole. BAN HIM! HE’s a WITCH!!!!

  369. I can’t believe what this guy is saying! Our new law only wants to keep illegal immigrants and drug runners out of our state and our country. It doesn’t have anything to do with black, brown, yellow or white skin. The problem is that many crossers are ILLEGAL! Many immigrants have gone thru the channels as law-abiding citizens and have earned their citizenship, and those we welcome. But this crossing the border because things may be rosier on the other side of the fence has got to stop.

  370. [re=592338]Geogre[/re]: That is all it knows how to do. It has no thought processes, apparently, and its mating is accidental.

    Hey, I think you just described me. Hmmmm.

  371. [re=592910]dijetlo[/re]: [re=593342]Neilist[/re]: In VN, when yer out for a week in OT bandit country, keeping the M4’s grandpa, the xm177 (CAR-15) thoracic surgery-clean was tough to do wha diddy diddy do. On cache cleanups we’d fish AKs that had been submerged for weeks in silty muck, drain the water from the barrel, and as Neilist noted, pull back the bolt and it was rock and roll time without any swabbing.

    Now the xm177/M4s are much more sexy than the AKs, but in a pinch you might choose the babushka rather than sexy piece with legs all the way up to her ass.

    [re=593342]Neilist[/re]: Autobhanhammer hiz ass!!!!!!!!!!!

  372. [re=592431]psychicsidekick[/re]: Ben Franklin thought the national bird should have been the turkey. In your case, that would have been a two’fer.

  373. [re=592458]psychicsidekick[/re]: You’re obviously confused. This is “Wonkette.” The only rule is you are supposed to be funny. We make fun of everybody.

    Just how did you get here – NewsBusters?

  374. [re=592483]Rotundo[/re]: I’m briefly going to get serious. When Caesar Chavez started the United Farmworkers’ Union, most US agricultural workers were legal immigrants. They came from all over the world (although, of course, many were Hispanic).

    The UFW went down to the border and forced illegals back across the River.

    The UFW worked hard and got some basic workers’ rights – not really decent pay, but at least the pay they signed up for. Toilets in the fields. A few breaks. Hoe handles longer than 24″. Little things like that.

    All of a sudden, the floodgates were opened and illegal immigrants pour in, working in agriculture and elsewhere.

    Now – just how and why did that happen?

  375. [re=592501]Katydid[/re]: My personal favorite is “I’m not a racist – my girl (or boy) friend is ________.” Yeh, right. Just because I screw ’em doesn’t mean I don’t hate ’em.

  376. [re=592545]memzilla[/re]: The right wing nutz all claim the law won’t lead to racial profiling because the law says the Police can’t do it. Like passing a law changed anything?

    Here’s the question I’ve never heard answered. What basis is there for any officer of the law to suspect a person is an illegal immigrant other than racial profiling? Just what would those criteria be? Can anybody out there tell me?

  377. I briefly lived in Prescott while I was going to flying school (this would have been the late ’80’s if addled memory serves)—I was there just before the place began to boom with ex-suburban white retirees fleeing crappy weather & brown people (sound like Phoenix much?). Back then, it was just a sleepy little town filled with unreconstucted hillbilly rednecks who’d never heard of the John Birch Society & hung out at the numerous saloons around town, such as the picaresque Bird Cage (the stories I could tell…)
    Anyway, the point is that I was there to see the beginning of the seamless blend of redneck & suburbanite wingnuttism which eventually blossomed into the steaming turd which is modern-day Prescott Valley: Birchers, “Constitutionalists”, Mormons, living side-by-side with the mullet-headed minions of the McVeigh Memorial Militia. It’s all on display!

  378. [re=592550]psychicsidekick[/re]: That game plan really worked out well for the SLA in LA. Have you ever seen that video? How did that strategy play out for the whackos in Waco?

    It’s called “Bluster.” And it’s just plain funny to read people like you get all rough and tough on the Internets!

  379. [re=593571]Tundra Grifter[/re]: “Here’s the question I’ve never heard answered. What basis is there for any officer of the law to suspect a person is an illegal immigrant other than racial profiling? Just what would those criteria be? Can anybody out there tell me?”

    “The gub’mint can never do anything moral because it’s the gub’mint.

    The people will never do anything wrong because Amer’kuh is a good christian nation and does good christian things to each other . And if they are racist it is legal to be racist it is a FREE COUNTRY and people hate anti-racist legislation and will be especially mean to minorities but only because they are told not to be racist and who likes being told what to do?

    also did you know that ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS ARE ILLEGAL?”

    This is usually the line of reasoning I get back.

  380. Libertarians and Teabaggers are always about the boundless generosity of corporations and the common man, both of which universally donate all their time and money to private charity. It’s amazing how there is still poverty and hunger with both competing tirelessly to make the world a better place.

  381. [re=593411]Polly[/re]: Gosh, you’re so persuasive, Polly. Thanks for helping us all understand why we need to whiten the faces of the schoolkids on that mural!

  382. (be careful, wonketties. if we get to 666 comments on this thread, we’ll have to all line up and kiss the asshole of the devil.)

  383. [re=592786]slappypaddy[/re]: I used to walk by a pawn shop in San Francisco with a riot gun in the window. It really didn’t have a stock – just a little thing about 4″ long that swiveled up and down.

    Stamped into the receiver in big letters was “Do Not Fire From Left Shoulder.”

    Unless you want an ear-full of brass, of course.

  384. [re=593745]Joshua Norton[/re]: I haz a sorry. Just came in, saw the 599, scrolled-down, saw yer question, answered, and then thought. Moran! Even more stewpud than the your/you’re gaff.

    I owes you some snark salad, or somethings.

  385. [re=593771]JackWilsonAZ[/re]: Best wishes on this, Mr Mayor. It has been an incredibly hot topic.
    I guess I should end this properly: also.

  386. I understand that our Wonkette is in negotiations to turn this thread into a movie. I do hope to have a minor role in the mob scene, the one where we storm the Bastille demanding Freedom Fries.

  387. Bigfoot doesn’t exist, neither does the “Change” or transparency that your President promised. If they ever make a Mount Rushmore for the worst Presidents, I think the last two should be on it. I’m still waiting for the language on SB 1070 that says that brown skin or speaking Spanish qualifies as reasonable suspicion. I’m also waiting for one of you to do some funny, cuz all I can see is raw hostility. Progressives have no sense of humor. Hey I read this on NPR’s site today “Progressives Ask: Is It Obama, Or Is It Us?”, and we all know what a right leaning outlet NPR is. Face it guys your movement has already ended.

  388. whats wrong with that wayne?you sound so angry,maybe its you that hates white people?yeah,thats it,youre the fukn racist piece of shit.ken wayne,white hating homo with a crappy blog and cant write for shit.i think that’s absolutely fine,who needs the colored little buggers they have to be included in everything whtes do,but don’t include whites in their murals,we have a school where I live has a mural of ceasar Chavez,che gvara,and ho chi mihn,???and this is California,so stick your outrage up your ass,we can have our own places free from whining minorities and criminals that overwhelm every city.fuk off asshole.white people are sick of the colored parasites and their asshole kids.

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