The Unseen Hand.Not to spread the funny news too thick today, but have you glanced at the business headlines? The stock markets have not reacted too well to the awful lack-of-employment numbers, with the Dow Jones Index plunging 325 points — that’s three-and-a-quarter percent and well under 10,000 and all the other markets looking similarly terrible. And “volumes” are high, meaning Lots of People/Institutions are dumping everything, for cash.

Hungary, a small nation of Magyar People who worship a severed, mummified hand and aren’t even on the Euro currency, is today’s “New Greece,” and oh who even knows. If you still have a job today, high-five to you, don’t spend your money on anything foolish. Might need it next month, for food!

At least we’ve got the Oil Spill to take our mind off the economy, right? Ugh. [Wall Street Journal/Reuters]

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