Here we are again.Hard to find even the Gallows Humor in this story, so maybe we won’t even try. Maybe it’s time to admit that large chunks of America are in the hands of unreconstructed racists and vulgar idiots, and that the popular election of a black man as president just might’ve pushed these furious, economically doomed old white people into a final rage that is going to end very, very badly. Ready? Here you go: An Arizona elementary school mural featuring the faces of kids who attend the school has been the subject of constant daytime drive-by racist screaming, from adults, as well as a radio talk-show campaign (by an actual city councilman, who has an AM talk-radio show) to remove the black student’s face from the mural, and now the school principal has ordered the faces of the Latino and Black students pictured on the school wall to be repainted as light-skinned children.

This is America, in 2010, and there’s a dozen more states and endless white-trash municipalities ready to Officially Adopt this same Official Racist Insanity.

From the Arizona Republic:

A group of artists has been asked to lighten the faces of children depicted in a giant public mural at a Prescott school. The project’s leader says he was ordered to lighten the skin tone after complaints about the children’s ethnicity ….

R.E. Wall, director of Prescott’s Downtown Mural Project, said he and other artists were subjected to slurs from motorists as they worked on the painting at one of the town’s most prominent intersections.

“We consistently, for two months, had people shouting racial slander from their cars,” Wall said. “We had children painting with us, and here come these yells of (epithet for Blacks) and (epithet for Hispanics).”

The children depicted on the mural, as we mentioned before but feel compelled to repeat, are little kids who go to the school — “a K-5 school with 380 students and the highest ethnic mix of any school in Prescott. Wall said thousands of town residents volunteered or donated to the project.”

And these children, for the past several months as this happy mural encouraging “green transportation” was being painted by local artists, have been treated to the city of Prescott’s finest citizens driving by and yelling “Nigger” and “Spic” at this school wall painted with pictures of the children who attend the school. And this has been encouraged by a city councilman, Steve Blair, who uses his local radio talk show to rile up these people and demand the mural be destroyed.

And now the faces are being painted white, “because of the controversy.”

Remember where you were, when you could still laugh about teabaggers and racists and Arizonans, because funny time is almost over. If the unemployment keeps up — one in five adult white males has no job and will never have a job again — and people keep walking away from their stucco heaps they can’t afford and the states and cities and counties and towns keep passing their aggressive racist laws to rile up the trash even more, shit’s going to very soon become very bad, and whether it’s the National Guard having wars in the Sunbelt Exurbs against armies of crazy old white people who are finally using their hundreds of millions of guns, or whole Latino neighborhoods burned to the ground the way the Klan used to burn down black neighborhoods a century ago, we are in for a long dark night and no light-colored paint is going to fix that. [AZCentral via Wonkette operative AZW88]

UPDATE I: Vile talk-show creep and Prescott councilman Steve Blair has been fired from his radio show. Will Prescott dump him as a town councilman, too, or do they love racists too much?

UPDATE II: The school principal finally grew a pair — after the whole country was outraged by his demand that the brown kids be “lightened” on his school’s mural — and went out in public to say the mural would stay as it is, and that he was wrong. Video here.

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  1. This is an wonderful lesson for the grade-school kids.

    “when bullies are mean to you, try and appease them so they’ll leave you alone.”

  2. Ken, its good you are serious here. First, I quipped, but then, I cried. They want it, they want a new civil war, these armies of pigfuckers out there, they fantasize about killing us, you and me, and everyone like us, everyone who comments here. They hate us with all thats in them, and they fondle their guns and dream of killing us.

    Think Rwanda.

  3. Why stop with the murals? – “cauc” up the actual browns and blacks so their dark pelts don’t offend good God-fearin’ Arizonian eyes. And then make them wear little patches sewn onto their clothes so we can tell the Real people from the Colored people.

  4. Is there some sort of Ebola-like disease that eats brain tissue? We’ve gone from a melting pot of cultures to a white bread take-all in which Becks & Palins appeal to frightened losers who want to blame everyone but the big business politicians who let corporations run wild.
    Add the frantic Jesus freaks who can’t wait till the Rapture comes and destroys everyone they disagree with along with dysfunctional heavily armed ‘patriots’ who want to water the tree of liberty with the blood of anyone different from them.

  5. Completely off topic, but great trivia question: During the 1980’s there was a Bill Cosby spin off show called “Mr. Rhodes”, an actor named Ron Glass played a character on the series.

    Q: What was Ron Glass’s character name?

  6. The tea party… I said it before: the Klan and Aryan Nations and others are wandering through the Tea Party Express like gluttons at a buffet, signing up members and growing their base.

    The proper response to a story like this is to go find the Southern Poverty Law Center and donate like the dickens. Then go to the ACLU and start writing letters.

    Free speech is not tantamount to free airwaves. The air is public ownership.

  7. Congratulations, Christians! The crusades are alive! Maybe it will work out better this time around, now that there’s tear gas.

  8. We need Billy Jack.

    “When I look at this … beautiful… child, and I see… what you… have done… it just makes me… go berserk!”

    (Ok, maybe not Billy Jack 2. The scene where he karate chops Jesus is possibly the most bathetic thing on film.)

  9. This is . . . like that feeling I get when I read something from Greenwald. What is it called? Depression! That’s it. Depression.

    Quick, trucknutz or else I’ll cry. Too late.

  10. We need a comment systems that filters out naughty words and replaces it with (inappropriate term)! Think how much fun we would have coming up with new ones to replace them!

  11. In a broadcast last month, according to the Daily Courier in Prescott, Blair mistakenly complained that the most prominent child in the painting is African-American, saying: “To depict the biggest picture on the building as a Black person, I would have to ask the question: Why?”

    “Personally, I think it’s pathetic,” he says. “You have changed the ambience of that building to excite some kind of diversity power struggle that doesn’t exist in Prescott, Arizona. And I’m ashamed of that.”

    Right — because being black is basically a provocation? I mean, there’s no race struggle right now in Prescott, because — if I follow this guy’s logic — black people know enough not to set off some sort of hair-trigger race war by, for instance, showing up in public. Well, it’s a good thing diversity is so accepted there.

  12. [re=591698]mdotsota[/re]: Luckily it’s almost the end of the week; just about time to take the medication to treat our depression, alcohol and lots of it.

  13. Arizona may be ground zero for racist asshats, but we need to be honest and note that redneck crackers live in every state and every city. Remember, the diseased amoeba that is Michael Savage broadcasts from San Francisco.

    That said, I can safely say I will never set foot in Arizona until the lunatic, racist fringe has disappeared. I expect it will be many, many years –there are a lot of angry, bitter, impotent old white people out there– but time is on our side. It’s just a shame kids. . .elementary age kids at that. . .have to learn so early in their lives that America has more than its fair share of cave-dwelling fuckwits who thrive on hate and anger.

  14. What all of us right-thinking people ought to do is ally ourselves with the Apache and Navajo and drive the white devils off of their lands.

  15. Okay, I actually read the link. Here’s a quote from the teabagger councilman/AM comedy star.

    “You have changed the ambience of that building to excite some kind of diversity power struggle that doesn’t exist in Prescott, Arizona. And I’m ashamed of that.”

    Pictures of kids who GO TO THE SCHOOL are apparently representative of a “diversity power struggle” now?

    Is it too late to sell this state back to Mexico, in exchange for the world’s largest quesadilla?

  16. Seeing the KKK art I had to visit the website of Representative David Duke, Ph.D. where in lays out the REAL racism is against white European Americans.
    In Chicago, where African Americans make up only 18 percent of the total workforce, they are 80 percent of Post Office employees!

    And that’s why you can’t get a good government sinecure, fellow Sons of the Soil.

  17. We can make fun of Arizona, but Arizona’s note the problem. Unfortunately. Good luck with the future, my stop’s coming up in a bit and I’ll be off.

  18. after November we can impeach the darky President, get the Jew Girl, the lesbo and the spic chic off the Supremes and move these brown kids into a shool on their own side of town, where their murals wont offend good God Fearin’ folk who moved to AZ to watch the Cubbies in Spring Training.

  19. [re=591703]JMP[/re]: Yeah, I’m stocking up on plenty of that. And if I finish that before Sunday (where due to Baby Jesus liquor stores must be closed in this state) there’s always cough syrup and gasoline.

  20. I am too deeply saddened by this to even work up a funny, enraged comment. Disspirited, sickened, crying for our nation.

  21. Thank you, Arizona. I no longer feel like I live in the most tragicomic state in the Union. Even when I remember my governor is Rick Freaking Perry.

  22. [re=591717]2goats[/re]: Their own side of town=internment camp.

    [re=591716]An American in Toronto[/re]: Yes–broken hearted. That’s how I feel.

  23. In a Columbus, Georgia company where I worked in the 80’s we did a promotion with a photo of young people atop the fallen Berlin Wall. Blacks complained because there weren’t any African-Americans in the photo.

    Ah, humanity.

  24. [re=591701]Snarkalicious[/re]: If you really don’t know, look up his last name in the urban dictionary. Accident, I think not.

  25. I love how their city website has information listed in regards to their golf courses, but NOTHING on their education system.

    This is exactly the type of place I want to live.

  26. From the original article: “[artist] Wall said school Principal Jeff Lane pressed him to make the children’s faces appear happier and brighter. “It is being lightened because of the controversy,” Wall said, adding that “they want it to look like the children are coming into light.

    I smell bullshit! Pix of mural on link below, and all the brown kids appear plenty happy and bright to me, in no need of “coming into light” (a phrase must be a code word for a diabolical racist plot to eliminate the browns from Arizona).

  27. You know what? I’m white as shit. But because I married a Chinese woman, my two daughters are minorities, and I promise you this. If they suffer even one racial slur directed at them while I still live, I swear to whatever fucking God you believe in that I will rain down hell on the sons of bitches that did it, and if there’s anything breathing when I’m done, I’m gonna sue the shit out of it not because I need the money, but because I want them to suffer more.

    I’m too sick of this shit to even joke anymore. I’m at the tipping point where if these fuckers want a goddamn culture war, whatever, I was never a very good pacifist anyway.

  28. [re=591702]SayItWithWookies[/re]: So basically he’s saying the town’s a good place because the local black people aren’t uppity and know their place. Fuck that shithead.

  29. The Sensible Center NEEDS to stand up to this kind of crap. I really feel like driving to AZ to spay or neuter a few of these freaks. Road trip???

  30. At long last, the present feels like the future portrayed in science fiction. Unfortunately, it’s one of those experimental, dystopian novels where everyone devolves into warring tribes.

  31. “Unreconstructed” is le mot juste. Maybe the radical republicans of the 1870s somehow realized that 150 years in the future those racists would be their only base? But it’s the Dems fault: fucking Tilden.

  32. Solution for America: strip malls with nothing by Cracker Barrels, slot machine casinos, Thomas Kinkade Galleries, and Dr. Jack Kevorkian’s Happy Dying Clinic.

  33. 200 million guns a-loadin’,
    satan cries, “take aim!”
    better run through the jungle.

    well, shit, that’s no answer. how about this:

    clowntime is over,
    time to take cover.

    no, i guess that’s not it, either, but it’s closer. how about this:

    mother, father, i’m here in the zoo. i can’t come home cuz i’ve grown up too soon. i got my sentence, i got my command. they said they’d make me major if i met all their demands. i could be a corporal into corporal punishment, or the general manager of a large establishment. they pat some good boys on the back and put some to the rod, but i never thought they’d put me in the goon squad. they’ve come to look you over and they’re giving you the eye. they want you to come out to play. you’d better say goodbye. some grow up just like their dads, and some grow up too tall. some go out drinking with the lads. some don’t grow up at all. and you must find the proper place for everything you see, but you’ll never get to make a lampshade out of me.

    yeah, that’s it. (pace mr. macmanus)

  34. [re=591683]Prommie[/re]: The comments at the Arizona Republic’s site are interesting. Some of the “libruls make me skeered” stuff, but a lot are in there fighting them. Maybe there is some hope.

  35. Lately I’ve begun to feel as if life has become a Sinclair Lewis novel. Except the dark comedy is more dark and less comedic when it’s real.

  36. God forbid the black kid should…I dunno, grow up tall and proud. This has been a really long week and shit like this is what makes non-violence so hard.

    We just had a local kid kill himself because of bullying and our local paper ran an editorial about how part of our job as adults is to toughen kids up. (I’m serious.,0,3651732.story) WTF was the principal thinking? Who encourages the sorts of people who cuss out artists in front of little children? Don’t these people have mothers? Were they never reared by anyone who loved them enough to say “Cut that shit out?”

    I’m sorry I can’t be funny about this. I just want people like that to curl up and die.

  37. I’m going to AZ next week. Where would everyone like me to take a big dump in a public place to express how non-racist America feels about that fucking state?

  38. Wasn’t this whole awful scene depicted 40 years ago in the movie ‘Billy Jack’…Filmed in Prescott, Arizona…Tom Laughlin needs to go back down there and kick in the heads of about 100 of these assholes….No, make that 200 assholes — right in the effing heads.

    Councilman Blair, I want you to know… that I try….when Jean and the kids at the school tell me that I’m supposed to control my violent temper, and be passive and nonviolent like they are, I try. I really try. Though when I see this girl… of such a beautiful spirit… so degraded… and this boy… that I love… sprawled out by this big ape here… and this little girl, who is so special to us we call her “God’s little gift of sunshine”… and I think of the number of years that she’s going to have to carry in her memory… the savagery of this idiotic moment of yours… I just go BERSERK…

  39. I took a dip in the comment section of the linked article. Man. There’s a ton of people in there defending the racists and the racism, and not even anonymously, really. It wasn’t all of the commenters, but enough to make me glad I don’t live in Prescott any more.

    Some of them were complaining the The Arizona Republic was trying to make conservatives look bad (The Republic? That rag was teabagger central before there were teabaggers).

    This just makes me feel so shitty. And on a Friday, to boot. I’m gonna go home and get blackout drunk now.

  40. I’ve changed my mind and now support that giant border fence — providing it’s moved a couple of hundred miles to the north.

  41. [re=591727]widget09[/re]: I’m aware of what a felcher is. Does it to you?

    [re=591737]Hooray For Anything[/re]: 45 min before the morning news runs on primary day. Why do you ask?

  42. Wow. The only solace that I (may) is that these people are old. The younger generation does not seem to share this idiocy…AND the younger generation is a lot less white. Hopefully, these are the cries of a dying breed.

    And Ken, you’re kind of sexy when you are serious.

  43. [re=591713]Scarab[/re]: Yep, and fredb has noticed it, too: “Billy Jack” is set in Arizona, filmed in Arizona, and stars an upper-midwest-accented transplant showing off his enlightenment. “Peace through beating the crap out of right wing assholes” was its message, partly.

    You see, The Rainbow School could only exist because, like Jack Nicholson out “at that wall,” there was someone willing to do the evil necessary to cope with the evil of the world. What a heeero.

    At this point, though, even a cracker billy jack will do.

  44. This is one of those things so maddeningly stupid and sickening it defeats snark. I can’t seem to find even the merest twig of humor with which to defend myself from this story’s soul-killing, shameful-inducing capacity.

  45. aaronx — STICK TO THE FACTS

    When you bend the truth, you set up the bigots as victims.

    DO visit the local paper’s stories and read the comments. The majority are decidedly OUTRAGED and SADDENED by this happening in Prescott. There are a handful of comments supporting alteration of the mural, calling it ugly in general, or defending Blair.

    NOT “a ton of people in there defending the racists and the racism”

  46. Sorrow, anger, despair. Those poor kids, those poor parents. I have the good fortune to never have to know what it feels like to have to console my own child little kid because of fucked up shit like this. This is a soul-battering, dream-shattering nightmare, only you can’t wake up from it.

    Again I say, how do people get minds that think like that?

  47. [re=591786]hockeymom[/re]: Ditto. As an old, I’d say the racist stuff isn’t nearly as common as it used to be. Today you can become instantly famous for doing something great or something lousy. No hiding anymore. Along with aging demographics, the overall trajectory looks good, imo, no matter what your garden variety bullies do.

  48. [re=591686]chascates[/re]: We’ve gone from a vast white majority welcoming the very-minority melting pot, to a white majority wearily tolerating the minority molting pot, to a white group watching itself be overtaken by the melting pot. (I use minority here to mean smaller group, not minority as in not-white, though I guess it could go either way in this example.)

    I honestly think that the racists and subtle “I’m not racist but no I don’t believe in interracial marriage, or interracial friendship really, cause what do I have in common with THOSE people” people put a lot in being the majority. Ethnic minorities have been treated like shit in this country, but as long as the minorities ARE the minority, how much can they do about it? If they’re outnumbered 3-1, it’s not like they can overthrow the government. I think a lot of these people pretended they don’t have a problem with minorities cause that’s what people say and most people were white and the government was white so they still felt in charge.

    Now, you’ve got whites expected to become less than 50% of the population SOON (maybe even after this census gets tabulated – maybe that’s why they’re answering the census takers at the door with guns) and THE man in charge isn’t white. Suddenly, the whites aren’t the majority and they aren’t quite so in control anymore. And if you’re one of the dickheads that likes to act like it’s still 1870 (or just the 1950s), that’s got to be scary as hell.

  49. Listen, I can’t compete at the comic level that you guys all bring, but since it’s become about as unfunny as it can, I think I can ask this:
    If if I said that I wanted to move back (home?) to Canada, would I be considered a quitter? I really, really, sincerely wanted to live here long-term. But I just can’t handle it anymore. Canada is no saint-filled Eden either, but given that I have a legitimate choice in the matter…sigh. I’m sorry. Help.

  50. [re=591795]PrescottResident[/re]: At least there is:
    “We shouldnt have any public art at all except the Ten Commandments and a manger at Christmas like our pilgrim forefathers brought to Arizona in 1776.”

  51. Can an entire state actually be strangled and left for dead by the side of the road? If my hands were larger, I think I would like to try it on Arizona.

  52. [re=591820]doubleohmonkey[/re]: socrates told me i have to stay, but he said it’s okay if you go. the lights must be kept burning somewhere.

  53. [re=591795]PrescottResident[/re]: Reading the comments, it looks to be more of the “Calling a racist, a racist, is racism” bull pucky.
    I only hope that the sane people get out of Arizona, before all the food and water supplies are cut off.

  54. [re=591820]doubleohmonkey[/re]: I can contort into a carry-on if you are willing and can lift me into the overhead bin. I will be quiet as a church mouse. And I am handy with powertools.

    Geez, my post sounds like a CraigsList ad.

  55. [re=591788]aaronx[/re]: Steve Blair claims to have set up a sound, fiscal water policy. What does that mean, that he introduced water meters?

  56. [re=591820]doubleohmonkey[/re]: Even with Harper at the helm I’m up for becoming a resident immigrant or landed exile or whatever the hell you call it. I’d like a job on an organic farm on Victoria Island, please.

  57. [re=591715]Unsilly[/re]: Exactly. You would think that the school and town might want to highlight that there is black family nearby, considering that it is Arizona and there’s not many around. But, then I checked the Census bureau’s site and found that there’s actually 282 African-Americans among Prescott’s 43k and what may make the underlying story that much more believable is that there’s surprisingly, frighteningly few Hispanics (2,734).

  58. Is there a way we can redirect the riser pipe in the gulf of mexico to shoot a giant jet of oil over Texas and into Arizona? Then we can forget about all the relief wells and top kills and whatnot.

  59. [re=591820]doubleohmonkey[/re]: Yes, yes you would be considered a “quitter.” Because, really, only complete morons (raises hand) would want to remain in this squalor.

  60. I’ve been to this shithole town, Prescott. The dipshits there don’t even pronounce it PRES-COT, they pronounce it PRES-KIT (like biscuit). I hope their precious little country club in the fucking desert gets overrun by non-whites.

    And to think I was about to move to Phoenix. PHEW! Dodged a bullet! It’ll be hard for me to even VISIT that fucking hellhole of a state now.

  61. [re=591875]sac[/re]: Considering Arizona as a state believes it’s their God-given right to build tons of golf courses in the desert, taking them down should be just a matter of clogging up the Colorado for a little while.

  62. [re=591873]Johnny Zhivago[/re]: OMG. The horrors.

    “In the next few days the co-artists will be making some adjustments to the new mural.”

    A & F model? Holister? Pure and sparkling white child?

  63. [re=591873]Johnny Zhivago[/re]: Wow. The article is titled “Prescott school mural’s racial themes spark debate”. Racial themes? Debate? Since when is showing the student body as it is is a “racial theme”? And shouting epithets is “debate”?


  64. [re=591779]Snarkalicious[/re]: It’ll be interesting to see what McCain does. If he has any bit of his soul left after storing most of it away in Horcruxes, he’d get all Maverick’y and say something. If he really is a soulless, cowardly, phony, chickenshit, shameless hack like he’s been for the past five years, he’ll say nothing. My guess is he’ll say nothing

  65. [re=591820]doubleohmonkey[/re]: Quitting worked for Snowbilly, I don’t think the word is considered a pejorative any longer.

    Could you take me along and help me apply for Canadian citizenship?

  66. There’s really no need for them to adjust or lighten anything. This thing is marked for death. As soon as they are finished, within one week, it will get vandalized. What will it be? Some Obama slur? A swastika? A Mexican slur? Whatever it is, it will be misspelled and retarded.


  67. [re=591864]Magister[/re]: 1983 Money Magazine ten best places to retire. Guess what AZ town was number 1? That just about did it for diversity.

  68. This must be what it feels like to have unending coverage regarding those scary Muslims among us on Fox News.

    Think we can buy up whatever munitions we can while there’s still time?

  69. [re=591900]Sweet Baby Cheeses[/re]: You do have a point there. We should start a pool on what the vandalism will be, when and what will be misspelled. (Did I spell misspelled right?)

  70. As one who has a very distant conscious memory of segregation–I was six years old and my family drove from NYC to FL (just before SCOTUS published Brown v. Board of Education). We got to (yes you guessed it) South Carolina and stopped for gasoline and a bathroom break. I was thirsty and wanted to get some water. I saw two separate (but not very equal) water fountains. One marked “White Only” and the other marked “Colored”. Being a blond haired blue eyed white kid from Brooklyn, I immediately started to walk towards the “Colored” fountain as there was a line of locals waiting to drink the “white water” and no one waiting to drink the colored water. I remember thinking that I never saw colored water and wondered what how it would taste. My father grabbed me by the collar and made me wait in the White line. After we got back to the car, he tried to explain segregation to a six year old. I can only begin to imagine the confusion, pain and fear those children are feeling right now. USA USA USA!

  71. Ain’t that America, home of the free,
    Ain’t that America, something to see,
    Ain’t that America, little white faces, baby, for you and me.

  72. Let’s construct a five-mile long border mural of Mexicans, Jewish people, Arabs, Native Americans and Asians along the Arizona-Mexican border!!

    We’ll call it the Border Initiative Guardian Of Trust project.

  73. [re=591910]4tehlulz[/re]: LOL. Yes! Now, how many magnets do we need to shear one of those badboys out of its tenuous orbit?? Though, sadly, we’d need flak jacket protection from all the whizzing, swirling tinfoil hats that we would attract.

  74. [re=591820]doubleohmonkey[/re]: Save a pull-out couch for me. I will not be forcibly teabagged by this nation of racist idiots in 2012.

    Pros of moving to Canada: more hockey, can still comment on Wonkette
    Cons: my American law degree would be (even more) useless

  75. [re=591815]Redhead[/re]: Thats right baby. This Puerto Rican is doing his fair share. Done took me a white anglo wife(coincidentally a redhead) and bred with her. Got me 2 brand new Hispanic kids. And i ain’t the only one there is a whole army of us BREEDING. What can i say we’re really good at it. But anyway I’m first generation college educated professional and there are many more like me. I’m your next door neighbor in suburbia (i know i roll like I’m still Brooklyn holla)and with the brothers and Asians and even the Arabs. we are the majority and we will start inflicting our will on America and white man you either join us or get steam rolled like every other thing in America that evolution weeded out.

  76. Gee. I live in Prescott. Pass that mural 3 or 50 times a week. I noticed it was ugly, but then never once in a long life have I seen a mural that wasn’t. Didn’t even occur to me it was also a paean to the spades and beaners. Dang! That shit’s got to go.

    I would say that these idiot racists don’t represent Prescott … except that in the case of Steve Blair, he quite literally does. Still, 25% of the little kids at that school are hispanic–a more faithful representation of our community, and I swear I know literally tens of liberals here.

    At least we ought to get points for having a guy named RE Wall in charge of murals hereabouts.

  77. and we can all wait patiently for michael steele to issue his statement of support for this arizona community of racists, should be any minute now…

    seriously though, how many more examples do we need before people stop shielding their eyes and muttering about how these idiots only represent a “small fringe” in this country? let’s be real, this is the “real america,” it’s the real world. all the cultural myths that man can dream up, don’t change the fact that racism has always been quite central to what we like to think of as “civilized society.”

  78. Anyone have any idea what it would take to shut down the Arizona Central Canal? Certainly AZ has plenty of Brawndo to tide them over until the CCC rebuilds the waterway.

  79. [re=591912]Clean For Gene[/re]: Colored water, haha. I remember a waitress in a dept store screeching like a Palin about some coloreds sitting at her lunch counter. I hid several ailses over cause she was clearly having a meltdown.

  80. Now that we’ve all had our 2-Minute Hate, can we just take a deep breathe and realize that it’s just a couple twatwaffles and Brave-Online-Only’s that are causing the shit? Arizona (probably) hasn’t gone KKK, it’s a handful of assholes vomiting hate. Stop expecting the Apocalypse and clutching your purses like a buncha Bible-thumpers at Non-Caucasian Gay Pride parade.

  81. [re=591923]BklynIlluminati[/re]: Yay for Gingers!

    I really do think these guys are looking around and realizing they’ve been treating people who don’t look like them like shit and hey, there may be some repercussions to that. I think that’s (partially) why the sudden explosion of crazy, that realization plus changing demographics.

  82. I’m not a crier, but I’m sitting here at my desk on a Friday afternoon in San Diego, and I’m crying. Because this just fucking sucks. I hate people.

  83. [re=591683]Prommie[/re]: Prommie, that’s why liberals need to embrace the Second Amendment and learn to use firearms effectively.

    No snark, deadly serious…

  84. i’m from west virginia originally, so let me calm things down a bit: we don’t need a civil war to get rid of these fucktards…just remove all the jobs until everyone has to get a job in a coal mine, an oil rig or an afghanistan convoy. maybe give everyone a free formula one racer and case after case of coors. nascar…nage!

    for the wimmins and chillins, just open more kfcs and double up on the mountain dew shipments. wait a few years then send in the bulldozers to clean up the bloated diabetic corpses. i love it when a plan comes together!

    i wonder if the artists and photographers went on to get jobs with microsoft…

  85. I’m just surprised it’s been however many hundred comments and almost thirty thousand pageviews and no one has noticed that the person quoted in the story is named R.E. Wall.

  86. [re=591951]PineyWoodster[/re]: us yankees don’t bother with direct gun ownership…we contract our carnage out to blackwater/xe and the police department.

  87. Ok, if Rick Perry’s little secessionist fantasies aren’t bleeding over to Arizona yet, how long do we really have to wait for Arizona (and Texas) to either shit or get off the pot? Secede already, and if you don’t, can we just do it for you? I’m daydreaming of a scenario where Obama schedules an emergency State of the Union and says, you know, Arizona, after you have consistently ignored the mandates of federal law and our Constitution, we’ve just decided to let you go. You may reapply for statehood with Mexico, if you wish, or if you maintain a clean record for 5 years, we will consider your readmission to the Union. As of today, for both legal and moral reasons we cannot recognize you as a state anymore.

  88. I personally am offended by the BLACK oil now destroying the Gulf Of Mexico and demand that BP “lighten the shade” of it.

  89. [re=591864]Magister[/re]: Great site. Check the age and demographics for Prescott and Yavapai County:
    median age: 50.7, 44.5 — US is 36.7
    age >= 65 30.2%, 22.6% — US is 12.6%
    whites: 91.7%, 90.3% — US is 74.3%

    age <= 5 is lower in both city and county than US. Looks like a retirement community; incomes not so bad. Probably all wanting “their country back”, and whining because things aren’t the way they were in the 50’s.

  90. Oh, fuck all. Just tell the shouty racists fucktards that the one kid is in blackface, and they’ll throw a party for the fuckin thing. Fuck, also.

  91. [re=591820]doubleohmonkey[/re]: You could move to Windsor / Detroit and just make up which country to patronize on a day-by-day basis. Two-timer.

  92. How much longer until we hear once more, To (state’s name) brown/black veterans, one freedman offered this advice: “I would say to every colored soldier — bring your gun home.” From PBS American Experience | Reconstruction: The Second Civil War. Sorry needs more funny

  93. [re=591969]Cracker[/re]:
    So, after you gaze into the toilet at your own feces, you probably also enjoy being called a “piece of shit.” That is, if you are intelligent enough to understand your own feces; which you probably (most definitely) are not.

  94. That’s some fucked up shit right there, kids getting called nigger and spic while creating art, yelled at by sandbillies. When is the big march against that bullshit? I want to be there. Any left groups talking about doing one? They usually do till some psuedo-leftist Democratic Party-led coalition springs up to derail any serious action. Excuse my cynicism.

  95. [re=591951]PineyWoodster[/re]: damn straight. i’m qualified on more different kinds of firearms than i have lying around the house, but you never can tell what might come your way in the wake of unrest, just waiting to be picked up off the street, as it were. still, makes sense to me to keep and bear and not wait for the lucky find. does it chew?

  96. [re=591715]Unsilly[/re]: Uhuh. Didn’t you see Waiting to Exhale?

    Now that the Black fraternity Alpha Phi Alpha has banned Arizona (they are no longer holding their convention in AZ) you won’t be seeing 4 Black men or women in Arizona relocating or visiting anytime soon. For those who are still there, condolences.

    I’m a cock-eyed optimist (sometimes) but I think this story is going to make things get a little too deep for McWally and Jan (asshole) Brewer. They like at least a teaspoon of subtletly (hence the rationalizations for the imm law). Don’t be too surprised if either or both of them come out with a half-assed Rodney King like quip. If McW punks out and nuts up ’til election time, Brewer might offer a peep. The state’s losing money by the pantload and I’m wondering what Barry brought to her attention yesterday…

    Oh and what is the acceptable shade of beige (for the browns) in AZ? In the summer? Who’s plaster-of-Paris white (for the non-Browns) in Presskit in June?

  97. We live in the youtube era. Why are not would-be anonymous drive-by racists outed by a video project? Where is the art that fights racism instead of kowtowing to it?

  98. [re=591984]JackWilsonAZ[/re]: Respectfully, sir, are these the same “most” people who shouted “Nigger!” and “Spic!” at schoolchildren as they drove past?

  99. [re=591986]slappypaddy[/re]: I agree with this sentiment from Wyatt Cenac on the Daily Show. The money quote: “…opponents talking about rising up and revolution I guess my one thought is – bring it on. Let’s fucking do this. I’m kinda sick of their shit. We have guns too.” The quote’s good, but the resigned expression and tone of voice Cenac employs is brilliant–about five minutes forty seconds into the video.

    He was talking about health care, but it’s applicable here, too.

  100. Wall said school Principal Jeff Lane pressed him to make the children’s faces appear happier and brighter. “It is being lightened because of the controversy,” Wall said, adding that “they want it to look like the children are coming into light.

    It is a well-known fact that white people love seeing the faces of brown and black people shining under a bright light. A bright light like, say, the ones hanging in interrogation rooms in a remote corner of a place we call “Gitmo.”

  101. Wonkette: how on earth can you think it’s okay to refer to another person or group of people as trash? I agree with you that this is a terrifying development/symptom/problem. But stooping to call someone trash? And “white trash,” nonetheless, which continues to imply that most trash is, as a given, non-white.

  102. I would like to reiterate that, while I basically agree with you 100 per cent, I do not think it is productive or compassionate to use terms like “trash” and “white trash.” It is classist and just basically hateful.

    I appreciate your blog and applaud your feminist voice, but your words here are not helpful.

    “It is only through the fashioning of new relationships that we will overcome the corrosive system of dominance, manipulation, exploitation.” – Toni Cade Bambara

  103. Uh Ruth, do you notice he used the terms “nigger” and “spic” too?

    Also, please avert your eyes from the comments in the Palin thread. I wouldn’t want you to have another hissy-fit.

  104. [re=592023]kc[/re]: Not long before I left the US to go teach in China for a year, I read a letter in an Indianapolis newspaper. The writer said he wasn’t a racist, but he thought that working people were trash. I was a White working man in Bloomington, IN, at that time, and I can tell you that his attitude is a common one.

    ONe problem is that poor whites, poor blacks, poor hispanics, etc., don’t work together. They waste their time trying to fake self-respect by telling themselves “I may not amount to sh*t but I’m still better than a n*gger!” (Make appropriate substitutions.) Poor whites like to ID with the rich whites. What a mistake!

    I have expected civil strife between various US factions to get worse and worse. Just like I expected the economy to go bad. So far I haven’t been disappointed. I’d like to be wrong.

  105. How Mormon is Prescott? I ask because True Believing Mormons believe that everyone should be “white and delightsome” and if they’re not they will become such if they accept the Mormon “gospel.” Seriously. You can look it up. (Don’t ask a Mormon, though, because they’ll deny it.) Although the phrase got changed to “pure and delightsome” in the early ’80’s I think. Councilman Blair just may be trying to fulfill Mormon prophecy, doncha know, so that makes it all better.

    Honestly, if I ever had to go to AZ I might actually harm myself in order not to go. Repugnant can’t even begin to describe these people.

  106. [re=591834]geminisunmars[/re]: I would have expected “Prescott” to refer to a line of processors from Intel that were overly expensive, offered poor performance, generated excessive amounts of heat, and used far too much electricity. You might also remember them as their brand name “Pentium 4” or after sticking two of them on the same package “Pentium D”. So I guess this isn’t too unexpected.

    Perhaps in response, the artist should change the color of the hair on the students to anime colors, for instance: bright red, lime green, or sky blue. Or maybe the new “white” figures could be lavender or a pale yellow.

  107. Paint the mural over and just write “GROW UP!” in huge letters.

    That idiotic state may just be thinking pure economic survival, trying to lure the dwindling (sadly, not fast enough) stock of nativist knee-jerk bigots from around the country to revive their dying economy. They might last another 20 years or so.

    Two bits of Schadenfruede, for what it’s worth:

    And, if you have GoogleEarth, try 9464 E Heritage Rd Florence Arizona

    A f’ing Ground Zero in the real-estate collapse.

    Cede the place back to Mexico…

  108. Sad. I was going to go to Prescott with my wife for our anniversary, but I guess we’ll do something else now.

    [re=591775]aaronx[/re]: Heh. The Republic has been making conservatives look bad since forever by faithfully sucking off the GOP and regurgitating the ensuing mess onto their pages.

  109. On a not-so-soul-annihilating note, my in-laws are winger FOX watchers who love to regurgitate AM noise and toss racial slurs around for the funny. The hopeful thing is that every one of them has some variety of half white kid, nephew, cousin, grandchild or spouse in their lives. In some ways it just makes them worse, since they see evidence of their precious demographic decline in the pics on the mantle, but it’s kinda cool to see a home where a redneck grandpa raised a handful of mixed race grandkids.

    Probably true in Yugoslavia too, but oh well.

  110. [re=592036]zhubajie[/re]: [re=592037]PsycGirl[/re]: [re=592033]Sharkey[/re]: Hey Wonkettes don’t be too surprised at the influx of the mildly confused. I just got directed here from Huffland and Gawker too has a story with a link here. Just smile and nod yer heads all polite like and ask them to prank phone call someone in Prescott or link up these article to the Facebook for the benefit of all the toady “their ilegalws!!!” friends of friends we’ve all been wasting our time arguing with for a month.

  111. My mother was born in Oakland 65 years ago. It was a charming city across from San Francisco at the time and while it had some diversity, it was a largely white place. It was safe. It was clean. Fast forward 40 years and the only white people there are those in the hills above the city. It’s largely black and has an incredible crime rate and is notorious for gang violence and shootings. I’m not sure who protested during the time the blacks started moving in, but I know the whites eventually moved out. Did they have a right to complain at the time about the black invasion? I think they did…because the place ultimately went downhill by every single metric. So I’m not sure it’s always racism at the core of these issues. It’s about change…for the worst. It’s about the degradation of a town and a city and neighborhoods and unfortunately, poor blacks and hispanics (and poor whites) can ruin a city over time. The hope is that a few generations pass and maybe that changes but it isn’t always the case. People in Arizona feel like their state is being annexed by Mexico and they don’t like it. Can you blame them? The border towns of the U.S are among the filthiest in the country (ever been to San Ysidro California? It’s haunting) and they don’t want that. They don’t want the graffiti or the crime or the trash or the tinderias or the pawn shops or the dollar stores coming in. If Mexicans and Blacks came to a neighborhood and beautified it, LOWERED the crime rate, and raised educational levels, and IMPROVED a place, no one would say anything. You ever hear people bitch and moan about Indians (from India not the reservation) moving into a neighborhood? No, because they prize education and hard work and family. What about Asians? Nope. Same thing. You have Hmong, mountain people from Chinese coming to the U.S. and making it work with NO LANGUAGE SKILLS! Why? Because they work. Because they value hard work. They don’t expect a handout. You can call this dumb example racism, but it’s much more than that I’m afraid. It’s not wanting Phoenix to turn into Tijuana.

  112. [re=591743]I_KILL_ZOMBIES_ALSO[/re]: You should gear up, then, because the bigots don’t like the Chinese either, unless it’s as a stick to beat the blacks. Of course they will get called racial names. This is America.

  113. Ken need not worry about the people lik[re=592062]CaliforniaGuy10[/re]: It’s people like you that make me want to remind Ken not to worry.

    White bigots aren’t going to set foot anywhere near Black or Latino parts of town not to burn it down, not to do one damn thing, because you are deathly afraid of your own shadows, much less certain parts of town.

    But I bet you’re just the type who complains from behind your laptop in your locked up house in your gated community that your freedom of speech is being impinged because can’t go around calling people “niggers” or “spics” anymore, except from the comfort of your speeding car.

    You are too chicken crap call us that to our faces so you have to get the cops to do it for you, through laws like SB1070, and whitewashing school murals to boost your lost sense of white superiority.

    Stay classy that way, californiaGuy10.

  114. [re=591998]Cracker[/re]: [re=591998]Cracker[/re]:
    Oddly enough, I have stepped over some old, dried-up, horrible, forgotten shit on the sidewalk, and if I recall correctly, that shit was white. It’s definitely not about color with me, sugar. It’s about abject stoopidity. There, I’ve finished with you. Go wipe your mouth like a good thing.

  115. [re=592036]zhubajie[/re]: It’s like when Caesar conquered Gaul. You fight the tribes against each other while the tribes never see the big picture or common enemy. The same as the U.S. gov instigating infighting/hatred in the progressive and early union movements, we fight and kill each other and we can’t see who is winning.

  116. [re=592062]CaliforniaGuy10[/re]: Sorry, admitting that your post might be called a “reasonable” facade on bullshit does not mask the truth that it is, in fact, bullshit.

    Do some historical research on white flight, economics and racism before you go trolling. And here’s a hint: the next time a black or hispanic person (oh, go ahead and add “poor” to that to perfume your bigotry) moves into your neighborhood, STAY THERE. If white people hadn’t fled Oakland in droves because of their own prejudice, the place wouldn’t have gone downhill.

  117. Let me start out with what seems an appropriate quote in the current “state” of affairs

    “Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them.”

    -Frederick Douglass

    In my own words: “THAT’S SOME SERIOUS BUNK!!!”

    How can they paint a mural that says”to learn” “to love” and then “whitewash” it?
    what is it that they are learning? or for that matter what is there to truly love?
    Racism is based on hatred and ignorance so who are they kidding?!

    No wonder the greatest threat to american freedom is the homegrown terrorist, this kind of crap breeds… when you strip a man(or women)of what makes them a human being;basic decency,respect,strip away the fundamental rights that so many overlook,and debase them, in such a way,you will create a monster!!!It will have been taught to hate,to abuse,to seek out violence as a means to communicate its needs and wants…and at what cost will the realization come that there is no one left to blaim for this but our own reluctance to speak out and do something about it…

  118. And Ken, nice illustration. Connecticut? Who could have imagined? And is that a younger George Bush in the hood? Just wondering.

  119. [re=592062]CaliforniaGuy10[/re]: Yes, I definitely blame Arizonans for feeling like they are being annexed by Mexico. After all, Arizona was originally part of Mexico. And was then annexed as part of the US. So fuck you and your white flight relatives.

  120. I was with the this article until you got to the “crazy old white people who are finally using their hundreds of millions of guns”. I am a white person with guns but my guns would be aimed at anybody trying to violates the right of others not at people of a different color than me. Guns are not the problem. Racism is.

  121. Just because segregation was outlawed as state policy doesn’t mean we don’t live in a highly segregated society. This is proof of what happens when nobody even acknowledges that racial segregation is the default mode of our society.

    What I don’t understand is what kind of candy-ass cretins do we have here? Seriously, shout epithets? That’s all you got? Where’s the savage graffitiing of the faces of the innocents, with caustic invective and pictures of hastily scribbled erect penises ejaculating in rainbows of discreet droplets? Where’s the burning effigies on lawns of minority families’ houses? Does this mean these fuckwads actually take that “private property” shit for real?

  122. Yay! the white aryans are here now too along with the shoe salesperson.[re=592062]CaliforniaGuy10[/re]: You can have a do over if you like! It’s Saturday and I’m stuck at home in my diverse neighborhood waiting on my diverse family.Start again with what you think should happen to people (Mexican-Americans) who have been living in what we call Arizona for centuries even when it was still Mexico before the white Mormons left the golden banks of the Susquehanna back in the day. BTW,only very rich diverse types can afford to live in my diverse neighborhood but if you ever want to visit here since it’s so diverse we will take your money and seat you next to only the finest of foreign coloreds. And for fun google Linda Ronstadt. She’s from Arizona and she’s as diverse and as large as all Arizona. If you work as hard as a Hmong you could someday live in the same town maybe next door and drive a fancy old car unless you get mistaken for some new kind of Mexican.
    Thank you John McCain for not really wanting to be President and thank you Steve Blair for hating the word diverse and the brown skin.
    The comments over at AZ Central are somewhat heartening and then not so much. The racists are now finnished with art criticism and historic preservation and now are re imagining the mural with wind generators bicycles and humans removed and want to have a picture of Prescott’s seasons. Or maybe a white fetus and Sarah Palin. There are some nice people in Prescott I feel sorry for them but then again they voted for that ass.

  123. [re=591716]An American in Toronto[/re]: I’m with you. When I think about how all this must affect the children depicted in the mural, I want to cry and then I want to commit mayhem on the racist assholes.

  124. Email sent to Mr. Blair:

    “Hi Steve,

    I never been to Prescott, but being Jewish it’s probably not a good idea anyway, dark hair and all. That said, I wholeheartedly support the idea that the paintings of those kids be lightened up. Who told them to be all dark and different and whatnot? I say anything that offends your sensibilities should be wiped off the face of the earth. I haven’t met you yet: do you by any chance have only one testicle, a pencil line mustache and a string of ego shattering failures in Viennese art schools? Just curious.

    P.S.: Check out the Tono O’dham reservation around Tucson sometime. Your whole state used to be a lot like that.”

  125. I left the US in 2006. Even though I now live in Jamaica which has its own serious problems; I don’t want to live in the US again. BUT it is still my country of birth and I can’t stop grieving over stories like this. I truly believed we were making progress for a while.

  126. Ken: I don’t know if you are still w/us here, but pleaz BAN LADYJACK before he/she tries to sell us some overpriced shit again!!!!!

    Pleaz! Make her go away!! (see at least 2 other comment sites tonight.)

  127. [re=592062]CaliforniaGuy10[/re]: I had a whole screed about gentrification and black people being driven out of their inner city neighborhoods planned but I decided , fuck it, I won’t bother. Crawl into a hole and die, asshole.

  128. This is more than just racist. If this was about some picture in the abstract generating controversy it would be racist.

    But this is about telling a real child, a genuine specific individual, that his face isn’t acceptable as it is and must be made to look different in order to be acceptable.

    That is evil.

  129. CaliforniaGuy10: I’m not totally unsympathetic to you but gotta say that I’ll take Brownsville, Texas over Eddyville, Kentucky every time. Poor minorities who try hard to do better, often against great odds, are much preferred to poor whites who wallow in their debasement. As for your comment about whether blacks and hispanics have ever done any good for an area I could I suppose trot out statistics on El Paso and Atlanta or could just repeat what x111e7thst said.

    I’m too lazy to trot out statistics on El Paso and Atlanta.

  130. I think this is hype created by other side to create racial tension and take away from the real issue at hand.
    I do not think the majority of people suppoerting this law are race motivated. For me,people pulling the race card is getting OLD!
    As far as this article,a few bad seeds,which are everywhere,scream about this mural and they change it….. See Morethats pointless.. So now the whole state and people that support this are racist,please!
    AZ is just trying to enforce a law that is already on the books and should have been enforced,imho. They are trying to ensure the safety of it’s residents( human and drug trafficking) and ensure that people are here legally.
    I have never understood since this all began,how someone who was here illegally could gain assistance that many,many tax paying citizens are denied.
    I hear support of this law from legal latinos,blacks and whites.
    It is the showboaters,the bad seeds and the illegals who turning this into a race issue. It is the only defense they have. They after all are breaking the law!
    Trust me,I live in the dead of the south and I hear no talk of the uprising of white power. Sorry but this article is doing nothing but preying on fearmongers imho. I mean to say 1 in 5 white males will never have a job again? This article is not written objectively,it is built on senstionalism and doom and gloom tactics. This type of stuff is stuff we shouldn’t feed as it only feeds the monster.
    We will always unfortunately have hate groups,but hey if America was so racist,I don’t think a black president would have been elected.

  131. TheVelvetKitten: Good point about how “if America was so racist,I don’t think a black president would have been elected.”

    Somewhat undermined by the fact that we’re discussing Arizona, not America and that Obama lost Arizona.

  132. So that makes people in Arizona ,racist..? Pretty presumptious call there. Maybe he almost lost the race because majority there thought someonelse might be more qualified? I mean who knows. I mean after all though, he did win and you don’t hear the white canidates hollaring,oh I didn’t get it because I am white.
    IT has to do with LAWS that have been in effect. If you are here illegaly,you are breaking the law. PEROID! If you want to remain,then by god,march your happy self down and apply and become legal. No one is stopping them or any other nationality. It has nothing to do with your nationality! If your breaking the law ,you are breaking the law, this applies across the board.
    I am sure there are other nationalities living in AZ who voted for or against the president and who support or are against this law.

  133. If only republicans could paint projected American demographics white, rather than children on murals. These are the last gasps of a people realizing that they lost the culture war.

  134. “When the modern liberal mind whines about imaginary victims, rages against imaginary villains and seeks above all else to run the lives of persons competent to run their own lives, the neurosis of the liberal mind becomes painfully obvious.”

  135. [re=592138]TheVelvetKitten[/re]: Keep handing out those “Deutschblütigkeitserklärung”. “He’s one of the good’uns!”

  136. I’m an old white person, and I think it’s unconscionable. Anyone is still insists AZ, TX, and the rest of the “good conservative folks, just concerned about our American values” are not racists are missing several IQ points. Come on, people; in the last couple of weeks, schools in these states – schools, the ones who are supposed to EDUCATE – have attempted to take this country back 50, 60, 70 years. We WERE showing some improvement, and then people like FOX News and Glenn Beck were allowed to find the on switch. Anyone saying differently is fooling themselves – but not anyone else with a brain that really DOES think for itself.

    And I would far prefer to remain a liberal whiner than an ignorant conservative bigot any day.

  137. PV85253 What was the monster in the movie No Such Thing (2001) with Sarah Polley?
    It was in Iceland so is it racist to call it a troll?

  138. I’m not handing anything out to anyone. As far as your comment,dogscan’t lookup,I haven’t a clue wth you are talking about. If your comment is a deragatory racist southern rhetorhic,than you are no better than the people you condemn for support of a law that is already in effect.

  139. [re=592062]CaliforniaGuy10[/re]: I’ve got to level with you, Guy. I’ve done a fair amount of research on urban studies and sociology, and I’ve seen a lot of explanations for white flight and urban core collapse. And not a single author concluded that this is a result of black people being moral degenerates. Seriously, none. Now you probably think that this is the result of liberal ivory tower conspiracy, and if so there’s no argument that will be sufficient to sway you. These are serious questions, Guy, that involve incredibly complicated interactions between history, politics, economics and culture. They deserve thoughtfulness.

  140. [re=592146]TheVelvetKitten[/re]: you don’t hear the white canidates hollaring,oh I didn’t get it because I am white.

    Actually I did hear quite a bit of that implied by Rush Limpballs and some of his ilk when they criticized black people for voting for Obama only because he’s black.

    And protests against the Arizona immigration law have nothing to do with a lack of desire to enforce laws. It’s the methods of that enforcement that this law allows–indeed, requires–which trample on the constitutional rights of thousands, if not millions, of dusky-skinned natives or naturalized citizens of this country. I’m so tired of explaining that to people like you I can’t even get into more detail. In fact, I must go drink some more.

    [re=592151]PV85253[/re]: Yawn.

  141. Gotta love all the white hating racists posting on this article.

    As a white male, this reminds me why I support people like David Duke despite their disgusting anti-semitism. You’ve used the term ‘racist’ so many times that most of us simply don’t care. We can see the anti-white discrimination and racial double standards everywhere we look, and as the oh so famous saying goes – “Are you going to believe me or your lying eyes?”

    For people saying we lost the country – this is a WHITE country. It was built by whites, for whites. The “melting pot” you so constantly refer to was meant to only include other WHITE CHRISTIAN EUROPEANS. Nothing you say will ever change this, ever. Non-whites may eventually swarm the country and overwhelm it(only if whites choose to do nothing) and they may even write off 200 years of history as having never happened(or re-write it, as is often the case), but that won’t change a damned thing.

    Those advocating war against whites should remember that animals are most dangerous when backed into a corner. I have no intention of seeing America turn into Mexico 2.0 or South Africa as far as either racial demographics OR standard of living goes. Better to go out in a blaze of glory, or gunfire as it were. Just something to keep in mind when you tout your racist anti-white bullshit.

  142. So sorry for tearing you away from the bottle.
    People like me? You don’t even know me yet you are classifying me in a group. How very arrogant of you. Maybe you have an alternative solution to enforcing this, maybe a solution that appeases both sides. How would you suggest,they go about enforcing the law? When you get stopped while driving a car you have to show you are legal to drive it,don’t you? I don’t think anyones rights deserve to be tread on,but if you are not a legal citizen of this country,then how do those constitutional rights apply to you?
    Oh,please once again we have a few bad seeds on every side of the nationalities,so how can you unfairly group a series of people together based on their color,because a select few expressed their far left opinions. If you do this,then you are no better than the people you are pointing fingers at.

  143. A few intelligent responses, but mostly drivel. I LOVE how its terribly racist for a white person to say ANYTHING about someone who isn’t white but every minority group in the country has NO PROBLEM saying whatever the hell they want about whites. When will THAT change?

    I’m glad you didn’t mention gentrification, especially in Oakland or in SF. When whites move into a minority neighborhood and clean it up and it becomes safer and gets a Starbucks, people bitch about it? Since when is that a bad thing?

    PLEASE don’t use the inane argument that Arizona was once part of Mexico so it’s OK now for it become just like Mexico. Where would that argument get us if we applied that idiotic logic to every part of the world? Umm, that was Aztec land before you had it so you should still be doing blood sacrifices!! See, it doesn’t work.

    Fact is. Blacks have been pushing whites out of cities for decades. Hispanics have been taking over border towns and much of Southern California for Decades and occasionally whites take some back, like in the Baja Peninsula or Cancun or East Palo Alto, California (well we took a lot of it back from the blacks, but not all). History is like that I guess, just ask the American Indians. All I am saying is that let’s not pretend that white people in Arizona just hate minorities or Mexicans. That isn’t the case. They just don’t want the place to start looking like downtown Guadalajara. That isn’t good for anyone.

  144. [re=592161]Mike0019[/re]:

    Stop it with your “going out in a blaze of glory” nonsense. Whites are going to get mixed into the melting pot whether you like it or not. You can’t stop nature.

  145. [re=592070]OhCrapIHaveACrushOnSarahPalin[/re]: Umm deathly afraid of our own shadows? So your point is that whites are wimpy because they don’t want to go into Latino neighborhoods for fear of getting shot? or worse? Yeah, I guess that’s a problem. White people just aren’t tough enough. We need to toughen up and get into those gang infested neighborhoods more. If you’re so tough, why don’t you go walk around Cuidad Juarez all day, maybe wearing a DEA t-shirt. That will be the true test of your manhood. Let me know how it goes.

  146. [re=592157]doxastic[/re]: You can read 10 books on white flight, but my grandpa could tell you more. He’d dead now but he saw neighborhoods deteriorate quickly, he saw petty crimes committed. He saw theft increase with minority move ins, especially as the numbers of hispanics got bigger and bigger and blacks came into the picture. The guy wasn’t a racist. He just saw the facts. He never said anything hateful, he just said “this is what happened.” The facts made him move a few different times.

    It’s like blacks and prison. What is the stat? 2% of the population but 4%+ of the prison population? Can I point that out? Does that make me racist?

  147. For the record, I have no problem with Mexico. I love Mexican food and Mexican women can be stunning. I’ve driven to Ensenada. Gorgeous coast. I don’t even mind all the happy horns in their music. I love Rubios and Chevys and Chipotle! I will throw down a tortilla, a burrito AND drink Horchada! But I just want cities that are safe, that are clean, where I can go anytime of day or night and not be scared. I want America’s cities to continue to use English as a primary language. I want schools where my kids don’t have to twiddle their thumbs while the teacher reviews the lesson in Spanish for the immigrant’s kids. Is that too much to ask?

  148. “when bullies are mean to you, try and appease them so they’ll leave you alone.”

    Just long enough to get your ass to a state with fewer crazy bigots. Lucky for you, that state will be more likely to have a functioning economy.

    My message to the brown people of America: BREED FASTER.

  149. [re=592165]CaliforniaGuy10[/re]: If you still believe in “races” science has something called DNA.We are so closely related we are not even subspecies. One race Homo Sapiens, and yes whites are from Africa. ugabugabuga!

  150. Yes, this is very disheartening. I want to hear the repercussions of this “order” that was brought down to lighten the offending children. Probably nothing compared to selling your soul by actually going along with the edict. Yuck.

  151. Why, God, why do I keep doing this to myself?

    [re=592146]TheVelvetKitten[/re]: Yes yes, they’re just trying to enforce a law “that’s already on the books” (for entire days!), so riddle me this: why isn’t it being applied evenly?

    The law allows an AZ driver’s license as proof of citizenship, but if you try that shit trying to enter the state from Sonora, the Border Patrol agent will laugh at you (while EDLs from blue border states like NY or WA would work). Want to board a domestic flight? The TSA will allow Arizona licenses “for now,” but Arizona has explicitly rejected complying with the REAL ID Act (“Down with Big Government!”).

    So, Arizona had enacted a law to “check the immigration status” of people, but the primary document accepted as “proof” proves nothing of the sort, and the state has worked hard to keep that standard meaningless. If Arizona truly cared about immigration in and of itself, why aren’t they trying to improve the rigor with which they issue these licenses?

    This law has nothing to do with people having proof of citizenship, but about directing the police to hassle and intimidate. No proof is actually required, no rigor is used to test that proof, it’s nothing more than a shakedown, security theater at best, and ultimately nothing more than a way to hold Hispanics, of any nationality, to different standards, different requirements, and to make them feel unwelcome (which it’s doing fantastically).

    Find me one Canadian snowbird who’s overstayed his visa that got departed thanks to this law. Just one.

  152. dogscantlookup: Ah yes, that must be why cross-race bone marrow transplants work, the different races don’t suffer different diseases, and drug products don’t affect different races differently and IQ remains constant no matter which race of humans you survey. Actually, hold on a sec. All of those things aren’t true. Uh oh. Houston, we have a problem!

    Science actually does admit there are different races. You must be ignoring all the science you disagree with, a pity really. Science hating liberals and conservatives alike love to bury their heads in the sand. I suggest reading anything you can find by Jared Taylor, J. Philippe Rushton and Arthur Jenson.

    CaliforniaGuy10: I find it rather sad you can’t make the connection that more mexicans will lead to exactly what it is you’re saying you don’t want. I have no problems with mexicans(mestizos if we’re being scientifically accurate) either, but they need to stay in Mexico. If you don’t want these things, you have to oppose non-white immigration because it’s non-white, end of story. Or you can just be like those old white men in South Africa who voted for majority rule(though to be fair, the vote was so suspected of corruption that it’s a joke) and then simply can’t seem to figure out why their country is rapidly turning into just another African cesspool.

    By the way, black prison statistics are far worse than you think. Black males – roughly 7% of the population, over 50% of the prison population. Much much worse than the 2:1 ratio you posted.

  153. No wonder these people are all nuts. This must be the home of Prescott Pharmaceuticals, right?

    [re=591742]Mulletkitty[/re]: Sounds Mormon. In the earlier versions of their conveniently and hastily edited canon, blacks would become white when the stain of satan was removed.

    [re=592177]CaliforniaGuy10[/re]: Sounds SO safe the inconveniently colored would stay away because how the could they reasonably expect to be treated by people who can’t handle a painting of a five year old brown skinned kid? Yeah “safe.”

  154. [re=592161]Mike0019[/re]: Hahaha, you pool fool. I’ve already armed all the Hispanics on my block. Bring it, you sniveling shitbag.

  155. [re=592185]Guppy06[/re]: I do wonder why the parallel (god, this isn’t going to have any snark . . . ) the parallel with the roadside sobriety tests doesn’t come up. It’s the same damn issue. If you want to check drivers enmasse for booze YOU HAVE TO CHECK THEM ALL. AZ, want to make this law actually constitutional, instead of talking out your asses about what fucking amazing Patriots you are? (oh, thank god, some snark, sheeew) Make a law where you put up checkpoints and check EVERYONE’S documents. Equal protection clause, no problem.

    You will be surprised while running these checkpoints to find that all of your idiotically overbuilt housing is being rented by aliens, white pale-assed canadian ALIENS, who, if my friends are any indication, are not fucking coming back and helping you with that sorry assed housing overhang, so good luck with that too.

  156. [re=592177]CaliforniaGuy10[/re]: Finding a place where YOU won’t be scared seems a tall order. Best to just hole up, dig the Internet, and comment your ass off. The rest of us will be winning the culture wars…

  157. [re=592162]TheVelvetKitten[/re]: I don’t think anyones rights deserve to be tread on,but if you are not a legal citizen of this country,then how do those constitutional rights apply to you?

    Jesus H. Christ on a popsicle stick. Once again, it is the METHOD OF ENFORCEMENT OF THIS LAW. Yes, the method might sweep up a few illegals, but at the expense of the constitutional rights of thousands more legal and naturalized citizens.

    Think of it this way: if you had an infected cut on your arm, would you attack it with a flamethrower?

    And when I said “people like you” I meant people who cannot seem to grasp this basic fact, which you obviously cannot. It was a comment on your intelligence, not your race, creed, or color. So sack up and quit looking for something to feel victimized over.

    Thanks a lot, Gawker, HuffPo, Pareene, etc. Ken, I’m glad the site is getting the page views but dear God, the trolls, the trolls!

  158. [re=591984]JackWilsonAZ[/re]: Yes, I’m sure your town is full of decent folk, but there will soon be millions of people whose only awareness of Prescott, AZ is of this fucking mural. Round up the city councilman, the principal and every racist peckerwood you can find, run them out of town on a rail, or this is all your town will ever be known for.

  159. Lighten up, folks (pun intended). One school principal and one city councilman and probably a half dozen idiot driveby racists and you are all ready to dump on the entire state of Arizona. If the media weren’t so all-fired ready to start a controversy, the parents in that school would arrange to fire that wimpy principal as soon as possible, and the rest of us would just ignore the jerk. In each of the so-called racist “incidents” in Arizona recently, there are two sides to each story, and it isn’t all black and white (or brown and white, to carry the pun forward). Do recall that Arizona remains (as far as I know) the ONLY state that actually voted on whether to have an official Martin Luther King Day holiday, and over 60% of us voted in favor of it. (And no, it wasn’t because of the stupid Superbowl. The only people who care about that are the hotel and restaurant owners.) There are racists and hatemongers and idiots in every state. Those of you who spew hate at Arizona are just as bad as those who spew hate at someone of another race.

  160. Once again,oh holy one, imissopus, WHAT IS YOUR SOLUTION? Stop with your cheap insulting rhetoric! Once again,you make arrogant presumptions? Victimized,me? How so? Because I disagree or do not have the same viewpoint of you,does not show my lack of intelligence. Only those who cannot see both sides of an issue are lacking in intelligence. Oh wait I forgot,you have all the answers and those that do not agree with you are a bunch of unintelligent victims !
    I have asked you an intelligent question ,that you have not answered? What is the solution to enforcing the law without infringing others rights?

    If you truly want to help these people,creating a racism hysteria is not the way to do it. Shame on those who that do including the media!
    Throw the race card out the window and come up with a GD solution and stop all the discrimination babble!

  161. First of all I am a gun owning, southern, white, Christian American. That being said, I think the changing of the mural is dispicable. What kind of message does it send to those kids. It tells them that they are not accepted by society and that they should just give into to pressure and try to conform with how ignorant people think they should be. I also think it is dispicable how people bash Christians in general. You guys are criticizing others for making blatant generalizations and for judging whole groups on the faults of individuals. I belong to a great Christian Church where everyone is welcome. We turn no one away no matter their race, gender, or sexual orientation. And just to reply to whomever made the post, we do not believe in the rapture. We have a monthly multi-religion gathering each month. It is a large pot-luck/meet and greet/community gathering. You will find Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Atheists, and many many more belief systems represented. We work together to better our community and to reach out to those who are in need. I take offense when I am pigeon holed with those people who use religion to try to hold people down. I believe that illegal immigrants should not have the same rights as those who are here legally. That being said, I believe that the immigration system in this country should be scrapped and rebuilt. This nation was built on the backs of immigrants. I say as long as you get here the right way then welcome. So don’t lump every white, southern, Christian in the same boat. Its is carved on the statue of liberty “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door.” If that no longer applies then it is time to tear the old lady down.

  162. Shame on that principal of that school for buckling,when it should have opened a discussion between teachers,students and parents.
    Shame on this media for using this event,sensationalizing it,using an underlying hysteria to benefit themselves without regard to the people on both sides of the issue. This article was not created to inform but to draw views in!

  163. imissopus: Not liking Rushton doesn’t make his scientific work any less valid. Your criticisms ring hollow and the Stormfront reference is nothing short of hilarious. Don’t you have a Nation of Islam rally to attend?

    TheVelvetKitten: No one is saying the Arizona law is perfect, but it’s a step in the right direction. The fact that mestizos make up the majority of illegal immigrants does not make stopping illegal immigration and kicking out the ones already here(and hopefully their anchor babies) ‘racist.’ People saying the law is racist deserved to be laughed at and ridiculed like the clowns they are.

    That’s like saying prosecuting interracial murder is wrong because blacks do it the most. How idiotic.

  164. Mike,
    I am not against the law fully in AZ. Infact I was debating with imissopus,about a solution. I am pissed off at the fact that those that are against it,only stand and scream rascism,yet offer no real solutions to the issue and then they tote this holier than thou attitude that they are helping this group of people.
    It is an issue that needs to be addressed,it is not working allowing floods to come in who do not put back in the economy as the rest of us do. It is to the benefit to us all . I am all for them becoming legalized if they don’t want to then,go home.

  165. [re=592187]Mike0019[/re]: Not cross race, cross blood type you retard, sorry trig. different so called “races” will have interlacing blood types. Homo Saipans do not have enough genetic difference to be different races. One species in the immediate family of any species of animal has greater difference than any human living from any other human. same race, median for specific genes are just that. Not all people with sickle cell are black, not all people with tsacs are Semitic, not everyone with skin cancer are Scandinavian. You do not even have a elementary school grasp of science.Fuck you sincerely.

  166. Really?? Is this true??? Is it even possible that something like this is happening in 2010??? I wanted to click on the “I like” but this is so disgusting that it feels offending to even to do it!! I like this on the news because its outrageous but I cant “like” this!! I agree with FireAimReady, why stop at the mural?? Hey! why not kick out from Prescott all Black & Latino, chinese, jews and whoever is not a white pure arian??? Yeah! Thats a great idea people from Prescott!! Dont stop at a silly mural, go further!! ASSHOLES!!!

  167. [re=592161]Mike0019[/re]: As cogent an argument for gun control as ever was.

    Quite a scary bunch in the comments section tonight. We’ve got white power mike, california guy pretty much straight up calling latinos and blacks criminals (“we’ve managed to take some territory back from the blacks!” wow)- velvetkitten claiming everyone who brings up race is on the opposite side of the political divide and willing to forgo due process for anyone who looks like a criminal (i.e., is brown) so as to catch illegal immigrants, who she claims have no rights (although she seems more well-intentioned than the others).

    You see what happens, Kenneth Layne? You see what happens when you post without gallows humor?

    The hangmen remove their masks.

  168. WHOA!! Back up there Luke! I never said anyone should go without due process. I never said everyone that is brown is a criminal,nor did I suggest it. I am saying this is an issue that needs to be addressed,it is fact we have many illegals here,it is fact there are laws in place and it is fact that this law has been ignored and to what cost to the legal citizens of all nationalities here. Are they to not having their rights fringed upon,by the law making acceptions to people of certain races? In a border town,it is a given that most illegals coming thru will be of Latino descent,this is basic common sense and not profiling. However,I am willing to bend upon my views and ask the question AGAIN. How do you enforce these laws without requesting to see if someone is a legal citizen? I am asking people to open up and discuss real solutions and not all this hatred and rascist babble BS. I think it is sickening that people on both sides of the fence are creating all this hysteria.

  169. Another Luke..
    Gun control? Oh we should infringe on ones rights to own a gun. Yet we shouldn’t infringe others rights?

  170. dogscantlookup: Are you serious? Bone marrow –,8599,1993074,00.html?artId=1993074?contType=article?chn=sciHealth

    I won’t link any other articles that prove my point, you can find them yourself. If you can get your head out of your ass long enough to read them, that is. Elementary school grasp of science indeed. What you’re doing with your race denial is much like the people who kept screaming that the Sun revolved around the Earth even after the opposite was proven.

    lukewarm: Ah, a “white power” man am I? I don’t recall advocating white racial supremacy once. In fact, you can go through every single one of my posts and you won’t find a single sentence in that regard. I said the country was built by whites for whites – and it was. If that makes me a white supremacist, then I really feel bad for everyone who isn’t one. Talk about denial.

    What we have here is a prime example of what happens when you get someone so full of white guilt(or he’s a non-white white hating racist, it’s hard to tell the two apart these days) that they see everything through race-tinted glasses. If you had actually read what any of the three people you’re mentioning(myself included) had posted, you’d feel like an idiot. californiaguy mentioned that crime rates shot up when blacks and mestizos moved into the area, causing his father to have to move several times. He did not say that all mestizos and blacks were criminals, though if he did I wouldn’t blame him, inaccurate as that may be. velvetkitten clearly has a much better grasp of due process than you do, as the AZ law simply follows existing federal laws.

    Most illegal immigrants ARE brown. That’s hardly the fault of the white man, though I understand how people like yourself love to blame all the world’s ills on us. You remind me of people who claim that the disparate sentencing with crack and cocaine is white on black racism, while ignoring the fact that it only exists because black “civil rights” leaders demanded it decades ago because it was “destroying the community”.

  171. [re=592218]Mike0019[/re]: I am sorry for the last time “What you’re doing with your race denial is much like the people who kept screaming that the Sun revolved around the Earth even after the opposite was proven.” What “race” am I Scandinavian, West African(free black American) Geat,North German,Cherokee? What “race” am I? Should I go by the one drop rule and say I’m black? what disease am I predisposed to? Oh ya I got sum JEW in me form the late 1700s. What disease should I expect from that?
    Retard. Or am what you fear the most, what your descendants will be.sorry trig I know you will be smarter than mikey.

  172. To the idiot who wrote an essay that justified being racist and not wanting minorities in your neighborhood in Oakland (birthplace to the Black Panthers):

    How can anyone hate someone for the color of their skin. To justify it, makes you just as sick and ignorant. The reason crime rates go up in some culturally diverse neighborhoods, is because so does poverty. The reason minorities struggle in the economy is because this country has been built on free or almost free, minority labor; slavery, Chinese railroad workers and all illegal immigrants now more than ever. So while white families have been accumulating wealth over generations, minorities have been struggling just to get by.
    Gang violence is a symptom of a diseased and systematically racist country. The Black Panthers were created as a legitimate way for black people to defend themselves against an increasingly brutal and racist police force. Seeing people rise up and defend themselves, scared whitey. So Hoover hired the FBI, and CIA to stage assassinations, the rest is history, the crips and bloods were born out of this CIA caused war. Not to mention the CIA and Rick Ross. . . I’m sure prejudice people won’t believe any of this anyways, police brutality and racism is justified, one way or another I’m sure.
    All minorities experience racism. To generalize and say one makes a better neighbor, and you’re willing to be more tolerant to one ethnic group than another, is so ignorant. That only shows is that you’re selectively prejudice. Many people hate all minorities, something tells me an Asian kid painted on that wall would have only encouraged those people to yell different racial slurs.
    I am ashamed to be white. Say what you will about our generation, but for the most part, we aren’t racist. All of the old ass useless racists will die of heart problems and diabetes, and leave us a fucked up world we will do our best to save. To justify this kind of hateful behavior just proves how scared and ignorant you are.

  173. @ Guppy
    I ask myself the same question. Why again ,Why? However,for me I keep doing it because I want answers. Thank you for some of your facts. I agree with AZ on no big government,imho,is to no ones benefit. DL’s well ,we all know that alot have fake id’s,I hear about that alot from police buddies here that go to accident scenes where they have no DL’s and no insurance. I mean that is a given that they need this in order to conduct day to day buisness.They have managed to dodge that very well as they provide it as well for employment,or they work under the table.
    This really is sucha complex issue with no simple solutions,unfortunately.
    You have a law that is to be enforced,yet we have advocates saying you can’t do it this way,can’t do it that way.
    So what is fair to all concerned? Turn a blind eye and just let a law slide ?
    Ty ,Guppy for responding factual.

  174. [re=592224]tarps[/re]: When I tell my friends up in Minnesota they were all beasts of burden “Sven and Oly” jokes, they look at me as if I had two heads(except some old timers, they helped to make the three eights)

  175. @ Tarps
    Poverty knows no color.
    Your statement while it is factual to some extent it is extremely hypocritical. No race should be judged by the actions of a few mens bad deeds. Those bad deeds have come from every race! Where else in the world can you go to school based solely on the color of your skin? How do you ever expect this to change until people stop this godforsaken racial rhethoric. There are so many people who have arisen from poverty and discrimination to become very influental people,men and women(women often claim discrimination)if they can do it,that means any of us that have the gumption and willpower can overcome any obstacle. Sitting in whatever racepool of pity,will never accomplish anything. What has happened that you mentioned is PAST,I never enslaved anyone,my parents never enslaved anyone,my grandparents never enslaved anyone. I beleive to best of my knowledge that no one in this day and age is enslaved. We are free to change our destiny at any given moment. It is time to quit reliving history,while it should never be forgotten,the only way people will ever change their situation is to change it themselves,standing around and pointing fingers is doing nothing more than a sinkhole. Now,if you worry so much about enslaving people,think about it the next time you buy something at stores that import foreign goods.

  176. tarps: I know you weren’t replying to me, but I still feel the need to address your ludicrous comment on a point by point basis. I know I wont get through to you as you’re so full of white guilt and self-hatred to the point that you’re practically bursting at the seams, but maybe someone else will see reason.

    “The reason crime rates go up in some culturally diverse neighborhoods, is because so does poverty.”
    I assume you mean racially diverse, as culturally diverse could mean a neighborhood with German Protestants and Irish Catholics in it, and I’m sure that’s not what you’re referring to. In reply – no, that’s not why they go up. The reason crime rates rise along with the non-white population(east asians excluded, but I won’t go into detail on that unless you’re interested) is because non-whites commit more crime. Debunks the standard poverty myth.

    “The reason minorities struggle in the economy is because this country has been built on free or almost free, minority labor; slavery, Chinese railroad workers and all illegal immigrants now more than ever. So while white families have been accumulating wealth over generations, minorities have been struggling just to get by.”

    Take a look at early Irish immigration to America, come back and then apologize for what you just said. It’s immensely insulting(being 25% Irish myself, I am 25% offended!). They were railroaded(pardon my pun) just as hard as other minorities, and somehow seem to be doing just as fine as every other group of whites these days.

    “Gang violence is a symptom of a diseased and systematically racist country.”
    Ah, then why do most latin american countries have far more serious gang problems than we do? There aren’t any evil white oppressors in Mexico(in fact, the few remaining german-speaking farmers there are being actively targeted by drug gangs). Obviously you think it has nothing to do with the mestizos that inhabit these regions like myself, so I’m curious as to what you think the big secret is. As a side note, the vicious gang MS-13 aka Mara Salvatrucha was actually created by Salvadorans because other mestizos wouldn’t stop killing them. Clearly, if it’s a “race” problem it’s mostly confined to several races in particular.

    “The Black Panthers were created as a legitimate way for black people to defend themselves against an increasingly brutal and racist police force.”

    Actually they were created by convicted convict and murderer Huey P. Newton as a socialist and communist(it was full of people with conflicting ideologies) black power group.

    “Seeing people rise up and defend themselves, scared whitey. So Hoover hired the FBI, and CIA to stage assassinations, the rest is history, the crips and bloods were born out of this CIA caused war. Not to mention the CIA and Rick Ross. . .”

    I’ll admit, this made me laugh pretty hard. I didn’t think Alex Jones trolled on Wonkette.

    “I’m sure prejudice people won’t believe any of this anyways, police brutality and racism is justified, one way or another I’m sure.”

    The reason we of the “prejudiced” persuasion don’t believe you is because nothing of what you say is true, and we aren’t wearing PC-Blinders.

    “All minorities experience racism.”

    And white people don’t? Your self-hate is showing again.

    “I am ashamed to be white.”

    That’s your problem, not mine. I’m PROUD to be white. It’s like winning the genetic lottery.

  177. Mike, Velvet Kitty (if you’re not trying to sound dirty, have a nice time TEA BAGGING, you out of touch loser), California guy, where did you guys go to college, ASU, or nowhere? I’m guessing nowhere by the way you all write. If you did pay to become educated, consider getting a refund. I give up. Please don’t breed.

  178. I honestly don’t know what the hell you outsiders are talking about. I just got home from First Friday Phoestival, a monthly event held in downtown Phoenix that attracts around 20,000 people… whites, blacks, Asians, Hispanics, gays, college kids, senior citizens, biracial couples, families… it’s a wonderful 5-hour arts fest and street party. The city shuts down several blocks of Roosevelt Street and all sorts of vendors, artists, musicians, and street performers line the road. There is no hatred, there is no racism, there are no fights…. just 20,000 folks having fun on a Friday night.

    With regards to this controversy out of Prescott, it is news to me and I will look into more deeply. Sometimes, I think people blow things out-of-proportion and are quick to judge, especially when a series of negative stories (correctly deserved or not) are blasted from coast to coast.

    As for our controversial Immigration Enforcement Law, 70% of our citizens support it… INCLUDING many Hispanic immigrants who came here LEGALLY. If the grandstanding politicians in other states and biased major news outlets would just READ THE LAW and do some research, they would realize that not only does 1070 mirror existing federal law, the state of California already has such a law on the books (Ca Penal Code 834b)… and nobody is calling THEM out on it. Further, many of the raids on “drop houses” are in fact RESCUING poor (illegal) immigrants who’ve been held hostage and abused by the coyotes (human smugglers) that snuck them into the country, demanding more money. These are Hispanics exploiting Hispanics… yet, Sheriff Joe and law-abiding citizens are called racist and Nazi. Give me e break!

  179. AZMayor, you are such an obvious douchebag. Really, go clean your brain out with lye soap and bleach you motherfucking asshole.

  180. Just read the story on and yes, it would appear that this much ado bout NOTHING.

    Key sections:

    *****Lane said that he received only three complaints about the mural and that his request for a touch-up had nothing to do with political pressure. “We asked them to fix the shading on the children’s faces,” he said. “We were looking at it from an artistic view. Nothing at all to do with race.”

    *****Wall said thousands of town residents volunteered or donated to the project, the fourth in a series of community murals painted by a group of artists known as the “Mural Mice.”

    The public art, funded by a $5,000 state grant through the Prescott Alternative Transportation Center, was selected by school students and faculty.

    “The parents and children love it,” Lane said.

    Councilman/Talk Host Blair may or may not be a butthead, but he raises interesting points…

    *****In audio archives of his radio show, Blair discusses the mural. He insists the controversy isn’t about racism but says the mural is intended to create racial controversy where none existed before.

    “Personally, I think it’s pathetic,” he says. “You have changed the ambience of that building to excite some kind of diversity power struggle that doesn’t exist in Prescott, Arizona. And I’m ashamed of that.”

    As for Wall’s assertion that “We consistently, for two months, had people shouting racial slander from their cars…” name me one city in this country that doesn’t have a couple of boneheads who would taunt people from their cars! I’ve witnessed more racism in Chicago, New York, Cleveland, Baltimore, Los Angeles, and even the oh-so-politically correct San Francisco. Just sayin’…

  181. Prescott, Az is home to transplanted Inland Empire poor white trash. Fact. No way will they stand for ‘diversity’, as this is what they fled in CA, for a gated community of like-minded bigots and god fearing Repubs.
    I’m embarrassed these are my fellow high school alums/dropouts..

  182. Wow, look at all the trolls! It’s like Christmas morning in June! What, did ol’ Rushy get bored when he couldn’t get it up for the strippers at his bachelor party (and couldn’t find the oxycotin he just KNOWS is in their pockets) and decide to give Wonkette a lil’ loving?

    [re=592161]Mike0019[/re]: Thanks for proving my point! You’re so scared that the shitty way you’ve been treating people for your whole life is going to come back to bite you in the butt, you’d probably be shitting yourself if your head wasn’t already so far up your ass! But good news – if you ever DO decide to pull it out, the shit on your eyes will give everything a nice, brown film and these Mexicans or whoever you’re yelling about now (the people that were here centuries before your cracker ancestors decided to come over and sleep with their brothers and mothers till they had enough people to settle Kentucky?) will look just like everyone else, nice and brown, so you won’t have to be afraid of them!

    Or, shocking thought, if you actually put down the cheetos, stepped away from the keyboard and got out of your mom’s basement (dear god, she needs time to clean all that cheeto dust off the keyboard) and became a productive member of society, you might actually help this country be productive and not the third world whatever you’re worried it will turn into. Of course, that would involve leaving the house, so you might want to lose 200 pounds first.

  183. [re=592151]PV85253[/re]: Nah we just can’t wait to come to your house and take all your good shit. FOR SOCIALISM. If in fact you have any good shit. No one wants your paintings of sad eyed clowns on velvet.

  184. [re=591912]Clean For Gene[/re]: Yep. Arizona, in 1961, when I was 10, was the place where I also saw the “colored” drinking fountains and “colored” restrooms. You tell kids this stuff today, and they don’t believe ya.

  185. There’s hope. I was just looking at the “Couples” section in my son’s new high school yearbook. Fully a third are mixed race (more Asian/white than black/white), pretty good for a small Alabama town. No gay/lesbian duos, but they are a regular part of school life. Probably not pictured since the wing-nuts would stir up dust like they did with the Arizona mural.

  186. mike0019 and californiaguy10:

    the rabidly fallacious logic that you use in misrepresenting correlation as causality would also lead you to these conclusions:

    all religious people should be locked up or thrown out of town since it has been shown that:

    atheistic countries have a lower crime rate
    atheistic countries have a higher peace rating (as according to the global peace index)
    the prison population has a higher than society percentage of christians than
    so on and so forth.

    basically, this, on your logic, allows me to start attacking anyone of faith on the basis that they individually represent a segment of society that correlates to a higher proportion of violence and crime.

    you see, this, and your arizona problem, are not causal connections to ‘race’ or ‘creed’, but actually to education.

    people don’t commit crimes or have a lower propensity to do X, Y or Z BECAUSE they are black, but because they are uneducated and have low aspirations. i live in one of the lowest aspiration cities in britain, and it also has one of the lowest ethnic diversities. the aspiration comes from low education and clearly not the prominence of ethnic communities, amongst other things. you have a very simplistic view on sociology. it seems you have shoe-horned evidence to fit your pre-existing worldview, rather than adapting your worldview to fit the evidence around you. this is a common philosophical paradigm.

    best of luck sorting it out.

    immigration, like every regulated system, needs close control and careful management, and can go horribly wrong. but confusing causality with correlation is just bad methodology. take a white person, lift him out of a comfortable environment, and place him from birth into the poor family that produces a mexican immigrant, and you will get a white mexican immigrant with low aspirations (although he probably won’t be insulted in arizona so much!). he is not committing crimes BECAUSE of the colour of his skin, but because of his causal circumstances.

  187. [re=592205]TheVelvetKitten[/re]: Here’s a solution: death penalty for any employer caught employing someone illegally.

    What? That might hurt rich people?? The horror!

    And again, as was pointed out above. AZ somehow can’t bear to have the right kind of national ID issued that would make the burden of proof high enough to hammer on employers. Hmmmm. . . wonder why??

  188. [re=592205]TheVelvetKitten[/re]: I offered an earlier solution upthread, but you conveniently ignored it, so you get to continue to be victim. ID everyone. Simple as that.

  189. When uber conservative laws are passed (immigration, ethnic studies) targeting a specific population it opens the flood gates to validate hate. People who might ordinarily be good people start to act out in ways that they might not b/c of a new sort of socialnorming that’s taking place in the state of AZ. You then add a layer on top of the laws where the Gov wants to use unmanned drones that we use against terrorists and in WARS against this same targeted population… Long term, this sends the message that “they” are not human. Once a population is dehumanized, it becomes easier and easier for more things like this to happen. We’ve WATCHED it time and time again in Africa, in Bosnia, and reaching farther back for an extreme example, WWII!!!!! STOP!!!! AZ!!! STOP!!!!!

  190. I have a BIL who fancies himself an author (he’s 52, same age as am I) and not only did he fail to realize, earlier this year, that his “Second Amendment March” on Washington, D. C., fell on the exact 15th anniversary of the attack on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building by Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma City (“I had no idea. It was a coincidence”), but he is now a member of the Facebook group “I’m boycotting Los Angeles, because they’re boycotting Arizona!” How dumb and bigoted can you get? A lot of my in-laws are white supremacists, anti-Arab, anti-Semite, islamophobic, homophobic, right-wing conservative (making Reagan look liberal by comparison) and define “religion” as their type of Baptist or else you burn in Hell … and I have been told “Oh, they’re not bigots, just rednecks!” Please … spare me.

  191. Mike0019, this land was not originally inhabited by white Europeans, you ignoramus. It was settled by a ton of Native Nations who were totally fucked over by European colonists & later the United States government, & continue to be fucked over. And the country has never been meant to be a “Christian nation.”

    Ignorant cowards like you disgust me.

  192. [re=592205]TheVelvetKitten[/re]:Raise your voice and sing it with me sir/madam:

    Die Fahne hoch! Die Reihen fest geschlossen!
    SA marschiert mit ruhig, festem Schritt.
    Kam’raden, die Rotfront und Reaktion erschossen,
    Marschier’n im Geist in unser’n Reihen mit.

    Do it for the Schutzstaffel and S. Palin’s precious little ‘tard angel.

  193. [re=592309]johnny p[/re]: Please leave your thoughtless British drivel on your side of the pond. You and your wig wearing government have shown exactly where liberal immigration policies can take a a nation, or a neighborhood or a city. There is more racism and hate in your country than most and your “low aspiration” argument just sounds foolish. If you lived in the U.S. over the last 50 years and you had seen the horrible impact of immigration, your argument might hold water but you are on the outside looking in and have no idea about what has happened here in America. How’s that “queen” of yours anyway? I mean, really? You know you have a queen right? Don’t you just feel stupid having “royalty?”

  194. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh my, what an amusing little take on this dark situation. Light hearted little read indeed… Snark accomplished.

  195. [re=592228]TheVelvetKitten[/re]: Trying to “enforce the law?” Claiming that you’re enforcing federal law by checking for state ID that doesn’t meet federal standards isn’t enforcing anything. I said nothing about fake IDs, even real AZ DLs do not meet the standards of the very same federal immigration laws that Arizona claims they’re trying to enforce. Never wondered why your AZ license isn’t enough for an I-9?

    If it was about immigration, an Arizona license wouldn’t qualify and everybody would have to get a valid US Passport and keep it on them at all times.

    If it was about immigration, Arizona would either comply with REAL ID or enact a mandatory EDL program, and everybody would have to meet federal immigration standards to obtain an Arizona license.

    But it’s not about immigration, it’s about cherry-picking federal laws as an excuse to hassle brown people without bothering whites. Only brown people are being asked to comply with increased documentary requirements.

    And “no program is perfect” isn’t an excuse to violate the Fourteenth Amendment, even without the cognitive dissonance in this law.

    A Canadian national can easily obtain a valid, legitimate Arizona driver’s license, and can continue to flash it (if they’re even asked) under the new law and stay in Arizona long after their golfing visa has expired. It’s not about immigration, it’s about making sure all the spics are wearing their yellow stars.

  196. The trolls have a point. Perfect example: once we homo sapiens got in, there went the purity of the Neaderthal species. These racial purists are simply modern-day Neaderthals who know how to build danged walls.

  197. [re=592243]AZMayor[/re]: Just to correct you on California Penal Code 834b: this was passed as part of Prop. 187 back in ’94. The law required cops to check the immigration status of anybody arrested for another crime. The difference in AZ is that the person does not have to be arrested or even cited for anything first…the cops just have to have a “reasonable suspicion” that the person is illegal. What’s reasonable suspicion? If you have dark skin and speak Spanish? That’s where the constitutional questions come in.

    In any case your point about 834b is moot, as the courts declared Prop. 187 unconstitutional and its provisions cannot be enforced. So while 834b may technically never have been repealed, it’s not actually in use.

    Which leads to your point that 70% of Arizonans support the law: so what? It might still be unconstitutional. One of the reasons we have courts is to rule on such questions…protecting the minority position from the tyranny of the majority and all that.

    (Blair)…says the mural is intended to create racial controversy where none existed before.”

    From my reading of that article, I think it is BLAIR who created the racial controversy. The parents and kids at the school loved the mural. The ones who didn’t were the idiots driving by and shouting racial slurs, and then Blair gave them a wider voice. So obviously it’s the people who have some problems with the darker-hued folks who have some problems.

  198. [re=591906]Pop Vulture[/re]: In regards to the last paragraph in the article. Remember to exercise your 2nd amendment rights. The racists might be armed but no one is stopping minorities and their allies to arm themselves as well in self-defense. Stop asking for gun control and being gun phobic when these laws were deliberately set in place to stop Blacks (and other minorities) from defending themselves against racism.

    Seriously, no one is gonna burn down my neighborhood without a fight, no one is going to intimidate me without me giving some intimidation right back.

  199. Y’know, southern Arizona is actually really nice. As you move north it kinda turns into Utah. Then again maybe I’ve just always lived in the tolerant parts of AZ (Pima County and Tempe).

  200. [re=592161]Mike0019[/re]:
    “It was built by whites, for whites. The “melting pot” you so constantly refer to was meant to only include other WHITE CHRISTIAN EUROPEANS. Nothing you say will ever change this, ever. Non-whites may eventually swarm the country and overwhelm it(only if whites choose to do nothing) and they may even write off 200 years of history as having never happened(or re-write it, as is often the case), but that won’t change a damned thing.
    Those advocating war against whites should remember that animals are most dangerous when backed into a corner. I have no intention of seeing America turn into Mexico 2.0 or South Africa as far as either racial demographics OR standard of living goes. Better to go out in a blaze of glory, or gunfire as it were. Just something to keep in mind when you tout your racist anti-white bullshit.”

    It was stolen from the Natives, and built on the backs of slaves, indentured servants, and the otherwise economically disenfranchised for whites. Fixed it for you. But please, go ahead and take “your” country back; it will be interesting to watch and see what happens when greed and boredom take over and you come sniffing around other places who won’t care to have your sorry ass around. I’m sure history will repeat itself and you’ll go to war, steal some more land, take some more slaves, original concepts like that. Also, funny you should mention Africa, because that continent is comprised of various shades of dark-skinned peoples (taking into consideration places like Tanzania and Egypt having lighter-skinned folks) and White people just had to come on (back) down and rape the shit out of it- or settle it, to use the more popular parlance of the usurper- seeing as how it is so incredibly rich in natural resources. But I digress. Thank you for not bothering to perpetuate the charade of not being a white-supremacist. “It’s like winning the genetic lottery?” Oh, dear. Maybe it would be better to say that your predecessors got a $1 scratch-off ticket and won $2. It’s still a one-hundred percent return, and really seems like something great when the stakes are so pathetically low. Good luck with your erectile dysfunction, by the way. We all know you have it.

  201. I’m a white male Republican from so far south in Utah that I can walk to the Arizona border. I see nothing wrong with that mural except that it’s too cutesy; it’s an elementary school, so that’s excused. Shouting racial slurs at a school is fifty kinds of screwed up, and I’d be A-OK with those doing it going to jail for verbal assault. Where you live and how you vote doesn’t change what’s right, and that ain’t right.

    jus_wonderin: Here’s Blair’s contact info:
    Telephone: 928.710.1962

    Now I’m off to finish reading my 1400+ book page on that true American hero, Sacaguwea.

  202. [re=591966]qwerty42[/re]: I keep the census stats on bookmark because sometimes, such as in this case, they can tell you a lot.

  203. @Darkness
    I only just now saw your thread,where you recommended “death penalty to all employers who employed illegals”. If you wrote another,no I have not seen it. It isn’t because I ignored it.
    I am f’n amazed at the undertone of peoples threads here as if anyone that has a different point of view,you automatically assume we are out to get you and every other race. Talk about paranoia!
    Your tone is such that I support companies that employ illegals,when this could be further from the truth. I am done speaking in regards to this illegal immigrant issue as all I find are immature sarcasim and general doomonger attitudes.

    Guppy,you have made some valid ponts.

    I would like to challenge this source to post an actual image of the mural that has been
    changed. (Before and after ,unedited please),since they seem hell bent on creating hysteria and hatred.

  204. About the question of who owns Arizona, possession is nine-tenths of the law. If y’all want to give my ancestral home (Mississippi) back to the Injuns, I do have my eyes on a pretty little bluff along the Pearl River. But my Choctaw ancestors kind of took it away from my Chickasaw ancestors, and I as I recall, some other folks had dibs on it before them.

    Are we going to suggest that England should go back to the Normans, the Saxons, the Angles, Jutes (damned foederati!) or the Britons, Celts…? I always thought that if you let one Jute in, there goes the whole neighborhood.

    History will sort itself out through self-selection with a U-Haul.

  205. Just to be up front, I am white and upper middle class and I was born in the last year of the baby boom…..the most hated person in America. That said, I have “street cred” too….I didn’t get married until I was 38, and never dated a girl over 25, and have behaved like a Gen-Xer all my life. I have a degree in psychology, and I taught in an inner city weapons and assault violators school and loved those kids as much as my own. I tell you this in hopes that some of you will try to grasp what I am about to tell you rather than behave petulantly, make a snide comment, and move on to trash the next “racist”.

    Part of reaching and teaching minority kids and dealing with people in general is developing true empathy. Not the kind of empathy I see displayed by most liberals…..they just THINK they know how the people they proffess to care about actually feel. Truth be told, they have some guilt complex they need to appease more than a desire to help anyone move up in in the world. That is why socialism and marxism appeals to them so much. In 20 years of help fatherless black boys get out of gangs, aquire some pride, a job, and an education, hold their head up and feel good about themselves…. or helping minority pregnant teens work through the pain and regret to become a provider and maybe find a decent man to help raise the child given to her by some pissant thug who was only making bragging rights for himself when he deposited the seeds of destruction of the girl and her child’s future in her womb, not a single one made because I felt sorry for them. They didn’t get up off the ground and become successful because I told them how they were beaten down by “the man”. They didn’t drop the “entitlement” attitude “respect me” facade by helping them memorize liberal talking points. Not a single one. On the other hand, when we taught them theat they were responsible for their own actions, that there is always room at the top, and that there are so many losers out there who spend more time bitching about what isn’t fair than working,that becoming successful is no more difficult than believing in yourself and working hard. We taught them real history and economics….that this country became great because the individual had the power and that the founders fixed it so that a man cold keep the fruits of his labors and become as rich as he wanted, or lead as simple a life as he chose. we taught them to toughen up…..if they can’t handle a little lip from some pissant who is worth nothing, they won’t survive a real crisis. We also taught them to stand up for themself. It is hard to have a good self concept when you are forced to appease a bully becaue if you fight back, you get thrown in jail with the bully. We couldn’t let anything happen on school grounds, but we turned a blind eye to the bruises on a bully. For all of you who are cringing at the inhumanity right now, in all but one case, the bully learned his lesson and the one who beat him up learned forgiveness. Most of the time, the bully and his “educator” became friends after the smoke cleared. because we also taught that everyone makes mistakes…some of them very bad…and forgiveness is a poweful healer – as long as the perpetrator feels shame. That’s right…shame. It is a powerful motivator when applied in the right way.

    I don’t have time or space to tell you everything I would like to, but I hope you take my true stories and apply them to our current social situation. The liberals have bullied everyone with “politica correctness” for so long that resentment is building to dangerous levels. The thug gets a pass because he has “had it tough” while his victim is further victimized for having too much or living a lifestyle that made the thug “lash out”. No one is allowed a mistake…the trial lawyers have seen o that. Case in pont: What credible tthinking person actually believe that BP wanted all of this oil to spill or that they don’t care if they clean it uo? But the king of all socialist liberals, Obama, is going to “keep a boot on BP’s throat” and his is “angry” and “livid”. How much better would i have been if you simply came out and said “We are here to assist BP in any way needed to get this spill contained as soon as possible, and we want to assure you that BP is working around the clock to fix this. It is a terrible tradegy, but when you attempt highly technical tasks like drilling in 5,000 plus feet of water, you can’t control everything” At the same time, he could have been doing and investigation, and if he found wrong doing….punish it accordingly. The over-all point theme is that approaching issues with a level head, dignity, hard work,and perseverance builds winners. No winner was born sitting on his buttwith his handout, point a finger at anyone handy tolay blame. That is the way whiners are made….and whiners are worth the food they eat and space they take up. Winners…..WINNERS… the things that losers don’t want to do. The work when they need to, not when they want to, they realize that freedom of speech doesn’t mean you should always speak, they understand that nobody is responible for their success of faiilure but themselves. They take pride in what they achieve and build, not what they tear down. I could go on, but this is too much for some of you now. I realize that the government school system has done a poor, poor job of teaching you history, but this is the time of the internet…you can look this stuff up anytime you want, so look this up……Many of you 20-somethings had better drop the pop-culture view of life and develope some ackbone like my inner citty kids did or you are going to produce the race war you have been acusing the “right” of engaging in……except it won’t we a race thing, it will be class. There are plenty of black upper-middle lass people who are sidck and tired of becing called “uncle Tom” in the same breathe as their white friends are called racist just because they want freedom, don’t want to pay for a welfare state, are sick of broken families that could have been prevented if parents and God were put back in schools, and who are deathly afraid that if they don’t do something radical now, their children will be slaves to fools. Many of you need to wake up. You were spoiled in H.S. (thought most of you think you had it tough…LOL), in college, professors had to give you multiple choice tests and curve the grades because at least 10% of their students had no business in college and another 15% thought they should just have to memorize something and spit it back out for the test……there is no more thinking going on in many undergrad schools. You doubt me? Google “Bloom’s Taxonomy” along with “testing” and “learning” you will be embarassed at how low a level college proffesors have to test their students so they can pass. And the worst…..taking our brightest kids, lumping them in the same “special Ed” group as those with behavioral or psychological disorders and wasting their tallent under the guise of “team teaching” or “Buddy Teaching”. Lastly, the most insidious rot in our society is the work ethic. Liberals have drummed in the mantra od “fairness” so long that we try to make laws “fair”. Laws are supposed to be impartial, logical, and universally applicable. “Fairness” is nothing more than a way for people without pride and character to arttificially make everyone equal. The sooner some of you learn that we are only equal in God’s eys, and that there is nothing wrong with being unequal, the sooner we can clean up some of this mess. I am not talking about “fairness” as it applies to the rules of baseball, so don’t misquote me. I am saying that we are not all smart enough to be doctors, or bankers, or business men. The world needs ditch diggers too, but liberal fairness has made people think that they “deserve” a job that pays just as muc as the next fellow. Like “fairneess”, illusions about what we “deserve” is rotting us ut from the core. Tell me, why does a man “deserve” a 5 million dollar settlement in a car crash when his education and highest possible job placement would have never NET him more that a total 1/2 million dollars in his working life? Why does the illegal alien who works as a janitor at night “deserve” to get to attend a state college….and pay in state tuition? (It is happening now in Georgia) Do you realize that this fairness and equality rot is largely responsible for the huge number of minority – especially black men in prison? You don’t think so? You think it is mostly about ludicrous drug laws that need to be repealed? While I agree that most of the drugs should be legalized and taxed, just like alcohol or cigarettes, I can’t blame them for the prison over crowding. Just think for a minute how the situation would be different if a “thug life” wasn’t considered cool, that being taught in school that producing a baby is the most awsome responsibility onw could take one,that a father will morals and character raised these kid through their formative years. What if they were taught that work…honest work….was an attribue and something to be proud of, that being polite – saying year and yea ma’am doesn’t belittle anyone or make them submissive, or that it is possible to work for a man, do a great job for that man, and help that man make money for his business doesn’t cost a man pride or make one submissive? There wouls be flux of people who would do the jobs that the illegal immigrants are doing now. Taxes could go way down because the government (supposedly “we the people”) aren’t having to support thme anymore. The ugly cycle of faherless families coudl be slowed a great deal…. and crime would go down. You can’t rob a gas station if you are changing tires. Somewhere along the line the liberals have convinced minorities – especially those who aren’t quite up to a real college education – that they are too good to work, that they shouldn’t have to work for low wages for “the man” because tht is like slavery all over again. Shame on you. You are the ones who have enslaved a large portion of the black race. You took away their desire and pride needed to work through the tough times in order to “make it”, so they just give up and become a ward of the state – literally. Without a check, many of these people would starve. No wonder you have “white guilt”…but I find it interesting that you white libs want to share “our” money on entitlement programs. If you feel that strongly about it, why don’t you fund them yourself? Until the black race wakes up and realizes that the vast majority of white business owners….the ones who could have given you a well paying job……don’t have time for your civil rights/self loathing whining because they are too busy trying to make a living, we won’t turn this thing around peacefully. Most don’t care what color you are, so long as you can do the job, but this is what they run into….A mans owns a harware store that is doing very good and he needs a new employee. Only, this guy needs to be ale to run a chash register, make change, learnwhere the items in the store are located and how to use them, and above all, must be able to interact with the customer in a way that makes the customer feel good about the experience…………… He interviews the applicant and discovers the followng….the applicant came to his interview with sagging pants that he is constantly having to adjust….when he speaks, it is in street slang…..he wildly gesticulates when talking as if he is starring in a rap video…… when asked to make change on a purchase of .90 cents when given a dollar, he gets it wrong (because he does better with “one of those add-up machines”…..and finally, stomps off mad when he is offered a position cleaning, bagging, and general “go-fer” work for $7/hr. I didn’t make any of this up, it just didn’t happen all at the same time or with one person. I saw it all working in my father’s harware store. Here is where it gets really screwy… of the applicants was a HS drop-out with with a baby, who could barely read and write.(on about a 6th grade level) My father planted a small garden by the store for the employees and customers. (He had a much bigger garden at home) One day, it was slow and the fellow had nothing to do. My father asked him to go out and water the garden. An hour later, no one had seen this fellow – who had been at work less than a week. My father went looking for him aand found the water hose still running, in the parking lot. The next day, his wife called the store saying she would come by and pick up his last check. A week later, a “government” representative came to the store to investigate allegations that my father treated the fellow differently because he was black, that he wasn’t allowed to stay inside where it was cool, that he was forced to work in the warehouse lifting boxes while others stayed inside waiting on customers, and ….wait for it…..he was treated like a slave because he was forced to “work” in my father private garden. Nothing came of it, it was obvious to the investigator that they guy simply had an attitude problem and quit, but it was important because it gave us a glimpse into the psyche of this guy. He had no job skills to offer……nothing but the labor he could produce with his back, but he thought he was entitled to the same job and benefits as people who had mastered the store inventory, could work the computers, and had social skills. This fellow went to the same HS as my youngest sister, only a year older, but instead of taking advantage of his free government education, he played around and acted like school was a waste of his time. What finally came of this fellow is repeated time and time again, day after day, in America…. you, the tax payer, are now paying for him to do absolutely nothing but make more babies. Oh, and my father was told by the “government official” that asking a prospective employee to make change or answer the question “What is 10% of 100” was bordering on discrimination because he did it orally rather than on a written test, meaning he could not prove he asked the same question of every prospective employee. All of this was done in the nae of “fairness”. Now, tell me, where is the fairness in any on of it? This kind of thing happens everyday, all over America folks, and until you decide to use your vote to clean house elect people with common sense…..people who can and will make the tough decisions to shut down government programs that reward laziness, lying, and fraud, that burn up billions of tax dollars that would be better spent if it was left in the hands of the inovators that make things happen – create jobs, invent new technologies, more freedom will be lost,our economy will continue to slow down, and all of the resulting “fairness” from an intrusive government will result in further turmoil. I’ll leave you with this…..there are only two kinds of people in America today: Producers and Consumers. The farmer, the store owner, the scientist, the clerk who slod you your big screen TV are all producers. Politicians, those who won’t work, and those who work for the government are all consumers. (Those employed by the government, by definition do not produce anything that adds value to the economy and their salaries are paid through taxes.) It is the producers who are feeding and maintaining the lifestyle of themselves and the consumers. When the consumers outnumber the producers, which may very well already be the case, then we are in real trouble. (Case in point,of the near 1/2 million jobs reported being produced last month,well over 400,000 of them were census workers….government jobs. These jobs are, by definition, temporary, so they aren’t “real” jobs. But it may be even worse. If they are allowed to draw unemployment when they are laid off,not only will you have 411,00 jobs that are, in fact, a further drain on the economy, they will continue to be one long after the job ceases to exist.) Either some of the consumers will have to become producers, or the system will collapse into anarchy. It won’t look like anarchy at first. Initially, it will just be the consumers squealing about how unfair it is that their “benefits” have been cut off, but it will escalate very quickly. When it does, it will be too late to read Rand, but you will understand the meaning of “Atlas Shrugged”.

  206. Updating the deal in Prescott: 1) today there’s a protest march about changing the mural, and 2) that right-wing councilman lost his radio talk show job on local station KYCA.

    Excuse me for getting back on topic…

  207. The primary difference between Arizona and the backwards parts of the Southeast (SC, KY, TN,) is that Arizona has lower humidity.

  208. [re=592381]TheVelvetKitten[/re]: get you and every other race.

    It’s the recent history of lynchings. Look it up; it was a popular saturday night activity for large chunks of the country not so long ago. And you failed utterly to address either idea. But will walk away complaining yet that no one ever gives you an real ideas just points out that you are a bunch of unconstitutional crazies. This is a snarky website, so “the death penalty” may have sailed over your uninitiated head. Replace it with 100k fine, per employee, per day.

    Why aren’t employers the main target?
    Why is AZ against real IDs that would make enforcement against employers possible?
    Why not ID everyone so the law is constitutional? (The constitution isn’t optional, total news flash for you there. Something everyone pro law totally ignores in favor of whining.

    The answers (still unanswered by anyone pro law) seem too obvious to ignore. a) the law has zero intent of solving the problem which is people come across the border because there is work, which leads to b) it is just law to take out frustrations on people through police bullying who don’t look like those in charge. Got another interpretation? I can’t imagine what it might be.

  209. [re=592386]lastofthemiddleclass[/re]: By mentioning Marxism, you’re engaging in reverse-PC, the same kind of demonizing that you accuse liberals of engaging in, only from the opposite side. As far as I can tell, this guy got fired despite the fact that he never said anything racist. He said he doesn’t like the mural, and he said something kind of weird about a black kid being in the middle of the mural. That’s it. I don’t think that’s grounds for firing. But either way, calling this guy racist is the same thing as a conservative calling a liberal a socialist because the liberal says something about government being able to do good things. It’s demonizing the other side, and nothing more.

  210. [re=592399]Darkness[/re]:
    I am all for other alternatives for a soulution to this issue and don’t come at me as I have said otherwise. I see alot of talented people here,talent in that they are able to twist meanings to fit their views. I am all for fining companies,imprisioning etc(whatever is within confines of the laws) for breaking the law but don’t stand up and scream we should enforce one law and bend the law for others. Do not condem me as I ask for solutions.No,I do not beleive we should profile anyone. Now,please do me a favor,quit putting words in my mouth. I think holding companies accountable is definately a viable solution and I don’t beleive I have once mentioned that anyone should be above the laws.

    I know wth happened in history. Who the hell is propsing lynching? Have we lynched someone recently? Quit beating a dead horse! It is HISTORY! PLease stop acting as in this time of history that all of mankind was behind these kind of acts,because they weren’t.

    Let’s see,so now the policeman of AZ,need to feel manly so they got a politician to pass a law that is already federal law so they can feel manly.Give me a break! Well as far as jobs,I guess we solved that issue as there aren’t many of them left,guess maybe they will have to cross into other countries illegaly to get those now. I hope the other countries are as understanding. I have an idea,why don’t you cross over into Mexico illegaly and see what happens. I hope the law is on your side there or maybe they will bend it a bit for you.

    So feel good about yourself and pat yourself on the back when you sit down in your plush foreign chair,eat off your foreign made dishes and then go shopping to buy your foreign made clothing and then come talk to me about injustice at all the slave shops of children that were use to make it. Because that is where the real injustice is!

  211. [re=592386]lastofthemiddleclass[/re]:

    It’s funny that you talk about liberal victimhood but start your essay off by proclaiming that you’re part of the most hated group in American culture and thus a victim yourself.

  212. [re=592062]CaliforniaGuy10[/re]: My daughter (who happens to be white) just bought a home in Oakland and is lovin’ it. Eat shit and die.

  213. Is there a meth epidemic in America? So many words, babbling and incoherent.

    Wonkette only succeeds with pithiness. We are normally filled with pith.

  214. [re=592416]What Fresh Hell is This?[/re]:
    Seems to me Wonkette succeeds on sensationalism not facts! Otherwise it would have posted an image of before and after shots of the mural,not of the KKK logo.

  215. Abou Diaby….. I’m sorry, did I insinuate that I am a victim? Is so, allow me to correct that mistake right now. My purpose for stating that was to be up front about my position. Victims expect sympathy, a hand out, compensation for thier suffering….if you followed the rest of my post, you noted that one theme was dropping that attitude. Loosers/libs are the ones that hide behind race, sexual orientation,or the PC crusade du jour, making excuses for failure and pointing fingers the moment there is even a hint that political winds may shift over some controversy. (Take the current issue with BP in the Gulf of Mexico)

    The primary purpose of my post was to iluminate some of the emotional undercurrents that are fueling the “conflict” in Arizona. The news media and and those seeking to manipulate the public twist facts, spin stories, and tell what ever tale they need to reach theirr goal. In this case, they are trying to stir up as much racial unrest as possible to take the wind out of any group seeking to restore our freedoms and live according to the constitution. None of these things are separate. Ultimately, it is all about power to the politicians. For the “people”…..for te most part they just want to be left alone and have a good life…….save some money for retirement or to give to their kids. These folks, these average americans that just want to be left alone are getting pissed with being manipulated……and one of the manipulations that “everyone knows” about is race relations. Why is it that I have many good friends who are black, who work for a living, pay thier taxes, go to church, raise their kids, etc., but they are not what get written about or published iin the news. All we ever hear about is the 30% of black men who are useless thugs and fill the jail cells. Why do you think that is? I don’t have an answer, but I do know that when a significant portion of the WORKING population is constantly fed a stream of negative information about another group, the smallest incident can stir up very strong feelings. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but long before Obama was here, Chicago politics was about pitting groups against one another to produce desired election results. That may work in a city or regionally, but America is a big place. These stunts are going to backfire and whhen they do, it won’t be a city-wide scandle, it will weaken the country….it IS weakening the country. Don’t get caught up debateing or ridiculing me over syntax or word choice, open your eyes and see how you have been manipulated. Good, hard working people who contribute to the good of this country come in all colors, and if they ever got together and voted as a block, many of our current political “gods” would be out of work……. and they need to be.

  216. [re=592424]TheVelvetKitten[/re]: And it only took you 18 hours to figure that out! Sorry, fresh out of gold stars.

    What tipped you off, the focus on sodomy, or the focus on sodomy?

  217. [re=592310]PsycGirl[/re]: These Trolls don’t sleep, evidently.

    [re=592416]What Fresh Hell is This?[/re]: We need to email Ken and tell him this thread has been highjacked by foreigners!

  218. Just to be up front, I am white and upper middle class and I was born in the last year of the baby boom…..the most hated person in America.

    This is what you wrote. If you’re not victimizing yoursel then you’re suffering an acute case of low self of steam or have a persecution complex.

    Pitting one group against the other hasn’t existed in this country before Obama? Personally, I believe he won the election in a landslide precisely because he stayed above the fray while John McCain and his cunty mouthpiece, Sarah Palin, descended deeper into race baiting. And were you too busy building your street cred and being all Gen-Xy that you didn’t notice the GOP using its southern strategy?

  219. [re=592442]Guppy06[/re]:
    It is called I have a life and work to do.
    Also,it is called listening to others viewpoints and weighing the facts,something you should try sometime. While I said you made some valid points,don’t get so hard just yet,I didn’t say I fully agreed but I can see your points and making an educated descion requires weighing the facts along with a bit of commen sense.
    I don’t need your gold stars or your validation,thank you. You should keep them it seems you need the validation more than I.

  220. [re=592460]TheVelvetKitten[/re]: If you don’t need validation, why did you sign up for an account and start commenting? Why did you need to sing the gospel and try to convert the heathens?

    I freely admit that commenting on blogs is a bad habit of mine, one that I’m trying to break. What’s your excuse?

    People who don’t need validation don’t look for new public forums in which to shout “I’m right!” I challenge you to let what I’m responding to be your last comment here. Just try to let this go unanswered. If you don’t need validation, you don’t need the last word.

    Go on, hit the “reply” link. Prove me right. I want to see the bullshit excuse you make to yourself to get just one more hit. I want to see how many words you manage to type before you get to “but.”

  221. [re=592448]Words[/re]:You’re right; neither do they eat, mow the lawn, poop, or surf Ebay. Somewhere a meth dealer is scratching his head and saying “I KNOW I had a lot more stash here”.

  222. Please keep in mind, not ALL of Arizona and those that live here feel this way. It’a a shame that more people can’t celebrate our incredible nation and all the uniqueness that goes along with it. Without diversity, just how boring would this world be.

  223. 191,884 views, that has got to be a new Wonkette record. Absolutely riveting piece. I think Ken has locked up the Pulitzer for blogging with this one.

  224. Do we get milk and cookies if this hits 200,000? Yeah, I’d say quantity over quality since Newell jumped ship. I guess these are all people googling search terms “Connecticut” and “Ku Klux Klan>”

  225. [re=592565]Neilist[/re]: Neil, I have never spoke ill of you. But I’d say that some of the meth-addled fury above makes all us Wonketteers seem like members of the Algonquin Round Table.

  226. [re=592570]What Fresh Hell is This?[/re]: yeah, but it’s that meth-addled fury that’s scaring the crap out of me. Literally. Also.

  227. [re=592570]What Fresh Hell is This?[/re]: Speaking as a member of the Algonguin Round table and a liberal, social activist who is employed by an NGO working with disadvantaged youths and brain-damaged war veterans, I resent being called a “liberal.”

    lastofthemiddleclass can kiss my pc ass.

  228. as a lifelong Floridian, i’d just like to say that it feels kinda good to be only the SECOND shittiest state in the union. keep it up, AZ

  229. [re=592439]lastofthemiddleclass[/re]: Now that I’ve gone back and actually read your scratchings, I’m pretty outraged that you think you need to lecture us on your take about what is wrong with man’s situation vis a vis his existence as a social/political animal.

    And while you’re probably no longer around to read this riposte, as you’ve probably gone back to your day job as a Texas schoolbook editor, I feel strangely compelled to point out that even the least of the Wonketeers probably has more education and a higher IQ than you could possibly imagine, not to mention a more clear-headed grasp of the world and it’s sordid affairs than you.

    So when we call a spade a spade, or in this case, an Arizonian racist bigot an unsalted-dick-sucking sorry excuse for an ignorant human being, it’s YOU we are referring to.

    Also, you really need to use paragraph breaks more often. It helps the readability.

    Have a nice day.

  230. As part of the local United Against Fascism movement in my town in the UK, i can do nothing but express sympathy for the black and hispanic children whose faces appear on the mural being covered up to look like caucasians by racist bigots that don’t seem to realise that these kids are human beings, just like themselves, and they live on the same planet, just as they do. If you feel you can’t share the planet with blacks or hispanics or Asians, do the rest of us a favour, go jump in the sea at its deepest point with concrete on your feet and leave the rest of us alone!

  231. At least blacks and latinos are mainly Christians…as an Arab and a Muslim, I guess what the key message for me in all of this is that I really should stay the f**k out of Arizona! Good to know.

  232. [re=592659]102415[/re]: O/T but your comment reminded me, I once had a neighbor who had a lawn jockey, and I think other neighbors complained, so she painted it white. True story.

  233. I’ve been wondering for a long time…when are white people going to get over themselves??? You cannot logically surround yourself with other ethnic groups, and then be mad when you see their pictures painted on a wall! If not for Blacks and Latinos, this country would not be in existence today. This is totally insane.

  234. [re=592386]lastofthemiddleclass[/re]: again seriously. Paragraph breaks are your friend.

    And the minute someone throws out the blanket “you liberals” I lose all respect and interest in your opinion.

    Get a fucking life. And educate yourself. I’m tired of you people assuming everyone who manages to have an iota of empathy—because yes we do— are all some generic wingnut painted Daily Kos reading left wing radical.

    Guess what??? It isn’t true!!!! So fuck you and the horse you rode in on!

    I am so sick of the the “Socialism!!!!OMGWTF!!! liberal left and its creating a dependence on the entitlement state meme.”

    You know what? A little bit of social democracy has made a very nice life for a lot a people. And precious Capitalism can still go ahead and fuck over the little guy in America all it wants because odds are, they’ll still let it. If the wingnuts could just stop being such ideologues and work with moderates and stop painting anyone who thinks we should have health care for all as commie/fascists/socialists/terrorists.

    God I fucking hate people.

  235. [re=592691]TheArab[/re]: Oh spare us. Being a Christian doesn’t have anything to do with it. Anyone who gets arrested under the new AZ law can recite the entire New Testament from memory and it won’t spare them from deportation. Quit trying to prove who has more victimhood potential here.

  236. [re=592062]CaliforniaGuy10[/re]: Oh that’s funny because my very white ex and his family live in Oakland. Right now I’m sitting in the multi-bedroom house in suburbia my Cuban father and Mexican mother came to this country and worked hard for.

  237. [re=592727]HappyLand[/re]:

    And yard upkeep, also. I, as a hispanic, just mowed my suburbian lawn in scorching heat and humidity. I am about to jump in my pool.

  238. [re=592715]tootsieroll[/re]: A little socialism saves business a buttload of money and provides them with their fucking customers. They going to lay roads, educate everyone, install sewers so half the population doesn’t die of cholera every 8-10 years? Not a fucking chance. The capitalists would still be on top in such an alternative “conservative” place, but it’d be a much smaller hill they’d sit on and there’d be far fewer of them and the few there were would waste 7/8 of their wealth keeping their own private army happy, so they certainly would be out on the town enjoying their money or anything.

    Liberalism/Socialism is a the reason you can drink the water out of your fucking tap, you moronic cunt-wingers!

  239. [re=592706]Yansita[/re]: I remember one of my aunts in the mid-1960s who saw a black person on a TV commercial (pretty rare at the time) and exclaimed “Oh, why do they have to be everywhere?” Living as we did in a small town (no blacks) in a Texas county (with no blacks). She’s the one who would correct you if you said ‘Civil War’ in referring to the late unpleasantness of the 1860s. “They had every right to secede.”

  240. [re=592764]chascates[/re]: I agree with your aunt. They have every right to secede. They should do so as expeditiously as possible. With the provisio that they must take the fucktards we deport.

  241. the solution is in this old sci-fi short-story from long ago, when the aliens come back to Earth and discover many of the inhabitants have an unfortunate mutation that gives them white/pink skin but that they can be cured and get back to brown skin.

  242. [re=591671]azw88[/re]:
    Really not trying to get the last word here, but since there is absolutely no way to communicate with you any other way, it should be noted that you are now some sort of variation on Deepthroat. Please try not to choke on all of the TruckNutz. And thank you.

  243. Hi kids. Is uncle guangho late to the party? My but have you been loquacious lately! Couple of quick thoughts.

    1) This country has always been built on the sweat and property of others be it the Natives, the Africans, the Chinese, the Irish, the Italians, the Jews etc etc etc etc. Spare me that protestant work ethic crap people. Taking other people’s stuff while treating them like shit is not work.

    2) There is, for all intents and purposes, no national identity in the U.S. It used to be language but that ship sailed when we decided, in order to fullfill number one above, to fling open the southern border for anyone who’ll work cheap.

    2a) We have the charming notion that Jorge and Louis will come here, weed our gardens, and go home. They won’t though.

    3) What you’re seeing now is the last gasps of an empire, a nation that, once upon a time, kicked ass, and is now coming to terms with its sunset years. This will be a difficult transition, made even more so by the enormous number of white people in the U.S. whose sole skill seems to be being white. These are the people who listen to Beck, vote for Palin, beat off at Free Republic and believe that they are better than you. Thankfully most are old now and dying fast.

    4) America really, really, really needs to make shit again. We need to discover within us the spirit of the entrepreneur: NOT the guy selling shit but the guy thinking up shit to sell and then producing it and selling it. When did we lose that?

  244. Gah! What has happened to our Wonkette? Ken, please do your editory duties and come back and rain down the BANHAMMER! This thread has gone down the rabbit hole…

  245. [re=592386]lastofthemiddleclass[/re]: The store owner and the clerk that sold me my tv are producers? Since when? How does buying a bunch of shit wholesale and marking it up 10-20% qualify as producing anything? Nobody in USmerica produces jack squat anymore. We ALL consume the stuff produced in other, cheaper countries now. And mostly borrow the money to do it.

    And if you think we spend “billions” on welfare programs you are out of your tiny little mind. Unless maybe you mean Social Security and Medicare? Yes, let’s end Social Security and Medicare and turn the elderly into a low-cost, high protein foodstuff. We’ll start with your parents.

  246. Just stumbled on to this site. Couldn’t read ALL the comments on this article, but I’m sure I will be back soon. Can’t believe I never knew about Wonkette. I had a quick question…

    What is it about “Connecticut” and the “KKK”? Am I missing something? I am from the Northeast, and having read the first few hundred comments, twice Connecticut came up. I am a little confused. What is the reference?

  247. [re=591755]slappypaddy[/re]: How about…
    I used to be disgusted, now I try to be amused. That’s why we got Wonkette. Yes I’m still disgusted about this thing but it’ll swing our way sometime soon and these losers will get spanked.

    I’ll be on the look out for more EC lyrics from you…

  248. [re=592859]guangho[/re]: Such bullshit. We are still the world’s largest manufacturer.

    For my job I visit SMEs around my old rust belt town. There is so much manufacturing: grommets, springs, furniture, pigskins . . . fucking everything, tucked away in grimmy little industrial areas … it’s amazing. It simply doesn’t require a lot of people to make stuff anymore. These places are giant shop floors with two people babysiting the machines. If it requires people to make it, it’s not made here for very obvious capitalist reasons. But it’s a fucking lie that nothing is made here anymore. End consumer shit takes manual labor to make, requires far less coordination to meet specification, and because of distribution costs due to retail is way more price sensitive, therefore that’s not made here. That’s not that hard to grasp, but it’s the reason the crap on the shelves at the store don’t have much made in usa stuff.

    Want to buy stuff from the u.s. even heavy labor stuff? Do some research, pay the difference and stop fucking whining.

  249. I just find it funny that Scottsdale, Arizona is filled with blondes who want to be brown and will spend hundreds to do just that while Prescott has Mexican-American and African-Americans being lightened so as not to offend.

    Are people just bored or are they really that stupid.

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