Thanks, Perez!Colorado whiner/Democrat Andrew Romanoff just keeps demanding fancy political appointments from everyone, from the governor to the president, and wah wah if he doesn’t get what he wants he’ll just run against the Democrat Senator from Colorado, because that’s what widdle cwy-babies do when nobody changes their diapers fast enough. In his home state, it seems people have known about Romanoff’s tantrums and demands for a long time. Let’s look at this September 2009 article from the Denver Post, all about how Andrew only decided to put himself in a primary against the actual junior Democrat senator from Colorado after the governor wouldn’t give him a sweet jerb.

From the September 4 edition of the Denver Post:

Andrew Romanoff set his sights on a race for the U.S. Senate only after the breakdown of several months of backroom negotiations with Gov. Bill Ritter to find an alternative political opportunity for the popular former state House speaker. Described to The Denver Post by several Democratic sources, the potential deal centered on appointing Romanoff lieutenant governor when Barbara O’Brien — who was considering other options — stepped aside.

Romanoff allies said Ritter finally told the veteran state legislator in a meeting between the two men in late June that he would not get the job …. Those discussions, which included three face-to-face meetings between Ritter and Romanoff over more than six months, partly explain the timing of Romanoff’s consideration of a primary bid — months after allies advised him to and long past the deadline most political strategists considered wise.

Honestly, can everyone just stop feigning outrage over the chess game of politics now? We followed the Obama campaign pretty carefully, from the day it began, and we don’t recall any specific or implied promises to stop trying to position Democrats to win House and Senate races. And no amount of live Politico cubicle video of Mike Allen blinking weirdly on Morning Joe is going to change that.

BUT … what’s the deal with ambassadors, anyway? Are U.S. ambassadors truly the most qualified U.S. experts on their particular country? We’ll have the shocking details, tomorrow at midnight on a very special MSNBC documentary, Convenience Store Security Cams: REVEALED. [Denver Post]

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  1. No, this is really sinister and Nixonian. It must be true, because Sean Assity was quoting Nixon tape transcripts yesterday and comparing them to the Sestak thing. Well, not comparing them, but playing one after mentioning the other. There was actually no similarity. Probably because Obama was hiding something.

  2. [re=590564]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Wait, is Nixon a crook today, or a decent President who got a bad rap and valiantly saved us from the Red Chinamen by, um, opening diplomatic relations with them?

    It’s so hard to keep track!

  3. And no amount of live Politico cubicle video of Mike Allen blinking weirdly on Morning Joe is going to change that.
    Amen to that. Jesus, he gives me a fright. “HaPPY Friday!” Asshole.

  4. I can’t decide if the guy looks Republican because he looks so gay, or if he looks gay because he looks like a Republican.

  5. [re=590573]Zadig[/re]: Assity did address that — he said, helpfully, that in both cases the cover-up is worse than the crime. From this we can infer that Nixon was a good, honest, decent politician who was lead astray by bad advice (i.e. the second-rate burglary) and then betrayed into the cover-up by that fascist John Dean, who, when the net was closing in on him, implicated everybody else to exonerate himself and look the hero. I’m surprised you didn’t know this, it’s in all the history books.

  6. I suspect there’s a triple-lindy-reverse-Specter in the forecast for this guy. Look how well it worked out for that Alabama congressdude.

  7. When will politicians ever stop playing politics with politics? Only when we have destroyed politics and politicians will our politics be safe again.

  8. [re=590590]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Plus: EPA! That was Nixon, believe it or not. Oh, and his secret plan to end the Vietnam War. Truth to tell he seems like the Green Party candidate compared to the current wingnutters.

  9. I like what John Chait said on TNR, that so far Obama’s been extremely squeeky clean and since the press likes nothing more than a scandal and I guess everybody’s burnt out on the Obama needs to get angrier meme, we have this story. Also, because the press likes sucking Fox’s dick.

    Anyways, if Obama really wants this story and silly stories like this to go away, they need to be a little bit more corrupt. Or, they need to be balls out corrupt in such complicated ways, like, oh, say firing a bunch of attorney generals, that the press couldn’t care less.

  10. Romanoff? Can’t he apply for a job as Czar of Russia? He already has the name recognition for it.

    I’d just advise him to avoid cellars with small groups of heavily armed soldiers.

  11. I fear for the next person who crosses Obama, cause the whole kill them with kindness strategy has clearly failed.

  12. [re=590609]Joshua Norton[/re]: I never would have guessed that Anastasia made her way from strife-torn Russia to bucolic Colorado. Nor that she would have produced such a craven sniveler as this serial grubber.

  13. Hm; as a Pennsylvania resident maybe I should have threatened to get into the Senate primary in order to get myself a cushy government job too. Well, I do believe Casey is up for reelection in 2012, so maybe then.

  14. Maybe it’s just me. I watched an administration fire US attorneys because they refused to trump up charges for crimes that politically benefited the administration. I watched them “out” a CIA agent, I watched them pack the Justice department and the Judiciary with rank incompetents whose only qualifications amounted too “they were good Bushies”. They bankrupted most of the Government and what they didn’t bankrupt they gave away to their campaign contributors and through it all, these oozing puss nuggets called anybody who pointed this behavior out “traitor”.
    So now they think Obama is “selling” political office? Who gives a fuck what they think, they are idiots.
    Ooops, I was supposed to slip some snark in there, sorry.

  15. [re=590603]V572625694[/re]:

    not to mention wage and price controls to try and tame inflation. Why, that rat bastard just didn’t trust the invisible hand to deal with anything.

  16. Okay, to be fair, there is a point buried under these non-scandal scandals: politicians aren’t supposed to give away cushy government appointments as a way of saying “we don’t want you turning this in a contested primary”; they’re supposed to give away cushy government appointments as a way of saying “hey thanks for the massive campaign contributions”. Because that is the ideal upone which America was founded.

  17. Yah. We want to stick with Senator Bennett in our (bucolic) Colorado, because as a previous employee of Anschutz, and recipient of lots of corporate funding, and his ability to be elected (his one previous election was as Treasurer in his Senior High School) we know we won’t have to deal with pesky Progressives like Romanoff, who (OMG) tried to negotiate for a suitable position once he was dealt out.

  18. Ok, not to go off topic but I’ve been cruising hanging about Gawker waiting for a glimpse of Newell, because god forbid I actually do anything at work. Not to criticize, but Good Lord, have you seen the posts over there? A sample headline:

    Suri Cruise has an I-Pad

    Jesus wept. I mean, seriously?

  19. [re=590647]Tommmcatt[/re]: Straight answers aren’t as much fun.

    I tried Gawker yesterday but holy Jeebus it’s so full of retarded celebrity worship. Maybe Newell can straighten it out.

  20. Letting a Romanoff near the levers of power does not seem to be a good idea, if Russian history of the early 20th Century is any kind of guide. Before we go further, though, I want to know how many Fabergé eggs he has.

  21. [re=590643]geminisunmars[/re]: I think that you and I are probably the only people who live in Colorado on this thread, and therefore the only people who are particularly aware of the actual political stances of Bennett and Romanoff. Consequently, his behavior does look very much like that of a petulant child. As a Coloradan who votes intelligently, I was highly critical of the Bennett appointment, and would be very interested in seeing these two fight to the death. However, as a Coloradan who has lived here for his whole life, I really want our state to keep as many Democrat representatives as we can, as when the Republicans manage to get a candidate elected to federal office it is always particularly odious. Like Tancredo, or Marilyn Musgrave. Knowing Colorado, I personally would rather see Romanoff in office, but Bennett is a more plausible election-winner. Of course, Denver always elects dems to the House of Reps, but in a statewide contest? Look at Ken Salazar, he won basically by being just left of the absolute middle of the road.

  22. [re=590768]Clankie[/re]: Well, I suppose I would vote for Bennet only gagging a little, if I had to (meaning he wins the primary), but I don’t think Romanoff is that unelectable in November. He’d win Denver, Boulder for sure (any Dem probably would) but he’d do well in the boonies, because he’s spent lots of time there and really has a base. And it is the rural areas that we have to convince. And I don’t see Bennet garnering much out there. Anyway, hard to be snarky about one’s own neighborhood, eh?

  23. It’s only not hard to be snarky about the democrats in my own neighborhood, because we need them so badly. I just know that at the moment it would seem that an incumbent democrat would have an advantage over a non-incumbent democrat (as is always the case) and a lot of the polling I’ve seen has the Repubs leading over either Bennett or Romanoff, or with Bennett in a very slight lead. Of course, polls in this state have always been notoriously fucked. Really though, either would be better than Norton (gag me) or Buck (Tea Party!!! Yeah!!). On a related note, I am curious about your thoughts re: Hickenlooper/Guv race.

  24. Pols pull this stuff on a daily basis; why are we singling out this Rooskie? He’s a liberal despite the expatriate-flavored name. What’s wrong with wanting to work and being willing to submit to the greater Democratic party good in return for a decent post? I thought that field is “the art of compromise.” otoh, he’s a politician and we can pee on him all we want; being a human urinal is part of that profession.

  25. [re=590862]Clankie[/re]: I think Hick has been pretty good as Denver’s Mayor. It would be hard to smear him from the right with his business man (wynkooop) and oil (geologist) background. My right wing relatives call him “chickenstupid” and are appalled that he’s supported any help-for-homeless measures, so of course I like him even more. He doesn’t appear to be too stupid, and can read books and talk coherently, so he wouldn’t qualify as a Republican. I confess to not having strong feelings one way or t’other about him. On negative side, he brung Bennet to the party, appointing him as his something-or-other before Bennet became school super, so it feels like money/anshutz/enmeshment going on there. What do you think and/or know about him?

  26. [re=590813]geminisunmars[/re]: I’m in Colorado, too. I prefer Romanoff because he is more progressive, but find them both to be electable in different ways. They have differing backgrounds, but are both young, charismatic and attractive(ish). Bennet only comes out on top in the realm of hair: His is so full and thick looking.

  27. This explains what Blago has been doing in his spare time between teevee appearances on shows like The View and Ellen. He’s teaching other politicians to shake down politicians for political offices, favors, and campaign money!

  28. Bush avoided this sort brouhaha by only appointing folks (e.g. Brownie) who weren’t competent enough to have any competing offers.

  29. Andrew only won the state convention nomination by 20 points. He’ll probably do the same on Aug. 10th. Bennet got his job by one vote — Bill Ritter’s, and the state Democratic party has been wobbly ever since. Obama interfering by embracing Bennet won’t help Michael in either the primary or the general. Having money ain’t magic this time around. Just look at all the under-funded Tea Party types who are hip-checking GOP stalwarts into the cheap seats.

  30. Nice hit job on Romanoff, Layne. Are you related to Bennet too? (The editor in chief of The Atlantic is Bennet’s brother. Bennet grew up in DC and is the darling of the East Coast elite. He’s running as an “outsider.”)

    As Speaker of the Colorado House, Romanoff took on TABOR, the rightwing nutz bill that constricts public spending in Colorado — and he was one of the leaders of the effort to bring Democrats back to prominence in Colorado.

    I love Wonkette but most of your readers will only know Romanoff based on this post. While you’re at it, how about mocking the WH for pretending their hints of job offers were merely a follow-up to a job application?

  31. “Are U.S. ambassadors truly the most qualified U.S. experts on their particular country?”

    No. They are usually some big contributer who wanted to be an ambassador. This has been going on at least a century. Somerset Maugham wrote an excellent short story on this theme in the 1920s: “His Excellency” in _Ashenden or the British Secret Agent._

    The current US ambassador to the UK is a Chicago real estate man who gave Obama a butt-load of $$$ early in the campaign. Bush’s ambassador to China was a businessman who had previously pres. of the US Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong. (He spoke pidgin Cantonese and had a HK wife who probably knew some Mandarin.)

  32. I’m in Colorado too and Romanoff really worked hard to repair the f’n mess the repubs had wroght on our state, in a smart bi-partisan manner as minority leader and then as Speaker of the House. He was term limited so got bumped and dumped. Ritter came in with a shit-list a mile long and appearently Andrew was on it. Bennett was angling for the senate appointment for a long time behind the scenes and his appointment over Romanoff was a HUGE surprise, publically as he’s never helpd public office before. Bennett worked for Billionaire Philip Anschutz and then Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, and then was Superintendent of the Denver Public Schools. Basically Romanoff was robbed. Bennett was an early supporter of Hopey and that has paid dividends…but Bennett is fighting for his life because Colorado Dems like me…like Andrew much more because of what he got accomplished in our very purple state. Bennett isn’t bad…but Andrew is really a very good policy wonk and politician.

  33. [re=591118]zoink[/re]: [re=591068]JohnnyL[/re]: [re=591025]Mr. Herpes[/re]: Thanks all you bucolic Rocky Mtn hicks. You said it all.

    [re=590980]Madaloon[/re]: I guess it is all perception. I’d rather run my fingers through Andrew’s dark curly locks, than Michael’s thin mop that looks like it is shellacked a la “There’s Something About Mary”.

    Also, Bennet’s Pa was a big ole Dem. Was an Ambassador and worked, if I recall, for Hubert Humphrey, and I’ve wondered if Obamer didn’t owe someone some favors, and leaned on Ritter to appoint Bennet. Not that I’m complaining, mind you, as that is how that game seems to be played. But thought that might explain Bennet’s jump from school superintendent to Senator. Kind of like what zoink said.

  34. If all Wonkette is going to do with this race is nakedly propagandize for one candidate, maybe it should find something else to write on.

    Romanoff won the caucus. He won the party assembly vote. He stands a damned good chance of winning the primary. And it’s because he has a record of service in Colorado and a progressive platform Colorado Dems back.

    Maybe Bennet is a good candidate, but the way he was appointed and the way he’s triangulated on everything and been afraid to take a stand, we have no way of knowing that.

    Fuck off, Wonkette.

  35. I once found Romanoff to be appealing. But then, as written in the article upon which we are all commenting, he began to seem whiney. (I live in Denver, btw, for what it’s worth.) Ritter’s appointment of

    Bottom line, I believe, is that no matter how motivated and alturistic Romanaoff may (appear to) be, he will not win. Not enough general support, not enough money, not enough buzz. Even if he had all that, I wouldn’t vote for him. I just don’t like the “sore loser” aspect of it.

  36. [re=592653]Archmichael[/re]: With all due respect, Archm, Bennet didn’t win anything (for R to be sore loser about). He wasn’t elected. He was appointed by Ritter. The voters have not yet had a chance to weigh in on this. In fact Bennet hasn’t won a single elected post, not since being High School class treasurer. Romanoff is running without taking corporate money. I like that. But if you prefer the candidate who comes from Anschutz and lots of special interest money, that is certainly your prerogative.

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