WAKE UPSelf-centered alien turd Joe Lieberman is so happy that there’s a Connecticut Senate race not involving him right now! Why? Because now he gets to be back in the spotlight over which candidate he’ll endorse: Richard Blumenthal, who’s a pretty good candidate (aside from his Vietnam bullshitting) as well as a member of the same Democratic party that gives Joe Lieberman power and chairmanships, or Linda McMahon, an entitled rich political-nobody who runs the most disgusting, immoral fake-athletic entertainment scam in America. It’s such a tough decision for Joe, and he wants to tell you how tough this decision is for him, as many times as possible.

Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) said Thursday he’s open to supporting Republican Linda McMahon over Democrat Richard Blumenthal in his state’s Senate race, a move that would land him in hot water with Democrats back home and in Washington.

“I said I’m open,” Lieberman told POLITICO. “Is it theoretically possible? Yes. I probably know Blumenthal better, but I know Linda McMahon — she was on the state board of higher education, and I met with her a couple of times in that capacity. This is the great privilege that voters of Connecticut gave me in 2006 as an independent. Wait and see.”

God, he really can’t get over it! He still is incapable of not reminding the public, sarcastically, about how the Daily Kos and Firedoglake bloggers rode around with Ned Lamont on his bus, in 2006, instead of Joe Lieberman’s bus. And all he did was VERY VERY STRONGLY support the Iraq war, the main/only issue of the 2006 midterm elections!

Asked whether he’s concerned about a backlash from the Democratic Party if he supports McMahon, he said: “I’m just saying I’m not eliminating it as a possibility.” Lieberman said he was undecided on which party’s candidate to support in the Connecticut gubernatorial race as well.

The worst part is that he seems to think that it will help whichever candidates he chooses to endorse.


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  1. Oh, mercy, Joe showed up just in time — that festering ulcer on the ass of the Democratic Party was just starting to heal.

  2. SHUTUPSHTUPSHUTUPSHUTUP you sniveling piece of worm shit. (not you Jim, Lieberman)

    And once again, I say the denizens of Connecticut: thanks a lot, fuckfaces.

  3. “An enormous soliloquy—a lamentation in argumentative and reflective monologue, addressed by an actor of superhuman lung-power to an audience of still more superhuman endurance. It has, throughout, the character of the epideictic—the rhetorical exercise deliberately calculated and consciously accepted as a matter of display.”

  4. Lieberman could be the “ref” in a deathcageskullfuck match between McMahon and Blumenthal, turn a blind eye while The Grey Lady (who used to be Blumental’s BFF, but was lured to McMahon’s darkside by her flaming crabcrotch) sneaks up a near-victorious Blumenthal and brains him with the classic “feed-a-bullshit-story-to-a-lazy-NYT-reporter-and-watch-it-run” move, then turns around just in time as McMahon pins him with the ULTIMATE “what-I-earned-this!” chokeout.

  5. That filthy wrinkled potato sack full of bloody weasel diarrhea, Joe Lieberman, is a — uh, er — filthy wrinkled potato sack full of bloody weasel diarrhea.

  6. I guess you could say he’s wrestling with the decision!


    I guess you could also say he’s a human turnbuckle who thinks he’s Superfly, but that wouldn’t be very fair to turnbuckles.

  7. Well. if McMahon wins and the Dems loose their majority in the Senate, Trader Joe will end up 0’d out by both parties and his office will finally get moved to the mens bathroom off the loading dock at the Hart Building
    Where it’s always belonged.

  8. Would Connecticut *really* vote for Linda McMahon? After foisting the human colostomy bag that is Joe Lieberman on us for so many years? Because if they would *really* vote for Linda McMahon I think we have just cause for a nuclear air strike. I’m just sayin’.

  9. Hey, remember back in 2000 when Joe Lieberman wanted to censor all music, because of Obscenity, For the Children?

    Apparently he doesn’t feel that the whole rapey-mcfakefightey shick that the WWF does isn’t worth protecting children from. Sigh.

  10. I don’t understand what’s wrong with the WWE? It’s one of the five funniest shows on television. I mean, in the past ten years, they have given me Eugene the retarded wrestler AND Muhammad Hassan, the America hating arab wrestler with a smaller arab sidekick who did nothing but scream jibberish. Also, the WWF is an agency to protect wildlife. Distinctions are important. Hell, I’d probably vote for McMahon. Even if she’s running as a Republican, you know she isn’t going to go all Jesus-y on us, as it is clearly all about the money.

  11. OMG!!!!!1!!! Who will Joe endorse!!!?? It’s so exciting, I’m all on tenter-hooks. we need to liveblog this until he announces his decision!

  12. [re=587696]slappypaddy[/re]: He can’t last forever.

    Be wise to-day; ’tis madness to defer;
    Next day the fatal precedent will plead;
    Thus on, till wisdom is push’d out of life.
    Procrastination is the thief of time;
    Year after year it steals, till all are fled,
    And to the mercies of a moment leaves
    The vast concerns of an eternal scene.

  13. [re=587695]assistant/atlas[/re]: Don’t hate all us Nutmeggers. I promise we won’t elect Lieberdouche again. I really don’t think he’s got a prayer. CT hasn’t sent a Repub to the Senate since Lowell Weicker in 1982, who was more liberal than Lieberman in every way. The Repubs hated him and Repub heavyhitters drove him out of office by boosting Lieberdouche for Senate in 1988, who won by a tiny margin with heavy Repub support, strangely enough. The Douche owes the Repubs bigtime for becoming a senator in the first place, and he’s paying them back now. I’m certain he’s going to run as a Repub in 2012, if he runs at all.

    I think Ned Lamont might have won if he wasn’t from Greenwich. That leaves a bitter taste in most of the rest of the state, and let me tell you, there are people who regret their vote a lot.

    I’m calling The Douche’s office on Tuesday and begging him to endorse McMahon; I’ll probably just get hung up on. But he’d be a fucking asshole to try to lose the Dems a seat, as others have pointed out. Could he be self-aware enough to know his endorsement is a bad thing? Nah.

  14. Whoever he decides to endorse will be surprised about the middle of October when he unendorses them, just cause that’s how Joe rolls.

  15. Wait, what’s wrong with Greenwich? Just out of curiosity, as that is where my family is originally from, although the entire family moved out here to Colorado before my time, in the early 70s, I still have a bunch of second and third degree relatives living out there. I always thought it was a rather lovely town. Of course, I also haven’t been there for around fifteen years. Also, personally I will not be distraught in the least if Linda McMahon wins this one, as that would up the ridiculous-ness of the Senate by a substantial percent, and I doubt she would be as bad a senator as most of the Republicans with “serious political backgrounds”.

  16. [re=587694]trondant[/re]: The douchebag should have had the tattoo straddle both cheeks. Then by tightening and relaxing his butthole, Palin could actually wink at everyone, making it much more realistic, you betcha!

  17. Hey Joe remember before Katrina when you brought Bush-appointed FEMA executives before you, and had evidence of rampant fraud on the part of Florida counties that had sustained no hurricane damage but were still getting federal disaster money for things like “funeral expenses?” Remember those days when in your role as co-chair of the Senate Subcommittee overseeing FEMA you promised in your sternest voice to get to the bottom of things? And hey, remember how none of that went anywhere?Oh yeah and then Katrina happened and the misuse of government resources was a jillion times worse plus criminal incompetence was added into the mix? And how you didn’t really do anything to anybody then either?

    Yeah I don’t remember that stuff too well either these days, but all I can say is “good times…good times…”

  18. You give him too little credit Jim. In addition to the bus Joe is also peeved at Firedog Lake for giving him the blackface in 2006.

  19. [re=587694]trondant[/re]:[re=587808]rastignac[/re]: That hideous tat is a new addition to scare off Teh Gayz from Sarge’s ass. Bet it works real good.

  20. For some reason the Senate Democratic leadership enables Joe by letting him keep his seniority. What does Joe have on Harry Reid? (That’s meant to be a straight line.)

  21. The hideous part is, he speaks as if it’s a choice between two positives, like “shall I have the veal parmigian or the pasta pesto?” or “shall we vacation in Greece or Tahiti?” instead of a choice between two self-serving, disingenious, totally scruple free political lightweights, either one of which will inevitably bring further embarrassment and shame to the once respectable state of Connecticut.
    I’m going with McMahon. At least she’ll be funnier than Blumenthal.

  22. What dooooo yoooou call a shanker, attached to a roid,
    attached to a carbuckle, attached to an alien turd,
    that gets transferred to the neighbors dog’s ass from lip contact?
    An aristocrat or Joe Leiberman?

  23. Lieberman seems to be suffering from advanced narcissism. There are a lot of politicians who suffer from it, and one of the things that shows it is the revenge and the hissy fit.

    Clarence Thomas is willing to go to far, far, far, far, far, faaaaaaaaar right just because he’s still mad about his confirmation process, because it was all about him. He’s quite prepared to keep letting people get tortured to death, too, until he gets an apology, and then he still won’t forgive them, because his feelings are hurt. Lieberman’s feelings are hurt. It was all about him. Don’t those idiots know that he’s the VP candidate? Don’t they know how important, wise, good, he is? They are not apologizing enough, and now he’s going to keep going far, far, far, far to the right or left or anywhere he can until every single person who wronged him apologizes, personally, and then he still won’t accept the apology, because he’s mad.

    CT needed to give him a miss in the general election. It was the only shot.

  24. [re=587795]Clankie[/re]: Greenwich is a very beautiful town, the thing that wrong with some (many?) of the people in Greenwich is that they’re jillionaires and they have a fuck-you-I’ve-got-mine attitude. Which is definitely true of some of them, not all. I have no idea if Greenwich was prohibitively expensive in the 70s like it is now, probably not, because I know most of Connecticut wasn’t.

    Greenwich isn’t as bad as say, New Canaan, which is as rich and gorgeous and was always, and probably is, still very very segregated – no Jews or blacks need apply. Fun fact: Anne Coulter is from there, and Glenn Beck lives there.

    But the perception of Lamont as an unknown rich guy from Greenwich who was just buying his way into the Senate was real, and hurt him. The ugly truth about CT, which is a very pretty state with a liberal bent, is that it’s very segregated by money, and there are very very rich towns and very very poor cities; Bridgeport and Hartford are heartbreakingly poor. The infant mortality rate in Hartford is a crime. Schools are funded mostly by local taxes so… just sucks.

    Remember too, in 2006, The Douche wasn’t as big a douche. This was before the 2008 campaign where he went Full Douche. Everyone knows, you never go Full Douche. He will not get re-elected; I’m not sure he’ll run. Only Republicans and illiterate Dems think he’s worth more than spit.

  25. Hey Joe, looks like the Geritol enema isn’t working. A little Preparation H and some Demo-publican butt kissing might do the job.

  26. [re=587838]answerbird[/re]: Or, in Latin, “eat shit and die” is “Ede Cacam et Morer.” Which was on my high school stage crew t-shirt.

  27. [re=587867]Geogre[/re]: Good point. The general theme of a lot of senatorial offices is, “How dare you question me?” It comes from the long-time employees as well as the senators themselves. You should have heard the tongue-lashing I got from a staffer in Sen. Judiciary-Committee Specter’s office when I called to ask why he wasn’t questioning the Bush Administration when they pulled out the long knives on the Justice Department. They gave me no reason why he supported the decision. It was just fifteen minutes of, “Who are YOU to question anything Specter or the President does?” Uhh … a constituent?

    I’d guess if she manages to make it back to Washington, Blanche Lincoln will spend the next six years giving the citizens of Arkansas the finger, as if she isn’t screwing them enough already. She’ll be just like Droopy Drawers and spend ALL her time working for lobbyists and transferring their money to her Cayman’s account.

  28. [re=587789]chascates[/re]: Liebermann is going Perot!?

    I want to see him on Election Nite with Hadassah, dancing to a klezmer take on “Crazy” (Patsy Cline), then.

  29. [re=587910]Jukesgrrl[/re]: Let’s assume that a normal person does not run for office.

    Ok, so what does it take to turn a normal person into a candidate, and a candidate into a politician? Well, big ideals, sure. Paul Wellstone was the last I know of (wasn’t Kucinich already in office? I know Sanders was)… although perhaps some of the crazies now… have that. However, it usually takes something more, some inner wellspring of self-regard that might be a burning tire fire of self-love.

    Once a politician becomes a politician, she or he is like a rock star: surrounded by an entourage (called a “staff,” but the function is the same) whose sole cause is to spend the day saying, “You’re the best! You’re the best! Really: it’s all about you.” Even a sane person can only withstand so much of that before saying, “Oh, you know what? It is. It is all about me.”

    Add in a predilection for it and years of incumbency, and we’re in Noam Chomsky’s hypothesis that the enemy of a democratic government is the electorate.

  30. [re=587922]Geogre[/re]: You’re right. What’s the answer, term limits? Probably, but it’ll never happen. I think it only happens when the legislature can vote on someone else’s term limits, like a governor’s, or a president’s, or a mayor’s. I don’t know of any term limits for a state legislature. Are there? And if so, how’d people get it to happen?

    There are some other reps I like, like Rush Holt (my mom’s rep), supposedly the most liberal rep in Congress, but with term limits a decent pol could run for another office and win. But how in the world could we possibly get term limits in the legislature? Sure I’m a pessimist, I’m a liberal, but I don’t see how it can be done. Congress will not even discuss it seriously. Congressmen and women are people who could never get that kind of power and press and prestige without holding office. They won’t go easily; Mccain is sacrificing his soul in order to hold on to all of that. How it’s worth your very soul, I don’t know.

    I once weighed in on a site where people were bemoaning Obama’s arrogance. I pointed out that all pols are arrogant, and that to a degree, they have to be to withstand the grind of a campaign, and the horrible things that are said about them by millions of people. You have to be arrogant to stand up in front of the entire country and say, “I’m great enough to be president of 300+ million people.” Or deluded. But everyone’s arrogant about something; hell, I’m arrogant about being a liberal. Doesn’t mean you have to be a complete dickwad. It takes a special person like Wellstone to put it together right. I don’t know how to keep most of them sane once in office besides term limits. Of course, the other side of that is that is it gives the really crazy ones license to go Full Douche in their last term, if they’re not going to run for another office. Imagine Lieberdouche if he knew he was not even eligible for re-election.

  31. [re=587961]Katydid[/re]: Lieberdouche would be a… a… Jim Bunning?

    I was thinking about this question, while my dog was doing its Limbaugh last night, and I suppose the only thing is having a group surrounding the pol loyal to the idea, not the person. The few who seemed to not be too bad did that. Brains help, too, but introspection helps the most. The difference between the arrogant and the narcissist is introspection. Johnson, and Kennedy, were assholes, but they thought about their own shortcomings. Even Nixon did, for a while. Dubya, though, hasn’t lost any sleep over it.

    So, introspection, “staff” dedicated to the ideals not the person, and intelligence…. That’s about it, because term limits aren’t the answer at all, even if they were possible.

    I worked for Edwards’s campaign for Senate the first time, and for Harvey Gantt, too. Harvey was introspective and smart and not a narcissist. Edwards, we knew, had a secondary love affair with himself going on, but he really did surround himself with a staff dedicated to working against poverty.

    We get these folks, though, who have never farted in their lives, because it’s always a spontaneous eructation of methane from their enemies or the haters of freedom, and we’re flippin’ doomed. Good theater, though.

  32. [re=587963]Geogre[/re]: Wow, I haven’t thought about Harvey Gantt in a long time. I lived in SC when he ran for Senate the first time. I so much wanted him to win, esp. since he was running against that pigfucker Jesse Helms. Helms is one of those creatures who you just can’t say enough bad things about. This is a brief rundown about the “white hands ad”, and other assorted vicious campaigns that Helms ran. Gantt had outstanding qualifications. Helms, as usual, fought a disgusting race; must have been tough to live through it. Did you ever meet him?

    I’m curious: why are you so against term limits? I agree with your assessment of what’s needed. I just don’t see a way for the electorate to have any kind of a say in making those things happen. What’s to ensure that staffers who possess those qualities will thrive, when there will be so many staffers who want to get ahead by sucking up and destroying the really good ones?

    The only real way that I can see for any decent change in this country is to have an informed electorate, but with the establishment press getting worse every day, and Fox dominating so much, the new media is devolving fast. Sorry to be so pessimistic, but it’s just one big corporate clusterfuck, and Congress is now a corporation too, and the voters are no longer the owners.

  33. Hope? Public funding of campaigns with complete limits on spending else. Limiting the campaign season to … oh … we’re America, so 3 months for primaries, 3 months for general elections. Free television advertising for campaigns, but no political ads otherwise, except from midnight to 3:00 AM.

    Otherwise, the Gantt campaign taught me something important. The Congressional Club (Helms’s slime machine) did a bunch of illegal stuff. One cute thing they did was to send out postcards warning people that any errors in voter registration forms would mean going to prison. These postcards were mysteriously sent out only to heavily Democratic districts, heavily African-American areas. Courts found them guilty of violating election law, but, of course, the election was over by then, and their guy had won, and so they could pay the fine. The “mysterious” power outage at Gantt’s headquarters the day before the election was also fun. Again, “convict us!”

    The same thing has happened again and again, and so election violations need to result in re-run elections, if they reach a bar where the courts determine significant voter suppression.

    Other than that, the pols themselves are going to remain prima donnas. I don’t want term limits because that’s a blanket solution, and blanket solutions are generalizations. We don’t want expertise walking out the door, but we do want cronyism walking out. We want to get rid of corruption, but we don’t want people insulated from mob mood swings. I.e. I find nothing inherently bad or good about long terms in office; the bad or the good comes with the politician in question.

  34. [re=587984]Geogre[/re]: Again, I have to say you’re right. Do you think Gantt might have had a real chance if Helms hadn’t played dirty? I seem to remember that Gantt was doing much better in the polls than he wound up doing in the election, but it was a long time ago. I also seem to remember that I thought he had a real chance. Did he?

    Do you honestly have any hope of getting public funding of elections? How in the world would the electorate be able to force Congress to do that? You seem to have thought all of this out so much better than I have.

  35. In grade school, where all these questions were decided, we had some great moral discussions about right and wrong and the ‘merkan way. Some held to wrasslin’ as a great sport, whereas others believe in boxing because it was not choreographed, and only the ending was fixed.

    We looked up to sports heros in those days. Just not very high up.

  36. [re=587961]Katydid[/re]: Bit late of a reply, but California has had term limits for our state legislature for some time now, and it has contributed, IMO, to the massive dysfunction of the state government.

    Cali is a big state, with a very large and complicated government bureaucracy, and a whole lotta lobbyists. Think about any time you started a whole new type of job in a new setting — it takes months or years, depending on the complexity of the job, to really understand what’s going on. Same for our legislators, complicated by the fact that not all of them are exactly primo intellectual material. So what happens is the legislators’ staffs hook up with the lobbyists who are appropriate to the legislators’ committee assignments, or whatever, and the lobbyists — who do understand stuff because (a) they’re mostly quite smart and (b) they don’t have term limits — ‘splain to the staffs what the legi should do.

    Plus, on average, about a third of the legislators are in their last term at any given time, and are therefore empowered to say “fuck you” to their erstwhile constituents.

  37. [re=588169]Enslave the Whales[/re]: I’m glad I checked this thread again. Thanks for the response. So term limits doesn’t work.

    Regarding the lobbyists, what makes me insane is when the politicians whine, “but the lobbyists are descending on Capitol Hill…” Like they can’t do anything about it, and we can. Lobbyists writing legislation makes me crazy.

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