You can just see how excited CNN was to do this, to celebrate the Journalistic Scoop of a 103-year-old black lady still driving her car with hip-hop rap lyrics, about driving cars! But then that rap song included the word “nigga,” so CNN’s fluff story about a nice old lady driving a car somehow managed to be one in which they call an old black person the n-word. [YouTube]

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  1. Pfft, everyone knows 103 year-old black ladies listen to Pharcyde when they are out driving:

    Please, don’t pull me over Mr. Officer, don’t pull me over Mr. Officer, please

  2. CNN please!

    There are two types of network news, there’s regular network news and there’s CNN. CNN gives all network news a bad name.

  3. Best fucking CNN ever. Don’t they know that it’s the honky grandma that b trippin’? Did you know that the gay porn about Levi Johnston has a cameo from Nailin’ Palin’s titular star?

  4. [re=586127]AbstinenceOnly Ed[/re]: NWA: NSFW OR LOLZ? CNN BRB W 411…TTFN BFF!

    [re=586144]smitallica[/re]: [re=586160]Radiotherapy[/re]: Ha ha! But really, any 103-year-old bitch just cold flossin’ a cherry Hooptyround like that is the very definition of “the shit”.

    O.O.G.* is literally ghostridin’ the whip! RESPECT.

    *(“Original Owner Grandma”)

    [re=586156]stew[/re]: She’s been doing blunts for so long, she remembers when they used to call ’em “sharps”.

  5. “I thought you liked rap music. ”

    “I did, but that was before I realized it had words.”

    “Wait a minute, you didn’t know rap had words? Why did you think it was called rap? ”

    “I thought it was because of the rhythm. You know, rap-rap, rappity-tap. “

  6. [re=586174]Extemporanus[/re]: If those space-age, robot-controlled scooters are in the HCB, can we call them ObamaCarts?
    And was grandma in a Union that gave her Cadillac Health Care? Shit, OOG.

  7. [re=586156]stew[/re]: Ah so that’s why they called her Miss Flamer. Wait, is that actually her name?

    I like how the white bitch tries to get all hippity – since that’s how all black people talk…

  8. [re=586170]TexanMary[/re]: Word.
    Those are some seriously jacked up brows. She needs to throw some gang signs with that shit.

  9. “We’re working very hard to make up for it” is code for “We are scourging the control room tech who pushed the wrong button, and preparing him for crucifixion.”

  10. Wonder who complained. It’s hard to keep track. There’s a huge monument to the Confederacy maybe 15 min from CNN that creeped me out every time I drove by and I’m so white Hubble keeps pointing toward me.

  11. Um…. at least they didn’t use the Thong Song? Or something?

    I’m white so it’s very difficult for me to make rap jokes that don’t involve Vanilla Ice.

  12. [re=586147]Extemporanus[/re]: Very well done, sir!

    I got bitches in the newsroom ’bout to go on
    But the news cycle don’t start ’til six in the morn.

    I’ll be rolling useless clips, payin’ no attention
    Sippin’ on Diet Coke…

    Say what?

  13. [re=586248]Jim89048[/re]: Exactly. And the lady still has her Cadillac and looks spry enough to dance on Ronnie’s grave. There IS something like justice in this pathetic country.

  14. Or just play music that offends or satirizes the subject of the piece every time. Obviously blacks get hip-hop w/ lots of nigga and ho. If it’s white folks, play Lawrence Welk polkas. Asians get the ‘Siamese Cat’ song regardless of origin while Islamic types get the ‘Snake Charmer’ song (doubly offensive as written by a Jew). When covering Israel just play Wagner.

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