Here is Les Phillip, Republican congressional candidate from Alabama. He criticizes Barack Obama for befriending all sorts of terrorists instead of joining the Navy, like Les Phillip did. Phillip says he will stop Obama from destroying America, “and they’re not gonna call me a racist.” (Hilariously, he takes off his glasses while saying this, as if to reveal his race for the first time.)

Anyway, that sounds like a challenge. Les Phillip is racist. Les Phillip hates black people and thinks they are inferior to white people. Why does racist Les Phillip think that white skin is better than black skin? Has Les Phillip ever met a black person in his life? How many Klan meetings did Les Phillip attend last night to express his absolute, furious hatred of people with black skin?

[Andrew Sullivan]

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  1. “One fell in with left-wing radicals, the other immigrated (sic) to America.”

    You’re confusing the Birthers.

  2. The Republican Party is currently full up on its quota of black folk as members. When they kick Michael Steele out, they will have a vacancy and this guy can apply. Until then – back of the bus you go!!!

  3. I’m sure the Republican Party will get behind a black man running for Alabama’s 5th District any day now, so long as he’s willing to wait his turn behind the white guy who was a fucking Democrat this time last year.

  4. Who is the black guy on The Boondocks again? The guy that hates blacks? I forget his name. And does this man know Geezer Master Beaver?

  5. Nobody’s going to call him a racist because he’s black? Okay, so he’s asking for special treatment because of his race — got it.

  6. Ruh-roh: Al-5 is where the relatively few edumacated people in Alabama live, plus a few Yankees, although as recent
    events at U-A Huntsville demonstrate conclusively, they still love guns and hate liberals. This guy might hit the sweet spot between white guilt and black solidarity.

  7. He comes across as quite the angry black man. Hasn’t he learned that calling other people “racist-callers” is ITSELF racism?

  8. [re=584183]germansteel[/re]: Tut tut, my good man/woman. There’s still Ken Blackwell (dumb ass from OH), Ron Christie (Cheney’s black butt boy with a really annoying lazy eye who goes on MSNBC as the token black R) & Clarence Thomas (who did manage to bag the ugliest white woman walking the face of the earth). Alan Keyes is always implied in these types of posts.

  9. We don’t have to call you a racist. We’ll just call you an ignorant sell-out, an Uncle Tom, an MC Steele wannabe, a run-of-the-mill grifter, or even better

  10. [re=584202]V572625694[/re]: Goddamn html and bad linky. I was talking about the faculty shooting at University of al-Abama Huntsville back in February.

  11. Les Phillips talks about his Navy Experience:

    The rectum and the vaginal canal is where the majority of the drug would likely be taken up, through the membranes lining its walls. This method is often known within methamphetamine communities as a “butt rocket”, “potato thumping”, “turkey basting”, a “booty bump”, “keistering”, “plugging”, “shafting”, “bumming” and “shelving” (vaginal).

    I’m Les Phillips. And I approve this message. In the Navyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy . . . . . .

  12. Meh… he’s running a distant third in the Repub primary. If you’re going to post about Alabama crazies, at least stick to the ones who stand a shot at getting the nomination.

  13. If he’s courting repubs, he really shouldn’t have a book on his lap. Unless it’s held up at such an angle that we can all see it’s The Good Book.

  14. He is a racist. He is also a dipshit.

    [re=584213]Neilist[/re]: It’s also referred to as a torpedo. Which is appropriately nautical.

  15. Voice needs moar gravitas…His commercial is corny! This won’t work with the draft-dodging Repub leadership (Cheney et al) at all! Um, Obama took an oath to protect the country, too Doofuh (even though Roberts tried to mess him up!)

    Day late and dollah short dude: Steele has spent all the novelty capital of the Black sell-out.

    @Snarkalicious: You mean he has a gay daughter, too?

    @ Troubledog: Uncle Ruckus!

  16. Wo. Eben de black fokes hates Obamer. Glory be. I’d best be re-pondering the last nine y’ars acause I allus thot it was some stoopid white man and his stoopid white friends that crapped all over the country. My eyes are open now.

  17. Alabama, Louisiana, South Carolina, Tennessee just this afternoon. I’d say Wonkette has a little CSA fetish going on.

  18. I just hadda check his site out. In the campaign pics, a sea of blotchy white faces so european that they couldn’t tan to save themselves. And with the exception of what appear to be his daughters and a couple of friends/relatives/shipmates, not one soul of african descent. Running as a repuke must get awfully lonely for this guy.

  19. LOL@ “I took an oath to protect America from enemies both foreign and domestic.” You know who else took that oath, Les?

  20. I will only agree that he is not a racist if he announces that he worships White Jesus and not Black Muslim Jesus like Obama, who is known to hate white people.

  21. He’s right. He isn’t a racist. He’s an Uncle Tom. Seriously–Isn’t it time the black community bring back this term? Has it ever been more apropos than with teabaggers and Michael Steele?

  22. [re=584204]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: And OK’s own J.C. Watt (or Watts? I always forget how many of them there are.) He still gets the occasional teevee gig when the cross-eyed guy isn’t available. Though I can’t imagine what could keep his busy.

  23. [re=584280]DustBowlBlues[/re]:

    “Uncle Tom” is so negative. Can’t he be “Uncle Ben”?

    I grew up with that rice. Until I got old enough to realize that it was tasteless asbestos millings fit only for feeding to The Dar . . .


    Never mind.

    Neilist “Trip” Neilist
    Inbreeding for Centuries
    Memory Lane, Confederateville

  24. OT: Big Breitbart now requires registration and will be “moderated.” This means some sad sack college freshman who will never be spontaneously kissed in this lifetime will be spending 12 hrs per day “monitoring” comments for the promise of some drink tickets and sandwich coupons. Breitbart was very much hoping to avoid this unnecessary expense, but bad apples had to ruin it all. I noticed today some pointed comments about the West Memphis cop killings, which were subsequently deleted by administrators, and within a few hours the new policy was being enforced. How conveeeeenient. Trucknutz wins the evening.

  25. [re=584205]majcmb[/re]: “We don’t have to call you a racist. We’ll just call you an ignorant sell-out, an Uncle Tom, an MC Steele wannabe, a run-of-the-mill grifter, or even better.”

    Words right out of my mouth. And one more word — ignoble.

  26. Well, he is originally from Trinidad and immigrants who become naturalized citizens can be conservative as heck (until GOP state legislatures set them straight by trying to put them in their place).

  27. [re=584196]rocktonsammy[/re]: He’s probably more likely to hit the Alabama state lottery than to find a black woman to back up his Uncle Tom-ass Alan Keyes/Clarence Thomas wonder twins impression.

  28. [re=584257]problemwithcaring[/re]: “I took an oath to protect America from enemies both foreign and domestic.” You know who else took that oath, Les?

    I give up. Was it Hitler or Obama?

  29. My dear old departed Uncle Tom gave me some wise words to live by:
    Les, Uncle Tom drawled.. If your black get back, but if your brown, hang around.

  30. He’s right, though. Certainly when Poppy propped up an incompetent Judas goat for the Supremes, nobody ever criticized Uncle Thomas because he played a southern plantation baron in blackface. Works every time.

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