David Vitter is furiously twatting about how he gave the GOP national radio address this weekend and how everyone covered it and how everyone should watch and listen to him talk about the oil spill all the time. Here is what he said, by the way, in his address: “‘That’s why it’s so frustrating to many Louisianans that while the crisis actually continues in the Gulf – while we’re still fighting to contain the well – Washington Democratic Committee Chairmen have rushed to create media events for television cameras instead of devoting full attention to stopping the immediate problem,’ Vitter said.” Yeah, those shameless Washington Democratic Committee Chairmen! David Vitter would never talk to the media during such a crisis. [Twitter, The Hill]

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  1. [re=584001]norbizness[/re]: Oh well it Depends on what you meant by that. Also, Senator Vitter could contribute hid super absorbent diddies to the cleanup effort.

  2. I think it just speaks to the intelligence and professionalism of Vitter’s staff to allow him within fifty feet of anything that can be/has been conjugated as ‘Twatting’.

  3. Hey when someone in a diaper cries this much it must mean it is time to change it. Although, I support changing the politician instead.

    [re=584019]Katydid[/re]: Ah yes we are the Pampered liberal elite.

  4. The BPocalypse has prompted a number of generally useless Louisiana politicians (eg Governor Piyush “Eddie Haskell” Jindal) to grow a spine and attempt to show a bit of leadership. (They’re used to being butt-raped by Big Oil, but the added donkey-punches and mutilation has finally awakened their fight-or-flight instinct.) Vitter, however, continues to be the same used diaper as always.

  5. “while we’re still fighting to contain the well”

    Well I’m glad someone is. I’m surprised he had time for a radio address since he’s been working so hard to contain the well. You know what they say, if all you got is diapers, everything looks like a hooker. or something like that.

  6. I’m sure some smart person has explained this somewhere, but I’ve been curious – can’t they cut off the oil at the source? Can they shut down the pipeline where it starts (Canada?,) rather than where it comes out? If so, why didn’t they do that a month ago?

  7. I can remember a photo op with the then president George W during the flooding of New Orleans with a line of gleaming Coast Guard helicopters behind him, while there were still people clinging to their roofs. I marveled at how the “liberal” media didn’t pick up on that one. Maybe they were waiting for a fresh shipment of huggies?

  8. I’m pretty sure he is just talking about the way he found to get the stain out of the sheets after his last whore dropped the lube, saving him from being charged by the rent by the hour motel for new sheets.

  9. I love you Wonkette, you make my job of pointing out the rampant and idiotic wingnut hypocrisy so easy. Yes, let’s link to our stupid diaper video all over the web as proof that diaperman david vitter is opposed to these damn democrats using the media for a partisan agenda. I know it’s just restating the topic, but I had to make fun of the diaperman for being a manly man who wears diapers. Oh and his diapers are sagging with poop right now, also.

  10. David Vitter kind of looks like Bill Paxton playing a deviant Southern wingnut Senator who buys prostitutes, has them put him in diapers and shove instruments up his rectum. After that foreplay the changing begins because the diaper is VERY saggy and diaperman Dave (or Bill Paxton) is crying and begging for a powdering. Keep this guy at least 100 miles away from babies…he’s likely to get jealous, strangle them and jack their diapers. Did I mention he poops in his diapers? Disgusting!

    That’s how the media should report any story starring the diaperman; some shit literally cannot be wiped away.

  11. Is he lending the clean up crews a couple packages of his personal Man/Baby diapers to help sop up the oil? Jesus Christ, how is this pervert still in Congress? I know! I know, stupid question….

  12. So Mr. Vitter is pesimistic about the oil spill, but optomistic about the political chatter. I guess that Depends on whether the Whore House in New Orleans is getting greased with some Light Sweet Louisiana Crude. Come on Senator, Man up and donate your diapers for the effort, we can get more shipped in before the next Senatorial Break.

  13. [Vitter]gave the GOP national radio address this weekend….

    Are Wonketeers the only people who think Vitter’s diaper fetish makes him so hilarious that he is disqualified from speaking seriously about anything? The GOP is like the Catholic Church: “Kinky shenanigans? So? What’s wrong with that?”

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