One of the funnier ladies in America is Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, who just signs whatever racist pieces of paper the nearby wingnuts put on her desk and then says weird nonsense about them in front of teevee cameras. Here is her latest campaign ad defending the very racist racism law she recently signed, the one ordering Mexicans to die.

Brewer’s campaign ponied up for a singing frog hand-puppet to sing about how Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano haven’t even read the racist law that just went into place in racist Arizona. The frog’s voice is like Kermit’s, but more “lung cancer.”

It is a beautiful song, perhaps the most beautiful. Lyrics by John McCain on an Ambien rampage.

[Think Progress]

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  1. The whole “reread every single word of the racist law, at least three times, before you criticize it” attack the racists have been making against those of us who are against racism now is so silly. Most of these Republicans are the same people who screamed against the “socialist” health reform bill, and I’m pretty sure almost none of them read every word before decrying it.

  2. When people thought the Confederacy would rise again they didn’t realize it would rize in the Southwest. And so far as reading the bill, “You don’t need a weather man. To know which way the wind blows.” And it doesn’t just blow, it sucks.

  3. The frog is currently working on his next video, which is a lecture to NOAA officials on the proper use of a blowout preventer.

  4. This is great news… for JD Hayworth. I will literally laugh until I cry if he wins that primary.

    I’m not ‘trying to boycott’ a fucking thing. I’m taking the long way to Vegas next time I drive, and fuck your iced tea.

  5. Like a lot of us with stupid wignut relatives, Kermit just shakes his head and shrugs his shoulders whenever this guy goes off on his Mexican-hating, dumbass rants.

    Also, the angry old man ranting from this morning is one of the related videos!

  6. Hey…I have a great idea. I make a puppet show using puppets of Jews singing, “you don’t have to read Mien Kampf to know that it’s evil…la la la”

  7. I have a “reasonable suspicion” that the frog could be an invasive species; this gives me probable cause to request his documentation, detain him, charge him with DWA (driving while amphibious), and summarily deport his cloaca back to LA where he will live in an oily pond.

  8. The funny thing about the wingnuts supporting this bill is that, even while they claim that none of their critics have read the bill, they’re unable to actually articulate what the bill does or why it’s supposed to be an improvement over existing law.

    Seriously, try it sometime. The next time someone says, “well, it’s not going to amount to racial profiling, it just lets cops check ID during traffic stops or when they’re suspected of committing crimes”, point out that that stuff’s already covered by existing law, and ask if they can think of one example where it a) isn’t racial profiling, but b) isn’t a massive waste of time and political capital that just retreads things that police are already allowed to do. Then, just proceed to watch wingnut heads aspload. I mean, if they don’t just pretend you didn’t ask them a question in the first place.

  9. [re=584008]SlouchingTowardsWasilla[/re]: Brewer is a goddammed originalist; she doesn’t believe in the Bill of Rights. I mean she really doesn’t believe in it. Like doesn’t believe it exists.

  10. [re=583990]subo[/re]: “…fuck your iced tea.” FYI: that tea is actually made in NY & they are pissed that people are boycotting their non-racist tea.

  11. Decades ago when I was waiting in line to see The Last Temptation of Christ, there were Christian extremists picketing outside. When I asked them if they had actually, you know, seen the movie, they said “I don’t need to drink poison to know that it will kill me.”

  12. [re=584033]mumblyjoe[/re]: Yesterday, I watched with horror, as Brit Hume tried to justify the Arizona “No Beaners Allowed” law by claiming that the INS already has the authority to check anyone for documentation with no reasonable suspicion.
    Really, Brit? When was the last time an Immigration officer pulled you over and checked to see if you are in the country legally?
    And you really want to compare a Federal official that works on immigration issues to Sheriff Joe Arpaio?

  13. This is the type of thinking you get when your (sadly MY) governor has a GED…. Why couldn’t she try and use something like a Gila Monster, Lizard, mountain lion, or hell even a Jackalope. Epic fail supporting NATIVE species…. (well, I do know she couldn’t use a coyote, since those are the animals that bring in all those illegals)

  14. This may be the first GOP anything that encourages reading beyond the Snowbilly’s opus, Mallard Fillmore or those Chicken Soup for the Soul books.

  15. [re=583969]JMP[/re]: Yeah, just like we don’t know the Constitution, the Bible, or why that forwarded email about the watermelon patch on the White House lawn was just for funsies.

  16. Actually, the frog has a point: you should read the bill.

    Because it’s a lot worse than reported. For example, it lists the types of i.d.’s that give someone the presumption of being a legal resident of the US. For out-of-staters, like me, my driver’s license isn’t good enough. if I travel to Arizona, I need to bring my passport.

    It also makes it a crime to hire someone as a day laborer from the Home Depot parking lot.

    And last, the provision about racial profiling is laughable. The bill says that race cannot be considered “except to the extent permitted by the United States or Arizona constitution.” Isn’t that saying that race can be used to the limits of the US Constitution?

    So, yeah, read the law. And then shake your head like the damn frog.

  17. [re=584052]GOPCrusher[/re]: The INS doesn’t exist anymore. ICE/CPB don’t have to have suspicion to request a passport at the border/customs because that’s their job and borders are considered a special category. Outside of the special exemption for border crossings/customs, though, related to national sovereignty, Hume is full of shit – as per normal.

  18. Give me links lots of links give me shiny links of steel
    Please fence us in
    Build a wall through this broad paranoia that we feel
    Just fence us in

  19. [re=583969]JMP[/re]: Interesting point. The other question I would ask wingnuts is if they read the Arizona racist poop rag themselves or if they got it as a book on tape narrated by heavily medicated Rush Limbaugh since most wingnuts cannot…read.

  20. Ah, the smell of political wingnuttery in the morn’. These people are like a cross between the young & the restless and the body snatching poddies. Every time one of them opens their mouth all we hear is an high pitched screech followed by some third party sex “associate” scurrying from their closet /bathroom stall/ trail (= Argentina)/ convention (= Prostitutes).

    As if that isn’t bizarro enough, these freaks of humanoid devolution are now assaulting the animal kingdom. Is there nothing but demon sheep and accursed frogs in Az? What next,a mad cow jingle?

    Where is PETA?

  21. We vote for idiots who dont bother reading issues before they take a stance on them. Who is more stupid??? Them, or us for voting for them?

  22. Way to go Jan!! Letsroll says these idiots dont read anything before voting on them. Do you read all the issues before voting a candidate in? (NOT) U bunch of sheep! follow and bitch , its only 10 pages long have you assholes read it? NO its easier to bitch about it. Heres an Idea why dont you invite an illegal into your house and help them get thier papers. Com on help these poor illegals out.

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