Sarah Palin flew to Idaho overnight to campaign for a congressional candidate who thinks Puerto Rico is a state — of the United States, not of Mexico, which it is — when she lost her luggage. The professional snowbilly grifter never wears adult clothes on planes, of course, so she had to “borrow” dress clothes from someone who is now never going to see those clothes again.

BOISE — Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s rally to energize Idaho voters and raise money for Republican congressional hopeful Vaughn Ward was delayed after her luggage got lost in transit.

Ward introduced Palin on Friday and said and her family arrived on time in Boise, but unfortunately their bags did not and the rally started about 30 minutes late.

When Palin took the podium, she addressed the setback in a tie-dyed blue top and a knee-length black skirt.

“We flew through the night and this morning my luggage didn’t arrive. So about an hour ago, I was sitting backstage in sweats and tennis shoes and man, this is just so me. I’m in borrowed clothes, again… I appreciate the borrowed clothes though, this is nice,” said Palin.

So she flew overnight… but her luggage was on a separate private luxury airplane due to arrive in the morning… and then that plane was shot down by the Taliban and liberals/hackers somewhere over Wyoming, while they were making fun of Trig, got it. Why doesn’t she just walk out dressed like an unemployed slob at all of her events, if she thinks people enjoy hearing about how she dresses like an unemployed slob who can’t keep track of her luggage on her private flights? Really, why not?


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  1. an alert secret service agent wrestled the suitcase to the ground, and it was then sent to gitmo.

    and seriously, who can afford not to carry on their luggage these days? elitists, that’s who.

  2. [re=582947]ManchuCandidate[/re]: I’ll bet she used to too, until she got rich, to figure out if it was good for one more day.

  3. But what this have to do witih Lance Amstrong throwing himself off his bike onto the payment in a fit of pique just cause his old biking buddy accused him of doping. Huh?

  4. [re=582946]Crank Tango[/re]: More importantly, who carries more clothes than can fit in their carry-on for a single day trip?

  5. She doesn’t want to admit that what really happened is Todd was wearing her clothes again, and this time refused to give them back to her, so ….

  6. Sweet Jeebus, just pack a wrinkle free emergency dress in your carry-on. All sorts of companies sell them.

    I bet the RNC feels really bad making her give back all those clothes.

  7. She ended up dressing in a tie-dye for the event, like a hippie. Aren’t hippies the mortal enemies of teabaggers? Something’s just not right about those pictures of the Snowbilly looking like she’s headed for a hackysack game in San Francisco.

  8. A tie-dye and a black skirt? That’s awesome — I’ll bet she earned gas money to get back to Alaska by selling space cakes out of the Microbus.

  9. Dear Sarah,
    I have your clothes. If want them back follow these instructions exactly and I won’t wash them in hot bleach. Next time you’re on FOX news you must show your boobies for 2 minutes and 50 seconds while reciting these words…

    “Obama rama lama you da man.
    No one runs the USA like Obama can!”

    17 times with no mistakes.
    Mr. Grumpy

  10. nobody in their right mind takes more than carry-on for a one-day trip, which tells us everything about lady teabag that we already knew.

  11. I wouldn’t be surprised if some fanboy teabagger saw the “S. Palin” on her luggage at the baggage claim as a, uh, souvenir, and even right now is holding her underwear in one hand while fap-fapping away with the other.

  12. [re=582969]Extemporanus[/re]: i think he goes by Levi when dealing with the Palins.

    [re=582959]rafflesinc[/re]: Maybe she brings a big empty case for all the plunder she takes back to wasilla?

  13. She’s jest a regular ‘Merikan who wears whatever flour sack looks cleanest when she goes out to howdy with jest plain folk. Fortunately she always brings an extra pair of stilleto high heels in her brown paper grocery sack.

  14. She paid $298 for those clothes? In Idaho? I thought you could buy a small township in Idaho for $298. Fucking inflation. Fucking Obama.

  15. [re=582995]Accordion-o-rama[/re]: mmm see now those panties i would…oh nevermind this is probably the last thread of the weekend…

  16. [re=582990]chascates[/re]: And she knows better than to put the Bump-its in checked baggage, though from the picture gallery at the link, it looks like she is going full-on beehive these days.

  17. Teabaggers feel sorry for Sarah and double her speaking fees to $200,000 for her beauty pageant dog and pony show because she is so poor she has to borrow clothes to wear to every fund raiser.

  18. Damn that photo makes me all nostalgic, Wonkette. I hate Sarah Palin for many things, but mostly I hate her for making me remember the days of Ronald Regan as “the good old days”.

  19. Ugh, her dress on the plane is clearly designed to piss Coastal Elites off and to appeal to Real Amurricans. I mean, she was wearing sweatpants on the plane. You can always tell where people are from on planes. If you’re boarding at a Terrible Socialist City, the ones in the sweats are the ones going back homes to Flyover Country after a brief touristical visit to Sodom.

  20. [re=583008]jus_wonderin[/re]: For a brief second, I misread it as “unmunchables.” I would have respectfully disagreed with you kind sir!

  21. This seems like a good time to remind everyone that Palin HAS HOOKWORMS! We need to get this word out as far as we can. Imagine all the cretins who forfeited a good chunk of their rapidly vanishing money to see her talk. Instead of staring at her boobies or clapping Pavlov-style at every pause, they’ll be thinking, “I wonder where those HOOKWORMS are right now? I wonder how long they are? A few inches? A foot? Maybe even longer?!”

    This will, I predict, have a not insignificant impact on her market demand. Remember people, HOOKWORMS!

  22. She always needs you to supply her clothes. It’s in her rider. She shows up in old sweats with “Honey Pot” written across the ass and a belly shirt. The venue must provide designer clothes in her size (3 choices), also an assortment of jewelry and accessories. In Addition: sandwiches, bottled water (nothing domestic), hot soup, green M&Ms and imported beer and wine. A DVD player and flat screen TV in her dressing room (42″ minimum), an assortment of lackeys, minions, flunkies and cabana boys, a chalkboard (WTF?) and something shiny for Trigg to play with.

  23. As a native of the Boise area, I’d like to take this opportunity to say: Good job Boise airport. You lost some luggage when it really counted.

    Also, Sarah, get the fuck off my old turf. It’s afflicted with enough crazy.

  24. [re=583043]pirate king of the Jews[/re]: “She shows up in old sweats with “Honey Pot” written across the ass and a belly shirt.”

    Hmmm. I thought she showed up with one of those “I’m with stupid” with the arrow pointing UP.

  25. So you would think as a grassroots “Person Of The People” ™, she would show up to all events dressed in sweats and tennis shoes, or whatever the prevailing fashion statement at the local Wal-Mart is.
    And also. You betcha!

  26. I hope whoever loaned her the clothes had them professionally disinfected before he or she wore them again. Crabs are a real bummer.

  27. You guys can make fun of Sarah, but look what she has done with her life. She is a rich and famous national nuisance. Can any of you make that claim? I don’t think so.

  28. [re=582983]weejee[/re]: Philosophical aside: And you know with great certainty if the clothes in question had to be, say, size 16, we wouldn’t even know who Sarah Palin was. She’s be just another anonymous Alaska fatty.

    If only such were true about, say, Karl Rove.

  29. [re=582960]germansteel[/re]: One night, Todd came in late and drunk. Sarah was waiting for him. He was expecting a fight. Instead she said, “take off my shoes”. He did. Then she said, “take off my skirt”. He did that too. Then she said, “take off my pantyhose, blouse, bra…” He did all of that.

    When he was done, she looked him in the eye and said, “you sneaky son of a bitch! If I EVER catch you in my clothes again, I will rip your balls off!”

  30. [re=583009]Alldat[/re]: No wonder the hair got higher: without a boob jacket, slutty skirt and heels of power she blends in with the other grandmas.

    What’s with Boise that she couldn’t find a replacement for her uniform?

  31. I’m a resident of Boise and Palin’s appearance was kind of a flop. Tickets had been on sale for a measley 10 bucks and the morning of her speech it was announced that seating was now free. Only 1,500 people showed up, half of them paying the ten dollars. She was stumping for a carpet bagger/tea bagger from back east who has already been busted for plagiarizing other GOP member’s websites for his policy statements and for wearing his military uniform while campaigning. An anti-big government conservative, he is living off his wife’s income as a career employee at Fannie Mae! Also, too, his opponent in the upcoming Repub primary was endorsed by the local Tea Party.

  32. [re=583311]GarColga[/re]: Yay I’m not the only Boise Wonketeer!

    The best part about the 1,500 figure was I was in the exact same building for the Idaho Caucus on Super Tuesday when they crammed 8,500 people into Qwest Arena, 85% of whom caucused for Obama. And when Obama flew in the weekend before the Caucus to speak 14,000 filled the arena at Boise State. With another 3,000 standing outside listening to speech on loudspeaker in the parking lot because the building hit fire code capacity for the first time in its history.

    Vaughn. Ward. Fail.

  33. [re=583368]Quasi[/re]: Bristol used the private jet that day, the ungrateful, little two-penny upright media princess. She had to be in LA for Jello-shots with Lindsay Lohan. Kids!

  34. [re=582958]ph7[/re]: “She is enamored with herself. That usually means a comical public fall down the road.”

    Perhaps you are not familiar with “new journalism”. Hubris is rewarded, there’s only a downfall if you stop manufacturing controversy for yourself and the adderall-addled media get bored.

  35. Last time I checked, Puerto Rico was still an unincorporated territory of the United States which governs itself. It’s a country. Not that I don’t agree with your point that this congressional candidate is a retard, but get your facts right. The reason we are better than these people is that we are sane and we are right. Getting your facts wrong undermines your authority.

  36. So does Todd actually tag along on these boredom-fests? Or does he stay home, ride his Skidoo around, and look for any port in a storm?

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