Your editor “Jim” here has not been able to think of anything funny or interesting to write all afternoon and apologizes for that. (Not really.) Various evil forces are destroying his stomach. So just read the POLITICO for important primary coverage tonight. Look at how excited and healthy they are about politics right now, whipping out the “___, ___, and ___, oh my!” headline construction. Dear god. Don’t read the POLITICO tonight. We’ll be back typing things in an hour or two. Two? Let’s go with “two.” Kentucky is divided into two time zones, making this scheduling infinitely more difficult. What if Rand Paul wins one half, and Trey Grayson the other? This is how “time” works. Thanks for nothing, Jeebus. Okay must lie down now. [The Page]

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  1. Wow — Dick Blumenthal looks like he has yet to evolve a frontal lobe. Not that he doesn’t look creepy in every pic so far, but that one is especially bog-people-esque.

  2. [re=580038]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: Rand in particular looks like the village idiot. The shorts-and-blazer getup the other day didn’t help.

    And Combat Dick looks like someone who’s just found out that going to Harvard and washing Katherine Graham’s car won’t necessarily get you every fucking thing you ever want.

  3. Can you believe Daily Kos is supporting Dick Blewitall?

    I bet they’ll probably blame the “stupid voters” when the Dems lose ANOTHER Senate seat.

  4. If the Alka Seltzer and Pepto don’t help, have a stiff adult bevvie, Jim. You’ll need your strength to get through a couple hours of hearing Chwis Matthews mention he’s in Phiwadewphia talking to his old fwiend, Eddie Wendeww.

  5. All Kentucky is divided into 3 parts;
    One of which the wingnuts inhabit,
    The rednecks the other,
    The third, those who in their own language are called Teabaggers
    To our gall

  6. [re=580049]Pilate[/re]: Meh. The dems could run the corpse of Wesley Willis and stomp Linda Mac. As long as Dicky-boy doesn’t end up having to admit he imported 14 year-old whores direct from Hanoi so he could experience the ‘Real Vietnam’, this one’s in the bag.

  7. Souder looks like Denny Hastert and then Little Paul seems to have been hit with The Love Chromosome. And they all escaped from the Island of Misfit Dick Tracy Villains.

  8. lay off the country ham, jim. eating it all at once is no solution to the problem. whatever the problem is.

    srsly, take care and feel better soon.

  9. Okay, I know Blumenthal didn’t actually go to Vietnam, but doesn’t his FACE look like it’s been in the shit? That forehead ghost-wrote “The Things They Carried.”

  10. Jim, get better, and here’s hoping that Arlen Specter has a worse evening than you. I did my part to make that happen this morning.

  11. I wish I could be at the voting booths
    when all the paultards show up to find out that
    KY has a closed republican primary (must have been registered
    before Dec 2009). There is going to be a lot of pissed off “independents” and

  12. [re=580079]Sara Benincasa[/re]: I thought the same thing, the guy looks like he’s been through hell. Maybe passing out toys to kids is a lot tougher than we all think.

  13. [re=580054]V572625694[/re]: thx

    [re=580085]blinky_twinkie[/re]: You may be on to something: Those weren’t shorts, they were boxers — Rand Paul is an Underpants Gnome!

  14. The hed is worse that even Jim suspects. Not only is it x, y, and z, oh my!, but there’s the jejune (yeah, I said it) sex, lies, and SOMETHING. And then, to top it off, they got the pix in the wrong order. Blumenthal should be in the middle…

  15. [re=580141]The Station Manager[/re]: Oh, God, I’d love to see him leap out of the closet (literally and figuratively) at the next family reunion dressed like Richard Simmons and shouting the lyrics to “Rock Lobster.”

  16. [re=580079]Sara Benincasa[/re]: Hahahaha. It’s funny because the book is a shocking and heartfelt outpouring of Tim O’brien’s personal ‘Nam trauma.

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