Paultards R UsWell, what do you know, Tea Party Paultards are harassing other voters in Kentucky, and “State and local officials say backers of Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul have been removed by sheriff’s deputies from an eastern Kentucky polling place after complaints that they were harassing voters,” and the Rand-Paultards have also been kicked out of another KY county’s voting locations, and turnout is really low, and Paultards will always come through on these two particular things: There will not be very many of them, and they will be obnoxious as hell. []

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  1. Nice going, Paultards.

    You finally get a race handed to you on a silver platter, and you desperately try to snatch defeat out of its jaws by turning off voters at literally the last possible opportunity.

    [Golf clap]

  2. “Paul’s campaign manager, David Adams, called the allegations “dubious,” saying Democrats may have been behind the incidents.”

    Oh, yeah. Because Paultards would never resort to being loud and obnoxious.

  3. Paul’s campaign manager, David Adams, called the allegations “dubious,” saying Democrats may have been behind the incidents.

    Le plus ca change, etc.

  4. Voter harassment. I believe it’s in the sacred, finger-of-god, INCOMMUTABLE, amendment-free, Constitution. Because if there’s one thing the teabagger’s are experts about, it’s the founding father’s dream of a republic where voters can be harassed while exercising their so-called “rights.” Intimidation works! USA! USA!

  5. Did they really make Roman-style helmets and breastplates out of their Rand Paul yard signs? ‘Cause that’s really crafty of them. Ghey!

  6. [re=579699]Cape Clod[/re]: I’m pretty sure that there are no more Dems in KY. Just Paultards, TeaBaggers(tm) and neo-nazis (the Republican party).

  7. Yes, but here in Philly the Democrats should they were the true masters of voter intimidation, by having one big black guy allegedly go to a polling location and stand there while being black, which is very intimidating. That’s so much worse than a bunch of racist entitled white people actually harassing voters.

  8. The fact that only 7 or 8 paultards show up to any IRL paultard event enables them to brush off any of their activities as “a few wackos” or infiltrators that don’t have anything to do with the rLOVEution. The fact that no one has ever seen more than 12 paultards anywhere outside an online forum should be telling but somehow it is not.

  9. [re=579707]RoscoePColtraine[/re]: Apologies to ProudGrampa. For I have used the apostrophe inappropriately. I blame public education, of which I am a product.

  10. [re=579713]CrunchyKnee[/re]: I’m getting sick of people calling republicans “nazis.” Its not fair, and its not right. Not all fascists are nazis.

  11. [re=579708]TakingAmes[/re]: Given many Paultards belief in Ayn Rand’s super powers (could leap a rational market in a single bound, could hump a young Alan Greenspan for hours), those hats look more Magneto than Roman.

  12. [re=579699]Cape Clod[/re]: You know what I don’t miss? How, back in the day, any post making fun of Ron Paul and/or the Paultards would eventually get discovered by actual Paultards, who would descend on it en masse to defend their hero.

  13. Well, dammit. No one tried to harass me when I went to vote. No one even tried to buy my vote in exchange for a fifth of Wild Turkey. Voting in Louisville is lame. It was much more of an adventure when I was still registered in Eastern Kentucky. I don’t care if it is 7:30 in the morning, I demand to be accosted by rednecks. It is my god-given right as a Kentuckian.

  14. [re=579734]JMP[/re]: I suspect most of the ’08 ‘tards have since gone on to other pursuits, probably back-pedaled on, or abandoned entirely, their “deeply-held libertarian beliefs”.

    The shit was an internet fad, getting at most 3-4% of the electorate attuned to Lord King Dr. Paul’s brainwaves. I bet libertarians have slipped back to something around their pre-2008 levels, adjusted for redneck population increases. Teabaggers mostly just like to call themselves libertarians nowadays, because they are embarrassed by their Republican roots.

  15. [re=579751]Jukesgrrl[/re]: Hail, Johnius Galtus!
    Hail, Howardus Roarkus, quo transpere?
    Romanes eunt domas.
    Ha ha ha! Huzzah!

  16. [re=579734]JMP[/re]: Oh, dear, I do remember. The ALL CAPS manifestos, the desperate alliance with Red State, the unshakable belief that somehow a blimp would secure passage to the White House. I felt like we were living in a virtual Bastogne.

  17. [re=579751]Jukesgrrl[/re]: It’s always best to wear paper armor if you plan on taking a drunken ride to the polling place on the back of an ATV.

  18. So is Rand just a more conventional, mainstream, teabaggy version of his dad? Whatever articles I’ve seen about him seem a lot closer to the Bachmanns and the Palins than the “Ron Paul rEVOLution”

  19. [re=579763]SmutBoffin[/re]: But they did have the power to win every internet poll for Dr. Paul! And that had such an impact in the real world.

    [re=579772]Cape Clod[/re]: Sometimes I wish we could get some good trolls here again besides just Neilist; and then I remember the Paultard invasions and shudder.

  20. Given Cheney’s & McConnell’s endorsements of his opponent, it is actually within the realm of possibility that the incident was a staged election day dirty trick. However, Paul’s campaign manager speculating it might be Democrats is hilariously inept.

  21. didn’t daddy ron paul win the poll for prez recently, taken at a CPAC conservative (or should one say super-uber-conservative) party rally?
    so don’t count those paul-tards out yet!

  22. I find it hard to believe that they were REAL Paul supporters. Obviously they were libruls, masquerading as Rand Paul supporters with hope of discrediting The Movement.

  23. Hello, Kentuckians. We’re Paul-Tardy. You know what the primary election is, in a minute, you’re going to hear … the rest of our Gestapo tactics.

  24. [re=579762]Dashboard_Buddha[/re]: Knock knock. Who’s there? Gladiator. Gladiator who? Gladiator out before the gangbang . . .
    There’s a song that goes with that.

  25. I’m sure even now the wingnut blogs are justifying it by screaming that “THE NEW BLACK PANTHERS STARTED IT IN 2008!!1!” Followed immediately by claiming all the agitators are ACORN/SEIU plants. I’m not going to check, I don’t have the energy for that level of cognitive dissonance today.

  26. [re=579726]Prommie[/re]: Yeah, where’s the love for the Black Shirt Fascisti, the Stalinists, Maoists (Great Leap Forward era, especially), the Indonesian Junta, etc.?

  27. [re=579726]Prommie[/re]: Yes, Prommie, and I get tired of people comparing George Bush to Adolph Hiler. After all, Hitler was a much better speaker.

  28. [re=579699]Cape Clod[/re]: Right, because a) Kentucky Democrats outnumber Kentucky Paultards, and b) Because Democrats have a vested interest in sending a… very confusing message by harrassing non-Paultard voters, in A REPUBLICAN PRIMARY.

  29. “The number of the illiterate and untaught was great and the morals of a large part of the population gave anxiety to thoughtful men.”

  30. [re=579843]inedalo[/re]: “didn’t daddy ron paul win the poll for prez recently, taken at a CPAC conservative (or should one say super-uber-conservative) party rally?
    so don’t count those paul-tards out yet!”

    Ron Paul was already elected President of the Internet nearly two years ago.

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