'My woman got a face like a teddy bear, She's tossin' a baseball bat in the air.'The world’s most terrible criminal, Barack Obama, can’t even honor America when he throws the “first pitch” at the baseball game. Here is scandalous photographic evidence posted by the White House photographer on the White House Flickr website showing the war-crazed pacifist literally practicing for his first pitch at the Nationals’ game the other night. It says right in our Constitution somewhere that presidents shall not practice in any way before they make their dismal, lame-o first pitch. [White House Flickr/Political Wire]

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  1. Note the jacket’s red. How much you wanna bet there’s a hammer and sickle on his back? Why don’t they show the back of the jacket????????? WHY??????

  2. [re=579230]Nigel[/re]: “Hey, pendejo, I’m gonna put that piece up your ass, and pull the trigger until it goes click.”

  3. Hm; Obama throws out the first pitch for the Nationals, and for the first time ever they not only stop being the worst team in baseball, but are actually a little above .500. Coincidence?

  4. [re=579256]V572625694[/re]: Was Dubya a lefty? I thought he were, but I could swear I saw a pic of him using his right to sign a bill.

    I know 41, Slick, & Obie are southpaws, though.

  5. [re=579266]Long Form Def Certificate[/re]: Some of us with the spiritual guidance of a ruler over the knuckles throw left but write right. Bless you Sister Caligula.

  6. [re=579275]KilgoreTrout_XL[/re]: They did do that!

    [re=579260]druranium[/re]: Sup babycakes. I’ve been peepin Wonkette all along, but for some reason stopped commenting — and I too want to see this Ken Layne book (I look forward to seeing David Denby’s review).

  7. This is for the best. Remember last year’s all star game where he barely crossed home plate? Pujols leaned forward to catch that floater and saved his poll ratings for a few months.

  8. [re=579256]V572625694[/re]: “Lefties of the world unite; throw off the chains of your right-handed oppressors!” (What Karl Marx really said before Engles changed it a bit.)

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