Heroic Joe Barton Defies Death To Look At Oil Slick From Airplane

  strange people with actual power

Comical Texas Rep. Joe Barton sure as hell does not want one iota of added oversight to the oil industry as a result this “insane oil spill” liberal conspiracy theory. But he cares, anyway.

Check out this funny video his office made to show Barton’s constituents the extent to which their congressman is really really badass. He demanded such a clear view of that oil slick that the pilot had to open up that back hatch, so Barton could tiptoe to the edge. Sure, he was wearing a harness, but he woulda fuckin’ done it without one. Would prefer it. Some liberal law made ‘im wear it in the first place.

Joe Barton will chair the powerful Energy and Commerce Committee if Republicans retake the House this fall.


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