The Queen's rabbit-goblin is all grow'd up!!!
It’s official, long live Her Majesty’s Saucy New Rabbit-Goblin, good luck poor folk and chavs everywhere! Margaret Thatcher is literally dancing in her grave! [BBC/Guardian]

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  1. Jesus wept, Cleggy better have got something like free gay abortions for all and changing the official language to Walloon French in exchange for this. Still, it was inevitable given that about half the Labour Party would have preferred to go into opposition than do a deal with the Yellow Peril, as they call the LibDems.

    On the bright side, thanks to my Wonkette, every time I see a picture of Posh Boy Cameron I will think: “just stone cold thinkin’ about cocks.”

  2. Well, now it’s obvious: the Queen reads Wonkette and she desparately wanted Ken to be able to keep running the cocks photo.

    Shout out to Betty Jr.!

  3. He believes that British Muslims have a duty to integrate into British culture, but notes that they find aspects such as high family breakdown and high drug use uninspiring, and notes that “Not for the first time, I found myself thinking that it is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian way of life, not the other way around.”

    Filthy mugblood lover…

  4. God, I hate this fool already,his wife is actual aristocracy, on the bright side there were a bunch of Lib Dem/Crunchy Anti-War types screaming at the newbies as they left some meeting. This Govt. will be gone in about a year, they will have to call a new election within eighteen months I bet.If I drank , I would be drinking now .

  5. Ken, I thought you had to investigate the attack upon the true cross. Or something that required a wild hours-long drive in the jeep.

  6. [re=575004]SayItWithWookies[/re]: You laugh. As we speak, Mark Sanford is engaged in urgent shuttle diplomacy to prevent an outbreak of hostilities between the two nations. The primary sticking point, of course, is over who exercises sovereignty over the Malivinas/Falklands Trail.

  7. [re=575029]JMP[/re]:

    smoke a fag

    Never realized it before, but that is one very flexible phrase. Consider, for example, its meaning in:

    San Francisco

  8. At last, the Hanoverians have their revenge! William IV’s plan to knock up a common actress with multiple bastards, one of whom would one day be the ancestor to the Prime Minister, is finally at fruition! Suck it, you damn dirty Saxe-Coburg-Gothas!

  9. [re=575016]Bearbloke[/re]: Maybe it’s oil, maybe it’s a scam designed to inflate an oil company’s stock value. Not that it matters — the Argentines have gone to war for far less. Like the Falklands before it had oil.

    [re=575039]user-of-owls[/re]: He only had an affair with an Argentinian because he got to fly there for free. Once he’s spending his own money, that cheap bastard wouldn’t drive to Myrtle Beach for pussy.

  10. Don’t know, he got himself a pretty good looking wife, might need a bit of special attention while the hubby is away solving the world problems…..

  11. Adenoidal public-school wankers with congenital overbites all over the sceptred isle will be punishing it – you know, IT – to you-tubes of PM Spice. ‘Sblood!

  12. [re=575044]rptrcub[/re]: Eh, what? Don’t be silly. No, ’tis all about the buggery there. Day and night, between the two. Hmph.

  13. Bum-nose Osborne is Chancellor of the Exchequer (the money guy) also. I think he pretty much only got the place because he’s Prime Minister Balloon-head’s friend from school, or something. But I may well be wrong – I often am. And they can get rid if he’s unforgivably shit. Thatcher went through three Chancellors.

  14. Now maybe Danger Mouse will come back on the Air…Danger mouse…danger mouse….DANGER MOUSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  15. [re=575083]Jollity[/re]: At the Bullingdon Club, Osborne was known as “The Oik”, because he only attended Westminster, whereas the rest of the members (including Cameron and present Kyoto-rubbishing Mayor of the Fair City of London Boris Johnson) were mostly Old Etonians. Trust me, I met these people at Oxford and they are, without exception, just hilariously vile.

  16. Did Cameron go to Oxbridge, Hogwarts, or what? I assume other countries are run by moneyed elites who went to the ‘right’ schools.

  17. [re=575112]chascates[/re]: Just heard on NPR he went to Eton, then Oxford w/1st with Honours, etc. And he’s considered a commoner?

  18. [re=575114]chascates[/re]: twits of the year have been cleaned out of Lords for the most part and now have to make their way in the Commons. Poor sods.

  19. This calls for the implementation of our English cousin’s pronunciation of the very useful, “twat”. As in, “shat”. Now, and evermore.

  20. [re=575247]mcc[/re]: Nick Clegg is Deputy Prime Minister and four other LibDems will be in Cabinet – one of them is in charge of Scotland, and another will apparently be in charge of sorting the banks out. Cameron is probably having a great laugh thinking about those last two. (Also, cocks.) No word on electoral reform yet – the Tories’ last public offer was a referendum on adopting instant runoff voting (Australian-style).

    However, since the LibDems are a democratic with a small “d” party, this deal has to be voted on by the MPs, the party national council and possibly also by a postal ballot of activists before it’s signed and sealed. A lot of the party’s Lords and activists will be very pissed off at going anywhere near the Tories, so there may be drama yet to come.

  21. [re=575256]doloras[/re]: Eh. Their Lordships will calm down once they realize they can threaten no-confidence votes with wild abandon. Jesus. You think the Filibuster has us goat-fucked on this side of the pond…

  22. Idle thoughts. How much does one suppose the Scottish National Party would pay Mel Gibson for an authorized copy of Braveheart billing the star as Ewan McGregor, Sr. for recruiting purposes?

  23. [re=575139]gambypants[/re]: Wow, that was a lot of posts before the earnest, “she’s not dead yet,” explanation from someone who believes they have more wiki access than you, Layne. Your trollin’ skillz are slipping.

  24. I never understand the whole England/Britain thing. The Britons live in Britain (I’m guessing?) but the English live there too? And the Britons don’t mind so much? And really, Britain includes also the Welsh (who live inside whales) and the Scottish (who live inside skirts). And the English include the Angles and the Saxons, the Jutes, the Norse, the Celts, the Druids, the Jigs, and the Morrissey Dancers. The Angles are the only ones we really studied in school – the obtuse Angles, the cute Angles, the right Angles, the congruent Angles. Honestly, America’s so much simpler!

  25. [re=575339]snideinplainsight[/re]: In case you’re being serious and not just pretending to be dumb for the lulz: “Britons” = English + Scots + Welsh. “Britain” = England + Scotland + Wales. “UK” = Britain + Northern Ireland.

  26. Apparently the conservatives in other countries, such as Mr. Cameron, actually like national healthcare as well. Cannot….wrap…brain….around…idea…

  27. Thatcher is still alive, although senile. There will be problems linking her grave into the sewage system, since a large number of people have expressed an intention to piss or shit on it.

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