RINO-SAURI!Useless snowbilly grifter Sarah Palin stepped in it yesterday, did she ever. She had the gall to endorse crazy failed CEO Carly Fiorina in the California Senate race, on her Facebook page. She did it because of Reagan. (Probably some cash on the side, too, because why should a grifter even bother endorsing political candidates?) “California is still Reagan Country, and Carly promises her ‘Reagan Conservative’ values will be put to good use for her state and for our great nation. Shaking it up in California is long overdue. Let’s help Carly do it!” Her Facebook fans were not very interested in helping her do this.

The wingnuts want this other guy, Chuck DeVore, to win, so Sarah Palin has misjudged “America” with this endorsement. And since she already endorsed that old fuck Walnuts McCain, should she be put on her inevitable witch trial now?

Here are some folks on the Facebook.

  • Sorry Sarah .. I appreciate your ‘True Grit’ spirit, however Carley is NOT as ‘conservative’ as you think … I’m voting for ‘Chuck DeVore … the ‘TRUE CONSERVATIVE’!! It’s OK that you’ve endorsed her, however her ‘TV ADS’ are too negative for me!! I have met Chuck DeVore and HE is the REAL DEAL!!
  • Chuck DeVore proven to be
    Walking the Walk
    both spiritually and politically
  • CARLY FIORINA IS PRO ISLAM!!! BAD BUSINESS Dealing where she sold to IRAN and bribed her way into bad business in MOSCOW and this is who you want as a conservative senator!!? Sarah Palin you have lost your mind along the way or maybe you didn’t! None the less you showed your colors and now you’ve lost your support with the tea party! Your a rino!
  • Your pick of Fiorina over DeVore clearly shows Sarah, that are no Ronald Reagan.

Etc. etc.

This led Sarah Palin to update her endorsement using a desperate kitchen-sink approach:

Update: I’d like to add a few things about my Carly endorsement because some reaction right out of the chute calls for more information:

Carly has been endorsed by the National Right to Life, the California Pro-Life Council, and the Susan B. Anthony List. She is pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, pro-military, and pro-strict border security and against amnesty. She is against Obamacare and will vote to repeal it and prevent the government takeover of private companies and industries. Carly is also a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. Like me, she is a member of the NRA, has a 100% NRA rating, and she and her husband are gun owners. She is pro-energy development and believes as I do in an all-of-the-above approach to energy independence. She is against cap and tax. And most importantly, Carly is the only conservative in the race who can beat Barbara Boxer. That’s no RINO. That’s a winner.


[Atlantic Wire, Facebook]

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  1. “I appreciate your ‘True Grit’ spirit”
    I would love to see her wearing an eyepatch and riding a horse with the reins in her teeth.

  2. Sarah has definitely missed the mood of her supporters with this endorsement. There are no obvious spelling or grammar mistakes in either it, or the “more information”.

  3. What does a “100% NRA rating” even mean? Does the NRA go around branding random wingturds like the FDA does to cattle carcasses?

  4. Just goes to show that for SP and her ilk, thoughts are much more important than deeds. Next she’ll be citing spectral evidence for her endorsements. (Always assuming that hard cash was not actually involved, but probably one can never assume that with the Palins.)

  5. “The power of Sarah Palin compels you to vote for Fiorina. The power of Sarah COMPELS you!”

    Oh noes, it don’t work no more!

  6. Sounds like Sarah found a way to pick up another cool million, this time delivered discretely to Todd in a paper bag – to avoid any intrusive governmental interference from IRS types.

  7. The demon sheep ads were too much negativity for this lunatic Palin lover; however, insisting that our president “pals around with terrorists” and is possibly a secret muslin terrorist himself strikes just the right balance of truth and sanity…

  8. “Your pick of Fiorina over DeVore clearly shows Sarah, that are no Ronald Reagan.”

    I tried diagramming this sentence, but my head exploded.

  9. Like me, she is a member of the NRA, has a 100% NRA rating, and she and her husband are gun owners.

    If that doesn’t qualify someone for office, I don’t know what does.

  10. “Your a rino!” What about her a rino? Is that one of the clothing items she “gave back” from the RNC shopping spree? Because that’s the American’s a rino, dammit!

  11. [re=572678]chascates[/re]: After he had to let go of Lou Gramm. Could you imagine what would have happened if he had been elected? This country would have looked like a Cormac McCarthy novel.

  12. [re=572676]iwillsavethispatient[/re]: Her Facebook friends more than made sure to correct that horrible, terrible, RINO-like oversight.

  13. Yeah, there must be some money in it for Bible Spice otherwise I doubt she’d bother. Why anyone would endorse Fiorina, who appears to have the Midas touch in reverse, is beyond me. Really I think the Palinistas are being too kind. It isn’t that Sarah’s got “True Grit.” It’s more like she’s got “True Grift.”

  14. [re=572694]ella[/re]: Damn right. She’s going to cold shoot the hell out of any Demon Sheep that drags its FCINO trousered knees around Sacramento!

  15. The best part about this whole thing will be when this endorsement/post magically “disappears” from Sarah’s page, some time in the next hour or so….

  16. Walnut’s look in that photo is great; you can practically see him realizing what a horrible mistake he made. I can just imagine him talking to his aides after Palin revealed her true self; “That was a disaster – they should never have put me with that woman. Whose idea was that? Ridiculous. … Everything, she was just a bigoted woman.”

  17. national right to life and national rifle association, interesting combo. can’t knock ’em down if you don’t set ’em up, eh?

  18. If by “Reagan Country” she means the state is still scarred and bleeding today from wounds inflicted by Reagan, and still reeks of the stench of zombie Reagan in certain parts of the state, then yeah. Otherwise, not so much if you aren’t in certain enclaves north of the actual city of San Diego or south of LA.

    Palin is the gift that keeps giving. Her only successful endorsements are when Dems run idiots, and that doesn’t include Babs Boxer. In fact, all this will do is get folks on the far right dug in backing DeVore, ensuring Tom Campbell beats both of them and then gets slaughtered by Babs.

  19. [re=572693]Gun-toting Progressive[/re]: Besides the lack of grammar, the comment before attacked Fiorina for selling to Iran, an extremely Reaganesqe act.

  20. [re=572675]Aflac Shrugged[/re]: Epic win.

    Since I’m not paid one day a month due to Republicans in Sacramento holding the budget hostage every year since Prop. 13 passed, let me just say fuck every one of you Republican pig fuckers. And take that cunt Palin with you. Wink. You’re fucking up everything just so you can buy another big screen TV every month. What assholes you are.


  21. [re=572723]SnarkyMark[/re]: It would be like another four years of Bush. The giant gulf oil spill would just be the latest of many, there would be no lessening of the recession in sight, and we’d be at war in three contiguous Middle Eastern countries.

  22. [re=572673]Cape Clod[/re]: [re=572713]Lazy Media[/re]: “Howdy tardner!”

    [re=572734]Troubledog[/re]: When referring to women, the proper term is “tea cozying”.

  23. “None the less you showed your colors and now you’ve lost your support with the tea party!”

    LOL! The rudderless retards. Bible Spice provide whatever miniscule direction the wingnuts had. Now they will turn into a pack of hyenas fighting over the rotting corpse of a wildebeast.

  24. It’s tough when Caribou Barbie isn’t wingnutty enough for her own supporters. That teabaggin’ Frankenstein monster she’s created will turn on her.

  25. [re=572767]President ODreamy[/re]: That was spectacular.

    On a related note:

    The San Francisco Zoo is holding its “Annual Demon Sheeple Shearing Event” tomorrow, from 10:30am to 2:00pm. It’s fun for the whole goddamn fucking family, so check it out!

    (Seriously, if you’re in the area, you should swing by the petting zoo and make fun of all the stupid naked sheep. If you wish to “long stroke” them, however, you’re gonna need to double-up on the pellets.)

  26. The pro-DeVore comments on Palin’s Facebook page are amusing. Isn’t he also a RINO traitor to them for telling the birthers to drop dead?

  27. Wait, if she is “Reagan”-like, that means she is:

    1) For Amnesty for Mexicans
    2) For the largest tax increase in the history of America
    3) For uncontrolled spending
    4) For invading Grenada to cover up failures in the middle east
    5) Uses Astrology to set the travel schedule
    6) For divorcing your wife just because you found someone that gives a good blow job.
    7) For knocking up someone before you are married.
    8) For signing one of the most expansive pro-choice laws before Roe v. Wade

    Damn, what a RINO and Socialist Reagan was.

  28. I think what they are really saying is this: “Sarah, if Jeebus wanted you to have the right to disagree with us limp-dicked pasty old crackers, then He would have given you testicles.”

  29. [re=572862]Jukesgrrl[/re]: Small sprayer full of fish fertilizer.

    Just make sure you’re not seen, or are very fleet of foot and there’s good cover, or have an insane driver. Or that you’re two meters high of solid beef, and like to wear metal objects, some of which may be illegal.

    Oh yeah, and don’t let it leak into your purse or glove compartment.

    What? Me first? OK.

  30. [re=572862]Jukesgrrl[/re]: I see these bumper stickers on cars all over town nowadays, so I have taken to keeping a Sharpie and a pad of yellow stickies to write “Hell No” on and affix next to the bumper sticker.

    And if I run out of stickies, I’ll still have my Sharpie.

  31. Time for Sarah to start shleppin Trig around like a loaf of french bread to see if she can win back the support of the “Retard Teascrotums”.

  32. [re=573065]Hooray For Anything[/re]: It’s the ‘boy cut’ hairdo. Seriously, what woman over 60 can rock that look? I mean; c’mon already.

  33. Fiorina ran HP into the ground with her stupid megalomania and looted it when she was finally forced out by stockholders — how could Moosetard NOT endorse that?

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