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Liberal Traitor Eric Cantor: Obamer Not A Terrorist Per Se

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Eric Cantor went to some confab run by the Heritage Foundation, a prominent think tank affiliated with his political allies; said confab was held in Washington, D.C., where Cantor works. The decision to attend came at “great cost” to Cantor, apparently, according to some dude with a kind of endearing New England-ish (?) accent who thanked him for coming! (Maybe there was a two-drink minimum?) Anyway, this fellow asked why “Obamer” isn’t in Gitmo right now, which everyone in the crowd thought was hilarious, and Cantor said “no one thinks the president is a domestic enemy,” which resulted in angry muttering. And who the hell knows what happens in this video after that, as we couldn’t bring ourselves to watch past the 1:30 mark or so, but with any luck by the end of it Joe Lieberman was on the phone with Hillary Clinton angrily demanding that Cantor’s citizenship be revoked post-haste.

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  • JMP

    Oh Eric, “no one” is your party’s base; you feel to realize the true level of their insanity.

  • memzilla

    Appropriately enough, anagrams of Eric Cantor include: Cite Rancor, Nice Carrot, and Erratic Con.

  • Mr Blifil

    People have to watch what they say, and watch what they do.

  • yellowerdog

    Yes, but this putz refused to denounce the Arizona ‘papers please’ law, even though other wingnuttier types did. No longer a human being, and now an official shanda fur the goyim!!

  • proudgrampa

    What an asshole. Jesus Christ.

  • Red Zeppelin

    [re=570651]memzilla[/re]: I seriously doubt he has a “nice carrot.”

  • ArkansasFred

    This reminds me. I need to give my ferret his anti-retard medication tonight.

  • Maxine of Arc

    [re=570651]memzilla[/re]: Not to mention “Race Rot, Inc.”

  • JMP

    [re=570650]JMP[/re]: Fail to realize; me know tipe good today.

  • weejee

    This Cantor is able to hit all the lowest of the low notes while singing his sad ecclesilastical song

  • JadedDIssonance

    What’s a confab? Also….I only need to wait 25 years and I can get discount car insurance!

  • Maxine of Arc

    [re=570667]Maxine of Arc[/re]: And, of course, “Riot Cancer.”

  • jon c

    Is Obamer related to Homsar?

  • thefrontpage

    Cantor and the Heritage Foundation are all a bunch of deluded, psycho morons who have done more to ruin and destroy this country–along with their Republicans in office–than anyone else.

    The people who are really enemies of the United States are morons like Cantor and the Heritage Foundation–they’re the ones who should be in jail.


  • Shaggypixel

    [re=570667]Maxine of Arc[/re]: How about “ACORN, trice”?

    We’re through the looking glass here, people…

  • norbizness

    The full title of the organization is “A Heritage of Lily-White Reactionary Assholes Screwing Over the Planet Foundation.”

  • gurukalehuru

    [re=570667]Maxine of Arc[/re]: Or N.C. Race Riot

  • gurukalehuru

    OOOoooh, they didn’t like that answer much, did they?

  • germansteel

    “….angry muttering…” should read “angry nuttering…”

    There. Fixed.

  • Oblios Cap

    Eric Cantor is not a pig fucker, per se.

  • bfstevie

    [re=570656]yellowerdog[/re]: I thought it was spelled “shonda”. I’ll just be quiet and eat my shiksa. (with props to Woody Allen. I’m not really that kind of boy.)

  • pirate king of the Jews

    [re=570663]ArkansasFred[/re]: lol

  • Rosie Scenario

    And he’s one of the people who killed Our Lord. So sez the Bible and Mel Gibson’s movie.

  • WestEdEd
  • FMA

    Sort of off the topic, but a few years back, I went to some reception or something at the Heritage Foundation. (I know, huge fucking mistake.) I stood in the back of the room, drinking their free liquor when some woman wearing a hat that looked like something a pimp threw in a Dumpster started jabbering on about Ronald Reagan or some shit and I started laughing and making smartass remarks to the person I was drinking with. I was asked to leave. I regret my actions to this day. I mean, free liquor. Jesus.

  • smitallica

    I look forward to the Heritage Foundation’s inevitable Frumming of Eric Cantor.

  • lizzieborden

    [re=570663]ArkansasFred[/re]: Don’t you mean anti-Trig medicine?

  • Oblios Cap


    Well played! I was going to make some kind of joke about him having the trots, even though the spellings a bit off.

  • Mr Blifil

    [re=570694]WestEdEd[/re]: Feel thedynamism!

  • mustardman

    Come out of the closet Eric and admit you like chugging cock!

  • libwakman

    Hahaha..Cantor said “common sense” without his ears exploding into bloody pulp.
    Cockknockcantor would not recognize common sense if his foreskin began to automatically reattach itself to his republican male member.
    Not that that makes any common sense..but..USA…USA, sums it all up.

  • Beck Licks Seer Stones

    Heritagers have such pride in their country (and seriousness about government!) that they laugh and cheer at the accusation their leader is a terrist, then groan at the denial.

    And who told that retard Obama cut defense spending? Maybe he will, wishful thinking.

  • DC Hates Me

    Is Eric wearing makeup? Does he tweeze his eyebrows? He’s got that Zoolander Blue Steel look.

  • harry palmer

    I like how the guy builds his “Obomber is an enemy of the state” case on about 12 bullshit premises, and the only thing Cantor rejects is the conclusion – he’s the enemy, he must die – yet they still boo him.

  • southern mark smith

    “At great cost” = nonrefundable deposit on the rentboy

  • yellowerdog

    [re=570688]bfstevie[/re]: At Chinese restaurant, eying cute waitress, “I’ll have one to take out and one to eat here”

  • pirate king of the Jews

    If this administration doesn’t reflect the majority of the country, we should figure out a system to poll the public and find out what they think. Maybe every couple of years we could all get together and, I don’t know, VOTE on stuff. Yeah that’s it, we could VOTE on a platform of issues and ELECT people who support our point of view. Boy it would be nice if someone could come up with something like that.

  • WestEdEd

    You’re going to want to add this to your faves, because it’s anti Cantor Central.

    Seriosuly, I donated, because why not.

  • kdaddy

    These poeple make me sick, and I once ate a taco I found on a picnic table in El Paso, so I
    know what sick is.

  • Monsieur Grumpe

    Tough audience.
    Rodney Dangerfield he ain’t.

  • weejee

    [re=570700]Oblios Cap[/re]: Cantor is such a woossie I doubt he’d have called out that douche questioner had he called the Prez a fucking coon instead of a traitor.

    For each election season – churn, spurn, burn
    For each bit of reason – churn, spurn, burn
    Charge lefties with treason – churn, spurn, burn
    All times at cross purpose unto heaven

  • What Fresh Hell is This?

    I can fully imagine Eric Cantor, Professor Rektal, and Pope Benny collectively teaming up to kill Jesus.

  • Oldskool

    Glad to see he brought it back around to the usual wingnuttery and got some applause. Whew, that was close, eh Eric. Someday he or one of his buds will forget the audience altogether and start spouting commmon sense all over the place sending the audience into seizures.

  • Tim

    [re=570651]memzilla[/re]: what about “Riot Cancer”?

  • Tim

    [re=570651]memzilla[/re]: wait, also “Erotica RNC” “Carrion, etc.”

  • imissopus

    Remember during the ’08 campaign when some old bat directly said to McCain at a rally that Obama was some sort of Muslim terrist and McCain said no no, he’s a good man who I just disagree with and everyone booed the shit out of him? He got that question because his party had been encouraging that kind of talk for months, but then when confronted with the crazy he had to backtrack so as not to appear completely nuts to the 98% of Americans who aren’t complete fucking morons. Same thing here: the Repukes like Cantor are perfectly happy to let Rush and Becks et al. insinuate that Obama is a traitor to the country, but then they seem surprised when they get booed while trying to correct the record.

    Reap what you sew, motherfuckers.

  • whiterabid

    Eric said, the GOP will “posit coherent policies.” Nothing is more coherent than “no.”

  • ivenson

    If one reeeps what one sews, ones work will never be done. I think Thomas Jefferson said that while smoking rope.

  • SlouchingTowardsWasilla

    They weren’t saying “boooooooooooo,” they were saying “joooooooooo.”

    And where’s his flag lapel pin? And the red tie? Dude’s a domestic enemy if you ask me.

  • PsycGirl

    The cheers and clapping were actually expressions of relief that the guy finished his question. i thought maybe the question-asking would be the whole 3+ minutes.

  • NJB

    Eric must have temporarily forgotten which audience he was speaking to. It’s a problem when you’re a smarmy shit whistle without a discernible political philosophy who has made a career of memorizing talking points – or put another way, “when you’re a Republican”.

  • GOPCrusher

    Only made it to 1:38. Can only shake my head at the fact that these people honestly believe the voices they hear in their head that cause them to make comments like this.

  • rocktonsammy

    Cantor took asshole lessons from Santorum.

  • legalize everything

    Has he made any plans to move in with fellow lesbian cat lady, Tom Coburn?

  • Way Cool Larry

    What a bunch of wankers. I watched to the end, hoping that they would waterboard Cantor, but no luck, just a whole lot of wanking.