• Matt Yglesias is reaping the many benefits of “blogging whilst standing” — a yoga position championed by Donald Rumsfeld. [Matt Yglesias]
  • A squadron of Eliot Ness Zombies raided a bar in Philly and confiscated a bunch of microbrew IPAs and a keg of Miller Genuine Draft Light 64. [Hit & Run]
  • Does a Grey Poupon elitist like Barack Obama even know about Tennessee, or rain for that matter? Apparently not, ugh. [RedState]
  • Fox News has a sneaking suspicion that the recent and terrible oil spill was caused by a CIA-sponsored controlled demolition. [Think Progress]
  • Hugo Chavez is training a mighty militia to kill all the evil gringos, and can we really blame him? No, of course we can’t, because whitey absolutely deserves it. [Weekly Standard]
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