Oh ho ho! We won’t ask for details. What are the details, though?? Did the Jonas Brothers get access to Mike Allen’s top secret masturbatorium and underground network of slave-operated Sugar Caves? [Twitter]

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  1. Mike Allen is just playing Col. Tom Parker to Kevin’s Elvis, cold advising the young guitar-slinger on how to win an underaged bride (Malia Obama).

  2. The WHCA dinner truly is a gathering of indescribable significance. My life has lost all its meaning now because I could not be there.

  3. Normally I would think it was in very poor taste but I did like that Obamar threatened to go after these wankers with a predator drone if they touched his daughters.

  4. [re=568967]Way Cool Larry[/re]: Now, they’re good Christians who love to brag about how they’re saving themselves for marriage; and certainly no Christian celebrities have ever lied about that.

  5. A fella with a dog like that is not in the market for the president’s daughters. Actually, that might be an Ewok, in which case young Kevin is profoundly not in the market for females.

  6. Why exactly was POLITICO hosting these guys, anyway??? Unless, POLITICO’s main readers are tween girls?

    I guess that would explain a lot!

  7. [re=568979]queeraselvis v 2.0[/re]: Actually, I always thought Kevin was the gayest JoBro by far, but he apparently got married last year… to a real hottie.

  8. The WHCAD (White House Correspondents Association Dinner) is one huge, stinking, moronic, idiotic, inane, stupid, ridiculous, embarrassing, pile of crap.

    It’s time, as a host of B-list celebrities and corrupt politicians never was, and now it’s just one huge joke for spoiled, rich morons trapped in a desperate, sad and very psycho bubble-world that has absolutely zero connection to the real world.

    It’s time to end this embarassment.

    Especially when the majority of journalism entities worldwide are losing money, firing people, closing bureaus, declining in quality, cutting back, and losing money.

    It’s time to end this moronic dinner–and all of its associated events.

  9. Mike Allen secretly collects pervish, sweaty memories of people who are actually famous so that he can fuel delusions about his oh so close, personal contact with celebrities. Allen may want to get close to Justin Bieber– this must be sopped before it becomes dangerous. Do we really have to hear about Mike Allen’s Radio Neverland before warning bells go off? For the love of Gawd, somebody get some pictures of his privates for perp identification purposes! Halp!

  10. [re=568992]Way Cool Larry[/re]: Heh. My ten-year-old niece is who informed me that one of the JoBros much preferred the manly bits.

  11. [re=568987]thefrontpage[/re]:
    When I turned on MSNBC sUNDAY MORNING AND SAW Morning Joe and Mika still in the clothes they had on from the night before and sun glasses bragging about whatever they did and who they saw, I thought, who gives a fuck about you?
    Although Norah O’Donnell look hawt!
    At least the real Amerikans at Fox News had the integrity to stay at work and report the news and how Obama is ruining the country.

  12. I stand by my comments.

    It’s really supposed to be a dinner honoring journalists.

    Not a parade of B-level morons, TelePrompter-reading cable television idiots, corrupt politicians, poseur journalists, dumb celebrities and hangers-oners.

    The dinner should be cancelled–seriously.

  13. Rocktonsammy: Thank you very much!

    By the way, we’re not the only people who feel this way!

    And we’re not being buzzkills–quite the opposite!

    The point is: The WHCAD has gotten out of hand, past its prime, it’s jumped the shark (to use a cliche), and it’s–really–embarassing. It’s just become one huge joke.

    Some of us work in journalism–and you should hear what most real, working journalists have to say about this thing: it’s exactly what we’re saying here.

    The dinner’s time has gone and gone. It should be cancelled.

  14. off topic, but i’m really getting sick of neil young and it’s barely afternoon and not even the actual anniversary yet.

  15. [re=568967]Way Cool Larry[/re]: Oh, I thought he was threatening Politico. Better target for a drone strike.

    And how creepy would you feel if you knew tweens wanted to be with you? Man, I’d puke if that was true about me.

  16. [re=568979]queeraselvis v 2.0[/re]:[re=568986]Way Cool Larry[/re]:
    You’re never going to hear me say
    Which Jonas Brother is gay.

  17. [re=568967]Way Cool Larry[/re]: Would have been funnier to me, except for the trail of slaughtered brown children, far far away.

  18. [re=569161]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: Why share one “with” K-Lo when you can just share K-Lo herself?

    Hey, if crawling inside a big, wet, stench-filled gash was good enough for Luke Skywalker

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