• 'Three, three, three for my heartaches and four, four, four for my headaches ....''Got babies, somehow? Then you’ve probably got a half-dozen plastic bottles of Kiddie Motrin and Wee-One’s Tylenol and Lil’ Benadryl and maybe even “Children’s Sugar-Free Zyrtec” in the medicine cabinet. DO NOT USE IT, there is something very vaguely wrong with all of it, go to the website and follow the confusing instructions to get gift certificates for even more sketchy kids’ medicine. But what to do if your youngling has the Fever? The generics are safe. Ha ha, and they cost about half as much. [McNeil Product Recall/Washington Post]
  • The heroes of Saturday’s smoldering-car-of-failure Times Square bomb scare were the street vendors of New York City. Vietnam vet Lance Orton was the first — or was he??? — to alert cops of the smoking SUV left in the tourist zone, but he learned to hate the sleazy media years ago so he wasn’t in the mood for questions. Oh and the fertilizer in the fail-bomb was “non-explosive” so wouldn’t have actually blown up. [New York Times/Reuters]
  • Have you heard of the Gulf Stream? Yeah, that’s what’s going to bring the World’s Worst Oil Spill to, uh, New England. And then Old England, we guess. BP needs to give this hellmouth an Icelandic name. [Associated Press]
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