This fellow is currently gracing the front page of the Republican Party of Florida’s website. Who is this dingus, Jeff Kottkamp? Jeff Kottkamp himself probably doesn’t know! And while we don’t know whether Jeff Kottkamp was on the front page yesterday, or the day before, or six months ago, or during the launch of the Internet in 1563, we do know that we’ll probably be seeing much more of this awkward man on official state party literature in the future, during the Scrubbing of Charlie Crist.

An interesting tidbit from one of TPM’s ten million articles from just this morning:

We asked the GOP source what steps were being taken to run against Crist, and got an amusing answer: The Florida GOP is making preparations to rewrite their political literature, to remove Crist. “The governor is the elected head of our party, so just from a logistical standpoint, in terms of a lot of our printed materials, our website, some of the branding that we’ve done, and things like that, we really have to go back and reevaluate,” said the source. “We don’t want to presume what the governor’s announcement is going to be. All signs point to him leaving the party, so all the preparation we’ve done from a logistical standpoint is going back and seeing what changes need to be made, seeing as the sitting governor will no longer be a member of our party after today.”

All Hail Jeff Kottkamp! Jeff Kottkamp! Jeff… forgot it already! FOUR MORE YEARS FOR THAT GUY ‘Jeff’!

[Republican Party of Florida]

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  1. As with CREEP back in the day, RPOF shows that the Reps should be a little more careful with their acronyms; although I do appreciate the honestly, because yes the Republicans are a RPOF (unless you’re rich).

  2. So his platform is:
    – less government control
    – control spending
    – reduce taxes
    – Jesus is totally hot

    The same platform Bush ran on. Anyone remember how that turned out?


  4. This is all a power play between the Jeb Bush loyalists – we have people in this state that think Jeb was a good governor, despite his wrecking the state economy and other assorted criminal enterprises – and the Orange fella’s supporters. Crist has been a fairly reasonable Repub, which pisses the Bushies off to no end. Looks like Jeb will end up as King of the Teabaggers.

    Kotterkamp is a horse’s ass.

  5. The RPOOFS are acting like I did when I was about 16 and some idiot boy dumped me, I bet they are also destroying all the appalling poems they wrote lauding him and refusing to wear certain panties ever again.

  6. Interesting fact: in the Mikasuki dialect of the Seminole language, “Jeff Kottkamp” means “I scrubbed the fabulous governor with my felafel.”

  7. After all the trouble Charlie put himself through for the good of the party. He went on dates! He gave up sweet “bachelorhood” and married himself to a person with a vageen, because the awful truth of his natural, god-given proclivities would be too scandalous to the many olds, fundies and other assorted retards who proudly wear the ‘republican’ label. It must have been hell. And this is the thanks he gets. What a shame. What a fucking shame.

    By the way, I just rented Outrage (the movie) and I must say I never realized what a queen Charlie is. Pity the women he married. So much fighting over who gets to use the bathroom mirror, and the money they spent on makeup.

  8. Let the name of Crist be stricken from every book and tablet, stricken from all pylons and obelisks, stricken from every monument of The Sunshine State. Let the name of Crist be unheard and unspoken, erased from the memory of Teabaggers for all time.

    So let it be rittun, so let it be dun…

  9. I’m quite surprised that nobody has yet commented on the fact that his last name is Cot Camp. As in: “What do you do at Cot Camp?”

  10. Guess who is running for Florida Gov.? Rick Scott. That’s right. The guy who got indicted for the largest Medicare scam ever and spent all summer scaring the shit out of old people as the founder of conservatives for patient rights. That fucking Rick Scott. And his commercials are adorable. Picture a bald, creepy looking bastard shooting off talking points in a most jovial manner.

  11. [re=566907]Red Zeppelin[/re]: I love it when they drag out that old cliche. My answer is, “You can’t. I’m comparison shopping and I’m more interested in the (name of competitors vehicle) at this time.” Just to see if they flinch, or quickly find a way to ease me out the door.

  12. This whole episode was anticipated by Wilco in their classic song, “Monday”

    “Choo choo Charlie had a pretty good band
    But he couldn’t understand why no one would go
    A world record player’s on a tour of Japan
    Charlie’s fixing his van with the left arm tan

    He said
    Monday, I’m all high, get me out of FLA
    In school yeah, I fooled ya
    Now I know I made a mistake”

  13. “The rights set forth in our Constitution…are granted us by God”??? I didn’t know God was even at the Constitutional Convention. Which of the Federalist Papers did He author. Or did Moses bring the US Constitution down from the mountain with the Ten Commandments? Now I’m just confused…

  14. Man, that screen grab gives me a full-body cringe. Not because of the pedo-stached Lt. Guv, but because of the text. Every time I encounter the right-wing meme that the Constitution, or the rights and privileges in the Constitution, come from God, the level of reading comprehension fail causes me physical pain. The first words in the damn thing are “We the people, in order to form a more perfect union…”, for chrissakes. And, yeah, I’m sure God had strong feelings about black people only counting as 3/5 of a person, and felt strongly against the quartering of troops in people’s homes without permission. It’s in Deuteronomy, I’m pretty sure.

    The Inherent Rights stuff was the Declaration, morans. And even the Declaration made it clear that that’s only half the equation. We have the rights, and we voluntarily dial them back a bit as part of the Social Contract that makes a society. But, that stuff is all us -people interacting with people to build a functional society- not God declaring “thou shalt be afforded a trial by jury of your peers”.

  15. [re=566967]smitallica[/re]: In California, it’s only a requirement in Kern County. But that registry is a prime source of campaign volunteers under the age of 60.

  16. It’s fun to see a good, old-fashion Stalinist Purge.

    Jeff Kottkamp has always been the leader of the Florida Republican Party.

    Charlie Crist has never been the leader of the Florida Republican Party.

  17. Verily I say to you, before the cock crows, the Florida GOP will deny Crist three times.

    What’s that you say? The cock has already … ? No, I said “crows,” not “bangs a succession of choir boys and domestic farm animals.”

  18. “We are at war with Eastasia. We have always been at war with Eastasia.”

    The RPOF is now a subdivision of the Ministry of Truth.

  19. [re=566950]RoscoePColtraine[/re]: I’m waiting for some teabagger to say “Good riddance you flaming pansy.” It always come down to the bigotry.

  20. If the GOP as a whole, (hole?) would rewrite their literature to remove all references to “Christ” they would be a lot more relevant. IMHO.

  21. [re=566956]schvitzatura[/re]: win!

    and did anyone thinks this guy would be perfectly cast for a porno in the 80s..he has that pornstache thing going on. So you know he has a scandal or 2 coming…which he wanted to keep quiet about but when they promote you…these things come out…hard.

  22. “Kottkamp”- deriv. from Kott, or Cot, – a small enclosed shelter, often used for sheltering sheep or other furry livestock, and kamp or camp, – walking lightly on the feet, whilst exclaiming. (See also, “camp as a row of pink tents”, and “widestance, tapping in small enclosures”).

  23. “As Republicans we believe that the reach of government should be limited, and should never reach into the realm of preventing financial misconduct, civil or criminal. We believe that government should control the spending of the lower economic classes through policies of regressive taxation, and reduce that tax burden of the wealthy in order to facilitate the purchase of politicians at all levels of government. We believe that the rights set forth in our Constitution were not the considered opinions of men who were well-versed in history and political philosophy, but were instead handed down to us by a mythical being. These are the core principles that guide us every day as we serve the citizens, whom we prefer roasted on a spit and lightly salted. Amen.”

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