Remember when 'Drill Baby Drill' was a Sarah Palin porno movie?
So you work for some oil-industry shill blog with chocolate-sucking amoral sleazebag has-been Newt Gingrich as the spokesbaby, and the 527’s main program is “Drill Here, Drill Now,” and whoops, a predictable thing happens when you line your nation’s coastline with offshore rigs.

So, sure, just stick to the facts with your blog post. And Newt Gingrich can keep getting his million of dollars from the dirty-fuel energy sector, and America can once again stand tall, or at least crawl around on its hands and knees, covered in delicious spilled oil and dead wildlife. Oh yeah and do enjoy the name of Gingrich’s slush fund: [American Solutions For Winning the Future via Wonkette pals The Bourbon Dynasty]

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  1. Oddly, there is no mention of the Oil Spill on Fox News’ website right now. There is, however, some scaremongering about Puerto Rico becoming a state.

  2. Goodbye Oysters Rockefeller, Hello Oysters Gingrich.

    Oysters Gingrich
    Take Oysters contaminated with oil from leaking oil rigs
    Add powdered detergent and bleach
    Flambe with USCG approved lighter

    Hmmmm, hydrocarbony goodness

  3. I need medication. Just the boss and me and after two and a half hours I can finally check in with Wonkette with the thought “Now, I can get back to the sane world.”

  4. The Deepwater Horizon rig was reportedly not equipped with a shutoff switch that could have been used to try to close the well. Such switches are not required in the United States, but are used in other countries such as Norway and Brazil.

    ‘Cause, you know, requiring a shutoff switch on a water based oil rig is socialist.

  5. Also, any news yet that David Vitter is heading to the gulf coast to begin blotting up oil with his diapers?

    Seriously, this will only inconvenience those Louisianans who make their living from or might eat seafood. Or the tourist industry. Also. So Spill Baby Spill.

  6. [re=566854]ph7[/re]: Shutoff switches are not required in the United States “but are used in other countries such as Norway and Brazil” were the people, not the oil companies, control the government.

  7. [re=566838]ManchuCandidate[/re]: Saccharin (benzoic sulfimide) comes from the bottoms of crude distillaries, in the coal tar which is left after everything else is heated out of the crude oil.

  8. When was the last time the Drill Baby Drill crowd went to a beach? I thought they wouldn’t want to expose their layers and layers of fatty lard asses in public.

  9. [re=566840]engulfedinflames[/re]: “What will be the next disaster to come back and bite these fools?”

    I remember something about volcano monitoring?

  10. Other experts were quick to put the spill into context. Dr. Dagmar Etkin of Environmental Research Consulting said oil seeps naturally from the Gulf floor “at a rate of 1,500 to 4,000 barrels per day”, or as much as two to three times larger than what is currently leaking from the exploded rig. Etkin also mentioned that the constant appearance of oil has produced a large amount of natural bacteria that breaks down oil and reduces contamination.

    Still other experts, including a Professor from the College, took their briar pipes from their lips and stated this spill may be related to the recent escape of Rodan, the Flying Monster, off the coast of Japan, or the gay pride parade in New Orleans.

  11. “BP says it is spending $6 million a day to battle the oil spill”

    OK, $6m / $75 barrell = value of 80,000 barrells a day
    +clean up costs
    +lost barrells leaking into the sea
    +dead fish and other things that could have been consumed as food (because animals aren’t good for anything but eating)
    +no more coastal tourist business (OK, that’s a strech for that part of the world)


  12. Wait ’til momma nature whips up one her hurricanes and drags that big puddle of flaming grease to Texas. It’s Mother Nature’s revenge for trying to drill her like a congressional page.

  13. [re=566870]WadISay[/re]: Yep, the regular natural seepage of oil from parts of the ocean floor where life has adapted to it means a surface spill is perfectly safe. Sure. Would Dr. Etkin like us to pour oil all over his front yard and inside his house? It must be perfectly safe.

  14. I like how they cite the White House saying this is no reason to stop drilling… five days ago. When “no oil appeared to be leaking.” Because facts look better with some temporal distortion sprinkled on top.

  15. Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less

    Ken, you just don’t think evil enough. Oil company evil.
    Estimate how much oil has been lost, how much oil will be lost. Add clean up costs plus Federal fines.
    Claim the demand is outstripping supply due to the leak. Estimate how much to raise the cost of gasoline and oil related products to recover the “loss” and then some, and presto, a disaster becomes a capitalist’s wet dream.

  16. Well well. According to the news report, this isn’t a big deal at all and the oil will all be eaten by bacteria. So why the big fuss? Mother nature leaks oil all the time. You want to outlaw mother nature? Libtard crybabies.

    Also, the more oil we spill, the more oil-eating bacteria get produced. So really this is working out quite well.

    How come no comments on the oil blog?

  17. [re=566866]TGY[/re]: In the future everyone will be a renegade independent, with people leaving their parties before they’ve even finished winning their first election. It’ll be like the NCAA, but with fat white guys.

  18. As long as we can still fill up our SUVs and drive the one-and-a-half blocks to pick up some “bread and milk,” I think we can all agree this minor inconvenience will have been worth it. And if we can’t all agree to that, then we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

    O/T: Where the hell is AnnieGetYourFun? Was he/she abducted by space aliens and being probed not in a good way; or find some form of gainful, time-consuming employment of some sort? I miss Annie.

  19. Question: If law suits seeking to stop the wind farm development off Cape Cod are successful wouldn’t that open the door for folks on the Gulf Coast to file suits demanding that drilling be stopped? I mean the folks in MA are suing to protect their “view” for God’s sake while people on the Gulf are facing a genuine disaster.

  20. The Republiklans have moved past The Party Of No. They have officially become The Party Of Epic Fail.
    Everything they touch, blows up in their face.

  21. I would think that even for greedy, evil, megalomaiacal corporations an off-switch would be a good idea. Who’s their CEO, Dr. Doofenschmirtz?

  22. [re=566836]Spike[/re]:

    You know what that is? It is a proposed bill in the house which provides Puerto Rico the chance every eight years to decide to vote to become a state; in essence it is a vote to allow Puerto Ricans to vote to see if they want to vote to become a state every decade, more or less.

    Glen Beck and Andrew Brietbartocolyspe are presented it as an immediate legislative end-around to get more browns to vote Democrat, and to give all Mexicans everywhere American Citizenship, and to require all of them to fuck your baby sister under penalty of law. Which got wingnuttia up in arms.

    So, here we are. Put briefly, just your average Thursday in these United States.

  23. [re=566941]GOPCrusher[/re]:So? Palinistas have proven that Epic Fail doesn’t prevent entities generously classified as “people” from voting Republican.

    Help me out here on the Venn diagram – animals, people, supernatural beings, and…what?…Republizombies? The overlap the adjacent Dead circle?

  24. [re=566965]Tommmcatt[/re]: My biggest disappointment is no comments on the Puerto Rico threatens our freedom article. i would love to see the tea bag fury unleashed on that topic!

  25. Look at it from Sarah Palin’s and Newt Gingrich’s perspective, and this is a massive win.

    After all, the oil has already spilled, so now there is no reason not to drill baby drill now.

  26. [re=567037]S.Luggo[/re]: Is Jindal really such a crybaby? Didn’t he read the Drill Now blog? The oyster’s shells will protect them from contamination! Also, this isn’t even as bad as the worst spill in 1979. With any luck voters are either too young to remember or didn’t live on the Gulf Coast at the time and find themselves taking a nice swim only to have tar balls in their hair, clothes, and towels which they had to throw away, being so mucky they would ruin washing machine if you tried to clean them. And how do you get those tar balls out of your hair so they don’t wind up in the bathtub? Get a haircut, hippie!

    So what they hey is he worried about? Dumb libtard.

    Someone please send Jindal a link to this informative blog of expert opinion.

  27. Well, the Gulf is lined with red states, so this should be quite a little game changer. Or not. Let’s see how Glenn Beck figures out a way to blame the spill on That Negro in the White House. And Bobby Jindal! I can’t wait to hear what Mahatma Dandi has to offer on this one. Maybe he’ll be able to exorcise the oil demon.

  28. [re=567075]slappypaddy[/re]: Self correcting problem. Now that they know how much the would have been getting, they know how much to jack up the price in the short term. And I’m sure the actuaries already have the longterm model figured out to recoup the cleanup and lawsuit costs. What other corective safeguards do you think are needed? HENGH!?! IVAN?!?

  29. I’ve never understood the “Pay Less” part. Are fine American companies like British Petroleum, Royal Dutch Shell, and Citgo going to accept less payment for their oil because it was produced in the US? IMHO, no! Unless some freedom-loving Republican administration implements price controls.

  30. Could we please make plans to collect dead, oil-soaked seabirds and other critters from the spill zone, and dump huge, stinking, petroleum-oozing piles of them at the offices of any candidate who’s chanted “Drill Baby Drill”? Please?

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