Taco Tuesday!Will the terrible Democrats please stop considering a long-overdue immigration bill, now that Lindsey Graham is upset? Mean old Harry Reid had pwomised him an energy bill (dead on arrival) first before pwomising him an immigwation bill! Then he switched it up! And now Lindsey Graham is so upset that he says they don’t need to deal with immigration until 2012, it’s no big deal.

(This, of course, is the opposite of what Lindsey Graham said months ago, before he realized that doing an immigration bill this year would mostly help mobilize the lazy Democratic base in the midterms, whereas a bipartisan immigration bill in 2012 would help Republicans not come across as quite so racist heading into a presidential election, which is decided by more than just special interests playing for turnout.)

What are the Democrats thinking, going against Lindsey Graham like this?

Still, something seems off here…

“Reid obviously needs it to invigorate his base – Clark County Hispanics and union members. He needs to get those people invigorated and out voting and one way to do that is to get an immigration bill moving,” a Democratic House committee staffer familiar with the immigration debate told me in an interview. The staffer asked for anonymity to be able to speak freely about the political nature of the issue.

“Either we do it for political show or we get a bill done. Either way we win,” the staffer said. “If Republicans block us they will forever cement themselves as rural, white angry party, and that’s fine either way. Hispanics will see on Telemundo and Univision the angry white people in the Republican blocking the American dream. Who wins? Democrats do.”

Ah, that last paragraph, that’s what seems off. The HORRIBLY CYNICAL last paragraph, from Hell.

Even if this may be a candid look at the “political nature of the issue,” it might be in the Democratic higher-ups’ best interest to not come across as horribly condescending and disingenuous in the discussion thereof. If you’re going to try to pass an immigration bill, you should try to pass an immigration bill! Many of those Hispanics watching “Telemundo and Univision” are already well aware of “the angry white people in the Republican [party].” But even their tiny Mexican minds can figure out when the leadership has no intention of fighting for the issues they care about and simply wants their votes for the midterms.

[Washington Times]

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  1. I never liked knowing how they make the chorizo either. But if it gets done, and some of it is good, aren’t we all better off?


  2. It simply does not occur to this committee staffer to pursue immigration reform because it’s, you know, a fuckin’ big deal.

    Oh well, we had to have some power-grubbing Rove figures somewhere in the party. I’ll console myself with the fact that we at least have some measure of distaste for our own amoral shitstains.

  3. You know, its this type of crap which moved me out of the center left…well that and living in a horribly reactionary Tridentine Catholic community. Dam moderation, Dam it to HELL !

  4. Seriously though, that second paragraph seems right out of the Republican devil handbook, you know, the part about Democrats being just cynical manipulators of the colored folks. As with everything there is some truth to it, and its depressing.

  5. Democrats are getting lax because they can afford to appear amoral and opportunistic. It’s not like the voters hoping for moral leadership are going to go to the Republicans — they long ago figured out that S&M with a flag pin does not equal morality.

  6. Why do I have to find out that Biden is fucking teachers at the Huffington Post? Could we get our hands out of our pants and back to work?

  7. It’s nice that Democrats are now just openly stating that being in power is more important than actually doing anything while in power.

  8. I’m thinking that it’s only a matter of time before Joe and Lindsay get all “Grey Gardens” on each other’s asses, and start dressing in table linens and screeching duets. That would be awesome.

  9. What? Were a bunch of you really under the impression that our leaders actually gave a fuck about anything more than preserving their own jobs? This is why important/complicated issues must NEVER be resolved. There will never be comprehensive immigration reform while the Democrats are in office, just like the Republicans “sort of forgot” to outlaw abortion when they held all three branches of government for several years. An issue resolved is one that can’t be campaigned on, and that means less $$$ for incumbents. And fuck Jomentum, too, just for laughing in that photo.

  10. Jesu’ Christo on a re-fried bean swastika, DON’T read the comments at the Washington Times..wetback this, gay RINO that…

  11. Shall the Rs support big bidness or teatarded Cletus & Twyla?

    We know the bidness of ‘Merica is bidness & folks of that persuasion want to:
    1. Keep lootin’ the best & brightest foreigners by trading green cards for continued grad school/post doc slave wages doing the high techie
    2. Keep ‘splotin’ the hands & back of no edjamcated foreigners by payin’ slave wages in exchange for not turning them in to the ICE.

    If’n they goes with bidness, C&T are gonna get POd. If’n the goes with mas ICE mounties, bidness will have a sad.

    What to do, what to do, what to do?

  12. Thank GAWD we have real heroes in the Senate like John McCain, who will surely come out and take a principled stand on this blatant political maneuvering, assuming his polling numbers support one.

  13. Oh give the guy a break. He’s just stating the obvious. Either they pass immigration reform or they get to slet the repuklicans look like heartless dipshits. The mindless zombie part of NO!

    This is what happened with health care. It’Q It will happen with global warming, cap and trade or whatever, education reform, whatever.

    So let people see them for what they are.

  14. [re=565406]Ducksworthy[/re]: Coming on the heels of their ill-advised “Democrats are the Real Party of Wall Street” commercial followed shortly with a completely partisan vote against letting the financial reform bill move into Senate debate, I just don’t know how much more PR damage they can do to themselves?
    The Republiklan Party either has become completely clueless, are doing this on purpose, or just doesn’t care anymore.

  15. Well if Lindsey would just BE HONEST and COME OUT OF THE CLOSET teh Democrats would be glad to embrace him and all of his wacky oppressed librul minority causes.

  16. Ha! You got to love the wingnuts with their new whine, “Nobama doesn’t want to secure the borders, he doesn’t want to deal with the issue, waah!!” I thought they hated our government and gubmint spendin? I thought Good Hair and Texas wanted to secede?? I say fuck it, let the border states ‘exercise their capitalism’ and deal with it like they want to deal with health care. I’m brown, so I can go with the flow, bitches.

  17. Say what you like but I bet our Lindz dudn’t look half-bad when he’s sucking on Senate Minority Leader Millie McConnell’s poosay.

  18. [re=565364]edgydrifter[/re]: Well I “think” you have found the MAIN reason for voter apathy!!

    Or put another way “Why the FUCK should I vote when you’re not going to do anything you promised and just BS around with issues so that you can rerun on them.”

    You know, what you said.

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