Ha ha, let's illegally torture the president who has nothing to do with the whole Bush/Cheney waterboarding outrage, because why not?!Surprise, the teabaggers don’t know what teabaggers are supposed to believe, either. A new CBS poll proves that the majority of teabaggers have no complaints about the amount of taxes they pay. Which kind of makes sense, considering the low rates they pay and the tax cuts they’ve seen this year. Also, Republicans and Democrats and people in all income ranges are all satisfied with the amount of taxes they pay. So, uh ….

Just read this, and then you can make up your Conclusion and we won’t have to call these old white slobs a bunch of incoherent racists, again. Whoops did we already do it?

Yet while some say the Tea Party stands for ‘Taxed Enough Already,’ most Tea Party supporters — 52 percent — say their taxes are fair, the poll shows. Just under one in five Americans say they support the Tea Party movement.

However, those most active in the Tea Party are less satisfied with the amount of income taxes they will pay. Fifty-five percent of Tea Party activists — those who have attended a rally or donated money — (about 4 percent of Americans overall) say their income taxes are unfair.

Americans overall are more likely than Tea Partiers to describe the income taxes they’ll pay this year as fair — 62 percent do, according to the poll, conducted April 5-12.

Majorities across all income levels say their income taxes are fair, as do most Republicans and Democrats.

Okay so even the people sitting in the frayed lawn chairs, making their home-skool’d kids stand there all day holding STOP THE GOV’MENT signs, just over half of them even have any complaints about their tax burden? Again, it makes sense, because POOR PEOPLE DON’T PAY TAXES AND IN FACT HALF THE COUNTRY’S WORKERS PAY NO INCOME TAX, but teabaggers are not about making sense. [CBS News/Photo by Wonkette Operative “Lauren K.”]

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  1. Le Sigh. What can you expect from the cream of American Society? Or the kreeme of Amurekin SoSighyetti? LEARN TO SPELL, MOTHERFUCKERS, AND THEN I WILL GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOU. THESE ARE MY PREREQUISITES.

  2. Just to nit pick a little — half of the country’s workers pay no Federal income tax. They still pay state/local taxes & Social Security and Medicare. (And I’m pretty sure everyone pays sales taxes of some kind).

  3. I bet few of these people even know how much of their income goes to taxes or how little corporate taxes are paid.

    But a BLACK president with an unusual name! Now there’s something to wave signs about!

    Also, socialism.

  4. Leaves only one possible reason…

    [Gabby Johnson sees the Preznit riding into town]
    Gabby Johnson: Hey! The Preznit’s a nig…
    [Clock bell chimes]
    Harriet Johnson: What did he say?
    Dr. Sam Johnson: He said the Preznit’s near
    Gabby Johnson: No, gone blame it dang blammit! The Preznit is a nig…

  5. It’s painfully obvious should one have the stomach to stand in and listen to interviews of any one of these buffoons that they have a certain type of inchoate innate anger based on the fact they are less than they would like and would like to shift the charges. Once there was an anti-tax protestor who was against shifting debt to his children. You could avoid that by paying more taxes now, but never mind.; he paid no taxes as he was on SS and VA relief. He was mad about that, though, all of it. Mad enough to stand out there and make a muddled fool of himself.

    My intention is neither to clarify nor to correct but to use the word `inchoate,’ of which we never see enough.

  6. [re=556525]ChatteringClass[/re]: Well that is true, so I have corrected to “pay no income tax.” And if you pay no federal income tax, yr state tax burden is going to be either very small or nonexistent.

    Sales tax on double-down chicken burgers, that’s what keeps America rollin’!

  7. Ha Ha! She’s a tea-bag supporter in need of support.

    If you keep running her picture, Meggie (“My Breasts Fold Up Like This”) McCain is going to get very jealous.

  8. “Waterboard Cheney” makes sense as a slogan, since Cheney has defended waterboarding. Someone wearing a t-shirt that said that would presumably be making both the point that they hate Cheney AND that Cheney might not like waterboarding quite so much if he had to experience it. What exactly is the punch line to ‘Waterboard Obama’? Because… he’s black?

  9. I just finished my tax return for 2009 and I owe no taxes. I’ve been unemployed for 2 years and made only $4,061 last year from unemployment insurance, the first $2400 of which is not counted. I’ve gone throuh all my savings to survive so I don’t feel like a ‘lucky duckie.’

    I also didn’t get any money back naturally.

  10. [re=556525]ChatteringClass[/re]: Who cares about State Income Taxes? It’s called state’s rights commie! We Baggers love state taxes! Down with the Fed! To Arms! Free the banks from taxes!

  11. With all the drama and collective hairs afire over Obama, the Dems and how they’ve increased taxes, I did a little calculation of Prairie Flower’s tax rate for last year versus this year. The result? Exactly the same, to 2 decimal points. I look forward to having that little piece of empirical data handy.

  12. [re=556543]Ken Layne[/re]: ‘s cool. The point that most of these people have no idea what they’re protesting is well taken though. There was one woman (head of the Boston Tea Party tribe) on NPR this morning who, when informed that Obama had cut taxes for 95 percent of Americans (in the stimulus bill) just said she didn’t believe that, no matter what the gov’mint said.

    Bonus: She, the head of the Boston Tea Party, was actually from Ohio.

  13. It’s a ‘new direction’ for racists Republicans wait, no Libertarians uh, all-of-the-above idiots that truly have no direction. The founding fathers/constitutional bent just makes them feel like they paid attention in history class, are energized by some ‘grass roots’ movement–(Hey Reba! I can use the interwub! Gimme dem pork rinds) and are ready to debate politics with the librul l33t.

  14. [re=556543]Ken Layne[/re]: …”but teabaggers are not about making sense.”

    Set, game, match Mr. Layne.

    BTW the score on the photog is love – love.

  15. [re=556560]ChatteringClass[/re]: Joe the Unemployed Handyman rose to prominence by yammering about the tax burden of a business he was never going to acquire. I’m guessing most teabaggers worry about taxes for the same reasons Joe did. Because they are mentally defective and morally deficient. Or suffering from tertiary syphilis.

  16. When did Jeri Hall turn into an inhuman torture advocate? I guess the existence of this pic is my greenlight to send my “Force Palin and her legal age daughters to form an Abu Gharab style naked pyramid in my love cellar (for freedom)” tshirts to cafe press.

  17. Actually, this is probably just the percentage of them that doesn’t pay any income tax, since they’re retired or get a crazy check from the gubmint.

  18. Behind the wall-o-boobs, to the left, we can make out
    an old white baggerette in a guvmint subsidized electric fat-cart.
    Keep the socialists away from her medicare!

  19. [re=556578]x111e7thst[/re]: Such has always been the trajectory of fascist movements. They begin with false consciousness among the proletariat who come to identify closely with the capitalists who exploit them, rather than progressive elements in society who favor them with tax breaks, minimum wage increases and, uh, health care. These people respond in symbolic fashion by identifying with and inflaming the greivances of poor, especially those involving nativism, race, and resentment against “elites.” Ironically, the capitalists are often able, by dumbing down their speech, wearing certain clothes, driving, say, pickup trucks, to fool the prols (who in this case are not necessarily “workers,” as most are unemployed or retired) into thinking they are one of them. This game goes on for quite some time until at last the contradictions become obvious even to the idiots, and the movement is left with little but violence and racism as its raison d’etre. We are close to that point now: the teabaggers are the last idiotic shudder of the idiotic Reagan Revolution.

  20. Reporters and pollsters at CBS are braver than I am to actually try to obtain opinions from these individuals and try to make sense of what they’re saying. I’ve heard rants from Charlie Manson that were more coherent.

  21. [re=556539]Bowdoin[/re]: He might have been making “a muddled fool of himself,” but were he to find his way onto any news program in America, no one would bother to point that out. They would let him have his say and then pause for a commercial, as if his statements were possibly the truth.

    When people make statements like that, and then a reporter replies, “Thank you for your opinion, Mr. Muddle. Now, viewers, here are the FACTS that prove Mr. Muddle is, at best, inchoate,” then I will think the FCC is worth a damn. Until then, FAIL. What passes for “news” in America today is merely YouTube with hosts. And inchoate, also.

  22. [re=556543]Ken Layne[/re]: you really need to limit it to federal b/c you deduct a portion of state from federal so most low income people pay much more state income tax and or state property tax than federal income tax. The 47%number is related to federal income tax

  23. “There was one woman (head of the Boston Tea Party tribe) on NPR this morning who, when informed that Obama had cut taxes for 95 percent of Americans (in the stimulus bill) just said she didn’t believe that, no matter what the gov’mint said.”

    Poor thing probably hasn’t gotten a paycheck with one of them handy-dandy stubs in so long, she has no concept of what the tax structure is up to these days. And she is probably an idiot. Also, there’s got to be some explanation for the fever dreams she has about a naked black dude chaining her ass to a torture chair and just doing heaven-only-knows what to her, in the name of Comfascsocialsm.

  24. I would try to thank everyone, but I would miss someone, so let me just say, that these are some of the bestest comments in a long while.

  25. [re=556603]nappyduggs[/re]: I heard that this morning too. She is a housewife which means she DOESN’T pay taxes…unless her husband pays her to be married to him which would make her a…

  26. [re=556572]S.Luggo[/re]: How long until we can start referring to her as “former attorney Orly Taitz”? There has to be some sort of disciplinary proceeding pending against her after the $20,000 sanction case.

    Oh, and she’s now running for CA Secretary of State. What’s her campaign slogan – “A Kenyan Bird Surtifikat in Every Pot”?

    Obvious racist is obvious:

    In her quest for the party nomination for secretary of state, she has tried to get the other GOP candidate, Damon Dunn, removed from the ballot on the grounds that he is only pretending to be a Republican. Dunn is an African American real estate entrepreneur and former NFL football player who has attracted support from powerful GOP figures.

    “The only reason he was endorsed so far is because he is an African American, and Republicans want to have an African American to show diversity,” Taitz said in a blog post. Dunn brushed aside her criticism.

  27. This was the most bizarre quote in the NYT story…the last paragraph:
    “I guess I want smaller government and my Social Security,” said Jodine White, 62, of Rocklin, Calif. “I didn’t look at it from the perspective of losing things I need. I think I’ve changed my mind.” Uhh…what? You’ve changed your mind about what? You are no longer a Tea Partier? You’ve discovered that Social Security (that I’m actually paying you to be on, Jodine) is a government program? Us elitist lefties can’t make too much hay about this in November so as to not antagonize, but a campaign that says: “Government programs are cool” just might work.

  28. Just what does this woman want to torture out of Obama?

    That he really IS a socialist communist fascist white people hating Kenyan Muslin?
    What information does she want? The real size of his package?
    Hooter girl going all medieval on Obama w.t.f.

  29. [re=556525]ChatteringClass[/re]: I do pay fed income tax, and I’m borderline poor. If it’s really true that 47% of us pay NO fed income tax, then we’re in bad shape. Or, just maybe, there’s a large part of that 47% who have immoral accountants or tax attorneys that get them out of their liabilities. Myself, I’d rather pay the fed than an accountant or attorney, but that’s just me…

  30. Yeah, but… if you say that their interest is more racism than reality, then they’ll be all “nuh-uh” and then you’ll be all “uh-huh” and they’ll be all “are not” and you’ll say “are too” and the they’ll be all “are not…INFINITY!” and they’ll win.

  31. [re=556632]Joshua Norton[/re]:
    Just when you think they’ve won, they pull racism from the jaws of victory and blurt out something ’bout them evil tinted people taking over and how they put the white man down.

  32. [re=556591]Red Zeppelin[/re]: In the meantime ExxonMobil paid no federal income tax in 2009. While whining that they were being horribly overtaxed to the point of stifeling all energy innovation research.
    Makes me long for the sort of actual Socialism that would tax those fucks to the point of severe rectal bleeding.

  33. [re=556551]SayItWithWookies[/re]:

    States rights = “get that boy out of the White House and back to pickin’ cotton in fields”

  34. At first glance, I thought the shirt said “skaterboard Obama,” and figured it was yet another business trying to cash in on the president’s name…
    [re=556542]momus[/re]: Hey, be nice: not every bottle blonde is a brainless teabagger. Some of us even wear bras that work…

  35. [re=556525]ChatteringClass[/re]: Except for Alaskans. They pay no sales tax, and get a check from their state government every year (from oil money) because they’re rugged and independent. Also.

  36. [re=556638]x111e7thst[/re]: Yes, lost in all the nattering about the 47% of households who “pay no tax” is the huge number of corporations who also don’t, in this case through various sorts of dodges and offshoring of assets that the average household has no access to. The teabag movement is all about racial and cultural panic, period. Ironically, the very programs that progressives have created over the years have shielded them from the worst effects of their class position, making it possible for them to think they are “middle class.”

    And if that tea-mama is going to go around braless like that, she should definitely be flashing some titty, although that could lead to some amusing heart attacks from the fried dough crowd.

  37. [re=556601]Jukesgrrl[/re]: Exactly that, and I think inchoately the networks and cable shows do not point out the innate incoherent insipiditiocy because they do not want to offend their audience. And it’s a prime one, too, much valued if vapid, because a teabagger Troglodyte will in his inchoate state buy Nigerian gold, obviously. And so the line between sanity and its inchoate other keeps shifting.

  38. She is exactly who is going to grow up to be the “Lyin’ African” sign holder. Same self-pleased coquettish dimwit smile. Teehee. I’m cute.

  39. [re=556648]Sparky McGruff[/re]: You betcha. And Wyoming also (not the checks but absurdly low tax rates across the board). Also because of the huge amount of federal in lieu of taxes payments. Rugged cowboy individualism with a lot of socialism thrown in.

  40. [re=556610]Pandy[/re]:

    …a cock-eyed half-wit with an udder fettish? I couldn’t agree more. Also, that quote there came courtesy of ChatteringClass.

  41. …not necessarily “workers,”…
    This part deserves emphasis. Historically, working people have never a big part of any fascist movement. In Pinochet’s Chile, for example, the main base of the fascist movement consisted of middle class people–mom and pop store owners, doctors, dentists, independent truck owner-operators, etc, who are not really part of the proletariat, which has an aversion to fascism because proles have some kind of sixth sense, akin to gaydar, that tells them that the fascists want to put them to work for 15 hours a day to solve the country’s economic problems and restore value to the money.

  42. [re=556549]Jim89048[/re]: How do you feel about paying hush money, James? Because my pedotar is thisclose to spilling the beans on your creepy ass…

  43. It’s not about how much they pay. It’s about how *little* communist negroe welfare mom leeches pay, clearly. You don’t have to scratch too far beneath the surface before the simmering resentment of not-real americans turns up.

  44. Palin put her own spin on Tax Day, saying, “We need to cut taxes so that our families can keep more of what they earn and produce, and our mom-and-pops, then, our small businesses, can reinvest according to our own priorities, and hire more people and let the private sector grow and thrive and prosper.”

    She literally just yells what ever the fuck pops into her head from moment to moment, doesn’t she?

  45. The local Tea Party here is holding a rally for the “Fair Tax” tomorrow. I mean, that sounds fair. It’s got “fair” right in the title! Can’t wait till I ditch the hundreds in witholding I pay now for 30% tax on every purchase, plus state taxes. FAIR!

    This Fair Tax movement is as dumb as the Tea Baggers times 2.

  46. [re=556695]BarackMyWorld[/re]: Well, the last couple times I’ve heard a clip of her on the ‘ol radio (tv can suck it) it’s been the same quote from different speeches. Something about the famous Ronald Raygun quote “We win, you lose”, which I’m pretty sure is actually a quote from Battlefield Earth.

  47. Yeah she is a tea bag wingnut, but I’d still hit it. Then post compromising pictures on the net.

    I love how none of these tea bag turds never address corporate welfare issues, like the sugar beet subsidies or farm subsidies in general. They wouldn’t know a free market if it ran them over.

  48. [re=556695]BarackMyWorld[/re]: she says whatever she sees written on her hand. i often fantasize about a devious wonketteer infiltrating the palin camp and writing “i’m the dumbest asshole ever to appear on a presidential ballot and you mouth-breathing cracker fucks still don’t realize that i’m a total grifter fraud taking your money” on her hand while she’s zonked out on ambien or something.

  49. [re=556698]PabaBritannica[/re]: The magic of the fair tax is that it taxes everyone less yet it generates more revenue. The economics of the fair tax, however, suggests that it was written by a guy who also has plans for a real perpetual motion machine based on his unique and revolutionary understanding of quantum mechanics.

  50. [re=556648]Sparky McGruff[/re]: well, we do pay sales tax in some places–like Wasilla, to help take care of the financial drubbing the twunt laid down on that town–but no state sales tax. No stae income tax either–though a REPUBLICAN state legislator recently said that halting the state income tax had been a horrible mistake.

  51. [re=556714]SayItWithWookies[/re]: don’t forget the overwhelmingly likely possibility that a flat/fair tax system would result in a massive growth in a black market for a wide variety of consumer goods.

  52. Thus far, over the course of the last two threads, it’s been suggested by assorted Wonkerazzi that the true identity of this hooter-having, shades-sporting, “human-wearing t-shirt” could be — generalities omitted — Snorg girl, Mom, Julie Newmar, Heather Mills, Michelle Phillips, Dad, Darragh Murphy, Jeri Hall, and Teri Garr.

    Though entirely plausible, I believe that — with all due respect — each aforementioned alter ego is ultimately off the mark.

    As any Bush administration high-level official will leak to you on background, the only bottle blonde, tits-risking, super spy with the training, experience, and Bono-circa-Achtung Baby—esque eyeware required to pull off this dangerous of a deep cover, double agent operation is none other than the Novak-narc’d, notorious Niger-lover herself, Valerie “Pinky Fucking” Plame.

  53. [re=556591]Red Zeppelin[/re]: It could be argued that we are already past that point with the election of Obama, and that the Tea Party Movement is just the expression of the small percentage of Americans who are too stupid to ever get it, the proverbial “some of the people, all of the time.” These are people who, many of them, have literally no idea what they’re protesting (beyond a vague sense of dread at the prospect of an administration younger, smarter, and blacker than they), but they do understand that making illiterate signs and getting outside feels better than sitting on the sofa at home 16 hours a day.

  54. [re=556717]obfuscator[/re]: Oh crap — I was thinking about the flat tax, not the fair tax. Nevermind entirely. Although now that I Wikipediad the fair tax it looks equally idiotic. So as a ginormous national sales tax, it’s just creating an incentive to make your money here and spend it abroad. Naw, the guy who came up with this doesn’t have plans for a perpetual motion machine — he’s the guy who, when he lived on your hall in college, ate nothing but bananas for a week and a half. And then you found out why when you came home and the entire hall smelled like burning bananas and your hallmates told you ol’ Albert Hoffman, Jr. here had heard the urban myth that cooked-down banana peels are hallucinogenic and it took you two days of having your windows open in January to get rid of the smell.

  55. [re=556723]SayItWithWookies[/re]: what did paul mccartney say when a reporter asked him if he’d ever go down on one knee again?

    “i’d prefer you called her “heather”.”

  56. [re=556703]Jim89048[/re]: Some day, and that day may never come, I will call upon you to send those trucknutz to me. But until that day, consider your comment a gift on my daughter’s wedding day.

    [re=556715]Crank Tango[/re]: I’ve committed many a felonious act in my day, but the crime of “RAPE INSTRUMT” is, regrettably, not yet one of them.

    [re=556723]SayItWithWookies[/re]: [re=556727]Radiotherapy[/re]: [re=556730]obfuscator[/re]: It’s heartening to learn that — unlike Sir Paul — none of you were so easily stumped.

  57. [re=556738]obfuscator[/re]: I thought that said “only 4% of the recent nyt story is correct, at first glance.

    Which it might have been.


  58. [re=556741]Radiotherapy[/re]: ‘chomsky’s funbags’ would be a great name for a shitty band. a 7-inch single released on an indie label based in san francisco.

  59. It confirms to me that the teabaggers are just rebels without a cause. Taxes and birth certificates. Palin and the repubs think they are getting a boost from the TP movement, but it’s the Paultards who are winning. Keep trying to make the pie higher, America.

  60. [re=556732]obfuscator[/re]: Geeze — forget terrorists with nukes — 400 years after science became a systematic pursuit, the greatest threat to civilization is that still can’t tell the difference between an evidence-based factual argument and a few paragraphs of crackpot economics layered between some Reaganite homilies and suety dollops of Prosperity Gospel. ‘Twill be the downfall of us all, just you watch.

  61. Who wants to join a class action lawsuit being filed in Florida on behalf of everyone who doesn’t want to buy health insurance? Hooray for freedom!

  62. [re=556744]Crank Tango[/re]: I can tell you like the smell of your own. You bask in it at times, nostrils flared goin’ ‘mmmm, hmmm that’s my musky funky ass..’

  63. [re=556747]SayItWithWookies[/re]: I read a great article in the NYT Magazine years ago, I’ll see if I can hunt it down, but the premise, incredibly insightful, and a mantra I live by: Never, EVER, forget the primary goal of the Repug Party — CUT TAXES ON THE RICH.
    Not to mix politics with science, but this explains alot, and always makes me feel better somehow.

  64. [re=556716]schlock and flaws[/re]: though a REPUBLICAN state legislator recently said that halting the state income tax had been a horrible mistake

    The problem with being a Republican state legislator is that you may need to, like, govern. It’s so much easier being a Republican member of Congress.

  65. [re=556754]Radiotherapy[/re]: It amuses me no end that this week’s Republican talking point is that taxes are too low. Of course, taxes are always too high for the rich and too low for the coloreds and the welfare queens.

  66. [re=556747]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Dammit — “is that people still can’t tell the difference…” was how it went in my head.

    [re=556754]Radiotherapy[/re]: It’s obvious, and yet there are enough rubes to buy it every time. I recently came across “Deal or No Deal” while channel surfing, and here is a game with some pretty simple rules for making a decent amount of money: If you are offered x amount of money and you have y guesses you have to make, you can figure out the odds of guessing again. And yet nobody on that show can seem to keep from guessing themselves down to nothing. It is an icy laugh at my faith in humanity to be made better by education.

    Okay, and comletely O/T — Blanche Lincoln, of all people, just came after banks doing derivatives trading — she wants them to divest their derivatives trading operations completely, and all such trading has to be reported to regulators and made public — well beyond what Obama wants out of the financial reform bill. Although you wouldn’t know any of this by reading the headline or first two graphs of this piece:
    This bombshell’s buried deeper than a piece of unexploded ordnance in a Verdun wheat field.

  67. [re=556560]ChatteringClass[/re]: Ohio: the ninth circle of Hell. I spent 11 years there, in Cincinnuty. Then I escaped (!) to Indiana and later to China.

  68. [re=556759]zhubajie[/re]: “Escaped” to Indiana? Indiana is about as close to a Southern state as you’ll get in the Midwest and Great Lakes. Ohio gets a bad rap; it’s far too complicated and diverse a state to characterize.

  69. [re=556725]sezme[/re]: You’re a genius. You’ve nailed it. “but they do understand that making illiterate signs and getting outside feels better than sitting on the sofa at home 16 hours a day.” These rallies are social outings for thinking-impaired citizens. They feel the warm glow of solidarity with like-mindless peers.

  70. In a recent poll, almost 90% of teabaggers said they thought taxes had either gone up or stayed the same under Obama. Only two percent thought they went down. But the reality is, taxes have gone down. For 95% of working families, taxes went down. Only two percent of the people in a ‘movement’ about taxes, named after a tax revolt, have the slightest idea what’s going on with taxes.

    Bill Maher-

  71. Well, it happened just as I thought. Now all the wingnuts are saying that the outrageous photos are all of “infiltrators trying to make {the teabaggers} look worse than [they] are.”

    The political equal to “Shopped!”


  72. [re=556560]ChatteringClass[/re]: I heard that dumb, whiny, marginally-literate moron as well. Why is it that so many of these teabaggers are women? Do they just the taste of Schwetty Balls?

  73. [re=556638]x111e7thst[/re]:

    And producing ridiulously expensive commercials about what good corporate citizens they are. Just like Big Pharma.

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