You can’t blame him for assuming that in the New America, people don’t actually get charged for wrongdoing anymore. Still, whoops! Birther Col. Terry Lakin is in big trouble. “A decorated Army doctor who publicly announced last month that he is refusing to follow orders because he believes Barack Obama may be ineligible to be president is now under investigation after failing to report for duty at Fort Campbell in Kentucky, a military spokesman tells TPMmuckraker.” MARTYR! [TPM]

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  1. I hear the guards at the brig treat you much better if you can take it all the way in, and you’re good with the lower lip action – traitor.

  2. Have all the nuts just gone and lost their fucking minds today? Oklahoma, Florida, and now Kentucky. What say you, South Carolina? Tuesdays are usually slow news days. Except for 9/11. For at least 15 years, never forget!

  3. [re=555351]memzilla[/re]: MAYBE it’s just a misunderstanding on his part. Maybe he thought “Today’s Volunteer Army” meant you volunteer to show up, y’know, whenever you feel like it?

    Don’t care for your colonel? Got a beef with your Commander in Chief? Meh, just sit this one out, come back next election cycle, maybe.

  4. [re=555343]chascates[/re]: Kenyan doesn’t even need a National Guard — thanks to hundreds of generations of slective breeding, those skinny-ass motherfuckers can outrun anybone.

    If Col. Lakin really wants to protest President Obama’s Kenyan roots, he shouldn’t go AWOL, he should just drag his feet.

  5. Oh, I’m not merikan either then. Had to get a birf certificate – no doctor’s sig, nada. Even got the long form just to see. And while I look just like a cross between my father and mother, who were both born here, that evidently proves nothing. Wonder what I am. A white Kenyan probably.

  6. So, let me understand this. His argument is that Obama is illegally sending him to war. So that means he is against these wars. So he must be anti Cheney/Bush, which means he is one of us, but wait, then he is also against the troops and hates Amerika, i am very confused. please help me understand!

  7. [re=555356]germansteel[/re] Don’t fuck with Germansteel, buddy. He knows how to get shit done! There was a retard posting on Yahoo about the First Lady’s trip demanding to know why this guy’s not in trouble yet. Spoke too soon! Hahaha.

    I’d volunteer for that firing squad. You with me Germansteel?

  8. Can any of the service-folk here inform me as to what “decorated” means in this context? Does it just mean having service ribbons (which I think are just handed out after each completed deployment, and thus ubiquitous) or there a higher bar?


  9. [re=555402]Accordion-o-rama[/re]: If anyone tried this shit back in 1968 they would still be in leavonworth or Toronto (thanks Jimmy C.). To answer your question about “decorated”. Usually the dudes on the backline had the time to buy the ribbons at the PX to fill up their chest. the rest just wanted to get out and forget. Glory Days for some, for most not so much.

  10. [re=555402]Accordion-o-rama[/re]:
    Usually means combat decoration (in his case Bronze Star.)

    However, also depends on when and why he got the medal. There was a time when junior combat leaders (not the enlisted grunts) got medals packages due to the whims of a high ranking commander or higher ups giving hand jobs to their junior staff flunkies (to make’em look rough and tough combat leaders at the promotion boards.)

  11. Let me guess, he was scheduled to be sent to Afghanistan. Or was it something else he didn’t want to do and is now using this as an excuse, just like the other people.

  12. [re=555385]Terry[/re]: Would he have refused an order to report to Tripler Army Medical Center in Hawaii and made a video about it?

  13. The Bronze Star Medal is awarded for “exceptionally meritorious service in a combat zone” which makes it like the Meritorious Service Medal stateside. When a V device is on it, that’s for Valor, as in killing bad guys with your bayonet so the rest of your guys could get the wounded into the choppers. So, this guy did a good job being a doctor in a combat zone, which got him the Combat Medic Badge, too.

  14. At least for a time in WW II the Bronze Star was pretty freely given, pretty much like a glorified good conduct ribbon for some who saw action.

  15. He is a martyr for the cause!!!! what fricken cause? you don’t want to help your comrades in arms? You are a doctor, you douche bag, what does politics have to do with it??? i need a break and a drink…happy trails all.

  16. Here’s the thing, Dr. Dipshit: It’s not your job to make decisions on national matters, except for your single vote. Your job, as the scumbag you are, is to do *what you’re fuckin’ told*. If you’ve got a problem with the President, write your Congressional delegation. They’re civilians, they do that shit. In the meantime, you fucking indentured servant you, get your worthless ass outside and run that track until I tell you to stop!

    Fuckin’ hippie.

  17. Mr. Larkin is quite courageous to take this stand. Anybody would have to be courageous to stand on the same side of an issue as Victoria Jackson, Chuck Norris, Orly Taitz, Tim LaHaye (I could be wrong on him, but I’m too damn lazy and prejudiced to care) and the guy on the streetcorner who smells like cauliflower.

  18. If I were a confederate deserter I wouldn’t obey orders of somebody whose face isn’t even on confederate money.

    Do I get al account now?

  19. Are you then surprised at a boor behaving boorishly? See then if it is not rather yourself you ought to blame, for not foreseeing that he would offend in this way. You, in virtue of your reason, have every means for thinking it probable that he would do so; you forgot this, and now his offence takes you by surprise.

    Marcus Aurelius
    Meditations, Meditations, Book IX, ca. 43.

  20. I saw on another site that this guy’s commanding officer who was the one who told him that he was in “deep serious” is a former member of the 101st Airborne, a Bronze and Silver Star winner and a Medal of Honor winner from VietNam. The commanding officer’s MOH citation reads like a Hollywood movie script.

    To have been a fly on the wall when that conversation went down. Colonel Lakin probably wished that they would have just taken him out and shot him instead.

  21. As if our troops don’t have enough problems…
    …but then again, if this wingnut follows through on his threat and does not wuss out, they *won’t* have to worry about getting medical care from a guy who needs the meds for himself.

  22. Okay, and also? If you don’t believe that he’s legitimately the President of the United States, WHY DO YOU KEEP CALLING HIM MR. PRESIDENT?? Jackass.

    Put him under the jail, please. Right now.

  23. Am I correct in assuming that Dr. Douchebag’s medical education was paid for with Federal tax dollars and his service is required to “pay us back” before he embraces the life of a suburban millionaire? May I suggest that the suburb be in the Republic of Wasilla?

    [re=555450]Scoops McGee[/re]: Are you related to Bombshell McGee? If so, you might want to hang up the hat and just have the word “Press” tattooed on your forehead.

  24. [re=555476]MsNicky[/re]: Oh I’ve lived in some crummy neighborhoods, walked through many others and crawled through a fair share as well. Heck, I was talking to a friend of mine a few days ago and found out he was afraid of the neighborhood I used to live in — Oregon Hill in Richmond. And I thought he was a city boy. Hell, when Richmond was the murder capital of the south, my hood was one of the safest — owing to the Hill tradition of using fisticuffs instead of weapons. You were more likely to get stomped in Oregon Hill, but you almost certainly wouldn’t get shot.

  25. [re=555593]El Pinche[/re]: I suggest having Hopey show up in person at his court martial and say, “I’d love to give you a pardon but since you don’t think I’m legit I guess it wouldn’t do you any good, right? Enjoy Leavenworth!”.

  26. [re=555630]RubberSoul[/re]: Might more fun just to show mercy and announce that all traitors and cowards are hereby dishonorably discharged from the service (without pension or other benefits) and ordering soldiers willing to follow orders to carry on, as their C.O.s see fit.

  27. JFC, this can get “reduction in rank, forfeiture of all benefits and allowances, and less than honorable discharge” plus all sorts or even worse things. The army isn’t going to treat this as a joke, so even if he comes to his senses, he is screwed. WTF was he thinking?

  28. I like how he filmed this at the public (communistic socialist muslin!) library. Right there in the World War II section. …a section dedicated to liberty and America’s triumph over Nazis! (without the help or sacrifice of Soviets, too, I might add!)

  29. I wonder if the Oklahoma Volunteer Militia is going to attempt to rescue him from his incarceration. Leavenworth is just up the road a piece from Oklahoma.

  30. “Any reasonable person looking critically at the evidence currently in the public domain would have questions about President Obama’s claim to be a natural born citizen,” Lakin says.

    Don’tcha love it when nutz sling around terms like “in the public domain” to try to make people think the nutz knows what they are talking about? “On a daily basis” is another favorite. What ever happened to “every day?”

    You betcha!

  31. Tundra Grifter: I believe there is a “combat” bronze star and also a “non-combat” version.

    A Bronze Star can only be awarded for time in a combat zone. Most are awarded for service (“I was there and did okay”), but others have Valor device for action in direct combat that wasn’t at the level to earn a Silver Star. In general, a Bronze Star isn’t that big a deal — most officers would be considered for one. The “V Device” is a bigger deal, because you were being shot at.

  32. I had to stop at the point where he stated “Any reasonable person”.
    Birther/Teabagger and reasonable are mutually exclusive terms and do not belong in the same sentence.

  33. “18 year veteran” and still only a lieutenant colonel? Considering that he most likely went in as a major (one grade below) that suggests something. Between him and that shrink who went bonkers in Texas; it looks like the Army tolerates nuts on their medical staff as long as they show up.

  34. Good thing this nutcase will be in prison and not out operating on people. And he had no problem with W starting an illegal war in Iraq!

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