Feels so good to shit on the poor!
Yelling at old guys with Parkinson’s, laughing at poor people with cancer, viciously mocking sick children … today’s teabagger is more than just a fat ignorant racist. Today’s teabagger is an utter sociopath. So who attracted these Ugly American Slobs with the foul protest signs today? Homeless people living in the dirt around this hellscape intersection in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

The right Reverend Peter Lemonjello snapped this photograph from his car window — never get out of the car when you see these fanatics — and sent the following description of the scene:

There’s a certain intersection downtown that teabaggers now like to stand in to protest blacks, black presidents, Mexicans, and any other minority that crop-dusts our city with AIDS. The only problem is that the intersection is also a hot spot for hobos begging for Ameros. Now the teabaggers are protesting the hobos.

Charming. And with Florida’s official unemployment rate at 12.2% — the highest rate ever recorded — about every tenth car passing these shitheads is driven by someone who lost their job. Let’s hope both of these people finished their day by being run down by a pickup truck and then picked over by the hobos.

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  1. Not having Daddy’s money to live on is a moral failing. That’s why people who live off of government money instead are evil. Damn satanic hobos. Also.

  2. Wharflflgabbblleee! Goddamn, I fucking hate the wingnutz in this state. Go the fuck to Oklahomo and join a militia, you douchecanoe conservatard teabaggers!

  3. [re=555284]chascates[/re]:
    Exactly! Where are these jobs they speak of?

    Only jobs I can think of is factory/waitress shift work or stripping. Looking at the pot bellied saggy boobed woman, I’m guessing with 99% probability that she’s not stripping.

  4. [re=555295]Katydid[/re]: I blew up the picture on my screen (since I couldn’t get down there to blow up the “protesters” themselves) and the item in question seems to be a cross between a boombox, a giant thermos bottle, and an even gianter dildo–big enuf maybe for fatstuff there. So your prayer is answered: There are no human beings anywhere in the photo.

  5. She’s probably one of those people who considers “housewife”, er um, “full-time mom” to be a job. That is not actually a job, that is why they don’t get paid. But hey, someone’s got to save her kids from learning actual facts like they teach in school.

  6. Nice corner you’re befouling with your presence there shitheels. It would be a shame if some homeless , unemployed vet took humbrage at your insults and kicked your sleazy asses all over it.

  7. Speaking of the teaballerz, any other Boston people planning on spending their lunch break at the Palin rally on the common tomorrow? I hope to (1) take pictures of stupid people, and (2) not get my ass kicked by some redneck fuck. Wish me luck.

  8. Yeah Shamu you’ve got a job for now , but if you keep pissing off the hobos , they’re going to give their nickels to some other fat pig for their blow jobs.

  9. I was hoping there was some possibility that the sign could be interpreted as liberal concern — after all, you could hold up the same sign at an AFL-CIO rally and it could be interpreted as support for jobs programs. But context is everything.

  10. [re=555321]KilgoreTrout_XL[/re]: From the shithead who writes for the Herald as well as NRO’s The Corner:

    Hey, I can see Palin Derangement Syndrome from my house!
    You’ll see it too if you come to Boston Common tomorrow morning when Sarah Palin and the Tea Party Express roll into town. I’ll be broadcasting my radio show live during the event and I’ve been asked to be part of the program as well. But what I’m really looking forward to is seeing the gathering of hate-spewing, anger-crazed lunatics.
    Or as they’re more commonly known, “Massachusetts liberals.”

  11. [re=555291]Merry Christen[/re]: Say. I think you’re onto something. Lets round up all the teabaggers and make them march barefoot to Oklahoma in the wintertime. Fitting payback.

  12. If these folks worked for me, I’d find an excuse to fire them, thereby rendering their signs factually, not just morally, wrong.

    Alternative explanation: “I have a job, you have a job, but they don’t… so let’s all rally ’round the president and progressives in congress, and support basic health care and unemployment extensions for our less fortunate brothers and sisters.”

    Ya think?

  13. Does the guy’s sign say ‘Your generosity supports their addiction’? Sheesh. He deserves a homeless boot in his ass.

  14. Hello, I represent the firm of I Am A Dumb Fuck And You’re Not So You Must Be Eliminated, in the matter of this story. The “Shamu” and “dumb bitch” etc. mentioned in this story is self employed as a constitutional fact checker, a position she has held for a month. At least. The gentleman referred to as a “fucktard” and “roly poly holy roller” etc. is her accountant. He cooks her books. He protects her assets. Get it?

    Cease and desist these mindless stories or I be getting up into your face again and I don’t think you can stand that.


    Lawyer, sort of.

  15. Ah, come on now. Give her a break. She might be pregnant.

    Though, I can’t imagine getting that close to her unless, heaven forbid, I got caught in her gravity well. Fact is the sheer forces would pull me apart long before I realized my mistake.

    Whew. There is a God.

  16. It’s right there in Matthew.

    5:1 When he saw the crowds, he went up the mountain. After he sat down his disciples came to him.
    5:2 Then he began to teach them by saying:
    5:3 “I have a job, you have a job, they don’t.”

  17. [re=555374]Extemporanus[/re]: well i think we’ve come to expect a certain level of depravity from you.

    Now is that the same lady? I think she has packed on the pounds lately. Maybe she is full of ink or squid babies or something.

  18. Why aren’t they back at the cabin homeschoolin the youngins ’bout jesus ridin’ dinasowers an such. they have jobs my ass. they are cashing the government disability check and killing time down on the corner until BillyBobs opens for the early bird special. fuck florida.

  19. Isn’t she just assuming I have a job?? And, isn’t there a saying about ass-uming? (I do have a job. And I bet I could buy her and that awesome tent she is wearing. What is fat, hideously dressed woman going for per pound these days?)

  20. [re=555321]KilgoreTrout_XL[/re]: I wish I could. I live in the burb’s and have a life that requires my presence here. I wish you God’s speed in approaching the stoopid.

  21. [re=555295]Katydid[/re]: No, that’s a nuclear device that they are paying a hobo a dollar to detonate right after they finish their impressive, fashionable protesting. The hobo thinks it’s a bean-dispensing machine. Ironic!

  22. [re=555352]Rev. Peter Lemonjello[/re]: I thought it said “Your generosity supports their abortions.” I was like, oh – mandatory abortions, np.

  23. I’m reminded of Sue Sylvester. “How’s that homelessness working out for you? Maybe you should give not being homeless a try.”

  24. Does “being paid by Dick Armey to stand around and yell at cars” count as a job? What do you report your occupation as when you do your taxes?

  25. If it weren’t for teh unemployed Bitters there would be no T-baggers in the first place. What a bunch of fucking idiots. At least they could (implausibly) blame Obamar for the recession, but blaming unemployed truck-nutz displaying equally right wing wackos is a big fat steaming pile of FAIL.

  26. WTF does Fat Lady’s sign even mean? Of course they don’t have jobs, the national unemployment rate is around 10%.

    A better sign, one that would reflect what I suppose she’s insinuating, would read: IF YOU WILL WORK WE WILL GIVE YOU MONEY. But then she’d be surrounded by hapless people asking if she’d heard someone was hiring.

  27. They’re NeoCatholics.

    Possible slogans:
    1 We’re not gonna stop with fucking your kids.
    2 Hobos stay warmer and more soberer when doused with Denatured Alcohol. Help us help them!
    3 We’re Back!!! Let’s stab some jews

  28. Note to the lady holding up the sign. Being paid to hold up a sign saying you have a job is only marginally a job, though does constitute fine Dadaist performance art.

  29. Who the fuck are they??? Do you need those special sunglasses to see THEM? Best kick down dragass ass kickin film ever. Hacksaw Jim Duggins!

  30. Jesus Christ. These people are the Fred Phelps of the human race. Or they would be… if… you know, Fred Phelps didn’t already have that one pinned down himself.

  31. They don’t have jobs… so kill them? Mock them? Wear your best Carol Brady Cruisewear mumu, bring your slurpee and jetpack (?? Hoover??) and hold wordgarble signs over their heads? What gives here, I am srsly cnfusd.

  32. [re=555386]Crank Tango[/re]: I apologize for not living up to expectations…as well as for setting them so high in the first place.

    As for the CILF (“Cephalopod I’d Like to Fry”), I’m guessing that 30 years of eating her own young finally caught up with her.

    [re=555451]Crank Tango[/re]: I don’t care what you say — he’ll always be Bill Paxton to me.

  33. Thankfuckinggod she had her right leg crossed over like that in the photo. If she would have been standing forward with her legs slightly apart with the sun behind her… oh shit I’m going to puke anyway.

    Stupid brain.

  34. [re=555526]Extemporanus[/re]: how’s about a nice greasy pork sandwich served in a dirty ash tray? I don’t know many bill paxton roles, but at one point i could quote about every line from weird science…

  35. [re=555383]jus_wonderin[/re]: Doubt she’s pregnant, no way a woman that pregnant would voluntarily stand in the Florida sun holding a sign for long. Plus I can’t imagine any pregnant woman standing for that tight below-the-breasts “waistline” on a garment.
    On the other hand, I can’t imagine someone standing outside holding up a sign denigrating people out of work, so never mind. I guess she thinks she’s all brave, standing up to the powerful hobo lobby.

  36. They don’t even need the signs to advertise how crappy they are. If I saw them at a supermarket — her with her snarly lips and him with the part-time reverend haircut — I’d know all I need to about what garbage would come out of their mouths. They live to make people unhappy.

  37. [re=555531]rocktonsammy[/re]: “would it kill them to pick up some trash while they’re wasting time?”

    They already did. That’s why they’re there together.

  38. [re=555287]WIDTAP[/re]: You’re thinking hipsters. Teabaggers aren’t living off stipends from daddy because daddy never had enough money. Nor did daddy’s daddy. Nor did daddy’s daddy’s daddy. They can talk about The Founders all they want, but really what it is is just more aspirational magical thinking – wishing makes it so.

  39. No, no you libtards. Don’t you get it?!? Those people are leftist commies! They are plants to make teabaggers look stupid (or whatever). It’s the oldest Alinsky trick in the book. I know because Lush Rimjob predicted this!

  40. I spent yesterday and today with nine other unemployed bums at a county-sponsored Hobo Fair where we were entertained by a corporate-style “trainer.” We were tested to determine our “true talents” and advised on the appropriate jobs for our education, skills, and experience.

    In every case, the answer was “The job I used to have.”

    The trainer then spent the rest of the time giving us detailed instructions on how to write a resume (I already have four), conduct a job search, and interview “successfully.”

    At no time were any “Actual Jobs We Could Apply For” named.

    The most interesting part of the day: in the entire four years I have lived in Arizona, I’ve never been in a room with nine adults who were any more educated, interesting, and accomplished. The fact that they are all broke, emotionally crushed, and terrified for the fate of their children did not prevent them from being funny and genuinely concerned about the welfare of their fellow hobos.

    I only wish those assholes in the photo could have observed the event.

  41. Here in Alaska she’d be harpooned, dragged back to the village
    where the elders would strip the fat from her ugly carcass, everyone
    would haul a haunch back to their house and then have a party giving
    thanks for eliminating another ugly tent from Sav-U-Moor.

    He’d be shot and left for the polar bears, he’s too butt ugly to bother with.

  42. Well, okay-she’s ugg-buttly, too-but you can render
    the fat down for lamp oil when the generators run out
    of fuel (happens frequently in villages that have to get
    fuel barged in-no deliveries in winter!). Under that
    fabric monstrosity is a whole lotta hours of candlelight…)

  43. I’m not a violent person. Honest I’m not. But these pieces of human excrement make me think very, very bad things. Like where I’d like to shove their signs. Without lube.

  44. Thank goodness they are protesting something useful. Just think if they were wasting their time down in front of Golden Sacks (they must have a branch office in Florida, mustn’t they?).

  45. Well, well, would ya look at that – maggots with opposable thumbs. Whatever will they think up next?


  46. Can I stand next her with a sign? “I know how to diet and exercise. You know how to diet and exercise. She clearly doesn’t.”

    Judging people is a bitch. Or makes you a bitch. Take your pick.

  47. Like teabaggers, I support our troops, except the liberal ones who believe this Black could be President and will follow his “orders,” and the ones who are now homeless veterans. Fuck those guys, but all the other troops are cool.

  48. With what twisted logic does one consider cashing their disability check once a month down at Uncle Skippy’s Discount Fine Wine & Spirit Emporium a job?

  49. Jesus H. Christ. When did we lose any sense of compassion in this country? Then I remember, it was when the blessed St. Ronnie told the striking air traffic controllers to go fuck themselves.

  50. [re=555304]Crank Tango[/re]: Your comment made me spit my vending-machine sausage clear across the room. A Thai sex performer would have been proud.

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