Barney Frank and his partner were flying back from their gay vacation in California the other day when who did they run into on the plane, oh god, a couple of drunk ophthalmologist sisters being obnoxious from a few seats away. We’ve all been there. These mean drunk doctor ladies were harassing Barney Frank, and, as usual, he and his partner just started making fun of them.

Flying back to Boston from LA yesterday, the congressman was assailed by a pair of ophthalmologists upset about the health care reform bill. An argument ensued that prompted some passengers to wonder if the plane might be forced to land.

“No one was calming things down and people were standing up shouting,” said Brooke Sexton, who was seated seven rows behind Barney.

Accustomed as he is to being conservatives’s favorite bad guy, Frank mostly ignored the doctors’s taunts, Sexton said, but the congressman’s partner, Jim Ready, did not.

The problem started soon after the ophthalmologists – two sisters on their way to a conference in Boston – boarded the Virgin flight. When they discovered that Frank was sitting nearby, the women loudly dissed the landmark health care bill as an “Obamanation.” (Frank was returning from LA, where he’d received an award from the Greenlining Institute, an economic development group for minorities, and appeared on Jay Leno’s show.)

“They wanted to talk to me, but I apologized and said I like to read and watch on planes,” Frank told us today. “They began to talk louder and that’s when Jimmy (Ready) said, ‘If you’re trying to be bitchy, you’re doing a good job.'”

Ha ha. Imagine having such a comfortable Congressional seat that you can freely and proudly tell the local newspaper about how your gay partner called a couple of drunk gals “bitchy.”

Oh, right, here’s the part about the drinking:

“The women had been drinking, and they were crying and shouting,” Sexton said. “They were clearly the antagonizers, and Mr. Frank was kind of minding his own business.” (She said Ready also upset another passenger, calling him “Santa Claus.”)

Ready/Santelli ’12?

[Boston Globe]

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  1. Barney can “read” a bitch like its no ones bizzness. These gals are lucky the got off lightly.

    Favorite Frank Zinger (Re: David Dryer): “Sure, hes a moderate. In the sense that I enjoy moderate bars and marched in a Moderate Pride Parade last June.”

  2. Way to go, Mr. Frank’s partner; and the airline, for giving free liquor to the woman who got the teabag sisters to shut up. And to think, they were harassing a gay Congressman over health reform on an airplane owned by a homosexual from a land with actual socialized medicine.

  3. Should we count this as some sort of social progress that these twits referred to HCR as the Obamanation, and not Frank’s sexual orientation?
    And BTW where was the crew? Aren’t they supposed to put a stop to these disturbances when they occur on the plane? Or have airline cutbacks been so severe that this was meant to be the in-flight entertainment?

  4. This may be my favorite news story in months.

    Imagine having such a comfortable Congressional seat that you can freely and proudly tell the local newspaper about how your gay partner called a couple of drunk gals “bitchy.”

    Hell, having your gay partner sass drunken wingnuts probably makes that seat even more comfy.

  5. Why couldn’t SOMEONE get this on fucking video?

    “Trying to have a conversation with you would be like trying to have an argument with a dining room table…” – Barney Frank, classic!

  6. Why didn’t these freedom loving gals give the stewardess shit for all the fee socialist money we gave the airlines after 9/11? You know, because they failed to secure their airplanes from criminals.

  7. [re=554900]CapnFatback[/re]: “YEEEAHHH BEEEYOTCH!”

    [re=554901]Oblios Cap[/re]: “Jimmy Ready” would be a great name for a line of “always-on” condoms.

  8. This is why I am always proud to have grown up in Massachusetts’ 4th. And I moved out before the state elected Naked Scott Brown. If you ever want some (many) laughs watch Barney “debate” his challengers ( which is just fantastic. It’s part 7 or 8 (both, I think) where the Republican tells Barney why he is gay and Barney has a good quip. Not “dining room table” good, though.

  9. [re=554919]Extemporanus[/re]: “Jimmy Ready” would be a great name for a line of “always-on” condoms.

    Aw man, beat me to it. Alternate: “Jimmy Ready? Well, that kinda answers the pitcher/catcher question, doesn’t it?”

  10. The comments are filled with wignuts, of course; many predicting Frank will be voted out next November (yeah, lots of luck there; I’d certainly never predict we’d vote out a Republican who represents Bumblefuck, Arkansas), but then there’s also a shitload of deleted ones; and I just wonder how bad those got.

  11. 1 part HRT
    1 part Zoloft
    1 part idiocy
    1 part patent rudeness
    1 part lookameeeegheyCongressmanI’matellyawatIgottasaycauseit’smyturnyahearme?

    Worst airplane cocktail recipe, evar.

  12. [re=554914]Monsieur Grumpe[/re]: You ever hear about a little ophthalmologist grift called the “Seeing Double”? It goes something like this:

    Patient walks in to have his eyes examined. Twin ophthalmologist sisters greet him in unison. Over the course of a few well-choreographed minutes, docs convince the patient that he’s seeing double. They quirt some stingy liquid in his eyes, tell him to close them for 10 seconds. While his eyes are closed, one doc sneaks out. Patient opens his eyes and “SHAZAM-O-RAMA!”, double vision is cured! Tack a healthy charge for the extra “special treatment” on the final bill. Laugh all the way to the mason jar.

  13. Barney, told you to stop flying commercial a long, long time ago. Oh well, guess this is what passes for in-flight entertainment these days – although there’s a lot to be said for that TSA pat down.

  14. Opthamology is just pretend doctoring for wimps who are scared of real blood and ickiness. Opthamologists don’t even grind lenses anymore, fer chrissakes. They just act like lab coated salesmen for designer eyewear.

  15. (She said Ready also upset another passenger, calling him “Santa Claus.”)

    This hardly seems like an insult until you realize that Ready was in fact calling the passenger the Tim Allen vehicle The Santa Clause. Public apology or GTFO!

  16. Why couldn’t also Mittens and LMFAO be also on that plane? Also. And the Qatar bathroom smoker. And Richard Reid. The all stars of plane drama.

  17. [re=554955]freakishlystrong[/re]: Fat guy in a fur-trimmed red suit with a bold belt and a jaunty hat=Elton John + Deep Fried Twinkies, so…yeah.

  18. [re=554935]JMP[/re]: The Globe comment section is almost as bad as Red State. I’ve been banned there a dozen times for drunken rants calling out the douchebags there. I actually just re-registered to smack down some teabagger shits.

  19. Problem is, too many people want to be politically correct and are afraid to tell these people to shut the fuck up. The best thing would have been if the rest of cabin would have treated these two like terrorists. Subdued them with physical violence and then handed them over to the federal authorities upon arriving at the airport.

  20. [re=554986]tootsieroll[/re]: That’s just the comment sections of any newspaper website ever. The only people who are worked up enough about the news to post comments in the Commercial Appeal or Boston Globe or LA Times stories are, generally speaking, wingnuts.

    I remember when I first saw threads available for comment on the New York Times and Washington Post, and said to myself, “this is the dumbest fucking idea ever.” So of course, CNN started giving its news programs a live ticker feed from Twitter, giving literal actual TV news a live comment thread that you can’t avoid if you want to watch CNN. Which I don’t anymore.

  21. So, I presume that “Santa Clause” is considered a socialist since he distributes unearned bounty with no thought as to where the money to pay for it comes from? Nobody tell them about the Easter Bunny! Shhhhh!

  22. [re=554967]Gorillionaire[/re]:
    Opthamologists are doctors specializing in diseases of the eye. This does include prescribing vision correction. Optometrists are the guys who deal with the correction only. You probably meant optometrists. The report could have made the same mistake.

    Of course, I can’t help picturing the drunken sisters as Selma and Patty Bouvier.

  23. That’s IT???? A couple lame and ‘bitchy’ retorts? That’s it??? Lord, I was expecting so much more, so much more Oscar Wilde and Dorothy Parker. Instead we get Cris Crocker.

    I do hope there’s more to this than jsut that or it only proves that Barney and Mr Barney are clearly getting too old to be gay.

  24. You know why I love Barney Frank? Because when people give him shit about who he is, he just gives ’em a look that says, “And? Your point is?”

    He gave a speech on the floor of the House a few years ago about DOMA or ENDA, I’m not sure, that was phenomenal. He cut right through the bullshit about the “debate.”

    He said, in part, “I used to be someone subjected to this prejudice, and through luck, circumstance, I got to be a bigshot. I’m now above that prejudice. But I feel an obligation to 15-year-olds dreading to go to school because of the torments, people afraid they’ll lose their job in a gas station if someone finds out who they love…Please….Don’t send me out of here having failed to help those people.”

    It makes me cry every time I watch it. I think Barney almost cried when he said it.

  25. [re=555028]emjayay[/re]: I was totally thinking of Patty and Selma when I read this report. “A couple of girls from the DMV won’t be getting their promotions…”

  26. Did you see the comments section? I don’t think I have ever seen so many deleted comments and looking at the ones that were left I assume they must be truly putrid. My favorite was the one where some idiot repeated the lie that the Health Care Reform Act gave the president the ability to create his own private army –

    I was looking for the one about the microchip implantation part of the Health Care act but after three of four pages of that drivel I was so depressed I couldn’t go any further.

  27. Yeah, on my local Yelp talk forum, some Trixie posted about how the guvment was wasting money with this Census thingy! More paranoid types chimed in with dark speculation about what “they” were doing with all this information. “I threw mine out” stated one doofus, proudly.

    Uh, idiots, fyi:

    Also, it’s in the written into the Constitution, the same pamphlet that has your “Free Gun” coupon.

  28. [re=554923]One Yield Regular[/re]: I love what Virgin Airlines gave her as a thank-you for help diffusing the situation. MORE BOOZE! ha.

  29. Remember when Frank told that tea-bagger lady that talking to her was like conversing with furniture? Yeah, uh, don’t mess with this guy. Or do, for our amusement!

  30. [re=555245]Starrigavan[/re]: I don’t know, but rich, drunk lady sister eye doctors sounds kind of hot. Disturbingly so, but still.

  31. [re=555082]NopantsMcGee[/re]: “…Barney and Mr Barney are clearly getting too old to be gay.”

    “too old to be gay” is going to become a meme around here; it better, at least.

    So, two gay guys and two bitchy ophthalmologist sisters get on a plane…

    Only in, and God bless, America!

  32. [re=555505]debuci[/re]: Nothing in the article says they were twins, Sherlock. Plus, the 2009 piece you link to notes that the Mehta sisters are both first-year residents who are “actively involved at the state and national level in organized health care reform.”

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