Sorry you're such a pussy that this *offends* you, pussy.Republican teabagger hero Carl Paladino is running for governor of New York, because he’s the kind of asshole always forwarding vulgar racist emails to everybody. And like all of these assholes, now that he’s been called out for it, he’s “sorry if you were offended” because of course he is not a racist, it’s just funny to send racist emails about Barack Obama, because lol coloreds. If this story sounds familiar, that’s because approximately every 10 days another teabagger/Republican is publicly shamed for sending racist garbage to colleagues and subordinates, and then there’s the usual “oh sorry if YOU were offended by my latest forward of Obama with a bone through his nose eating watermelon or whatever.”

TPM reports:

An online news outlet in New York state has obtained dozens of emails, many of them racist and sexually graphic, which it reports were sent by Carl Paladino, the Tea-Party-backed Republican candidate for governor of New York, to a long list of political and business associates. One email shows a video of an African tribal dance, entitled “Obama Inauguration Rehearsal,” while another depicts hardcore bestiality.

… as opposed to the more romantic “couples bestiality” porn, where the guy *kisses* the horse before he schtups it.

Anyway, go Carl Paladino! [TPM/WNY Media]

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  1. If gay cat on kitten sex is “hardcore” enough, I need to get my camcorder out because it’s been going on here at least once a day.

  2. [re=553976]NYNYNY[/re]: Do you know this douchebag or was that statement just ironic? By the way, don’t the guidos in NYC have a major race problem visa vie black people anyway? I assume not much has changed in a half century for greaseballs like this one; he should just go climb into his 1989 IROC and hang out with others of his mindset, like the Jersey Shore guidos. Only they might be too intellectual and advanced for him being a teabagging Republican and all.

  3. He’s okay as long as he stays away from the Bush/Rove type of frat boy fart humor, becasue fart jokes are unacceptable in New York politics.

  4. Can we haz “Hump A Black Person” day? It’ll be like “Hug a Jew” day, only, you know, more moist. Maybe then these types can surmount such gross sexual obsession with teh Blaxz, and also finally get laid by someone they didn’t have to pay or rape.

  5. See, once you allow state-approved gay marriages, that opens the door for all kinds of things – bestiality, pedofeelia, polygamy –

    Oh, what? Sorry, never mind then.

  6. Of course the campaign manager’s non-apology said the candidate was “politically incorrect”. That’s really become code for an unapologetic racist/sexist asshole who thinks others’ being offended is somehow worse than the actual offensive shit.

    And guess what, your candidate’s overt racism is a substantive issue, so this is not trying to change the subject.

  7. No, you got it all wrong, Ken, the bestiality video was a horse fucking a chick, not a dude humping a horse. A dude humping a horse, that would be sick; this was good, healthy hetero bestiality.

  8. So…out of curiosity…”soft porn bestiality” would be what?

    Mabe laying naked with your dog or cat while some west coast jazz plays in the background?

  9. There’s a widening schism in the Teabag Party between those who want President Obama to be hung like a horse and fucking them, and those who simpy want him to be hung.

  10. [re=554022]snideinplainsight[/re]:

    Are we sure it was horse bestiality? I mean, it could be a weasel, right? Or a python? It would even work with a baby chicks or bullfrogs if they were creative enough. These are Republicans, after all.

    The mind reels.

  11. Isn’t “Paladino” Italian for “Maverick”? I get my TV shows confused. But I did send Carl a photomanip of him with an organgrinder monkey eating pasta because, you know, whatever.

  12. [re=554012]cheaphits[/re]: [re=554026]Tommmcatt[/re]: I highly recommend K-tel’s Best Bestiality Beats of the 70s.

    I have it on 8-track, if you wanna borrow it sometime.

  13. [re=554010]JMP[/re]: They still think it’s 1995, and people actually care about the supposed overreach of “political correctness”. Old people are freaking old.

  14. Teaparty wingnuts being racist and bigoted is so common I’m almost completely desensitized to it. When I read the headline I was thinking “typical shitbagger”. I usually counter such demented assholes as a means to blow off steam by ethnically slurring them; take this greaseball for instance. Now I know, quid pro quo isn’t a good way to respond but honestly I get so sick of these high and mighty wingnut douchebags pretending to be so moral and then getting caught with their Klan hood showing. Anyway, I guess the only way to deal with these shitbaggers is to expose their bigotry such as resentment of social programs because they think minorities benefit from them more than they do, how condescending is that? I will say it’s funny when Andrew Beerfart tries to pretend that teabaggers aren’t racist and we don’t hear or see them being racist, it’s all a lie. Beerfart and lardass Jonah Goldberg should eat each other thunderdome style….two fatties enter, one leaves full and farting.

  15. Ugh, you liberal elites with your “political correctness” about not “raping farm animals” because it’s “SERIOUSLY FUCKING DISGUSTING AND NO ONE WANTS THAT IN THEIR INBOX!”

  16. Just because you send out emails depicting our President and First Lady as a pimp and a whore, and an African tribal ceremony as a Presidential inauguration dance, doesn’t mean you’re a racist.

    OK, Carl, I can say that with a straight face, but I’m having a little more trouble squaring your sending out emails of a horse fucking a woman, and your fathering a child out of wedlock during an affair, with your claim of supporting family values.

  17. When I said they are ignorant pig fuckers I meant it in an “Ozymandias” sense. — Barry the Head CommieReparationsNegro.

  18. [re=554079]BobTheBuilder[/re]: Email of a horse fucking a woman. And there’s a political party that supports this guy? Oh, the teabaggers you say?
    E-x-c-e–l-l-e-n-t… (sinister rubbing of hands, Mr. Burns-style)

  19. [re=554072]legalize everything[/re]: I realize that should be his/her inbox, but I didn’t want to type “her inbox” and overstimulate everyone already revved up on horse porn.

  20. Paladino, a wealthy western New York real-estate developer

    Ok, so someone from Buffalo or Rochester want to give us the deal on this guy? We have a guy like this in CNY, he owns the mall and pretends he’s going to turn fucking Syracuse into a tourist destination so he can get tax breaks (it has worked, so far).

    “Real-estate” is pretty much code for “douchebag”. Does he have an MBA too?

  21. can we please just deport all of these jacklegs already? I’m willing to put up money to fund a new republic of douchbaggia if they’d all just agree to leave. Please.

  22. [re=554060]Norbert[/re]: Win.

    “Senator Palomino issued a statement saying he is sorry if any of the politically correct real racists decided to be offended by his offensive racism.”

  23. [re=554115]Simba B[/re]: Is the Syracuse mall still going to be called DestiNY USA? Or did they come up with something even more brilliant?

    Judging from Paladino’s Web site, his campaign message is fuck anyone who’s not a teabagger. He’s said, in interviews with real journalists, that if elected he would declare an emergency and claim special executive powers. An Il Duce on the Hudson, if you will.

  24. [re=554012]cheaphits[/re]: [re=553990]Johnny Zhivago[/re]: I know what you mean, although in our house it’s “cat on girl” love, wherein my very hairy Ginger Tom lies under the covers with me but only when I am sleeping au naturel.Is that wrong?

  25. [re=554196]Limeylizzie[/re]: No, but I SWEAR this is true, we used to catch one of our cats with Tickle Me Elmo.

    Oooooo…. that tickles!!!!! oooooo….

  26. Tickets still available at the door. (Al Coniglio, you haz a gift for the understatement.)


    Tea Party Express Rolls into Buffalo

    Mark Leitner (2010-04-12)
    BUFFALO (wned) – The Tea Party Express will be rolling into Buffalo today.

    The group that began its cross country tour in Searchlight, Nevada, Harry Reid’s hometown on March 27th, expects to arrive in Washington, D.C. on Tax Deadline Day, April 15th.

    Organizers are hoping the turnout for the 11 am to 1 pm rally at the Erie Canal Commercial Slip near HSBC Arena and Buffalo Naval Park will be large.

    Among the speakers will be Buffalo developer Carl Paladino, who just announced he’s running for governor. “Hopefully, we’ll get a good show from Carl,”said Allen Coniglio, Buffalo Tea Party Coordinator. “I think the people are all looking forward to that.”
    Me also.

  27. [re=554159]dr.giraud[/re]: Isn’t that El Douche~ on the Hudson.

    I grew up in Buffalo, and can say that when it comes to racism it is Mississippi on Lake Erie. There are some islands of civility in the area, most of those being college campuses, but the rest of the area is as racist as they come.

  28. [re=554210]Traveler[/re]: Be careful it sounds as if you are offering your ass to John Galt or others of that type. Many teabaggers think they’re Galt thus, you may have a problem.

  29. This Paladino guy, with his gig-gig-giggly emails! (Doubles over; holds sides in laughter; gasps for air.) What a jester!

    Anyway, Limbaugh says it was satire. Case closed. So STFU, you lib-bots, what with your First Amendment-hatin’ ACLU and NAACP and your draft dodging, weed smoking beats, poets and hipsters.

  30. [re=554218]Johnny Zhivago[/re]: Oh I had a cat that used to roger a large teddy bear…luckily the bear remained mute throughout. The Elmo squeals would be disturbing, to say the least.

  31. Being from Upstate New York, I can tell you some people are a little behind the times. This guy, like a lot of the decrepit mouth-breathers up here, still think like it’s 1958.

  32. Yep, I live in Buffalo. Last night, I had a dream wherein someone wanted to photograph Karl Rove sitting on a little girl. I was the only one who noticed that, as Karl settled in, the little girl’s body began to thrash about. I rescued the little girl from Karl Rove. Oh, and by the way, Carl Paladino is an ass.

  33. I often get video clips sen to me of a guy being fucked by a horse. I just send them on to everyone in my address book. Something wrong with that?

  34. [re=554159]dr.giraud[/re]: They got rid of the goofy capitalization, but that’s about it. They’ve started on the addition to Carousel, which is the only thing that anyone believed they’d actually do. For a while, every time you went down to that god damn mall there were yet more retarded signs and interactive TV screens and exhibits pimping that stupid thing.

    Congel. Robert Congel is his name. Couldn’t think of it earlier.

  35. [re=554360]Simba B[/re]: Just one big eyesore these days. I hate going there but when I do, I don’t even think about it anymore…it’s just a construction project that will never be finished. Like Rt. 81.

  36. Carl’s not a racist, he just enjoys a good racist joke.
    Carl’s not a pervert, he just enjoys a good bestiality flick.
    Carl’s not a serious candidate, he just enjoys taking teabagger money and wasting it.
    Carl’s not a idiot, he just plays one on teevee.

  37. [re=554012]cheaphits[/re]: Well, an example would be coating your dick in essence of tuna, and having fluffy erotically lick it off, as opposed to actual intercourse.

  38. [re=554360]Simba B[/re]: It’s easy. All you have to do is remember that the city gets regular Congelgal visits from the guy. Funny enough, just at the time his corporate welfare tax breaks are running out.

  39. [re=554064]One Flew Over the Wingnut[/re]: Isn’t the average racist a jew-hater, too? What’s Goldberg doing, climbing on this band wagon?

  40. [re=554031]ella[/re]: Too true, I fear. Even that less than 100 years ago. The sense of shame has gone into a real decline, especially among conservacrooks, whom one would think would defend it.

  41. [re=554159]dr.giraud[/re]: Special executive powers: pretty much what I’ve been expecting for a long time. Stock up on guns and ammo, liberals, even if you are not gun-crazy by nature. Learn Spanish, in case you need to flee to Mexico.

  42. [re=554443]zhubajie[/re]: Really, I’m going to harp on this until you change,but don’t you think 10-11 consecutive posts was a bit much? You are aware that you can quote multiple people in just one post, right? Come on, man.

  43. [re=554360]Simba B[/re]: Ah yes Robert Congell, the über-douche of Pyramid Corp, the company that built some of the ugliest, landscape-destroying malls around. Of couse Congell lives in the pretty lakeside town of Skaneateles, NY, where malls are prohibited by zoning in the fine American tradition of socialisms for the rich.

  44. It offends me that President Obama is going to have to spend his whole term trying to clean up the mess that this country is in after 30 years of Reaganomics.

    So I’m sorry if it offends President Palin that she has to spend the first year in the White House after 2012 cleaning out all of the fried chicken-bones and watermelon rinds.

  45. I’d like to thank each and every one of you for bringing a smile to my face. I come to you from the inner-compound of a nuclear plant in South Florida, where at this very moment I am witnessing no fewer than 5 EPA laws being broken. If things continue in this vein, the pervs will be having sex with horses possessing 2 heads and 5 legs…..

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