Back, and to the left.Here’s an Ironic Dilemma of Our Times: The only people truly offended by the dumb novelty item called “Truck Nutz” live in the only places where Truck Nutz are commonplace. Conservative church ladies simply don’t care for the plastic replicas of giant testicles swinging from all those pickup truck bumpers. Aren’t white people supposed to have morals?

A local area woman wrote to the local newspaper in Dallas asking if something could be done about those gross Truck Nutz swinging in the exhaust blast of every F-250 idling in the drive-thru. The answer she received was as unusual and unexpected as it was … obvious:

After a lot of nervous laughs, a spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety did a search for me and couldn’t find any examples of tickets anywhere in the state.

In Dallas — where police issued a disorderly conduct citation to Grammy winner Erykah Badu for taking off her clothes in Dealey Plaza — the hanging accessories haven’t raised too much fuss, either.

Ha ha, so just swing all the giant plastic male nuts in the air as you like, no problem. But if you’re a black woman briefly disrobing for a music video shoot …. [Dallas News]

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