It didn’t take much to make this funny, and there it was, being funny. “OBAMAR” is now the funniest way to refer to this person, the president. Thanks for a good two years, “nObAmA.” Can we please have more reactions to the SNL television show, right wing bloggers? Newsbusters alone won’t cut it. [NBC]

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  1. Hell, I was just pleased to see an SNL that was funny — I really liked her spot on Weekend Update though, where she went on and on about how golf wasn’t a sport. It’s a little sad, though — she was probably thinking when McCain gave Palin the running-mate position, that she’d be out of the spotlight in a few months. Little did she know that a better estimate would’ve been never.

  2. Didn’t PBS do a documentary on Sarah Palin during the 1990s?

    “Married, With Children,” wasn’t it?

    Hosted, for one memoriable episode, by acclaimed religious commentator Samuel “Sam” Kinnison?

    (Now, there’s a talent that died wayyyyy too young. Just the thought of him “doing” a Jesus nutcase/hypocrite like Mooselini . . . .)

  3. [re=553621]Cranky Little Camperette[/re]: I didn’t get past the comments to the Tina Fey story — how Tina Fey wishes she were as attractive and half as smart as Sarah Palin (if there’s a Planck Constant for intelligence, Gover Palin is pretty close to it). It’s like some Bizarro world blog without furries.

  4. Ala Newsboostiers:
    “All things considered, with everything that has happened in America since Fey last impersonated Palin, it was really she and her writers that seemed woefully unprepared.”

    What? Is this even snark? It’s not clever, it’s not funny, it doesn’t even make sense. It’s the rhetorical equivalent of saying “Nuh uh, YOU!” or “So’s your mom!”

    We need real teabagger commentary — at least they know how to crack wise. Where’s Erick Son of Erick calling Fey a goat-molesting kiddlie-diddler?

  5. those troglodyte fuckwits at Newsbusters don’t think Tina has had “much of a career” besides her lamestream media Palin impersonation.

    apparently writing several movies and TV episodes don’t count, because Newsbusters can barely read to begin with.

  6. [re=553627]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Yeah, it was great to have the show be actually amusing, and not just watching to see if a picture of the pope gets ripped up (which would be pretty timely about now). Loved the commentary over at that site too. Tip of the hat to Steve05 for even trying.

  7. The comments over at Newsbusters are just…wow. Every time I think the wingnuts can’t surprise me anymore with their nuttiness, I read something like that.

  8. [re=553637]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Besides the intelligence, there’s also the fact that Fey is actually attractive, not pretend-because-you-like-her-politics attractive as Palin is for teabaggers.

    [re=553639]Papas got a brand new teabag[/re]: These are the same type of people that called LL Cool J’s career “fledgling” when he called out Sarah. Mess with the snow queen, and they’ll hit you with attacks that make no fucking sense.

  9. [re=553637]SayItWithWookies[/re]: It’s bizarre that the comments degenerated into haggling over how much money Tina has made and what the ratings for 30 Rock are. As if any of that is anywhere near the actual point.

    WRT the sketch, I thought it was a little slow and a little long, but I really liked the kittens. You can’t help but get a laugh with kittens.

  10. I would watch Painting For Patriots with Ned Redstone every single minute of every single day if it wasn’t a pretend show. That’s all.

  11. Fey is a failure, there’s no doubt to that. She needs gigs like this to keep whats left of her “image” up.

    Do these commenters know what irony is? If I just hadn’t waded through hateful, bitter wingnuttia, I’d have thought they were talking about the snowbilly.

  12. ah but if you bring up Tina’s emmies, her golden globes, and her multi-million $ grossing Movies, those are all relative, easy-to-diminish successes (someone else won more emmies, made more $, so therefore she is a failure).

    it is the modus operandi of these lunatic radical right-wingers: diminish the achievements of your enemies while you simultaneously exaggerate the threat they pose.

    Tina Fey’s career would be over if Sarah Palin decided to retreat from public life.”

    If only, Newsbuster commentor. If only. (i think even Tina Fey might be willing to take that hit, for the good of obamer, and AMERKUH!)

  13. what’s the latest palinista phrase? “don’t reload, reboot”? “don’t retort, retard”? “don’t repent, relent”?

    i gets me so confused. i’m doing two-for-one on monday morning, but hey — that snl skit, what happened to the funny? is the problem that palin is a laugh riot straight out of the bottle, any additions or emendations are dilutive?

  14. My favorite comment is titled, “It’s because the Liberals”:

    It’s because the Liberals feel they ‘own’ women. Any woman who makes a public claim to being in charge of her life and speaks of conservative values is a target for the Left to be destroyed. To them it’s heresy and when they spot a heretic the Liberal Inquisition starts against them.

    Yep, Libs own women.

  15. [re=553648]JMP[/re]: The whole thing about Palin’s looks is really weird. First the Palin camp cries sexism when it’s bandied about that McCain picked her because she’s a woman and she’s attractive, and they move on to how it’s sexism because she wouldn’t still be in the public spotlight if she wasn’t as pretty, etc. Nevertheless, at video of every appearance of hers, some fan is saying how hot she is (Michele Bachmann among them). Those poor bastards just don’t know how to play this game.

  16. GAH! Why did I even try to wade through those comments. Teh Stoopid, it is blinding!

    I love how they claim it isn’t fair because Palin isn’t a “public figure” anymore, once she stopped being a candidate. Because headlining the SLRC isn’t a public gig?

    I’d troll, but I have better things to do with my time. Like drink.

  17. I don’t get the comments over there! I’d DVR the Sarah Palin Network daily. Every pothead in the WORLD would watch that network, too. Tina owned the SPN skit, but I especially loved her on Weekend Update, and the Bombshell McGee comments. “When your body starts to look like some dirtbag’s BINDER from 7th grade metal shop, it does not bode well for your character.”

  18. Our librarians are fond of this saying, as apparently are many librarians: any fool can publish something on the internet and apparently all of them have.

  19. [re=553681]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Just like saying “retarded”, it’s only offensive if a liberal or moderate comments on Sarah’s looks; it’s A-OK for conservatives.

  20. My brain hurts from reading the comments at newsbusters. My favorite comment is the one where Tina works for the liberal media. Any one who reports facts that contradict conservative talking points is a member of the liberal media.

    Comedy has to have some basis in truth to be funny. What Tina did was funny, because it wasn’t far from the truth of a Sarah Palin Network. Of course when you consider the modern TV schedule full of bullshit, no budget reality shows, programing by retards for retards, it is clear that the Palin chanel would be a huge success on the American TV scene.

  21. [re=553725]Crankenstank[/re]: Ditto. How much do I love Tina Fey? Oh, let’s just say ‘a lot.’ But she’s nailin’ the Palin impression a little too accurately.

    I’m starting to get creeped out.

  22. Impressed that Palin got over her homophobia to get jiggy with that teen lesbian later in the program. But they kind of went overboard with the baby carriage – next time, press pause before you play.

  23. What this reminded me of, and classic SNL fans might remember, is the Albert Brooks-penned skit on the mid-season replacement shows prepped and ready ready when NBC’s weak fall line-up was inevitably cancelled. Who can forget “Medical Season” “The Three of Us” and, my favorite, “Black Vet”? Too arcane?

  24. [re=553670]JMP[/re]: And that was clearly all because of Steve Carell. If someone other than Tina Fey was in it, it would’ve made twice as much money.

  25. Mr Geminisunmars thought that Fey’s impression was dead-on. I replied that it was pretty good, but she just doesn’t quite capture the nails-on-blackboard sneery quality that we all have come to love about SP’s voice.

  26. “An uppity bitch so focused on her career she’s in her late 30s and doesn’t have grandchildren.”

    It’s like a pet, when I feel sad or scared I just play with that sentence and then feel happy inside.

  27. One of my earlier questions to an earlier post was how can you beat up a clown without looking ridiculous. And the answer is — with Tina Fey!!

  28. Be quite honest, I had no idea who Tina Fey was, until Bible Spice hit the national stage. She’s got the impression pretty close, but I prefer Sara Benincasa’s impression of Bible Spice.

  29. that “Newsbusters” link is hilarious — as if the Interwebs need another site full of knuckle-draggin’ teabaggin’ morons. I mean the first post I saw there was screeching about what a “failure” Tina Fey is and how her new movie bombed at the box office. A quick look at “imdb” shows that her new movie is tops at the box office. The Repukes can’t even lie halfway convincingly.

  30. All things considered, with everything that has happened in America since Fey last impersonated Palin, it was really she and her writers that seemed woefully unprepared.


  31. [re=553759]Lascauxcaveman[/re]: Ditto. Fey is doing Palin better than Palin does Palin. She doesn’t just do an impersonation of Palin, she inhabits Palin. She better be careful; I here you can get stuck if you do it too much.

    Seriously, Fey is an Angel of American Comedy. “Bitches get things done,” indeed, Ms. Fey.

  32. [re=553669]slappypaddy[/re]: The standard Palinista programme:
    Don’t abort (Trig), abandon (Trig)! – Mommy has some attention-whorin’ to do! Shill Baby, Shill!

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