Politico's biggest scoop.FIFTH REPORTER FLEES POLITICO IN SINGLE WEEK! Fishbowl DC says congressional reporter Lisa Lerer is going to Bloomberg, which also hired away her colleague Patrick O’Conner. Michael Calderone is off to the new Yahoo blog (Gawker guy John Cook too!), Pia Catton goes to the Wall Street Journal, Victoria McGrane to the Dow Jones wire service, and Mike Allen just cold flew straight into the sky, carrying Dick Cheney in one of those recalled baby slings. UPDATE: An email from an insider — subject line: “Politico bloodletting” — just told us, “It’s far from over. Prepare to yuck it up in the coming weeks.” [Fishbowl DC]

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  1. Maybe it doesn’t take as many people on staff to win the morning as we might have thought. Or should I say, as many “good” people? I know Wonkette is a small operation but perhaps you’re just not trying hard enough.

  2. If Politicos product is “information in progress” maybe they’re just working toward outsourcing all of their “reporting” work to a few carefully written algorithms. Human judgment is for suckers.

  3. [re=547490]Lascauxcaveman[/re]: Strange indeed. Looks like they all had the same idea–“I think I would like to work for a real publication” at the same time.

  4. [re=547530]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Maybe they’ll re-brand as Politic-ho, with linkies to the Repubtard dial-a-porn site and have live feedz from Club Voyeur.

  5. I heard that Politico paid consultants to write software that would automatically create content for them, without human involvement.

    The algorithm looks something like [event] + [other event, maybe related] + [Fox News/RedState/Glenn Reynolds’ view of both events’ significance] = [awful consequence for Democrats and especially Obama] in [given election cycle].

  6. [re=547495]Botswana Meat Commission FC[/re]: /Snark off

    Jack Shafer is a douche too, and part of the reason I pretty much hate Slate. “Not to let Politico and the Atlantic off lightly, but show me a journalist who has never published something he later regretted, and I’ll show you a piker or a liar.”

    Sorry, but as a former journalist, “something he later regretted” does not include publishing a dicey piece without checking with the focus of the attack, which is what both Politico and The Atlantic, another douchebag pub, did.

    Something a real journalist later regretted? Typos, misspellings, bad transcription, fucked-up quotes, bad headlines….not something, esp. something incendiary, lacking due diligence.

    /Snark on, but I’ve got none right now.

  7. Here’s how you can tell the difference:

    Newspaper: owns a printing plant, delivers a daily dose of treated wood pulp to corner boxes and front lawns, pays actual salaries to “employees” who come in the building wearing fedoras with a card reading “Press” tucked in the hatband, useful when you have a new puppy or a caged bird, made so much money off classifieds over the past 80 years no one’s noticed they’re broke yet.

    Blog (e.g. “Politico”): No print plant, no paper, minimal salaries, useless for cleaning up messes or wrapping fish, and broke from the day they begin.

    The common factor: big egos among staff members, Ken & Jim excluded of course because I fear the banhammer.

  8. Does anyone else think the sage scribes of Wonkette are using “cold” a little too much? Everyone’s cold doing this and cold doing that all the time. That’s my first ever comment, and it’s shitty.

  9. [re=547574]Ren McCormack[/re]: That’s my first ever comment, and it’s shitty.

    Look on the bright side — your comments will only get better. Probably.

  10. [re=547559]Katydid[/re]: Shafer’s the best thing in “Slate,” except for the articles about which binky is best for your baby. Those are awesome.

  11. You can actually get paper editions of the Politico in DC. How else are old white dudes who read things on paper supposed to be informed?

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