ACORN Will Return With the Aztecs and Mitt Romney In 2012

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  • Oh you thought ACORN went away forever? You are an April Fool because ACORN is just “reinventing” itself and when its good and ready it’ll resurrect and freak everyone out, just as Jesus once did. [RedState]
  • Andrew Sullivan has a new Internet hobby: Looking at pictures of dudes with beards eating cupcakes. [The Daily Dish]
  • For no reason at all everybody is emailing K-Lo their Thoughts on Porn, stuff like, “Furries saved my marriage but I’m not sure if that Japanese tentacle squid-sex thing is for me, because of Pearl Harbor.” [The Corner]
  • Speaking of Pearl Harbor: Hawaii has its own Scott Brown, except he’s not naked so that sort of defeats the whole purpose of having a Scott Brown. [Weekly Standard]
  • Experts are sure that we are “in the midst of a cocktail renaissance,” because America loves flirtinis or something? [Hit & Run]

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