• Had so many newspaper jobs he's got half-tone marks on his head.One of the few Politico staffers we haven’t boycotted and an actual pleasant human being we’ve actually dealt with on the telephone and in person, Michael Calderone is leaving his media blog at for a mysterious new Yahoo News venture. Why does Yahoo even need a reporter person like Calderone when gets 40 million visitors per month?

    Yahoo boss Carol Bartz recently told the New York Observer (Calderone’s former employer) that needs “our own editorial voice on our site.” Tough to pull that off with the same lame wire copy and awards-ceremony photos seen on every other website. Are human web writers coming back into style? [HuffPo/New York]

  • So rude to read the TV Guide at the seder table!

  • America’s first Jewish president, Barack Obama, celebrated the first night of Passover with a White House Seder, the second of his administration. The empty chair was for Bibi Netanyahu, who wasn’t invited. [White House Flickr/Haaretz/USA Today/The Week]
  • Those nutty Hutaree Militia people are in jail for wanting to kill all the cops or whatever, so their web message board has been taken over by the Snarky Militia. Have fun over there! [Hutaree Phorum/Eugene Robinson]
  • Latest outrage on the Alaskan blogs: Did Sarah Palin’s least-famous daughter, Willow, trash some vacant house with other trashy teenagers? Expect a very firm rebuttal/target map from Sarah Palin on Facebook. [Immoral Minority/Alaska WTF?]
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  1. So much for the idea of being anti-Semitic. Barry strikes me as more anti asshole than anything else which would more than explain him and Bibi.

    Ah Hura-tards. Who knew that cops don’t like the idea of dipshits trying to gun down cops? Besides anyone who didn’t belong to a nutty white power “militia” of dipshits.

  2. Dollars to donuts, Eric Cantor, snuck in, snagged the afikoman, and was holding it hostage, in exchange for scuttling HCR.

    לשנה הבאה בירושלים מחולק

  3. I’m sure the cops are also on the lookout for members of PETA calling in a fake 911 and then gunning down the responding officers because the police totally buy into the idea that the left is a crazy and dangerous as the right.

  4. “I put the word Christian in quotes because anyone who plots to assassinate law enforcement officers, as a federal indictment alleges members of the Hutaree militia did, is no follower of Christ.”

    Oh, that’s adorable! I’m sure he gives the same courtesy to “Muslim” extremists, right?


  5. [re=544274]Guppy06[/re]: That’s different! Because The Bible is all about loving people and basically being a mellow person, but The Koran is all about killing people and raping little girls. At least that’s what Brigitte Gabriel told me on O’Reilly that one time.

  6. Well now that Meg Stapleton has decided to salvage what remains of her soul…I mean ‘spend more time with her family’, who will issue the scathing, fantastical denials for Snowbilly? I’m thinking Willow was tired of Bristol getting all the attention. Like Jan & Marcia Brady—Marcia, Marcia, Marcia…

    Doesn’t Barry know it’s rude to read at the table?

  7. Someone told Baruch Obama that matzo/maror sammies are just ethnic artisinal flatbread with savory romaineendivedandelion tapenade.

    You know, elitist foodstuffs.

    Probably grown in Michelle’s hell-mound kitchen garden…

  8. Hurrays O’Barry & Michelle are still keeping up with their Saderday night fever. Have they learned that the secret to matzoh ball soup is using seltzer not water? That recipe came from Hiram O’Rielly, Moses’ the chief cook. It’s just chicken & dumplings, but thinner.

    Chag sameach y’all.

  9. Why is the sexy Willow-Palin-story hidden under a headline about some industry insider I’ve never heard of? Have you been taking lede-burying lessons from Tucker Carlson?

  10. On the subject of Yahoo, when did they become safe haven for the wingnuts? Scrolling through the comment section is like visiting a homeschol reunion. What’s up with that?

  11. Of course, the right wingers have taken the opportunity to Hutaree would-be cop-killer Christian terrorist; oh who am I kidding, a bunch of the craziest ones are claiming this proves we have an authoritarian government, this is just the start of the round-up of true patriots to death camps. It’s just like Waco, which these idiots think was an example of government persecution.

    [re=544274]Guppy06[/re]: Well, it’s not like Christianity started out as an end-times cult dedicated to overthrowing the government authority its members believed to be occupiers of their nation or anything.

    [re=544286]norbizness[/re]: Yeah, but it celebrates the genocide of secularized Jews by the orthodox, one that actually happened; I’m not sure that’s better.

  12. Yahoo’s actually been poaching writers for years, it was just not the news section. Their sports team include some of the best feature writers for SI for the last 10-15 years who saw the cutbacks at the SI/CNN/Time Warner megaplex as time to get the hell out.

  13. Just out of curiousity, were these Hutaree devotees of teh White Album? With one particular song that caught their fancy? I only ask because it seems to me that someone else believed they could start an apocalyptic war by targeting a few unsuspecting victims.

  14. [re=544318]JMP[/re]: Perfect example of the Overton Window, claim as normal the most insanely extreme (or extremely insane) view on issues, for example that the Hutarees are only the first step in all true patriots being sent to concentration camps. Then the slightly less crazy ideas seem to make sense compared with it.

    Like Glenn Beck.

  15. [re=544361]donner_froh[/re]: Yeah; just when you think the wingnuts gone as crazy as possible, they get worse. Of course, I shouldn’t be surprised, since many of them expressed support for the IRS plane terrorists, and as these comments reminded me many of them actually supported the child-raping gun-hoarding cult back in the 90s.

    My favorite comment (from the compilation here ) was:

    “Last time I looked, wanting to start a civil war (insane as it is) was not a crime.”

    I do believe that it is called treason, and it is not just a crime but a very serious one.

  16. [re=544377]JMP[/re]: It really does make me feel warm and fuzzy inside to see the FBI just stone cold charge these wanna-be rebels with fucking sedition. Let’s get a few metaphorical heads impaled on that castle gate, people.

  17. [re=544274]Guppy06[/re]: Probably! I don’t read WaPo, naturally, but Eugene Robinson is pretty much the only human being they have writing a column.

  18. At the White House Seder, when someone got up and opened the door for Elijah the Prophet–who should be standing there but the Salahis!! “SHALOM!” they yelled. “We have Beni’s tickets–really!”

    Both Salahis were immediately dragged down to the Official White House Dungeon, where they were interrogated by CIA and FBI agents for three hours. They were then blindfolded, thrown into a black SUV, driven to Temple Hills, Md., and dropped off in the parking lot of Booty’s Nightclub and Restaurant.

  19. Calderone was one of the few people at Pollutico who actually reported real news. And now he’s leaving. We’re taking bets at the Media Betting Office on how long Pollutico actually lasts. Most people are betting the thing doesn’t survive longer than three years from now. And most are betting that whatever their new project is won’t last longer than five years.

    And if you ask around, barely anyone is reading Pollutico, and fewer are advertising in it.

    For all your intelligent, insightful and well-researched political news, there happens to be publications called The Hill, The Washington Post, The New York Times and Bloomberg.

  20. I’m looking forward to catching The Coral Ridge Hour this coming Sunday. I’m sure that the Hutaree’s will be spun as Xtian Fundamentalists that are just the first victims of the Obama/ACORN Socialist Agenda.

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