'he was a pig god that's all he was'

Gay Muslim Nutter Will Burn Down the Malls Unless This Filthy Pig Movie ‘Babe’ Is Destroyed

You know Lucifer, right? “He was a pig god, that’s all he was.” And because of this, famous American video star Norman Leboon Sr. demands that the 20-year-old children’s movie Babe be removed from all video stores, OR NORMAN WILL BURN DOWN THE MALLS, all of them. Also: He’s gay?

We’ve already learned that Norman, the actual All-Powerful God, doesn’t think much of Rick Warren, Barack Obama’s personal pastor. But now, thanks to Wonkette Star Commenter S.Luggo, we know that Norman (or someone claiming to be the same Norman Lebbon of Philadelphia) proclaimed his Homosexuality on this Queerty comments section back in 2008:

Rick Warren ‘Give it up’ We gays and Lesbians WILL NOT lay down anymore!
To all in our family we MUST continue to speak out and NEVER have the Rick Warren’s take our rights away!

Also, thank you, Mr. President Obama elect, if Mr. Rick Warren spoke out against woman, blacks or Jews as he does with us (gays) would he be making the Prayers for you at the White House???

Norman LeBoon SR
Philadelphila, Pa USA

Oh and here are a bunch more Norman video threats against everything, courtesy of America’s Reporter of Wingnuts & Weirdos, Dave Weigel.

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  1. Marxist Leninist Papist

    Well, at least we can be absolutly certain that one god is unambiguously on the side of us fags and fag lovers. You take what you can get.

  2. Lazy Media

    As anyone can easily learn from Sunni jihadi websites, ALL Shia are gay, and worship Satan. (The Mehdi reference is a dead giveaway).

  3. FreshCliches

    If he is (hand flourish) the Messiah, well, I am (fin flap) the Walrus.

    Goo goo ga joob.

  4. Marxist Leninist Papist

    He has good taste in movie, this Norman fellow. Never could stand that Babe dreck..
    Now only if he turns his sights on Titantic and Avatar, I’ll personally nominate him to be a bloody saint.

  5. Katydid

    I’m fairly sure Rick Warren hates teh women, teh blackz and teh Jooz, specially the ones who have teh ghey. So maybe Leboon has teh point? Nah, that would be crazy. Crazy like Fox News!

  6. Mr Blifil

    He’s very comfortable in front of the camera. For a minute there I even thought there might be an Andy Kaufman thing happening. Man that would be cool if it were true.

  7. Mad Brahms

    Oh great, now this will be spun as The True Face of the Homosexual Agenda by Cantor, probably.

  8. JMP

    This deity really does hate pretty much everyone; they’d better watch out whenever he gets around to killing them like he originally planned last September. For at this time, a friend shall lose his friend’s hammer and the young shall not know where lieth the things possessed by their fathers that their fathers put there only just the night before, about eight o’clock.

  9. St.SarahOfThePO

    Wow, Ken earned a mention over at The Atlantic for his take on the whole Cantor/nutjob thing.

  10. JGB

    The one about the YouTube employees, where he says he will kill their first born children for removing his videos, is quite apropos today…now where’d I leave that spring lamb blood?

  11. Dumptruck

    Maybe once they give Norm a job on CNN he’ll tone down the rhetoric and attribute everything he said in the past to some distraction. In the mean time, I intend to educate myself about the many dangers of the world according to Norman, including this brilliant bit about Babe being a Luciferian pig-god.

  12. GOPCrusher

    [re=543780]Monsieur Grumpe[/re]: Roger Ailes is running to his house with a contract to sign as we speak!

  13. Terry

    Well, not only is he gay but he seems to be really hot for beautiful black men with long, long dreadlocks.

  14. Radiotherapy

    [re=543759]Scarab[/re]: Seriously.

    Excerpts from his last Mobile Crisis Evaluation:
    “Oh, I’m not crazy.”

  15. Sleeves

    [re=544147]norbizness[/re]: If you’ve watched a SubGenius Devival, then yes. If you’ve forgotten for fifteen years of grace, then…I appreciate Grace!

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