What up, schlub?Ha ha, why didn’t Barack Obama have this webcam arrested LAST YEAR, before Norman Leboon “removed” Barack Obama from the White House after Norman Leboon removed all the satellites from orbit, and also the Secret Service? And why didn’t Harry Reid hold a press conference announcing this YouTube against him? UPDATE: Most hilarious Norman Leboon video ever added to this post, lol Family Guy/Star Wars.

And here is Norman Leboon’s terrifying vision of the Apocalypse that happened last year — do you remember?! — when a Eurythmics song played as this still picture of a dust cloud was broadcast to Earth by God:

What else we got from Norman, threat-wise?


And here, God’s most blase Messenger has a great message for England, because God is so proud of England’s Lutheran Church, and props to da Pope, too, for the good wishes!

Don’t judge, haters! Sometimes God is vicious and nuts (see: Old Testament) and just cold wants to kill his People, and other times he smokes out and relaxes and it’s all good. Just need to calm down the Evangelical Christians, because they’re kind of out of control! They’re saying horrible things about God, who is right here on YouTube! Dude.

And now, the masterpiece:

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  1. Man, this dude would be a HOOT to go drinking with! I especially like the part where he tells all of the world leaders that they will “loshe their shacurrity”. That, my friends, is whiskey tongue at its finest!

  2. I just White Pages -> Google Maps -> Street View’d our friend here and he’s from reeeaaaallllllllly close to where I grow up. Like less than a mile close. Yikes.

  3. Dude only blinks, like, 10 times in the whole video. How is that possible? That right there must bump you up to the top of the FBI watch list.

  4. If you scroll all the way to the bottom he has another video saying “President Obama, this is my LAST video to you” which was filmed almost a year ago.

    How can we trust this man to successfully summon the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and bring about the End of All Worlds when he is so intent on lying to the American people?

  5. Norm is also a ghey nonhetero who has a major hard-on for Rick Warren.


    Rick Warren Give it up We gays and Lesbians WILL NOT lay down anymore!
    To all in our family we MUST continue to speak out and NEVER have the Rick Warren’s take our rights away!
    Also, thank you, Mr. President Obama elect, if Mr. Rick Warren spoke out against woman, blacks or Jews as he does with us (gays) would he be making the Prayers for you at the White House???
    Norman LeBoon SR
    Philadelphila, Pa USA
    Posted: Dec 25, 2008 at 5:58 am

  6. So you tried to throw your big Apocalypse on us, god, but we’re all still here; not so all-powerful now, are you? In your face, god!

    But it is comforting to see that god really is one of us; just a big, fat, hairy, completely insane slob like one of us.

    [re=543534]ArkansasFred[/re]: It looks like he’s just a few miles away from me; it would be creepy if he were a real threat.

  7. I’m going to go out on a limb & assume this fine specimen is still available. Come & get him, ladies (or big black man in jail).

  8. [re=543553]Bearbloke[/re]: Did the Republifucks successfully remove the HCA provision about Viagra for whiskey-dicked Wingnutters that get drunk and rant on video (with exception to televangelists, of course)? If so, then it was all worth it.

  9. I’m just a pagan and all, but I’m thinking that Martin Luther, when he nailed his feces because of his Diet of Worms, pretty much was expressing his hatred of the Catholic Church, was he not? Also, too, are the English not Protestants, famous the world over for burning Catholics alive for hundreds of years, and vice versa? Just sayin’.

    Anybody else think the background looks like Ceiling Cat is about to pop out? Maybe that’s who he’s talking about, since he seems to know what God wants and all.

  10. I’m actually saddened that Cantor’s ruining this dude’s life (granted, he made and posted these himself, but if he’s not mentally all there, they should just be quietly removed) to make a political point. It’s a far, far douchebaggier thing that he does today than he’s ever done before.

  11. Crazy over-religious fucker probably doesn’t even see anything wrong with what he did. But, enough about the Pope, what’s up with this dude?

  12. You know what would be great?

    If Mr. Norman Leboon bought a Powerball ticket at the Kum ‘n Go on the corner. And won $24M.

    That would be really great, don’t you think?

  13. [re=543580]Katydid[/re]: “Anybody else think the background looks like Ceiling Cat is about to pop out? Maybe that’s who he’s talking about, since he seems to know what God wants and all.”

    Are you mocking this Prophet’s Miraculous Vision? INFIDEL!!!

  14. There’s a guy who hangs out in front of my apartment who sounds EXACTLY like that. He’s not too bad when he’s on his meds though. Although his mother is a Jesus-will-cure-you idiot, so he’s not always on his meds.

  15. [re=543625]Bearbloke[/re]: If you’re who I’m thinking you are, harumph, and at least I live where Ceiling Cat comes out of the ceiling, and not the floor.

    Although if you’re an Aussie and not a Brit, shouldn’t you be BearMate?

  16. [re=543646]Dashboard_Buddha[/re]: One of these days, the guy in the piss stained Santa suit will ACTUALLY be Jesus – and you’ll all be sorry – SORRY I TELLS YA!!!

  17. In this guy’s defence,theosis (the becoming God of man) is an important concept in both the Catholic and Eastren Orthodox tradition. “God became man in order that men might become gods” (St.Athanesius). Maybe this guy just took in a pychotic,monamanical way one idea from his cathechical instrustction/Bible reading. So there is a potential theologcal as well as pychological expalnation for this loony.
    Just a heads up to you lot of scoffers and pagans, for your asument and instuction

  18. And this is what he says under Snowbilly’s picture —

    “Sarah Palin- Gods SWINE is coming for you for ALL you’re crimes on Gods earth 9-19-09 Gods day of Altonement has started …”

    Now I see it all — Gods SWINE — that’s *us*!

  19. [re=543534]ArkansasFred[/re]: I know– it’s like the upper part of Frankford, pretty close to Mayfair.. (my first “serious” boyfriend was from Mayfair; used to hang out there all the time, haha)

  20. [re=543660]HuddledMass[/re]: I might be wrong, but isn’t that pretty much exactly the thing that Hopey said during the campaign that got everyone (read: Snowbilly) so upset?

  21. [re=543650]Katydid[/re]: “Bloke” is a common appellation here in the arse-end of the IMPERIUM BRITTANIA; Additionally, ‘BearBloke’ sounds better to me, and doesn’t (directly) carry the connotation of wanting to ‘mate’ or be someone’s (sexual or social) ‘Mate’ – these things are sometimes very misunderstood by others in the Anglophere … but thanks for caring, sweetcheeks!

  22. [re=543669]Lionel Hutz Esq.[/re]: I always proclaiming youself to be the Lord most High is only the next logical step for our beloved Goldberg…

  23. [re=543620]S.Luggo[/re]: My God! He has a daughter! He must have stolen her from an orphanage or shopping cart or sumpin’, cuz’ he sure as shootin’ didn’t actually procreate with anything alive, based on his self-portraits.

  24. Norman Leboon is an anagram of “b. lorem Noonan”.

    Is this a threat to me too? Lorem – pain. Beta = slope coefficients = increasing change.

    “b lorem Noonan” = “Increasing amounts of pain to Noonan”????


  25. Who *is* this Bemybro person (last video oeuvre listed above), and why are all those nice Muslim men singing so prettily about bacon?

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