CNN’s new anchorman, RedState turd Erick Erickson, is very sorry for calling David Souter a “goat-fucking child molester” because, uh, people are so offended by Erickson’s dumb bullshit that they yelled at his wife! (The nerve!) So, what Erick Erickson means is, he’s sorry that you were offended by his blog, which after all is just a blog!

Erickson is also sorry you were offended by his description of Michelle Obama as a “Marxist Harpy,” which was just a simple descriptive device in an otherwise bland post about Barack Obama “shagging hookers.” Exactly! Also, he had just confused a White House staffer with a Democratic congressman when he compared the former to Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi ringleader. Erickson intended to call the Democratic congressman Joseph Goebbels. Simple mix-up, could happen to anyone when calling everybody Nazis.

And he certainly agrees with wingnut-enabler Howie Kurtz that he was only being “metaphorical” when he advised his cretin readers to go to the home of a state legislator and “beat him to a bloody pulp.” CNN regrets the error.

There is nothing worse than a chickenshit coward who will not even stand by his own words that he posted on his own blog. Fucking shit-eating fraud. [Creative Loafing/Firedoglake]

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  1. Being called out by Howie Kurtz is just bad — that’s like flubbing a softball interview with Katie Couric bad. “So which Supreme Court justice did you call a goat-fucking child molester?” “All of them, Howie.”

  2. Erick Son of Erick apparently thinks that his bloggy-thing is private.

    “I’ve definitely had to grow up over time and realize and realize it’s not just me and friends anymore. I think everyone understands you talk in ways with friends and about things with friends you don’t in public.”

    Also, shouldn’t this guy be grown up by now? From here on, the only way for him to grow is outwards.

  3. RedState is not a blog. It’s a congregation of assholes looking for a place to relieve themselves in the noisiest manner possible.

  4. He’s like a big overgrown kid. He even knows this. He keeps talking about “growing up.” Isn’t it a little late for that? He already has a double chin.

  5. [re=543412]the problem child[/re]: What I love is that while he’s backpedaling, he’s insinuating that he only has to backpedal because he’s so famous, influential, and awesome that the things he says are so very very important and influential. Otherwise, he’d be free to be just another fapping fat boy at a keyboard.

  6. These metaphors are all about my family. I stand by them, and I stand by my metaphors. When Indecency rears its medusa-like-crest and gazes at me, late at night, in my underpants, with the lucky rocketships, and then I lose my tenuous grasp on realistic things and there is nothing more, in a zen-like-trance I stumble from misplaced-modifier to passive voice and trip over the wires my mind has crossed in the beauty of the blog. The beauty of the blog.

  7. [re=543417]Monsieur Grumpe[/re]:

    My Marxist neighbor is worried about a coming civli war with the TrikeForce types, but I keep assuring him that individually those chickshit bastards are just noise and fury. They are only dangerous in crowds, if then.

  8. The truth will out.

    Erickson: “David Frum is one of those Republicans who calls himself a conservative still when it’s clear to me he’s evolved, but he people still call him that.”

    Throughout the asshole uses the word “evolved” to indicated that he’s no longer as much of an asshole he used to be, and the word indicates positive growth.

    Game set match.

  9. “I’ve definitely evolved over time.”

    How do teeny, tiny eyes, a chneck, and an inverted shaft signigy evolution?

    I definitely have to get personal to get my point across. Also, and.

  10. [re=543393]AbstinenceOnly Ed[/re]:
    …if only we could find a junkie sick & desperate enough to deposit a steaming poz-load in that foul, greasy rectum.

    Ah, Ed. You do have a way with words! What vivid imagery! Do these things just come into your mind?

  11. I cant understand why CNN ratings are tanking, I mean a show with John King and son of Erick, that should draw hundreds of viewers.

  12. did I hear him correctly in stating that David Frum calls himself a conservative “but has clearly evolved”?

    I got nothing.

  13. I can’t watch Sunday old man talking shows anymore, thanks to Stretch and the impossibly fucktarded Howie Kurtz for fucks sake. To allow Erich the red to just whimsically dismiss his hate speech with “I’ve grown up” is journalism at it’s finest.

  14. the media fucking blows:

    “you asked whether Obama was shagging hookers behind the media’s back . . . you said ‘no because [his bitchy communist wife would cut his dick off if he was]. why would you say something like that about Ms. Obama?”

    Nevermind, the fucking ridiculous premise of his argument with himself–determining whether someone who has never shown the slightest proclivity for extramarital fucking was fucking around because a similarly successful political (Spitzer) was. (By the way, Spitzer was dumb but he was also definitely set up. Since when are the johns ever revealed?)

    P.S. Anyone named “Erick” (with the “-ck” spelling) definitely harbors a more than healthy fear of Jews and probably has some interesting costumes in his closet.

  15. Erick Erickson has a babydick that turtles every time he sees a black person. Please help him by impeaching our Marxist Kenyan Dictator, so that he may successfully resume wanking off to tentacle-porn.

  16. [re=543433]nappyduggs[/re]: Erickson is one of those people who’s a living argument against evolution, in support of unintelligent design.

  17. [re=543442]Advocatus_Diaboli[/re]: That would be a good catch but you missed the subtle auditory snark quotes because Ericson is so subtle and clever. Ericson meant that while he himself has evolved, Frum has ‘evolved.’

  18. Let’s see, if I heard all that right, Erik Erikson was getting hammered, got his wires crossed, went down the wrong road, evolved over time, regretted fucking that goat, is afraid… does that sound about right?

  19. Seriously, why do so many Republicans of a certain age have the same general morphotype (what I’d call “chunky” if I were feeling especially kind)? Are all the thin ones Log Cabin douchebags?

  20. [re=543431]Oblios Cap[/re]: Meh. Just play “Achy Breaky Heart” over some loudspeakers, and you can mow them down as they organize to line dance.

  21. He’s absolutely right. How can he be blamed for anyone outside his family and friends reading what he wrote on twitter or redstate? I mean, anybody who takes him seriously would be a fool…. right Howard & CNN? Plus he’s evolved now. Also. Just like Frum? Huh?

  22. I’ve definitely evolved over time.

    When CNN shows you walking upright across their studio without your knuckles dragging on the ground, then I’ll start to believe it. Goddamn mouthy smug dimwit didn’t realize there might be consequences for calling people these juvenile dimwit insults (that he probably first came up with back when he was a College Republican) in a public forum that might be read outside his circle of equally smug dimwit friends

    “I’m just a simple caveman lawyer. In the Stone Age I communicated my points with an unsophisticated series of clicks and grunts. I had no idea that when I write words in a particular order on your modern internet that people would take them as having some sort of ‘meaning.’ This world frightens and confuses me.”


  23. [re=543485]surfacenoise76[/re]: Chunky with a noted lack of muscle tone and a gelatinous texture to the skin. I’m sure it’s related to some kind of syndrome that Oliver Sacks has written about.

  24. Didn’t this guy land a job as the counterbalancing right-wing blogger on the Washington Post (because it’s so clearly part of the radical progressive MSM)? And then go on to last, oh, about a week in that position before some readers unearthed enough horrendous quotes that even they were obliged to ditch him?

    Hey Eric son of Erick, what’s it like to lose your job to a sniveling craven hack-job like Ramesh Ponnuru? Just curious –

  25. his fucking family? So that’s the dividing line? Souter’s a bachelor, so I guess that means it’s OK to call him a “goat-fucking child molester.” Hey, no wife to be “heckled,” no 3 year old on the front lawn, it’s open season.

    Fuck this twerp’s fucking family.

    Sorry no snark.

  26. It’s a brilliant move on CNN’s move– to regain the integrity of the network by losing Amnapour, they’re going to hire some douchey right-wing blogger who has no problems calling people Goebels. I can see why they did that, though, as it’ll balance out the crazy, left-wing blogger they have on all the time, you know…um…that guy.

  27. [re=543568]Harvey Birdman[/re]: Just the same one they always have (also the New York Times, network news). They think, by moving further to the right, the far-right media will stop yelling that they have a “liberal bias”.

    The fact that they’ve been doing so for two decades, to the point where one can barely differentiate them from Fox, and the right is still yelling that bullshit has somehow failed to clue them in that it will never stop.

  28. [re=543405]OzoneTom[/re]: “Oh boy. CNN hiring Erick-Son-Of-Erick is going to pay off in spades.

    For us.”

    Yeah, I can’t wait to see how they’re going to try to sell the “Clinton News Network” to pull off Fox viewership.

  29. So, Erick, sone of Erick, is saying that we should not take anything he says seriously? Way ahead of your there, Erick.

    There is nothing worse than a chickenshit coward who will not even stand by his own words that he posted on his own blog. Fucking shit-eating fraud.

    Oh, you say that now, but wait until you are getting the big money to be the token liberal on FOX, Ken, and we’ll see how quickly you are calling Sarah Palin “The golden beacon of political thought.”

  30. So Sarah Palin-ish, he plays the victim, how horribly was he victimized (and his 3 year old kid) only for because he called Souter a goat-@#$%er. Those evil liberal criminals inflicting this upon poor learning-from-experience-me.

  31. So, if I’m understanding correctly how this works, he attracted attention initially for things like, for example, calling the First Lady a “Marxist harpy,” and, apparently, on the strength of that got hired by CNN, which (though it must have known he wrote that because someone at CNN must have read his blog before hiring him) now feels compelled to make him answer for what he wrote, but not in any meaningful way — that is, not in any way that has any consequences attached to it — and now that that’s done, if we keep talking about it then we’re the ones with a problem, not CNN for having the shocking lack of integrity for hiring him in the first place.

    But you know what’s great about having so many cable channels? So many of them aren’t CNN. I wonder what the Barefoot Contessa is cooking for her gay bridge friends…

  32. What is it about goats that so many conservatives find so sexually compelling? Perhaps with their little goatees they all look like Lenin to them.

  33. Bleh! He looks and sounds just like I would have thought having visited his pustulant blog. But lets hope CNN keeps running him on the TeeVee. He’s the GOPers alternative to outright baggery. Actually, hmm, maybe CNN can get him to wear one of those tricorn hats.

  34. This is off the subject, but on the subject. I love when Republicans justify their hate-speech and other even crazier wingnuts vile actions with shit like “Well, people are mad because he won’t cut taxes” as if some coherent or sane policy objection is contained within the acts. As a way of auditioning to CNN I will now make some “fiery comments” because I’m “super psyched about my side and aggressive”.

    1) All Republicans with at least a double chin should be immediately extricated to work camps so they can rebuild the neighborhoods and infrastructure three decades of extreme personal greed and neglect have caused to become rotted out. Those pig-fucking Musollini-loving incest whores with retarded Goober accents and their pox-ridden families! ahem, fiery.

    2) All tea-baggers should be deprogrammed. That’s not really fiery rhetoric just the truth. The fiery rhetoric will be “We should totally drop bombs on their homes because they buttsecks the corporate CEO’s while pretending to be grass roots…maybe they call themselves grass roots because they’re fat enough to be cattle and they eat grass

    3) CNN and Fox’s board of directors should be beaten, sat on by a Republican from item 1 and chili-farted on their faces into oblivion for hiring such pig-fucking shit-for-brains wingnuts like Erick Erickson, Palin, Hannity, Rove, the entire fox staff, etc.

    The only people worse than those such as Erick are those who’d hire him thinking it’ll give them a ratings bump to pair him with walking douche John King. Fuck them and the horses they rode in on. Now if CNN hires me I’ll recant without recanting all the above with a Southpark esque “See I learned something….” and then talk about how famous and powerful being a complete dildo has made me. It worked for this flabby gas bag. Also.

  35. [re=543496]Hemp Dogbane[/re]: I’m going to withhold judgment until I’ve had a chance to see how sincere he sounds when saying “God bless you, and God bless America.”

  36. What a douchebag. I actually registered to post a comment, very lucid, no profanities… and my ip was banned. After one post. It’s impossible to fully quantify the degree of bullshit coming out of this fatbody’s mouth.

  37. Makes me ashamed to be half Norse, metaphorically get necrotizing fasciitis on yer balls and taint you media carbuncle Erick Son of Erick! metaphorically also

  38. [re=543456]AbstinenceOnly Ed[/re]: Please. My large tortoise can stretch on his tippy toes to reveal an enormous purple manta ray. Hemi-penes, people. The earth trembles when he takes that thing out for a walk.

  39. Anyone else’s gaydar go off while watching Erick son of Erick’s cowardly retraction of all of the batshit crazy things he has written?

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