This poor Real American simply does not care for all the coloreds who keep calling in to C-SPAN, demanding welfare. Will someone at “Black-SPAN” please fix this? [YouTube]

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  • chascates

    They’re trying to find those lesbian clubs.

  • Mr Blifil

    Dude’s so backwards he won’t even buy a colored TV.

  • Larry Fine

    Here is a great way to increase ratins. Instead of that stupid system of Republican, Democrat, or independent phonelines, more viewers would watch CSPAN is they had White or Colored phonelines.

  • Katydid
  • Lionel Hutz Esq.

    He just needs to go to a Tea Bag Rally. He won’t have to worry about hearing or seeing to many black people there.

  • Hooray For Anything

    Not to make any assumptions, but I’m guessing the caller listed themselves as Confed Southern Am on their census form


    As the mighty [re=543198]Alex_P[/re]: once said: “So their race is their political affiliation. Where have we heard that before?”

  • mdotsota

    I’m shocked he didn’t even try and throw in a “Now I’m not racist, BUT . . .” into there. Are wingnuts not even trying anymore?

  • CaliforniaMike

    He’s just mad because he saw the picture of all the watermelons that got planted on teh White House lawn once colored people were allowed to live there.


    Oh for the days when the coloreds used their own phone lines, drinking fountain, swimming pool, door to the movie theater, etc.

  • Red Zeppelin

    I wonder what he thinks of the NBA?

  • ArkansasFred

    Duh, Bill from St. Paul’s, North Carolina. The “C” stands for “chicken.”

  • CrunchyKnee

    He knows that they have an opinion.

  • Udargo

    You see? You let one of them become president and now they think they own the whole country. Is nothing sacred anymore? And by “sacred” I mean “reserved for white people.”

  • Redhead

    Well, to be fair, those Southern cornfed Confederates are already an under-represented minority, even without C-SPAN ignoring them. And if it hadn’t been for the war of Northern Aggression, teh blacks would still be seen but not heard (except when they’re being whipped for looking at teh wimminz – then they can let out a yelp).

  • the problem child

    How can he be sure it’s not crackers pretending to be black, because they are afraid Bubba might find out they were looking into gettin’ ’em summa dat gubmint-run health care?


    “Who let the colored folks on my TV? Goddamn Kenya socialist NOBAMA!”

  • geminisunmars

    “I understand your frustration.” Do they take classes in how to mollify douchebags before they are allowed to host at C-span? I did see (I think) a tickle of amusement around his lips, but how he managed to be so non-reactive was a sight to behold.

  • edgydrifter

    And another thing–the homos are breathing too much of our good, decent American air. Something must be done.

  • I-man

    The caller didn’t surprise me as much as the host agreeing with him.

  • Dolmance

    The moderator was so solicitous of that racist pig fucker. And that line about how, “I understand your frustration?” What the fuck? I think he’d have understood the guy’s frustration if he’d been kept from eating those goddamn caller’s livers too.

  • whiskey tango foxtrot

    OK but if CSPAN is going to have different divisions for different viewers this guy should change over to watching GetOffMyLawn-span.

  • nappyduggs

    “I don’t understand how, if these folks are 10 percent, 12 percent of the population, how they make up 80 percent of your callers.”

    1.) Boost Mobile
    2.) You are a cretin.

  • SayItWithWookies

    For the last time, people — don’t expect your damn call-in show to be whites-only when Everybody Loves Raymond is airing. Sheesh.

  • Sussemilch

    If you’re up at 4:30am watching C-SPAN then society has already forsaken you.

  • ArkansasFred

    “Let’s go to Bill from North Carolina, Bill, you’re on the air.”

    “Hi. I’d like to make a little respectful criticism about BET. Why so many black shows, BET? What is this, BLACK Entertainment Television?”

    “Yes. Yes it is.”


  • mdotsota

    [re=543375]I-man[/re]: I doubt he actually agrees with this guy’s point, but they must present the image of objectivity. And while yelling “Fuck off you racist asswart” would have been appropriate for everyone else, an Objective and Serious TV Person simply can not say such things. So you get things like this.

  • Zorg

    Must suck to be an old white racist in a small town in one of the states of the former Confederacy. Really, really suck.

  • freakishlystrong

    I think we found the guy who ordered all the black folks outta the Walmart. CSPAN and Walmart are for honkeys!

  • crumpet

    What does Caller propose? That only 3/5 of “black” callers be allowed to do the talkin’?

  • mdotsota

    Also, does anyone else think “Black-Span” sounds like a good name for a special move for a character in Street Fighter?

  • librulabortionlover

    [re=543375]I-man[/re]: that was the shocker (ew) for me too. why did he say “we appreciate your input”?

  • Dumptruck

    I think Joe Biden got drunk and prank called C-Span again.

  • Katydid

    [re=543370]geminisunmars[/re]: Nah, I agree with Dolmance, the moderator, or anchor, or whatever and whoever the fuck he is screwed up. He shoulda kept with the standard, “Thank you for your call” and hung up on the pigfucker. What’s with the “I understand your frustration” crap? Now black people can’t be Republicans? Only Michael fucking Steele can? Fuck that. And the guy was nodding his head ever so slightly at some point during the rant. The usual C-SPAN people are made of wood, this guy is shit.

  • ella

    Clearly, he was the first on his block to say “they” would get all uppity if Hopey got elected.

  • Hooray For Anything

    [re=543367]the problem child[/re]: Maybe it was a black person pretending to white in a clever attempt to make the white man look bad and bring him down?

    [re=543390]mdotsota[/re]: Or a really bad sketch that ran on MadTV or something on BET.

  • Those Tricks

    That clip is too much.

    side note : Haven’t really looked at comments on this site before.
    Glad to see they are civil, rational and hilarious.
    Go Wonkette!

  • EdFlinstone

    I know wingtards like to be spoon fed only crap they agree with. Its why they listen to Rush-Hannity-Beck on the car radio, then go home and turn on Fox and watch Beck and Hannity. Now they act like C in C-Span should be conservative(whites) only. What does this guy change the channel when a black person calls in? And the caller’s “they should call in the right line”–just left me speechless.

  • Dumptruck

    Ever since the digital Tee Vee conversion and buyin’ my LCD Tee Vee seems to be blacker. I mean, it was bad enough when they switched from white television to “colored” television… They allowed the reds and the greens and the blues to mix, but now there’s a lot of black too! We should repeal color tee vee law!

  • OldGrowthSwamp

    By that logic, the, “C”, in C-Span stands for Caucasian. Caucasian-Span.

  • widestanceromancer

    C-SPAN callers-in are a gold–no, make that diamond–mine of comedy, and it’s nice to see this under-utilized box of tools get some press. A caller once exclaimed that he wanted some gubmit money so he could get his d*ck up Greta’s *ss. I’ve heard callers, who invariably leave the volume up on their TVs, so confused by the moderator’s delayed voice on the TV they start walked away from the phone to better hear them through the TV.

  • Larry McAwful

    I understand the caller’s frustration, too. He’s a bigot, he hates black people, and he wants the call screeners to do what they can to make sure fewer blacks call in. Sure, I don’t agree with him or anything, but I understand him.

  • EdFlinstone

    I supposed what this guy wants is OK, next caller, Jamal on the n-line.

  • jfruh

    I like how he says that they should “call in on the right line.” You know, a line that is still of course equal, but perhaps in some way separate, know what I mean?

  • kungfusheriff

    [re=543375]I-man[/re]: He agreed with him because it was a good way to keep racist-phone-douche talking.

  • DemmeFatale

    Love how the anchor’s face froze when he realized what kind of call this was, and gave the caller enough rope to hang himself.

    Black-Span? Really? (I guess that passes for “clever” in his world.)

  • Ripley_in_CT

    He’s clairvoyant? He can see black people through his TV when they are on the phone? He should patent this for the Teabaggers.

  • Ripley_in_CT

    Oh, and one more thing. This douchebag redneck caller wants “teh blacks” to call in on the right line, not the Republican or Conservative line.

    Are there no conservative blacks? No Republican blacks? I betcha Mr. Steele would have a problem with this line of thinking…. if he was paying attention to something other than his bondage fantasies.

  • bitchincamaro

    When it becomes Latino caller dominated, can we call it Spic Span?

  • sezme

    [re=543377]Dolmance[/re]: No kidding. The moderator showed supreme idiocy in even appearing to take this guy’s concerns seriously.

  • JoeMac

    [re=543362]ArkansasFred[/re]: Really, I always thought it was Coon-Span.

  • sati demise

    Go somewhere else, Bill.

  • predilectrix

    [re=543407]Those Tricks[/re]: We’re civil? Just off to a slow start this week.

  • predilectrix

    [re=543487]bitchincamaro[/re]: Yes. And when it leans towards the distaff side, it changes to C-Spot.

  • BobTheBuilder

    I sense the invisible hand of SkoalRebel.

  • chaste everywhere

    [re=543487]bitchincamaro[/re]: !Muy excelente! (But pretend the first ! is upside down.)

  • assistant/atlas

    Yeah man, where all the white women at?

  • blkblt

    First A Charley Brown Christmas and now this…

  • slithytoves

    [re=543407]Those Tricks[/re]: Stick around, honey. You might change your mind – if this place were civil I probably wouldn’t be here.

  • GOPCrusher

    Teh Blacks (TM) call into C-Span?
    Next thing, you’ll try to convince me that they vote and get involved in the political process in the United States.

  • BadKitty

    C’mon now, give the caller a break. He has a point. You’re all acting as though you didn’t know that C-Span is short for Caucasian-Span.

  • louballs

    I love the whining about how “unfairly” Bush was treated. As if us saying he sucked made him suck; time was all these hogfuckers would actually DEFEND W’s policies, or at least read out of their pages-stuck-together copy of “Rebel-In-Chief.”

  • sanantonerose

    [re=543487]bitchincamaro[/re]: Spic Span. Classic.

  • momus

    Nothing sadder than a “Confed Southern AM” so addled that he no longer realizes that the Republicans were behind the The “Yankee War of Aggression.”

  • digibal235

    Obama’s not Jesus Christ?

  • Beanball

    [re=543407]Those Tricks[/re]: Just for today, we are all C-Span anchor wanna-be’s.

  • Extemporanus

    Ain’t nuthin’ but a G-SPAN, baaay-bay!
    Two black-ass callerz so we’re craaay-zay!
    Death Panel is the channel that paaayz me!
    Unchangeable, so please don’t try to change this…

  • venus

    [re=544205]Extemporanus[/re]: Love it!

  • JackieBinAZ

    Michael Steele is proof that black people can share their values.

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