• President Obama made a surprise visit to Afghanistan, where he checked to see if President Karzai had really cleaned his room or just shoved all his junk under his bed. Then Obama put on a leather jacket and wowed scores of troops with his winning Sarah Palin impersonation. [Washington Post]
  • The Moscow Metro has been bombed again, presumably by the Chechen Black Widows who go around bombing Russian things. [BBC News]
  • In other “sad things following explosions” news, a sunken South Korean naval ship appears to have no survivors onboard. [AP]
  • Delicious foods are basically just legalized crack and heroin, in terms of what they do to your brain. [CNN]
  • Insurance companies may still not have to cover little children with terrible health problems, because … it would just be so ruinous to their image if they demonstrated any fucking humanity whatsoever? [New York Times]
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