And your cyanide tablet is completely covered, no co-pay even!Wonkette operative “Brian P.” emails this important dispatch from Texas: “I’m sending this to let you know the Final Solution is proceeding according to plan in Dallas, Texas. It’s all happening!” ACORN has not been vanquished by Patriots at all! It’s now the official pharmacy of Obamacare!

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  1. P.S. – Ken, can you ask the “flat belly” people to pixelate the FUPA on the chick in the see-thru black one-peice? Some of us are trying to hold down our bagels!

  2. [re=541437]GoinGreen[/re]: Wonderfull stuff, when I take enough of it in combination with Adderall the TeaPatriots really start to make sense.

  3. Tea Partiers to begin citing this entry and photo as indisputable, journalistic evidence of actual ACORN doomsday conspiracy in 5… 4… 3…

  4. [re=541460]x111e7thst[/re]: I swear to you as the Lord thy God Father Baby Jesus is my copilot on my way to the strip clubs, there was a stripper yesterday that was walking around, trying to find some hydrocodone in the club. All the while, she was just RAILING on the “stupid democrats” for forcing her to git inshurince! I don’t know if she was in pain or it was recreational, but it was sure as shit recreational for me to watch it!

  5. Do they have the drugs that make America into the socialist paradise that John Boehner thinks it is? Because I’d like a big bowl of that with milk and sugar, please.

  6. Okay, what was next on the list in our quest for Universal Conquest? I do take note of the pick em up truck in the parking lot. Great transport on the Thursday Sale Day.

  7. [re=541463]proudgrampa[/re]: [re=541442]V572625694[/re]:

    Have you guys ever visited middle America? Compared to most of the big-box travesties out there, that’s practically Neo-Classical design. I mean, look at that fake brick! Compared to decorative flashing that aint cheap.

  8. [re=541472]GoinGreen[/re]: Really. I resent him just slapping up stuff before the whole world has had a chance to read and rain down praise on my previous comments.

  9. why are we going along with the Teabaggers’ attempts to re-brand themselves as “Tea-Partiers” or “Tea Patriots” when they named themselves so succinctly the first time as people who suck balls?

  10. [re=541467]Anonymous Office Zombie[/re]: The prophetic emailer warned us all yesterday, yet we didn’t listen. If you add the letters in Dallas and Acorn, you get the number 11. I added up all my fingers and toes, and came up with 20. Now, if you put 20 and 11 together, you get 2011. I tell ya, when I realized that this has a hidden meaning, I nearly fell outta my chair.

  11. [re=541520]HipHopOpotamus[/re]: No foul at all – I bogarted El Pinche’s “no shit, muthafucka” quote about Obama’s response to Biden – and ran with it like a barefooted Kenyan on some other threads! Today, we are all plagerists!

  12. [re=541520]HipHopOpotamus[/re]: [re=541471]HipHopOpotamus[/re]: [re=541501]Joshua Norton[/re]: (Dudes, you need to just STFU….. one thing you *do not* do, mid-game, is tell the man on the mound he’s he’s pitching a perfect game. You’ll jinx it!)

  13. [re=541526]St.SarahOfThePO[/re]:
    Shhhhhh! You want to alert the Nobama Stazi KGB about how we’re on to them!?… unless… yes… yes, you too must be working for them… a double agent sent here to betray The Movement… enemies, enemies all around us…

  14. [re=541554]Autoo[/re]: Are you suggesting that we put *wink, wink* “K-word” *wink, wink* at the end of tha bench for the rest of the day – and NEVER MAKE EYE CONTACT!!!???

  15. [re=541536]GoinGreen[/re]: Its only appropriate to plagiarize, when talking about Biden, no? (not that I concede that his media repute is accurate)

  16. [re=541563]GoinGreen[/re]: Seriously, just STFU. The only one even allowed to *look* at Ken right now is his catcher.

    (That’d be Newell, right? Riley?)

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