• A 90-minute discussion between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu did not include the customary public handshake at the beginning, which means that World War III (AIPAC vs. ACORN) will commence shortly. [Guardian]
  • Parents, don’t all rush to have asthmatic kids just because you think they can get insurance now! They cannot. [AP]
  • Speaking of babies, two Slings of Death have been pulled from the market. [ABC News]
  • In the deadly waters off the coast of Somalia, pirates are now the prey. [CNN]
  • The most important thing about the healthcare bill is that it begins to address economic inequality, which is why fat-cat Republican plutocrats hate the shit out of it. [New York Times]
  • Everybody is so delighted that Joe Biden said “fuck” yesterday, because it was the most important word in the whole health care bill. [NBC Los Angeles]
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  1. “In the deadly waters off the coast of Somalia, pirates are now the prey” Duh duh duh!!!
    SKS, ever consider writing movie poster blurbs?

    Economic inequality is pretty much what GOPer fatcats have left going for them. It’s not their personalities, their human decency, their love of humanity, their drive or talent. I almost feel sorry for those entitled overbred motherfuckers, but then I look at what those fucks did to my pension and the feeling goes away.

  2. One Wonkette editor procreates and the whole outfit morphs into

    Also, Obama would beat the ever loving shit out of Natanyahu in a cage match.

  3. Had Joe Biden said “fuck” during the primaries more, he’d still be in the Oval Office, but he’d be working with our first black vice president. Fact.

  4. Mommy tip of the day: Sara, Baby Bjorn is the way to go. The little guy is always right there in front of you so you can easily check on him. And a little dribble of beer or food crumbs won’t hurt the top of his head!

  5. [re=538931]Chernobyl Soup[/re]: Have you ever seen Bibi up close? Not a small man. And mean looking, like he’d have no problem ripping your heart out and eating it while you die.

  6. “More unusually still, no reporters or photographers were invited to see the traditional pre-meeting handshakes, with the duo not seen together publicly at all.”

    Ha ha, Obama made Netanyahu sit there and listen to Joe Biden say “fuck” for 90 minutes, while he smoked a pack of Marlboros and appeared bored.

  7. Yesterday Netanyahu had a warm public reception from the House of Representatives and Senate. “We in Congress stand by Israel,” the Democrat leader of the House, Nancy Pelosi, said. “In Congress we speak with one voice on the subject of Israel.”

    Man, even teh communist rag from merry olde England.

  8. While Netanyahu was sitting in the lobby, Barry should have used emminent domain to condemn half the Israeli embassy for an Arab settlement.

  9. Blackwater, or whatever its Frat Letter Name is now, is really the perfect solution to the Somali pirate situation. They can be heartless, semi-competent killers and no one will give a shit because unlike in Iraq and Afghanistan no tact or delicacy is needed. Also, seafarers have a long history of tolerating all of the butt-sex and butt-jagermeister-shots that Blackwater is into, for “companionship.”

    Anyway, that’s how I would break down this shit if I were on the fucking McLaughlin Group.

  10. [re=538951]Whitey Did Katrina[/re]: And who among us doesn’t want to be on the fucking McLaughlin Group, the show that turned journalists into blathering talking heads spewing their own opinions like vomit?

  11. Slings of Death being recalled? Man, a whole lot of leather daddies at the Eagle are going to be mighty upset by this.

    Oh. They’re for babies. Never mind; as you were.

  12. [re=538952]Dean Booth[/re]: Are you sure Barry doesn’t think Bibi, the world’s largest real estate developer forever & ever, is a Netanyayhoo?

  13. Those slings ain’t nothing. When I worked in private practice, we had a client who wanted to patent a baby bouncer that consisted of surgical tubing connected to door clamps with a seat in the middle. If (As happened around our offices a lot) you put a weight in the seat and bounced it vigorously, the bottom clamps came off and the weight shot out like a cannonball. Fun times for all!!!!

    The folks working on the case coined the term “bouncing baby death trap” for it, but I’m not sure what ever happened to it as a marketable product.

  14. An insurance industry group says the language in the law that pertains to consumer protections for kids is difficult to parse. “We’re taking a closer look at it to see what exactly the requirement will be,” said Robert Zirkelbach, spokesman for America’s Health Insurance Plans, the main industry lobby.

    WTF? When shit like this happens, is does Congress deliberately fuck it up by writing legislation that says: “Insurance companies must cover all persons under the age of 18 for all health-related issue, unless they really, really don’t want to, until 2014,” or are they just that stupid?

    I really, really want to know. Any DC lawyers out there? Those with guns? Those with money?

  15. I remember back in the early days of the Internet when they asked Bibi what he thought. He said he was excited to learn more about the ‘net and Yahoo.

    (I am so sorry)

  16. If your baby is small enough to be in a sling, and you absolutely have to shop among the hurly-burly clusterfuck madness that is Costco because the roast chickens are cheap, and because buying toothbrushes in quantities of 50 will save you money in the long haul, it’s still a good idea to check every now and again to see if their color is the proper shade of “skin tone” or has turned to “Trig.”

  17. And if next cycle of World Wars is upon us, then the coming of the World Socialist Republic must follow next. The Grand Negro Illuminati Muslim plan is kicking into gear. This is change we can all believe in. Well I can believe in it at least.

  18. [re=538951]Whitey Did Katrina[/re]: Yes, matey; ’tis only by granting the Letters of Marque to proper privateers that we can put a stop to the great pirate menace.

  19. [re=538946]Cape Clod[/re]: I thought you were making a very subtle joke about Michael Steele’s mastery of saying stupid shit.

    But yeah, those Delaware pols are known for their fucking filthy mouths. Little known fact: the term “snorkeling” was coined by Governor Markell during a meeting with the State Board of Education.

  20. [re=538971]Dashboard_Buddha[/re]: I laughed.

    You know what makes me rage though? Reading comments on stories like the one in the Times where douchebags write: “Hey, I’m just gonna quit my job and go on the gubment dole! Why should I work right?” Do any of you Wonketteers have a good retort for that kind of bullshit?

  21. [re=538965]Way Cool Larry[/re]: i don’t see how anyone could dispute the fact that American civilization began its long decline the first time John McLaughlin said, “And what do you say, Freddie the Beatle Barnes?”

    Plus Pat Buchanan.

  22. [re=538986]tootsieroll[/re]: My retort: “Pig, in Great Socialist Fatherland America, all who can work, work. Because unlike that defunct entity of Capitalista dogs known as the Fed, we believe a little inflation is a fair exchange for more total employment. Now Shut uo, and get back to work in the collective farms, kulak !”

  23. [re=538978]Marxist-Leninist Papist[/re]: You know…I’ve watched a lot of twaddle on the “History” channel about the end o’ the world stuff. One of the key events is the Antichrist (Obama?) rebuilding some temple or another. Well fuck…this could be the easiest EOTW to avoid. When Obama shows up at the Jerusalem town office, JUST DON’T GIVE HIM A BUILDING PERMIT. Boom, end of the world averted and we can all go out for drinks.

  24. [re=538997]RoscoePColtraine[/re]: I never buy babies that are made in China. Too much lead and cadmium. Also, they reek of sulfur after awhile.

  25. [re=539005]Dashboard_Buddha[/re]: Best part about that particular “apocalypse a coming” BS is that its based solely on the Old Testament prophetic texts, not the NT. The teal new Temple for the is the the Body of Christ which is the Church. It is a temple of the spirit, not a temple for carnal eyes. Which all goes to say to the fundies: HA HA, your acting like the blaspheming Jewz. How does your intolerant, unmerciful Jehovah feel about THAT, HUH ?!?

  26. I guess all that nucular waste dumping and seafood appropriating didn’t send a strong enough message. I mean really– when will the dark people adopt civilisation?

  27. [re=538937]dr.giraud[/re]: That image actually made me kind of hot. Does this mean that I have a thing for diplomatic porn? I sort of hope so.

    I think it’s the smoking, more than anything.

  28. [re=538986]tootsieroll[/re]: You can point out that welfare recipients live in poverty. Or that not working is correlated with depression and stress. But really, arguing with those fucksticks is a waste of precious sanity.

  29. [re=539005]Dashboard_Buddha[/re]: Well, actually, one of the key events is the desecration of the temple (probably a reference to its destruction and sacking by Titus in 70 B.C.E.). But wingnut pre-millennial dispensationalists (as they’re called!), with their winning combination of an insane cherry-picking approach to scripture and a stark fucking ignorance about historical and current events, have decided that this is something that will happen in the future, and that the Antichrist will do it. Therefore, since even they have to admit that it’s pretty hard to desecrate a temple that currently consists of exactly one (1) fragmentary Western Wall, it’s obvious (OBVIOUS) that he will just have to rebuild the temple first. So that he can immediately desecrate it. READ THE BIBLE, SHEEPLE, IT’S ALL RIGHT THAR. (hint: no it isn’t)

    And no, they don’t make any attempt to either acknowledge or account for the fact that the goddamn Dome of the Rock is sitting RIGHT FUCKING ON TOP of where this hypothetical rebuilt temple would need to be. That’s because Muslims and their holy sites don’t exist for End Times fetishists, except as props and minions of Satan whose belief system is composed of 80% Jew-hating, 19% suicidal intent, and 1% miscellaneous malice. (This is also why the Palins of the world insist that 9/11 happened because they “hate our freedoms.” They literally cannot comprehend that there could be any motive or justification, other than sheer mustache-twirling Evilness, for hating U.S. America.)

  30. [re=539070]Maxine of Arc[/re]: is composed of 80% Jew-hating, 19% suicidal intent, and 1% miscellaneous malice.

    That actually adds up. ARITHMETIC FAIL!!!! You’re FIRED!

  31. [re=538986]tootsieroll[/re]: I have a retort– as I’ve been living on and off the government dole for the past year and a half, I can say it fucking sucks. Well except for the sleeping in, playing on Wonkette, reading Lost message boards– that’s kind of fun. But other than that IT SUCKS. SUCKS!!!!!!

    How’s that?

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