Man, he’s really trying to get ahead of this thing before everyone realizes how terribly neutralized he’s become, isn’t he? Hopefully it won’t be that long before other prospective 2012 candidates start making murmurs (SCREAMING ON FOX NEWS) about how Mitt Romney invented ObamaCare, in Massachusetts, with Scott Brown’s vote.

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  1. Eh, he already changed his opinions on abortion and gay rights, conveniently at the same time he started running for President; this is nothing new for Mittens. Next, he’ll come out against torturing dogs by chaining them to the car roof during a long trip.

  2. I say it’s 50/50 odds that he announces he’s a Southern Baptist over the next few years to suck up to the base even more than he is now. Maybe when everybody realizes how ridiculous this stance is, he’ll do it by the end of the year.

  3. Wow, Romney just doesn’t listen. Doesn’t he remember losing his ass in an expensive and humiliating (humiliating because expensive…) way in 2008 to gomers like Mike fuckin Huckabee and WALNUTS!? He’ll never get ahead of this one but it doesn’t matter because he was never a serious candidate to begin with.

    Bigger question: are there *any* Republicans around for 2012?

  4. [re=538436]JMP[/re]: Next, he’ll come out against torturing dogs by chaining them to the car roof during a long trip.

    NO! You’re wrong! He is a mad of deeply held, unwavering moral convictions. Some things are just sacred.

  5. I wonder if back in the ’30s, a single Republican voted for Social Security, Medicare, etc., programs that they were all screaming about then, but which everyone loves today. Probably not.

  6. I’m not so sure about the “magic underpants won’t save you now” tag, Jim. As long as the doctor is doubled over laughing, there’s no way he’ll force him to turn his head and cough.

  7. What’s up with that logo? It’s like you’re sitting on the beach in Logoland, USA, waiting for the hopeful Obama sun to peek over the horizon, and instead some horrific, monstrous bird of prey rears his head and comes into the airspace of the United States of America.

  8. Mitt’s logo is just bad. Its trying to mimic Obama’s O logo, but with more patrioticness. Instead, its just an eagle with a neck beard.

  9. I remember when his dad, George, had the nads to admit he’d been brainwashed on Viet Nam, back in the day. The MSM, Birchers, and armchair baby-killers handed him his head in his hat. It didn’t stop his efforts to have an actual positive impact on the people of his home state. How is it possible his progeny has turned out to be the cowardly, lying, hypocritical, little shitstain he so clearly is?

  10. Someone ought to take Mitt aside and explain to him that he just isn’t relevant anymore.

    He’ll hurt for a while, but it will be better for him in the long run.

  11. Jeebus, mittens was for mittenscare before he was against it. We all know how well that saying goes over with the american people! So dumb blonde mittens is the front point man for the health care haters for poor/sick people, sooverpublicans, instead of reality show nitwit snowbilly? Wow, racist teabaggers have deep pockets.

  12. [re=538573]bitchincamaro[/re]: Since at least the time of John Quincy Adams, almost all political children to run for office themselves have proven disappointments; hell, the rule was just proven when a mediocre president’s son proved to be the worst president of all time. George and Mitt are just part of this trend.

    The only exception? Al Gore Sr. and Jr.

    [re=538665]facehead[/re]: Sometimes I wonder if Abrams is obsessed with time travel, considering how he works it into pretty much everything he does; hell, he even used it in the last couple episodes of Felicity, where it really didn’t fit.

  13. You know Obama wants this man to be the GOP nominee more than anything. Just so his answer on all things health care can be “Oh, you mean the same shit you did?”

  14. Fun fact: You can sign up for Mitt’s newsletter and put LITERALLY ANYTHING in for your name/salutation. So now every letter I get from Mitt starts, “Hey faggot:”

  15. [re=539047]KJ[/re]: LOL. That’s great! Maybe I can take my compiled list of Republican emails and subscribe them to his newsletter.

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