We have a wiener: “Rep. Randy Neugebauer (R-TX) has come forward and admitted that he was the one who yelled ‘baby killer’ during the House debate on the health care bill last night.” This schlub’s district went 72%-27% for McCain in 2008. So according to our Great American System Of Incentivization, this act of embarrassing incivility last night will probably fill his campaign coffers for life. Why’d he wait so long to take credit? [TPM]

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  1. Hey, Randy. Psst! No one believes that half assed explanation. If you had been completely honest, I bet the wingnuts would have been even MORE generous with their donations to you.

  2. That will be the new GOP strategy; to try and insert abortion into any and all unrelated bills, to try and rile the sex-phobic base and siphon off the support of misogynist Dems like Stupid here.

    I’m only half-joking.

  3. He claims to have said “It’s a baby killer” rather than calling Stupak a baby killer. Also, the baby in question was the metaphorical baby of freedom, drowned in its infancy by the evil abortionist of greed, wrapped in the burlap sack of cowardice and tossed into the river of socialism. Rep. Neugebauer apologizes for any misunderstanding resulting from his overly extended metaphor.

  4. [re=536941]gurukalehuru[/re]: You don’t even have to dig to find anything on the guy – he’s a birther, and introduced a bill to try and force the president to show his burth sertifikat. So just plain nuts, which flies in Texas.

    He also has a very punchable face.

  5. Oh, as if living down Rick Perry, Joe Barton, W, Karl Rove and the various cities where Skoal is the most purchased product wasn’t already a full time job, here we have yet another reason to stand tall & proud in TX.

  6. Naturally I googled the man to find out how to best inform him what a dick he is, but seems like a couple other million people have the same idea, as the contact me section of his Web site has crashed.

  7. [re=536941]gurukalehuru[/re]: I totally misread this as “What do we have on a Noogieburger”, hence my fried fetuses comment. Okay, I’ve officially been staring at a computer screen for too long.

  8. Why is it when we finally have a black POTUS, that all these wacko wingers think they have the right to ‘testify’ or ‘witness’, like they have ever been inside a gospel preachin’ church?
    Well here is my shout out to Stupak and all the other forced pregnancy supporters….STFU.

  9. He actually said “Baby, cooler”, meaning that Stupack should be cooler and not kill babies, which is uncool. And he meant no offense to the gentle gentleman.

  10. Why’d he wait so long to take credit?

    Had to elt the first chain e-mail circulate for a bit so all the freeprs would be freeping when he revealed himself. That way, it can be grass roots.

  11. [re=536957]Manos: Hands of Fate[/re]:

    Google his name and the word email. The Contact Us page comes up on the list. If you view the cached page, you can send a message there. They have one of the Zipcode filters and only take messages from his consitutents or folks who can figure out the zipcode for Lubbock.

  12. [re=536971]stew[/re]: Mexico politely declines the return of Texas. They suggest contacting Spain or even France, which would be hilarious for Texas to suddenly find itself French territory again.

  13. [re=536948]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Which reminds me: whatever happened to the commenter here named “PromNightDumpsterBaby”? Excellent name.

  14. [re=536985]freakishlystrong[/re]:

    He won’t have to worry that he’ll ever father a baby that Stupak might kill.
    He has a great face for radio.

  15. [re=536971]stew[/re]: Do you really think Mexico would want it back, though? It’s filled with racists who hate Mexicans, along with the flat-out crazies.

    Remember, this is the place that loved slavery so much it seceded from two different countries to preserve it; I’d say give them back their independence, whether they want it or not. And we’re taking back NASA, the military bases, the oil subsidies, and anything else with federal money.

  16. [re=536954]JMP[/re]: He also has a very punchable face.

    There is one of those weird German emotion words for this: backpfeifengesicht. It means a face badly in need of a fist. God, I love the German language second only to Yiddish for having the perfect word for everything.

  17. Daily Kos has the Siemens all over it too. Are all of the socialist websites covered with Seimens from the celebration of the great victory of Socialism last night?

  18. [re=537003]V572625694[/re]: He’s still here — just renamed Prommie. That whole dead baby in the toilet misunderstanding is something he’d like to put behind him.

  19. Another libtard-inspired, MSM much-ado-about-nothing.

    Representative Boomhauer, y’all, meant to shout “You Stupid Fucking Polack”, not “baby killer’. It was a slip of the tongue.

  20. Sun rises in morning. Unsupported objects fall. Idiot says stupid thing. No need to interrupt my meth binge for this.

  21. [re=536946]JMP[/re]: You’re wrong about the South being sex-phobic. They have generally the worst rates of STD’s, but just keep on a-screwin’.

  22. “I was just trying to give a shout-out to my favorite Scorpions album, VIRGIN KILLER, but I got the name confused in the heat and emotion of the debate. I remain heartbroken over the passing of the German heavy metal group’s glory days.”

  23. [re=537034]snoidoid[/re]: Well, yeah; their sexphobia doesn’t actually end up preventing them from having sex, just from acknowledging that they will and therefore dealing with the consequences; either via prevention or after the fact. Therefore, the high STD and teen pregnancy rates.

    But at least those sluts sure git what’s comin’ to ’em!

  24. I have a yippy little dog that keeps barking at bigger dogs like it’s going to scare them or something…sorry this article was about some guy from Texas…my bad.

  25. “..We followed the most radical voices in the party and the movement, and they led us to abject and irreversible defeat. There were leaders who knew better, who would have liked to deal. But they were trapped. Conservative talkers on Fox and talk radio had whipped the Republican voting base into such a frenzy that deal-making was rendered impossible…”

    – David Frum, CINO/RINO/Baby Killer

    But what real man who calls himself a conservative can resist drawing Satanic lizard eyes or a Hitler stach on NOBAMA? Frum, conservatives are just human beings.

  26. This has nothing to do with Stupak. Rep. Neugebauer always screams out “Baby Killer” whenever he climaxes during masturbation.

  27. If no one else is willing, I’m sure Canada would be more than happy to accept the great land of Texas into our nation. The population of Texas, however…

  28. GOP can’t seem to face up to the facts.
    They’re tense and nervous and they… can’t relax.
    They can’t sleep, cause their teabaggers are on fire.
    Don’t touch them, they’re real live wires.

    Stupak is a Baby Killer
    Qu’est-ce que c’est?
    fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa
    Their votes have Run run run run run run run away
    OH OH OH

  29. [re=536992]PerhapsSo[/re]: “I stand with handy?” Is his opponent an independently intelligent puppet sitting atop the hand of a giant ignoramus?

  30. Oh shit this is my rep! Jackass. He’ll be forever known Cranky ShoutyPants #2 Neugebauer if I have anything to do with it. Of course, most of Lubbock considers him a hero.
    79413, 79410, also

  31. For once, I thank the Dieties that it wasn’t Steve King making an utter ass of himself again. Iowa already takes enough shit from the rest of the United States. But at least we aren’t Texas.

  32. [re=537076]LOLqat[/re]: I don’t find him hot, but I was feeling kind of sorry for him yesterday, and was relieved that he decided to vote yes. I did get the feeling he wanted to vote yes. I was actually clapping when he cheered the dems to say no to his own amendment. Give him credit for that. Otherwise, I was looking forward to Rachel Maddow getting in his butt.

  33. Randy’s so-called “getting around to it today” statement/confession rings hollow. A quick check of his credentials shows he is a product of the Tom DeLay “re-districting” efforts in Texas and is suitably non-qualified for holding any elected position. His other claim to fame is support of the “Birther Bill”? Enuf said.

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