Don't let the government get between me and my 19th century social theorists!
Did you know that your precious Death Panel legislation includes a mandate to resurrect the corpse of Karl Marx thrice yearly, or else face a maximum penalty of one percent of your income plus ten minutes in a dark room with John Boehner? Look at the President chortling as he zaps Marx to life! He probably didn’t even wash his hands, just put on those rubber gloves and set to zappin’, just like a Democrat.

Many people would pay money to see this very band!
“Edward” sends us this adorable snap of the time Michele Bachmann and John Boehner gay-married some nobodies and joined a Swedish band that reinterpreted scenes from the Napoleonic Wars. And verily that is how health care killed America.

What else have we got here? A “Wizard of Oz” Blingee of some sort, courtesy of “Rebecca.” Everybody knows that The Wizard of Oz was all about the Gold Standard, and we all know how Nancy Pelosi’s Obamacare bill will wreck our currency markets forever, because of … Socialism? In a lightning storm? First Abba, now Dorothy. Why is every joke image about health care written in mysterious Gay Code?

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