And, while those couple-hundred racist homophobe anti-semites limped around Capitol Hill on Saturday yelling about how Obama is Hitler because poor people should have basic health care, many thousands of anti-war protesters marked the seventh (?!) anniversary of America’s invasion and occupation of Iraq. [YouTube]

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  1. If only the Anti-War protesters had called people “Nigger” and “Faggot,” the war would have been over a long time ago.

  2. I was prepared to argue that in spite of their racism and sexual prejudices, in the end these people aren’t any more dangerous than the DLC. Now, I’m not so sure. May I have my blue pill now?

    BTW, what does “I survived Roe v. Wade” mean anyway? Someone tried to abort HER?

  3. Oh my God what the fucks with the guy dressed in Disney crap ? Fine be a shill to the insurance companies, go gay marry them if you will, but Good Lord man try to restrain yourself. Corporate polygamy is where I draw the unnatural coupling that I can tolerate.
    But seriously, what a bunch of petite bourgeoisie and petite minded failures at life. And they are proud of it.

  4. Most of the people in the video looked pretty middle-class. I happened to be on the Mall so I went and took a look, saw maybe 500 of the people close enough to size them up. I never saw a bigger bunch of white people who looked so poor. I’d guess that maybe 75 percent of them were either unemployed, no health care, or working for $5 an hour at Walmart, no insurance. Cheap clothes, bad hair, didn’t see a single person checking their Blackberry or I-phone, etc.

    I don’t mention this to be snarky. It’s just that it really struck me as pathetic–you’d think these people would be the first to say, “Health care for me? Thanks, Congress!” But they’re so brainwashed by the Limbaugh-Rove types that they actually got in their old cars and drove to DC at their own expense to scream racist shit about Obama and his socialized medicine. And some of them were so angry. I saw one guy walking back to his car with 2 friends, and yelling at them, “And 27 percent of the people in this country are on welfare!” And the friends were looking at him like, “Yeah, we’re here too, we get our info from Fox too, you don’t have to preach to us.”

    Also there were all these billboard trucks driving around with incoherent messages, like “Obama Pardons Terrorists” and “Don’t Get Baracked and Wake Up in Hell!”

  5. It would be nice to see that today’s lovely protest achieved some sort of critical mass of media coverage and outrage that the Tea Baggers and the party that aligns itself with it would get thoroughly damaged, but sadly, that would need three things to happen:

    1)Reporters to call attention to the racist & homophobic remarks and say it’s a common happening at Tea Bagger events. That won’t happen because calling people racist for doing racist things would show bias

    2)Pundits to reprimand the party involved. The pundits, however, will probably say it’s the Democrats fault for using reconciliation and for not being bipartisan enough

    3)People flooding the airwaves with outrage and calling for everyone in the world to apologize. Unfortunately, the experts at this are either right wing talk show hosts or the staff of Fox News and they probably aren’t very concerned by any of this.

    So, in other words, nobody will notice or care and it will all somehow be a win for McCain.

  6. jesus fucking christ this video makes me want simultaneously kill myself and organize fellow libtards to get this legislation passed posthaste. fuck me.

  7. A little perspective may be useful:
    “WASHINGTON, Nov. 21, 1968 (AP) — Abbie Hoffman, Yippie who wore a stars-and-stripes shirt to a Congressional hearing, has been convicted of desecrating the American flag…”
    Things do change, so we or our children may see the day when those or other idiots march to protect their public option.

  8. It’s nice to know that we had to come up with the deem-and-pass bullshit (but not really) in order to pass a couple bills that are actually way less significant than we’d really like, while these fucking morons continue to have no clue what is actually going on, ever, because the Priznitz’ middle name is a terrorist.

    I fucking hate this country. I mean, figuratively, or whatever….or… you know, not in a terroristy sort of way, but still, bombing middle ‘Murka wouldn’t get me super upset.

  9. WTF – they are going to kill old people by sending them a blue viagra pill in the mail? Obama was only “supposedly” a constitutional professor. Don’t need healthcare because Jesus can cure people. HCR will turn America into a Harry Potter society (well, at least one of them’s already dressed for that). They all get their info from Fox news, don’t know what’s actually in the bill and are as dumb as fuck.

  10. OT, except of course it’s still on the topic of wingnut stupidity, Michele Bachmann is now officially Amarica’s Congress Woman. Not a typo.

  11. These people are scared shitless of a bill that does not exist.

    Whenever you see figures and poll numbers describing how many people are “against” HCR, just run this little film and you’ll understand how meaningless they are. Most people are not against HCR. They are against some nightmarish vision of a Nazi concentration camp that has been sold to them by Fox and the rest of the right-wing media as the Democratic health care reform bill. These teabaggers demonstrate that fact beautifully. They have no fucking clue what they are out protesting.

  12. So when the Teabaggers act out by calling people “faggot” and “nigger,” the Washington Post will always be there to remind us that Cindy Sheehan is still out there with her dirty fucking hippie friends who disgrace the uniform of Uncle Sam and lie about how many people attend their events.

    As for the designated spokespeople shown in the “film,” while they seem to be true believers, it would also not boggle my mind to learn that they all have jobs within the Insurance/Pharma/Hospital Admin multiplex.

  13. I love the stupid line “Government can’t run anything effectively.” OK, let’s disband the military then. But they just adore all those useless high-tech planes and shit, and what would Northrup Grumman do?

  14. [re=535030]ella[/re]:

    He didn’t actually go there. He probably found that shirt when he was at Goodwill adding to his wardrobe.

    He has driven by a college once, maybe twice.

    We have a whole bunch of that type around here. They’re called “Gators”.

  15. [re=535037]Mr Blifil[/re]: It would boggle my mind to find that they have jobs.

    These are people who should be yelling: “Keep your government hands off my anti-psychotics! And take the chip out of my brain!”

  16. [re=535032]Serolf Divad[/re]:

    No clue at all. They’ll view this video as “gotcha journalism” by liberals, too.

    If you can’t specifically answer WHY you think something, for goodness sake, don’t holler about it on the street.

  17. Ha! Like sheep to the slaughter. Morans.

    Now we’ve got young Chase, Eric and Zac, and the repubtards have that idiot who was arrested by the feds.

    I musta slept well, because I feel so hopeful today! It’s too easy to think the NYT hired Douchehat instead of Chase, on and on…I tells ya, this kid is going places. He still in college! I lurved it when he couldn’t help but break character to smile at the camerman when the “all rights are from God guy” huffed away.

    What time is the vote? The Congressional Repukes gotta know we’ve got the votes, or they wouldn’t have been getting increasingly hysterical all week. Boehner’s gonna get raptured, he’s so upset. Like a bad drunk, he’s an ugly loser. Oh what a beautiful morning! (Yes, I’m totally sober, and not at all stoned, goddammit, why do you ask?)

  18. [re=535050]Katydid[/re]: Good Sunday morning to you! It’s late Sun night here, and I’ve spent all day checking in on you Yanks, hoping for the best. However, I’m off to bed – please let me know when you’ve finally joined the 21th Cent and gotten something approaching public healthcare…

  19. [re=535050]Katydid[/re]: If you feel hopeful today, Katy, don’t, whatever you do, turn on the “old men talking” shows. It’s all old Republican men talking, telling us “what the American people want”. KKKarl was just on ABC and made a shrill, yelling fool of himself. By that, of course, that means he won.

  20. woooo!!! came acorss a great teabagger site

    If you put “Teabaggers”, “r”, “Fucking”, “white” and “retards” together, then you will get the url.

    It’s a nice and free place for white old fat women and white even fatter older men, or white dumb fat women and whiter dumber fatter men to – interact with each other while being used by more organized, less retarded fat white people who steal their monies known as health insurance companies- tell your friends.

  21. [re=535015]Snidely[/re]: Oh my sweet Jesus. If this website does not IMMEDIATELY mandate that Glenn Beck now be referred to WITHOUT EXCEPTION as “Tidbits,” I will…I will…ummm…make a stupid sign and protest in impotent rage!

  22. [re=535055]ManchuCandidate[/re]: You have been on a roll lately. Or after putting it through my English to teabagger translation program: Yuz been on a role latey. Socialism!

  23. [re=535009]Lascauxcaveman[/re]: My thoughts exactly! How did he not reach over and smack their heads?! Commendable restraint.

    I also loved the shots with the black family walking past. They just smile and walk on by the crazy whiteys.

  24. “I don’t want MY America
    to be removed from the balance sheets
    of the corporate mobsters funding
    my vacation of invective in Washington A C”
    “That’s the Department of Corruption.”
    Where’s my corn dog?

    “I get paid to hate.
    Think it’s easy bussing out here,
    every time these damn Dumocrats
    wanna go helping the lazy poor?”

    all freshly ironed,
    with bright colors,
    just like we was tourists,
    coming to a civics meeting for the first time.”

    “And you know what I say …?”

    UGh! Shuddup Already!

  25. [re=535053]Bearbloke[/re]: Hi Bear! If you’re still here. I asked you something the other day, I can’t remember what. Oh noes. I don’t think you responded, I’ll have to remember later when it’s tomorrow your eerie wrong time.

    Some guy on CeeSpan said a short while ago the vote will be between 6pm and midnight, that Congresscritters don’t wanna work too late. Poor babies, they shouldn’t have to.

    [re=535054]freakishlystrong[/re]: I stay away from those shows because I can’t afford a new teevee machine, and I will break mine if I watch. In any case, Toyota is quietly doing a recall fix on my car to replace an “LSC 90-K variable valve timing with intelligence (VVT-i) oil hose,” whatever the hell that means, so I have to go get it fixed. Supposedly over time, it will just leak and cause “abnormal engine noise and the oil pressure light to illuminate,” but I think it’ll cause my car to go on fire. But I’ll I know nothing about cars, and I always think that.

  26. [re=535049]x111e7thst[/re]: The Dunning-Kruger effect? Oh my fucking God, that explains so much of life! It’s also Middle Manager Syndrome. I’ve said for a long time you won’t get hired if you’re more intelligent and know more than an incompetent manager, and it’s really true.

    What that link does not explain why the competent underestimate their competence. Is it “because competent individuals falsely assume that others have an equivalent understanding” and the others are morans, so they assume they’re morans too?

  27. I’d like the teevee stations to air a split screen of those few hundred teabaggers and the thousands of anti-war protesters to get a sense of real America, and who really lives in real America. But that won’t happen, so could somebody expose our worthless, gossipy-oriented media? They are letting us down, just when we need them the most.

  28. “They are not listening to us, they are acting like tyrannical dictators”
    Go Back to Russia lady, Go the fuck back to Russia, if you want to complain about leaders acting like tyrannical dictators. Or Go to that the Red Chinese hell hole of the Orient where you get your cheap Walmart shit. Then you will have a right to complain to the high heavens about the heavy burden it is to be you.

  29. Holy shit that is a mind-blowing array of stupid. I am having trouble picking a favorite whack-job. I think it is between the guy at 1:10 who was dressed as a wizard but nonetheless accused other people of “smoking the funny stuff” or the guy at 4:16 who apparently has shoved his copy of the constitution up his ass. To be honest though, I didn’t watch it to the end because I franticly shut it off at 8:14 when Glen Beck’s skag threatened to disrobe.

    Those guys at New Left Media are braver and more patient than I can ever hope to be. Good on them.

  30. [re=535070]Marxist-Leninist Papist[/re]:

    Lynching is outlawed and gays are finally getting (some) rights. And the christian soldiers aren’t getting the Jewish religous laws – well, they want to eat pork and shellfish, but that’s different – that they so vehemently want. Washington obviously isn’t taking the spiteful idiot bloc’s concerns seriously. Tyranny, says I!

  31. So that’s what bipartisanship looks like.

    Also, only-half-fugly-for-a-teabagger woman in that crowd mentions “blue pill” might create the wrong kind of excitement. Bob Dole and NASCAR yee haw!

  32. It’s kind of amazing how confused and misinformed the teabaggers seem, when somebody actually manages, after a year and a half, to actually get around to actually interviewing them, with Journalism

  33. [re=535073]Oblios Cap[/re]: As always its the White, Christian Bigot Man’s Burden that has to be the real, serious issue for the whole nation with their lot. That and the terrible misfortune that is the lives of the top 1% of the country.

  34. [re=535067]Katydid[/re]: I think it’s largely because the competent individual are just used to being polite and giving others the benefit of the doubt, because they got their asses kicked by morans for being smartasses in the 2nd grade.

  35. “They are not listening to us, they are acting like tyrannical dictators”

    That’s because you lost the last elections and you are in the minority. That’s how Democracy works.
    When is someone with going to point out that this group is animated by the fact that our president is black? I think that yesterday removed any doubt of that.

  36. [re=535066]Marxist-Leninist Papist[/re]: …and the WaPo reported that with all the enthusiasm of a story on road construction or a school closing.

  37. [re=535079]Cape Clod[/re]: Honestly, I think (conscious) racism only makes up a small but vocal minority within the movement. I do think they are really scared of their own 1984 inspired fantasies of America become a collectivist police state, not to mention the loss of their mythical Founding Father fantasy land, of small government, low taxes, and Christian virtue. That, and they are projecting their own state of anomie, isolation, and powerlessness on “the state”, “immigrant parasites”, and “welfare bums” as oppossed to the capitalist system that actually divides and rules us.

  38. Woah! Are the Larouchies involved in the Teaparty movement or just using this protest to try to get some attention? That last part is silly, of course they are doing that, but was that LaRouche sign an anomaly or are they actually a force within this stupidness?
    And can we give one of those $50 blue pills to Lyndon, finally?

  39. Here’s what to do….

    Honorable Congressman Boehner,
    I write to you not as a Republican or a Democrat but as a fellow American. I was deeply distressed by reports that certain protesters assailed members of the Congressional Black Caucus with racial epithets on Saturday. I was particularly saddened to hear that any American would say such a thing to the likes of John Lewis, who has proved his devotion to the highest ideals of our nation to an extent few of us can even imagine.
    Therefore, I urge you, as the House Republican Leader, to make clear that such actions are intolerable by introducing a resolution condemning these actions. While it is appropriate that people feel strongly about important issues, no issue is so important that it justifies committing acts of such hatred against men so undeserving. I support the protesters rights to protest, but it should be made clear to them that their actions are not considered acceptable by any responsible members of society.
    As the House Republican Leader you could insist that we must respect our fellow Americans, recognize the sincerity of their commitments, and admire their achievements even if we may disagree on particular issues.
    Sincerely, Gramps

  40. If I hear, “the majority of americans are against it” without the obvious follow up from one more lame ass reporter, my head will fall into my lap. “But Obama campaigned on it and he won” is the obvious reply. Off topic, sorry. I heard it on the tv again yesterday.

    So what happens to these upstanding teabagging citizens when they wake up next year and the guvmint hasn’t taken over or sent them off the die? My bet is they’ll be on to bigger and better paranoias.

  41. [re=535087]Gramps[/re]: Well done, Gramps! It will be great to see if Boehner even responds to a letter like that. Count me in!

    Are you new around here? How old are your grandchildren?

  42. Yes we were…we were for it before we were against it…or were we against it before we were for it?

    I’m for gettin’ a plump pair of tightly slung and well hung cajones…about 1500 hours EDST today…!
    Screw ’em,screw them all… damn, squishy, wishy, wimpy, damp teabagers!

  43. You know, it just occurred to it the very good fortune of never having been subject to a successful invasion of our country or prolonged occupation by foreign troops that has proven to be a significant factor in our willingness to invade and occupy other countries ? Hell, the Russian state capitalist empire/bureaucratically degenerated workers state known as the Soviet Union invaded fewer countries (Post WW2) then we did. Same thing deal if we look at Red China.
    Sorry, Snark-free meditation.

  44. “It sounds foreign” is my new life mantra.
    This documentary really reminds me of the Onion piece, “Ask a Faulknerian Idiot Manchild.” There’s so much being said to take issue with that choosing just one thing seems pretty pointless but how does one translate a snarky Republican term for Estate Tax (“Death Tax”), which is the tax that must be paid upon the death of a person of quantifiable wealth according to the value of their estate, into “you get a $50 check and a blue pill.”
    The fact that this person is young-ish and already this crazy is what really discomfits me.

  45. [re=535097]Gramps[/re]: Ooh, you’ve been at this for awhile! Mine are 4 and 2. Ha. I see them a lot and they are the best revenge on my daughter! Just kidding. They’re sweet.

    My wife is a breast cancer survivor. We were lucky and had the resources and insurance to take care of things when she was ill. But given the economy today, without some sort of true health care reform (and I’m not sure that’s in this bill), people will not be able to afford good care of any kind.

  46. [re=535093]proudgrampa[/re]: [re=535097]Gramps[/re]: Didn’t realize that there were so many fellow oldes around here. FWIW mine are 18, 5, 3, 3, and one on the way.

  47. [re=535085]Marxist-Leninist Papist[/re]: they are really scared of their own 1984 inspired fantasies…A case in point–

    No doubt, many of you have seen this video , with over a million views on YouTube, but it was new to me when a business colleague sent it to me and about 10 others last week. He and I never talk politics; I save that mostly for the dinner table or here. But I just got so incensed that someone I do business with, and who I consider to be an honorable and ethical person, would spread ignorant and fear-mongering bullshit like this video. I did something completely uncharacteristic and responded with this note to him. He called me the next afternoon, astounded that I would be so offended as to spend the time attempting to debunk and rebuke. But he assured me he’d filled out the census form that had arrived just after my email rant had. (My apologies for the lengthy post.)


    This video is utter nonsense. It’s anti-government propagandizing, meant to instill fear into normal Americans like you and me who don’t bother, or can’t find the time to do just a little bit of research to put the lie to false and misleading statements spewed by guys like Jerry Day and Michelle “Crazy Eyes” Bachman from Minnesota.

    There are ten questions on the census form. None of them have to do with your income, how many cars you own, etc. The census is a constitutionally approved means by which the government, (that means YOU) are empowered to count the number of people in a “household” in order to determine how many representatives you get to have in Congress, how many of your federal tax dollars get allocated to your community, etc.

    Go here, if you want to learn more about the truth and the history of the U.S Census and its constitutionality and your obligation to participate in it and by doing so, becoming a more informed American. Or, succumb to the bizarre and bold lies of guys like Jerry Day and his “for profit” media outlet and continue to spread the myths and lies that are so easily debunked, if you’re willing to take the time, and think for yourself. That’s real libertarianism, if you ask me.

    From the Census website:

    ‘The 2010 questionnaire is one of the shortest in history, and comes very close to the length and scope of inquiries asked in 1790. Everyone in the household answers seven questions: name, gender, race, ethnicity, and whether they sometimes live somewhere else. The head of household answers how many people live in the residence, whether it is a house, apartment, or mobile home, and provides a telephone number for Census workers to follow up if any information is incomplete or missing.’

    If you want a sample of the form, click on, or cut and paste this link into your browser. Don’t worry, Uncle Sam isn’t going to bite you.

    Any idiot can make a YouTube video and say anything they want but that doesn’t make it true. One of the lies Jerry Day tells is that the census taker comes to your door. Well, he will come to your door if you don’t send the mailed questionnaire back to the Census Bureau. Then we’ll have you to blame for paying our tax dollars to some guy to trudge up your stairs, to your apartment, catching you watching the hockey game in your underwear in order to ask you the same questions you could have easily and harmlessly answered on the mailed form!

    This is the end of my rant. It just riles the hell out of me that morons like Jerry Day think that we, the people, are as lazy, uninformed, and deceitful as he and his pals are. Part of becoming a great country again, starts with putting people like Jerry Day out of business. I refuse to be spooked by my own shadow because Jerry says I should be. F Jerry Day and the jackass he rode in on.

    Feel free to send this to the other people you may have emailed that bogus video to.

    Happy St. Paddy’s Day. The first Bushmill’s is on me.”


  48. We were on the other side of the White House. It was a lot of fun and tiring day. There was a small crew shadowing the march and their main chant was “End the Fed and the War. I guess they were conservatives against the war. A pretty diverse croud. Lots of young folks. The only “trouble” being the anarchists taking a right turn away from the line of the march and instantly being surrounded by and equal number of cops. My friend started to go with them and askedme where is was going. I said those folks are going to get arrested you shouldn’t follow them. Over all a good day to shout at empty buildings.

  49. Representative Pence just made a heartfelt statement; by condemning in the strongest terms, those that spat upon his Democrat colleges.

    Well said Mr. Pence and thank you!

  50. [re=535103]weejee[/re]: [re=535107]Gramps[/re]: You know, not ALL old people are like the dickheads in that clip. I’m an unreconstructed liberal from the student protest days of the Vietnam era, and I believe that government, when it is allowed to work, can solve problems.

    I do not mind paying taxes if they go to help people and make our society a better place to live. The Teaparty people represent an element of our society that will take the benefits of government without wanting to pay for them.

    Oh. And one other thing. We would not be having any budget crisis if we had not invaded and occupied Iraq for the last seven freakin’ years. Jesus Christ.

  51. [re=535101]proudgrampa[/re]: My very best to your wife…

    “She who must be obeyed”… younger sister and her mother are both long term survivors. I keep developing skin lesions due to “Agent Orange” exposure and seventy plus years of residence under the smile of Olde Sol.

  52. [re=535110]proudgrampa[/re]: Someone said once…”With age comes wisdom” and another…”Too soon olde, too late schmart”!

    I luv the “cut of yer jib, Sir!”

  53. [re=535110]proudgrampa[/re]: I think your type of thinking is coming back,gramps, in my generation(s) of X,Y,Z..whatever the hell they call us. They like social justice, their sick of foreign wars, sick of the cultural wars (expect maybe the abortion issue), and they are willing to tax the bloody rich. For the times they are a changing….
    Sadly, we new,new lefties can’t seem to get organized and on the streets, but we are working on that.

  54. OT and from a foreigner – as socialist Canuckistani with a daughter married to a Southerner and with a son about to head to NYU for 4 years – I could almost cry when I watch what is happening. In fact I did cry when I heard about John Lewis. Until I met the in-laws, I had no idea the extent to which the War of Northern Aggression was still being fought, and I was gob-smacked to discover I knew more American history than they do. The grandmother has resin liquor-bottle “statues” of J.E.B. Stuart and Jefferson Davis in her foyer –and her husband went to some lengths to explain to me how slavery wasn’t really as bad as some would have you think. These are well to do, educated people. They look normal. The mother told me how glad she is that she can tell her middle-school students about her religious beliefs – in the classroom – she just can’t ‘teach’ them. She voted for Ron Paul.

    Once he graduates, my son will be able to earn a great deal more that in Canada, and before that he’ll probably fall in love with some Yank and end up staying in the U.S. so I will have lost both my kids. It gives me some comfort know there are people like you Wonketeers down there. I thank dog for you on a daily basis.

    None of this to say that Canada is any workers’ paradise.

  55. [re=535119]Needz moar guns[/re]: I feel ya bro, but in fairness, the NYU scene is probably a lot saner than anything goin’ on between the Tories and the ‘wildrose alliance’ on the oil patch. So it could be worse for your boy north of 48.

    And with that said, you can count me in as one Yanqui with serious Canada-envy. I’d take a steep paycut for jobs in Vancouver and a pair of passports for the missus and m’self. Hell, I’d take fuckin *Winnipeg* mosquitoes and all before I’d willingly move to the Confederacy.

  56. [re=535118]hoosiermama[/re]: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m so happy I’m going watch the vote while cranking “The Internationale”and then run into a bunch of walls and jump out my window just so I can go to the hospital and tell them that they tell my insurance company to suck it and to put it on the Obama tab.

  57. [re=535118]hoosiermama[/re]: False alarm…CNN’s saying it’s not true and MSNBC went from “he’s in” too “well, sorta maybe, we think so…we think”

  58. [re=535118]hoosiermama[/re]:
    “So comrades, come rally,
    And the last fight let us face.
    The Internationale,
    Unites the human race.
    So comrades, come rally,
    And the last fight let us face.
    The Internationale,
    Unites the human race.”
    Come on everyone, all together now !

  59. It’s good that he’s *finally* come around, but you know what? Fuck Stupak anyway. No one likes a drama queen. Who’s his primary challenger, and how can I help the campaign?

  60. Anyone want to guess how long it will be before the deficit-conscious Tea Party people realize that the Iraq War has cost this country more money than this health care bill will?

    Oh, yeah…NEVER. Right.

  61. [re=535130]Marxist-Leninist Papist[/re]: Apropos of the USSR as administrative or bureaucratic capital, Debord is looking more and more plausible of late…


  62. [re=535131]hoosiermama[/re]: Don’t to that me again. My bi-polar mental condition can’t take such sudden mood swings. Curse Stupak, Curse him to HELL !

  63. It’s interesting, listening to public comments on C-Span – how many of the pro-reform callers are cancer survivors, people with autistic children, etc. In short, people who have been run through the ringer by the insurance industry and experienced first-hand the cruel and degrading clusterfuck we call a “health care system.”
    Meanwhile, the anti-reform callers keep parroting the talking point that “Murka has the best health care system in the world. I ain’t had no problems with my’n insurances.”
    When this bill passes, it will have been worth the months of Teabagger bullshit just to watch the heads explode at Fox News and Teabagger hatefests around the nation.
    History is about to leave these throwbacks behind, and they (understandably, I guess) don’t like it one bit.

  64. [re=535135]ForTheTurnstiles[/re]: You are absolutely right..I just got had by the society of the spectacle, got had by them real bad.
    Unless you were making a more subtle point of critical theory than that..Honestly, I only have a secondary understanding of the man’s works, mainly based upon blogs by some (very good) left of center folks like Le Colonal Chabert and Limited Inc. Enlighten me, if you don’t mind.

  65. [re=535128]marley[/re]: I knew members of the House Caucus deciding to wear their Che Guevara t-shirts to the meeting with Obama wasn’t such a good idea.

  66. I really, really can’t wait for the republicans to run on repeal of this legislation. Really? You’re going to take away higher medicare payments for doctors? Insurance for sick children? Tax breaks for small businesses? Good luck with that.

  67. [re=535120]iolanthe[/re]: [re=535123]ForTheTurnstiles[/re]: You’re probably right about NYU – although I expect his faculty attracts a disproportionate number of conservatives. And you are right about Harper and the ‘wildrose alliance” – his recent attempt to push through a foreign aid package with no support for family planning should be a wake-up call for this country. Even my hometown of Vancouver is no paradise. The high number of visible minorities brings closet racists out of the closet pretty quickly. Costs a fortune to live there, too.

    But by all means, I extend a hearty welcome to all Americans who think of moving here in desperation. The great migration during the Vietnam war (including my Massachusetts-born husband)was a big win for us. You could help us vote out the Tories.

  68. [re=535140]HedonismBot[/re]: I heard one caller say how she paid for her own insurance and she was happy with what she had but didn’t want HCR because it might impact HER coverage and HER health care options. ‘Cause here in Murka it’s all about MEMEMEME!

  69. [re=535128]marley[/re]: Thanks for reminding us what a total clusterfuck that website is. “Your one-stop shop for all things health care reform bill vote”, indeed. I defy anyone to make sense of what’s going on over there at HuffPo. It’s a complete rumble in the jumble. At least when it comes to HCR.

  70. [re=535141]Marxist-Leninist Papist[/re]: Oh, I didn’t have a complicated point there, only that Debord’s analysis holds up very nicely indeed in the Dog Days of the Teabaggers in relation to cable news.

    If you read one book on critical theory, read Peter Dews’ _Logics of Disintegration_, which makes a clear case for dialectical work against the more whimsical and less politically viable pomo stuff, and that can guide your reading later.

    OK, enough geekdom from me, a Leninist-Althusserian Buddhist.

  71. [re=535139]notanaturalblonde[/re]: I have no idea what Connie Saltonstall is about, but how bad could she be? Is she playing tickle fights with a house full of Republican closet case Jesus freaks? No… well, OK, that’s good enough for me.

  72. [re=535150]ForTheTurnstiles[/re]: OMG Peter Dews’ Logics of Disintegration ? That book is what got me out my adolescent retreat into postmodern hermeneutics and helped open my mind to the bougie conservatism of most of the Derridaian/poststructialist motherfuckers. I salute you, comrade; your the first person I have talked to have actually read that little compact gem.

    Anyway, as you said, enough lefty geekdom, more snark about Tea baggers and the Republican pigs that love them.

  73. [re=535140]HedonismBot[/re]: Yeah, like “I’ve got the best 80/20 plan the world has ever seen! I love paying 20%–it’s great to know I’m 80% insured; not to mention the reassuring effect of knowing my plan can drop me at any time! I loooooves me some Murkin insurance! USA!!!1 USA!!!!1! Nigger Faggots!!”

  74. [re=535146]hoosiermama[/re]: The one that got me was the woman who called in against HCR because she thinks that her company will let people go if they have to cover them.

    She also said that if they got let go, there’s no way she and her husband could afford COBRA because they are already living paycheck to paycheck.

    So she’s against a lower cost option?

    AUGH! The stupid, it burns….

  75. [re=535144]Needz moar guns[/re]: Thanks for the kind words. I grew up in Portland, where an Ethiopian immigrant was beaten to death with a bat for being a black guy. Mulugeta Seraw was his name. World-famous wingnut Tom Metzger was involved. Portland’s a great town but wherever there’s poverty, there’s desperation and Trouble. However bad could be in Vancouver, have you ever been to Buffalo? Detroit?

    Right now I’m living in northern Virginia, because this is where the jobs are unfortunately. The cost of living here is nearly prohibitive. I live in someone’s garage. Cost of living anywhere in Canada don’t scare me none…

    I think my point is that the US&A is a bit worse off than it might look from the Globe & Mail or CBC. It’s an interesting place with some great people in it but I’m at the end of my patience with the Problem Children.

  76. America has the best health care in the fucking world, y’all. We’re numero uno when it comes to life expectancy (if you don’t include most “developed” nations.) Our obesity, heart disease, incidence of preventable cancers and infant mortality rates will bear all this out. Don’t hate America for being the best, libtards. Best health care in the world.
    Best health care in the world Best health care in the world
    Best health care in the world Best health care in the world
    Best health care in the world Best health care in the world
    Best health care in the world Best health care in the world
    Best health care in the world Best health care in the world
    Best health care in the world Best health care in the world

    Repeat ad nauseum

  77. [re=535091]Up To Here Again[/re]:
    Elitist. Taunter. They still trying to figure out how far is up.

    But I must admire these people. They came to the Capitol on a day when there’s an all you can eat buffet at their local China Palace.

  78. [re=535143]marley[/re]: Unfortunately, your optimism assumes common human decency. The Republicans will run on repealing the imaginary bill, the one with death panels, &c.

  79. If this bill passes Limbaugh leaves the country right? I don’t even fucking care what’s in the bill. I consider it a Limbaugh exile bill.

  80. [re=535155]Cranky Little Camperette[/re]: I think it just shows how effective the Republicans have been in keeping on message about why it’s bad, and the Democrats have been complete dipwads about defining wtf’s actually in the goddamn thing.

  81. [re=535164]NYNYNY[/re]: Which reminds me, I need to empty out the pickup truck so I can pack Mr Limbaugh’s pills for him to his destination of choice…

  82. I really love he notion that these displays of busybody stupidity are really examples of the liberal media trying to make conservatives look bad. Like ACORN rallied the egghead and urban elites to converge on the mall, hide their Volvo fleet behind the Washington monument and distributed clown outfits and hilarious signs to the liberal provocateurs.

  83. I think the old man’s been watching porn again because the webtubes are really clogged on my end. This is a big thank you to the wonkeratti for giving me the gist of this important documentary.

    Thank you, liberal mainstream God, for giving me “my” wonkette.

  84. [re=535167]lumpenprole[/re]: I keep seeing conservatives in one place saying they don’t believe it happened because there is no tape of it, and in another place saying the people who shouted it were liberal plants. In other words, it never happened and if it did happen it’s some infiltrators from ACORN or SEIU or something.

    Unless you’re Devin Nunes, in which case it did happen, it was actual teabaggers, but they were forced into it by the Demoncrats’ tyrannical governance.

    Aren’t the Republicans the ones who are always about personal responsibility? Oh right, they’re enormous hypocrites.

  85. All snark aside, these people and their collective ignorance scare the shit out of me…and I think I’d like some volunteers to hold me while I cry for this country and its assortment of stupid, bitter people who not only cling to their Bibles and their guns, but to their ignorance – no wonder they love Palin – she’s their poster child.

  86. [re=535166]ForTheTurnstiles[/re]: Give the Rushter the bill as a non-green suppository. All two thousand and change pages, 36-lb bond, no double-sided copying, one glorious page at a time.

  87. [re=535124]Rosemaryrules[/re]:

    I think they all work at the local asbestos factory.

    (that’s a National Lampoon’s Vacation reference…fuck. I’m old)

  88. I got a voicemail from O.f.A. (or someone) saying that Harry Teague had been called into WoodShed One for some of whatever it is Barry does to people on that plane that makes them change their votes. One can only Hope.

  89. [re=535188]HopeyChangey[/re]: I’m old too Hopey. That fact somehow makes this whole thing worse.God how i miss Roseanne Roseannadanna.

  90. So to sum up teabaggers reasons for being against the bill. Their against imaginary things that aren’t in a bill, that they havent read, and they believe it because Fox news said so. PT Barnum you were never so right.

  91. The Youtube comments associated to the video now run into the 2,000 range and run the full gamit of shaking head incredulity to beating the messenger to death for pointing out the hypocrisy of protesters not knowing what they protesting about.

  92. I fear for this young man, surely being exposed to that level of stupidity may result in adverse mental health problems later in life. I pretty sure the CDC is investingating this phenomenon and has identified patient zero, Glenn Beck.

  93. Let’s just boil this down. There is a black man in the White House. He is a communist, socialist, marxist all at the same time. And the retards are out of the closet. Such as.

  94. [re=535296]Rosemaryrules[/re]: You forgot! Not only is he a communist, socialist, and Marxist, he is also a devout secret Muslim extremist … since, you know, there is so much overlap between Islamic Extremism and those other things.

  95. [re=535121]weejee[/re]: Hey wj…Apologies for not getting back to you sooner. We went to visit two of the grand kids!
    That also goes fer the rest of you all…

    Oh and Rumpole… yes indeedy,do!

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