I would not abort you, orange hatNow that all of the Catholic thingies, except the arch-pedophile Catholic Bishops, have endorsed passing the health care bill, mean old Bart Stupak is trying to show that, well, HE KNOWS MORE ABOUT CATHOLICISM THAN THEY DO SO SHUT UP. According to Bart Stupak’s Catholicism, any health care bill that a United States Congress can pass is just rife with all sorts of terrible abortions, so you have to ban abortion first, basically. But what about those 59,000 nuns?, a person who knows less about Catholicism than Bart Stupak (anyone) might ask. Well, Bart Stupak hates those broads too.

Congressman Bart Stupak, D-Mich, responded sharply to White House officials touting a letter representing 59,000nuns that was sent to lawmakers urging them to pass the health care bill.

The conservative Democrat dismissed the action by the White House saying, “When I’m drafting right to life language, I don’t call up the nuns.” He says he instead confers with other groups including “leading bishops, Focus on the Family, and The National Right to Life Committee.”

He should call up the nuns! Because unless we’re missing something, Focus on the Family and the National Right to Life Committee are entrenched interests of the Republican Party, and may not be completely unbiased when they’re drafting consistent “right to life language” within a comprehensive health care reform bill. They may be interested in writing language so unnecessarily strong that it prevents Democrats from moving their signature legislation!

[Fox News]

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  1. Didn’t anyone tell Stupak that Focus on the Family is run by Protestants?

    But of course he’s not listening to the nuns; they’re women, and Stupak has shown that he doesn’t think they’re real people with rights and opinions that matter.

  2. What do leading bishops know about healthcare? Besides paying for bleeding choir boy anuses, bite marks on their cocks from “reluctant” altar boys and being forced to pay billions for the psychological trauma caused by their pedobear antics and/or feigned ignorance/negligence.

  3. Hey Bart! Those nuns you are dismissing, they work in hospitals. The GOP fronts you are consulting (in other words, taking dictation from) do not.

  4. “How we doin’, any converts today?”
    “Not a one, nay nay nay”
    “We flattened their fingers, we branded their buns!”

    “Nothing is working, BRING IN THE NUNS”

  5. [re=534335]ManchuCandidate[/re]: Tort Reform is an important part of cost containment, also, too. You’re obviously in the pocket of the trial lawyers.

  6. Okay, Stupak allies: let’s all line up! Nun-haters over here! We’ll have a festive nun-flogging at Midnight! Bring your camera.

    That’ll give ’em something to run on, come November: Stupak–He Hates Nuns Even More than You Do.

  7. So instead of listening to the nuns who work with the poor and sick, he listens to the child molesters and perverts.

    And he belongs to the Family, a deviant sex club in DC.
    Lay down with dogs and get fleas, Stupak. Or crabs in this instance.

  8. We should change the term “abortion” to “abartion” in honor of the person who thinks about it most often. Probably while jerking it.

  9. Stupak gets his theology from the people who wanted to ban SpongeBob rather than Catholic Nuns. These are the people who will decide if we get HCR?

  10. I don’t understand how you even be in the communist babykiller party and be against government sanctioned mass infant slaughter.

  11. A nun must have shoved a ruler between him and another boy during an 8th grade dance, reminding them to leave room for the Holy Ghost and he’s still pissed off about it.

  12. Stupak knows there’s no reason to give women’s opinions any consideration — they belong wholly and completely to men, as shown by the fact that we have an odd number of ribs and women don’t.

  13. All these Conservative/Teabagger/Faux News fuckers are swearing that the politicians who vote for the Health Care Reform Bill will be voted out.

    I sincerely hope that WHEN THE BILL DOES PASS, people realize that it is a good thing and vote OUT the politicians who voted against the bill for being lying assholes.

    Can you imagine Republicans campaigning in the next election and trying to condemn the Health Care Reform bill after it has passed? What are they going to say about it?

    Not to make crazy predictions but I feel like when this bill passes, Obama wins 2012.

  14. I’m confused. You makes up this “majority” of Americans that are against health care reform? The ones that the Teabaggers keep telling me are going to bring down some Old Testament Retribution (r) on whoever votes for health care reform.

  15. [re=534387]GOPCrusher[/re]: Meh. Teabagger types said the same thing about slavery. And women voting. And 8 hour work days. And child labor. And Social Security. And Medicare…

    In fact you can’t find one single thing they’ve ever been right about. Ever. At all. Also.

  16. Right now, more than anything else in the world, don’t you suppose the teabaggers are sorry their egos drove them to lose the unloseable NY-23 by running that dick Hoffman in the special election last fall?

  17. [re=534431]doloras[/re]: Geez, that guy. He’s the kind of shrill idealogue that makes me ashamed to admit my history of Catholicism.

    Today those who support this legislation have in the past also relentlessly pursued bishops and priests who, 40 years ago, showed compassion – rightly or wrongly – in trying to rehabilitate priests who harmed children.

    You mean the ones who weren’t naive enough to think we pray the child molesters back to normal? Yeah thanks a lot for all your help, all you priests and bishops that thought that could be done. You’re the reason this whole thing got so way outta hand that the average person with a pulse – rightly or wrongly – just assumes all priests are pedophiles.

  18. I believe in this
    and it’s been tested by research,
    that he fucks nuns
    will later join the church

    Oh, c’mon people…low hanging fruit.

  19. Does anyone think that the reason, Stupak is such an ass, is because of his name? You just know that he was called “Bart Stupid” or “Stupid Bart” from elementary to high school.

  20. [re=534482]user-of-owls[/re]: Stupid fuckin’ shit, you fuckin’ should’ve fuckin’ said, “that he who fucks nuns”…good work ya fuckin’ idiot fuck.

  21. Yay!

    After health care reform passes, BHO should go after immigration reform.

    Everybody that is against HCR must be for immigration reform.

  22. Ran into one of Stupak’s sisters-in-law a weekend or two ago. She was in my area with her daughter, lending support as the grandchild received care at the local hospital for children. I’m pretty sure that means Stupak’s niece has health insurance — & really, that’s all that matters. & if you are not so lucky to be related to that Pollack Yooper, well, fuck you. You are lower than whale poop, obviously, & deserve to perish, if you should happen to get sick.

  23. I’ve known nuns of many stripe…there was the nun who worked with the poor in India, and the nun who built homes for the rural poor in Maine (pick up truck, country music and all)….then there were the nuns who hated the children they were teaching and singled out their particular peevish children for massive punishment and group disapproval…nuns are a mixed bag if you ask me…but they keep their hands to themselves mostly unlike the priests…despite not being able to fully support “NUNS, FUCK YEAH!!” as a cause, I think Douchepak and his ilk should shut the fuck up….

  24. Yeah, and the Pope just scolded the Irish about the mishandling of their pedopriest scandal, even though he is implicated in the German pedopriest scandal. Not doing a lot for their credibility.

  25. [re=534453]Mr. Me Too[/re]: [re=534453]Mr. Me Too[/re]: Thank you for that link she looks nice and I love the names of some of the contributers. Tomorrow when I see his No go up she gets the cash. I’m thinking of starting one called Unborn Fetuses Who Needed Health Care Who Hate Bart Stupak.

  26. How could any woman in his state vote for him again.
    he has essentially said all women are worth nothing. They should be controlled and never listened to.
    how revolting.

    I’d give money to a decent democrat who ran against him and I don’t live in his state.

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