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  1. earnestcivilservant

    Bad hair day all around. There’s a truly horrifying photo of Hillary on Huffpo with poofy hair too.

  2. Zadig

    [re=533789]maggiegg82[/re]: We don’t need a cougar dating site, when we can just rub one out to the trashy, balding social climber above.

  3. Sanchez1985

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  4. Joshua Norton

    FORMER Governor of Alaska???? Drop-out Governor of Alaska it a lot closer to the truth. But then again Fux obviously has to think up some high-flying title for their Queen of the Nobodies.

  5. SayItWithWookies

    Women are wearing wigs all the time now. I swear this was the subject of a piece on Nightline last night. My internet was down — that’s my excuse.

  6. Crank Tango

    [re=533789]maggiegg82[/re]: not that I don’t want to bang young chicks, but just for fun I am going to take a dump on your front door and smear it on your windows. of your website.

  7. Crank Tango

    [re=533804]Sanchez1985[/re]: wow can’t they block posts based on the contents “ed hardy”?

  8. Jerri

    [re=533789]maggiegg82[/re]: Minge Gale?

    [re=533794]Hopey dont play that game[/re]: Aw shucks, thanks.

  9. Joshua Norton

    Women are wearing wigs all the time now.

    Yeah, but the good ones don’t have a chin strap. Or is that just shadows caused by her wattles?

  10. BaconTime

    “well ya knowww if ya put yer head inside of an oven whaal its on, turns out yer hayur and eyebrows can actually catch fire, and then ya gotta put a wig up on there.”

  11. BOOBIES!

    A $500 wig riding around on a 25 cent head – it’s actually a good metaphor for the modern Republican party.

  12. southern mark smith

    It could be worse–she could not be wearing a wig. Imagine a bald Sarah making that face.

    (I just threw up in my mouth a little.)

    [re=533796]nappyduggs[/re]: HAHAHAHA!

  13. JMP

    in Women’s Hairsyle Expert: Wigbuyer.crap. We’re always mindful of fake hair that’s in it for the long haul – those pieces you stick on your head fail every time, that, like a daughter’s ex-boyfriend that knocked her up, just couldn’t be reliable. Though a trendy hairpiece is a fun choice for, say, an evening CNN appearance, an everyday wig that meets your everyday needs is a balding lady’s must. We’re eyeing wild hair that move from bangs to Donaldson with ease, that suit every ungainly possibility with uncombed style and that make your life much easier with a host of unfunctional strings. Check them out: wigbuyer.crap FREE sHIPPING

  14. widestanceromancer

    She’ll need to stay indoors during Helicopter Hunts since from the air, she surely looks like a bear skin scatter rug in the makin’.

  15. slithytoves

    I she had had that hair back in ’08, she would never have been chosen for McCain’s running mate. Srsly

  16. jodyleek

    Has Sarah become an Orthodox Jew? On Sheitel.com the “Sarah Palin” wigs
    are now drastically reduced.

  17. ShamWow

    [re=533825]JMP[/re]: Who cares?!1 My boyfriend and I were just talking about getting matching wigs for our a_g_E_m_i_N_G_L at d ot com profile pics. For WOMEnS FESitiVAL He will buy many ed HArdy shirts with FREE sHIPPING!11!!

  18. Lascauxcaveman

    Haters! I think that’s a really good look for our gal pal Sarah. It makes her look really, uh… old. Now she can cruise on over to mygirlfriendis28yearsolderthanme@com and pick up much younger guys, who are retarded. Or just hang out.

  19. ShamWow

    [re=533833]ella[/re]: I’m getting a really shitty Maryann from Gilligan’s Island vibe off it. I really hope she’s not wearing short shorts too

  20. Mad Brahms

    Does anyone still think she’s hot after seeing that? The Golden Girls has more erotic appeal than that wig.

  21. Jerri

    [re=533824]Skwerl Nutz[/re]: Haha. But that’s such a classy show!

    [re=533827]AnnieGetYourFun[/re]: Also too: She could use a nice long blade of tall grass to chew on, and all interviews must be conducted from her ramshackle front porch.

  22. JMP

    [re=533842]Mad Brahms[/re]: Of course; the peons of the far right will pretend they find any ultra-conservative woman attractive, even if she’s hideous looking. Besides Palin, see the Coulter-beast, mad Bachmann, etc.

  23. Joshua Norton

    She looks like should be peddling ugly stretch pants and turquoise jewelry on Home Shopping.

  24. Red Zeppelin

    She looks exactly like my 8th grade girlfriend from the 70s who thought Hall and Oates were the epitome of rock music. I think Mooselini is stinting on the blue eye shadow, though, also.

  25. gertrudis

    [re=533816]dannygutters[/re]: I thought of Loretta immediately and you beat me to it. FYI I Googled “Loretta Lynn wig” looking for a photo and your comment is one of the top 10 results. Just thought you’d want to know. :)

  26. JMP

    [re=533852]Red Zeppelin[/re]: Well, she is now a rich bitch girl; and she used to rely on an old man’s money for things like clothes for her kids.

  27. Ducksworthy

    [re=533814]Hemp Dogbane[/re]: All my fear and loathing of Palin and her followers in one one word, Mooselini. Thanks. Now I don’t have to think about her ever again.

  28. Oblios Cap

    [re=533814]Hemp Dogbane[/re]:

    The Sound of Music,/i> was the first thing that I thought of when I saw that picture.

    Now I know why she named that kid von Tripp.

  29. Autoo

    WHO CARES! My girlfriend is 48 years older than me! I met her at agewrinkled@com. My friends don’t quite understand it, but if my woman’s able to walk without a cane, or at least have some sort of artificial breathing apparatus attached to her face, I just can’t get it up! I’ll admit this can make for some pretty awkward double-dates, so mostly we just go to agewrinkled@com and just hang out.

  30. The Station Manager

    I can’t hate her for this. Everybody could use a confidence hat. A big ol’ hat of confidence.

  31. proudgrampa

    [re=533884]Autoo[/re]: They are the “premiere site for age support.” Whatinhell is “age support?” Sounds like the thing I wear for my hernia.

  32. GeneralLerong

    [re=533887]The Station Manager[/re]: Yeah, but preferably our confidence hats won’t also spell out “RETARD” in neon.

  33. Breakfast Bourbon

    I knew it was going to be one of those days when I got behind a truck on the way to work with a personalized “S Palin” tag (and all sorts of Palin-and confusingly, Perot-stickers on it.)

  34. Zadig

    Only on Wonkette does a semi-literate dating site spammer unwittingly become part of the culture.

  35. One Yield Regular

    Just needs a flower-covered summer hat with a $1.98 price tag dangling off of it to complete the picture.

  36. S.Luggo

    Sarah Palin provides habitat for the endangered Wasilla meth marmot. The animal’s peeing and pooping can cause distractions, however, also.

  37. yellowdogdem

    [re=533882]proudgrampa[/re]: OMG, the Peg Bundy wig is listed as “out of stock.” Has Sarah been handing them out to her friends?

  38. GOPCrusher

    [re=533816]dannygutters[/re]: That’s what happens when you only get Hee Haw reruns on your TeeVee.

  39. WonkaBee

    You’re all being too cruel. Clearly it’s like the cat who is proud of her kill and wants to bring it to your door to show it off and to share the meal with you. She’s on TV, so she had to put it on her head. Thanks for sharing, Sarah!
    Cat owners will understand.

  40. Mr Blifil

    [re=533884]Autoo[/re]: Fuck you. There is no “agewrinkled.com” as it turns out. GODDAMNIT.

  41. the problem child

    [re=534049]WonkaBee[/re]: I think you’re confusing “kill” with “hairball”. Even cats are disgusted by those.

  42. Gopherit

    [re=534058]Extemporanus[/re]: That is possible. In either case, you can take the twat out of wasilla, but….

  43. Mr Blifil

    [re=534012]Gopherit[/re]: She couldn’t get through the day without the bumpit (actually the use of an entire goddamn wig obviates the need for a bumpit, so the pic may be an exception). She probably has several onhand at all times, safely stored up her hoo-hah.

  44. El Pinche

    [re=534058]Extemporanus[/re]: Going Roni! Hahahaha..that made me snort-laugh out loud…too loud.

  45. slowuncle

    At this rate, Sarah will be sportin’ a full-blown B-52 bouffant by the time the 2012 election cycle kicks in

  46. Hutch

    [re=534073]Mr Blifil[/re]: Any hoohah reference just makes my day. And come to think of it, with all the offspring, Sara’s must be HUGE by now (bumpits a kimbo). Perhaps she’s trying to balance it all out with that Grenadier Guards bear skin she’s sporting.

  47. Accordion-o-rama

    [re=533983]El Pinche[/re]: Dear Wonkette editors,

    Please use this pic for every future story about Sarah.

  48. Lascauxcaveman

    [re=534218]slowuncle[/re]: That could be dangerous. If she became that ironically self-aware I might actually start to like her.

  49. WesternCorrespondent

    [re=533821]southern mark smith[/re]: said, “It could be worse–she could not be wearing a wig. Imagine a bald Sarah making that face.”

    There’s a rumor going around E!Insider that Sarah Palin’s husband Todd, aka the former “first Dude”, is g.a.y.

    Now…imagine this…Sarah Palin has actually removed that wig. What does she look like? Yeah, a GUY. No wonder last fall when she disappeared from public view for 6 weeks she got her manly jaw cosmetic-surgically tapered to look more feminine.

    If she’d opted for a platinum blonde wig instead of dark brown (last week her wig had highlights!), she’d be the spittin’ image of Dolly Parton.

  50. WesternCorrespondent

    [re=533849]JMP[/re]: Speaking of Michele Bachmann, wouldn’t it be a scream if those two — Sarah Palin and Bachmann — got into a cat-fight screaming match during that April fundraiser for Bachmann, and Bachmann pulled Palin’s wig off on stage?

  51. tizzielish

    Women who appear regularly on television but who do not have a staff hairdresser routinely use wigs for their television appearances.

    I despise Sarah Palin, honest I do. But I don’t think she is going bald. I think Fox News doesn’t want to pop for a hairdresser.

  52. Radiotherapy

    Worse than the wig-gle it around in the rectum was the reverb on her voice in that clip. And that was only topped by her regurgitating drivel.

  53. ShiningMathPath

    [re=534485]thesheriffisnear[/re]: nice, but I don’t think you’ve gone far enough … Millie Helper crossed with Uncle Miltie?

  54. desertwind

    If Willow were a real American, she’d drop out of high school and go to hairdressin’ school so she can go to work for Ma.

  55. MO Inkslinger

    Looks like Sarah found her Davy Crockett coonskin cap in her childhood toy box. Has anyone in Wasilla lost their dog? It may be sleeping on top of Palin’s head.

  56. ShiningMathPath

    [re=534553]thesheriffisnear[/re]: very close — finish off with equal parts Lisa Douglas and Eddie Haskell?

    [re=534576]MO Inkslinger[/re]: here’s the canonical head-squatter: [re=533983]El Pinche[/re]:

  57. ShiningMathPath

    [re=534585]wildturtlelove[/re]: the Real Merkin — that’s beyond perfect.

    (Damn, the domain name is taken.)

  58. HopeyChangey

    It’s not just the wig, but the expression, for some reason, reminds me of the always over-botoxed, Cher.

  59. Imno

    I miss dear old Fess Parker more every day…Sah-rah, Sah-rah Palin, Queen of the Right-Wing Weird…

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