• Somebody in the Obama Administration says Israel shouldn’t be building 1,600 new homes in a neighboring country so Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s brother-in-law says, obviously, that Barack Obama hates the Jews. [BBC News]
  • If you’re sharing that foreclosed house with crazy grandma and your wrecked family and your loser grandchildren, you’re part of an exciting new trend we haven’t seen at this level in America for half a century. Congratulations! [Washington Post]
  • That historic now-or-never Health Care Reform thing from last year might now be decided … this weekend? Maybe this weekend. Stay excitable! [Yahoo News]
  • Attention black shoppers at this one Wal-Mart in southern New Jersey: Time to leave. [Associated Press]
  • Memphis, New Orleans and grown-up children by the millions are mourning Alex Chilton. [Memphis Commercial Appeal]
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  1. Given the utter coarseness of what passes for civilized behavior in this fucked up country, I guess we should be thankful the Walmart asshole used the term “black people”.

    RIP Alex Chilton.

  2. On second thought, if the announcer told all the fat, ugly people to leave, how many would have actually complained rather than pretending the announcement had nothing to do with them?

  3. Ha ha, whoever that douchebag Wal*Mart stockroom knob is who got silly and grabbed the P.A. microphone has got to be absolutely pissing his pants this morning. When your li’l prank gets a minute coverage on NPR’s Morning Edition and a strong condemnation from corporate HQ, you, my friend, are fucked.

  4. [re=532876]Monsieur Grumpe[/re]: One of the benefeits of living in NYC is having to actually get in a car to visit a Wal-Mart. Never having done so, I rely upon your link to be in touch with Real America.

  5. [re=532876]Monsieur Grumpe[/re]: Well, all the ones from California you can blame on Reagan’s emptying out the psych hospitals…

  6. [re=532905]queeraselvis v 2.0[/re]: When the Wonkett overloards give us a troll to play with, aren’t they supposed to give us one that plays back?

  7. Years ago, Wal-Mart was constantly getting busted for labeling clothing “Made in America” when it actually was being manufactured overseas by underage slaves kidnapped from Euro-Disneyland or something. I haven’t shopped there since. Although I’ve heard that the overnight RV camping Wal-Mart Parking Lot Swinger’s Club™ is quite the party paradise if you know what I mean. Tempting no?

  8. [re=532907]Redhead[/re]: I am reminded of Tom Lehrer’s song:

    Oh, the Protestants hate the Catholics,
    And the Catholics hate the Protestants,
    And the Hindus hate the Muslims,
    And everybody hates the Jews.

    But during National Brotherhood Week, National Brotherhood Week,
    It’s National Everyone-smile-at-one-another-hood Week.
    Be nice to people who
    Are inferior to you.
    It’s only for a week, so have no fear.
    Be grateful that it doesn’t last all year!

    And Wendykat’s gotta go. Also.

  9. So, NatanYahoo’s brother in law listens to Glenn Beck? That also explains why the Israeli nutjob interior minister felt free to set Joe Biden up “Israel ministry wages settlement war against U.S.”, By Mazal Mualem, Haaretz Correspondent.

    Somebody should explain to the Jooish right wingers that our U.S. right wingers will only accept the Joos when they have been “perfected” in the fires if Armageddon.

  10. Barry didn’t say all Jews were being dicks. He said that Iswael specifically, the RW freaks were being dicks. What happens when real anti semitism happens? It’ll be Bibi and the Anti-semite Wolf.

    Overlords, more Spambots in the wire! Kill’em all

  11. [re=532883]wendykat123[/re]: And the bot came back, the very next day, we thought he was a goner, but the bot came back, it just couldn’t stay away…

  12. Bennie Yahoo’s shvoger is right, you know. Rahm and Axelrod are so incognito that Barry forgets they’re Jewish.

    Also: I never travel far without a little Big Star.

  13. [re=532942]proudgrampa[/re]: It means ‘people who are living’, unlike ‘people not of breath’ who are obviously dead. Sort of like ‘people of color’ only not.

  14. Multigenerational households aren’t all — they should count households where people have moved in with each other to spare some rent and pool expenses. The housing market isn’t coming back until people have jobs and can afford it — or until we completely overextend credit and find some way to socialize risk. Hey, why hasn’t anyone thought of that before?

  15. I can handle the occasional republitard sneaking in here and making comments, because we are a warblog, after all, and a warblog needs an enemy, but if the overloads should decide to swing the banhammer in the direction of the spammongers from strictly commercial, i would utter nary a word of complaint.

  16. I am soooooo jealous! How convenient it must be, just think: every time someone does something you don’t like you can accuse them of having some sort of racial, ethnic or religious prejudice! As a white, anglo-saxon protestant, I feel so unempowered…Is unempowered a word? Well, that’s how I feel anyway. As far as Wall-to-Wall Fart is concerned; Sam would be spinning in his grave if he could see it now.

  17. [re=532966]gurukalehuru[/re]: The spambots are the warbloggers’ revenge. They didn’t like how shabbily George Washington, Father of Our Cuntry was handled, and this is to be our penance, pondering age gaps and trendy clothing to minimize the age gaps.

  18. I live in an upscale CT community full of doctors and lawyers, but I probably live in the poor section full of teachers. Whenever I walk into WalMart I want to ask, “Where do all these poor white people come from?” I never knew there were so many poor white people until I moved to where the rich white people live.

  19. [re=532934]Douglas1984[/re]: ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, they’re multiplying! Wonkette, these are the wrong types of trolls!

    At least we know where to buy our cheap, knock-off clothes and shoes, now that Wal-Mart kicked all the black people out and will soon explode from all the exaggerated, PC rage and fat.

  20. [re=532987]June Cleaver 2.0[/re]: just say no, do not go to Wal Mart. Its easy. face it, Rev. Billy keeps trying to exorcise the demons from that corporate body, but the demons are too strong. We might have to get that catholic guy who keeps the demons out of the vatican.

  21. [re=533042]teh_heysoos[/re]:

    And New Jersey (like Real Amurrica) has its very own retarded South. They are not as enlightened as us North New Jersey elitists.

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