• Somebody in the Obama Administration says Israel shouldn’t be building 1,600 new homes in a neighboring country so Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s brother-in-law says, obviously, that Barack Obama hates the Jews. [BBC News]
  • If you’re sharing that foreclosed house with crazy grandma and your wrecked family and your loser grandchildren, you’re part of an exciting new trend we haven’t seen at this level in America for half a century. Congratulations! [Washington Post]
  • That historic now-or-never Health Care Reform thing from last year might now be decided … this weekend? Maybe this weekend. Stay excitable! [Yahoo News]
  • Attention black shoppers at this one Wal-Mart in southern New Jersey: Time to leave. [Associated Press]
  • Memphis, New Orleans and grown-up children by the millions are mourning Alex Chilton. [Memphis Commercial Appeal]
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