• Why won’t Barack Obama let The Troops who liberated Haiti from Hugo Chavez’s earthquake machine fly the Stars and Stripes? [The Corner]
  • NASA discovered a delightful popcorn shrimp frolicking 600 feet below Antarctica. [The Daily Dish]
  • Here is some horrifying footage of Barbara Boxer’s cap and trade-powered Zeppelin carpet bombing the quiet streets of Malibu with taxes and unspeakable electric bills. [The Caucus]
  • After reading the entire Internet, The Simon Wiesenthal Center for Tolerance has concluded that 9/11 furry conspiracies are more popular (and hurtful) than ever. [AMERICAblog]
  • Ken Layne explains to some dandy “editor-in-chief of Reason magazine” that Ron Paul will not give him baskets of golden buttplugs for his savings. [True/Slant]
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