Ha ha, racist.TEABAGGER PHOTO ALERT: Whoa hey there are a bunch of Teabaggers hanging around the Capitol right now? With signs and pirate hats and everything? We don’t know if Newell is out taking pictures or if they already eated him, so if you’re nearby plz go take some pictures and send them to your tips @ wonkette, thanks! For liberty! [Fox News]

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  1. Soooo clever! I wish I could meet some of these wonderful people. I could learn so much from them. I’d love to have them over for dinner, but I just can’t get the knack of eating with my feet as they do, so I’m too embarrassed. Maybe someday…

  2. Rush’s brain could squeeze through a newt’s asshole, and the GOP has an asshole named Newt. I like this game, let’s play again.

  3. [re=531375]Smoke Filled Roommate[/re]: The teabaggers have a long history of being revolting. They are probably the most revolting group of patriots in America.

  4. It’s at times like these that I really miss my old view of the Capitol. Oh, Department of Labor, why did my contract have to end? Just when things were getting hilarious.

  5. [re=531379]freakishlystrong[/re]: What’s wrong with that clip? As long as the people chanting at the end of it follow through with their little mantra, no harm, no foul, right?

  6. Dear God Ken, you didn’t send Jim, did you? The Teabaggers have enough problems with a black man, can you imagine if they find a ginger in their mist?

  7. How could anyone be racist over tea.
    The British army officers had cups of tea before they engaged the enemy on the field of battle.
    What could be more civilized?

    Tea baggers strike me as a civilized, educated lot… who just happen to live in trailers.

  8. Are there no competent graphic designers amongst the teabaggers who could help them with the layout of these placards?

    [re=531401]Cape Clod[/re]: If all the Teabaggers on the Capitol steps were laid end to end…

  9. I used to wonder why tea baggers loved making posters so much. Now I realize it’s just a way to shake things up, as most of their credos are written in feces on the bathroom wall at the local Denny’s.

  10. When will these people figure out that they only need ten or twenty of their pack to show up at one of these “protests” to guarantee limitless coverage on all of the television news networks for the rest of the week, while the rest of them can stay put and hate one another in the comfort of their own rented homes.

  11. You’ve got to admit … those people ARE revolting. HAR! Really though, shouldn’t it be African Lyin’? I guess wordplay isn’t the average teabagger’s forte’.

  12. [re=531402]SayItWithWookies[/re]: We’re very lucky that the wignuts love to exaggerate their numbers; considering the size of your average teabagger, if as many of them showed up as they claimed, a new fault line would open under Washington and swallow the city whole.

  13. I’m looking for a partner who is significantly different from me in age. And I want to find that person anonymously on an internet spambot site. Is that wrong? Can anyone possibly ever help me?

  14. They just want to make sure their tax dollars aren’t being used to do something crazy, like rehabilitating the grass on the National Mall. KEEP IT LOOKING LIKE SHIT AS WAS THE INTENTION OF HTE FRAMERZ!!11!!119.

  15. [re=531419]Monsieur Grumpe[/re]: No, but tomorrow’s National Drunken Fratboy Moron Day.

    Ironically, many of the teabaggers will celebrate it, even though it’s supposed to honor one of the original groups of dirty illegal furriners who were attacked and hated by the ideological ancestors of the teabagging movement.

  16. The pro-reform rally, of course, was a but a blip on the damn “news” shows. I guess us crazy, tyrannical libtards need moar racist and hateful signs.

  17. [re=531432]Gorillionaire[/re]: That’s because of the man-bites-dog unexpectedness of all this in the minds of the media. If several thousand of us show up demanding our rights, that’s not news. But when 100 teabaggers, who have clearly been given the short end of the stick by Amerruka show up to demand that they do not have right and that despite suffering the deprivation of being the tricklees under trickle down economics then demand that their corporate masters pee on them again, now that’s news. This sort of depravity draws viewers like nothing short of xxx porn.

  18. I passed a bunch of Teabaggers on my lunch in front of Jim Webb’s office. So what did I do? I went inside to leave a note for my Senator and in the process observed like 10 people in jeans with no pockets and hats from Niagra Falls come in, stand at the door, and yell “READ MY SIGN”. One def. said something about Commie Czars (Don’t Turn Around, O UH-OHH!).

    Some staffer was taking pics or video or something, hopefully it’ll be up later. I wanted to take pics but once I was in the office and actually talking to people I thought it inappropriate.

  19. [re=531453]freakishlystrong[/re]: Like the 2002 anti-war rallies, which actually did attract hundreds of thousands of people in some cities, but according to the media were just a gathering of a handful of filthy hippies.

  20. The official “Teabag to English” translation of this poster is “I’m not racist…I just want to inform you that there’s a black man in the White House. (What!? How is that racist? It’s TRUE. LOOK IT UP!)”

    And now I’m going to go on my rant about how stupid Teabaggers are about history. I’m sorry, but it’s been building up a long time. Our founding fathers did not flip their wig and dump tea in a harbor because of TAXATION. They did it because of TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. Jesus, don’t you people know your Schoolhouse Rock? And unless these people live in some corner of the country that doesn’t actually have elected officials in national office(like Washington DC for example), they HAVE REPRESENTATION. Some people just need to be slapped.

  21. [re=531428]Rev. Peter Lemonjello[/re]:

    Also, they can huff the fumes from their instruments of dissent afterward. Sharpies are the new White Lightnin’.

  22. [re=531457]Ducksworthy[/re]: You are a cynic and I must pity you. The media always gives us the serious stories. Why, just look at the “most read” at the FuxNews link:

    Plane Hits, Kills Man Walking on S.C. Beach
    March 15, 2010

    Church Fights Back After Arizona Town Bans Home Bible Study
    March 15, 2010

    New Jersey Woman Wants to Weigh 1,000 Pounds
    March 15, 2010

    World’s Shortest Man Dies

  23. [re=531473]populucious[/re]: Silly libtard trying to apply logic and historical knowledge to teabaggers, when will you ever learn?

    Thing is, these people UNDERSTAND that it is no taxation without representation. If you get really into the weeds of the anti-tax mythos, these people believe that ALL taxes are unconstitutional (forget about the whole bit with the failures of the articles of confederation, and one of the main points behind the Constitution was that it gave the government the right to levy taxes). These people do not believe they are being represented, and they believe this whole heartedly not because they can’t gasp the concept of a Republic, but because they don’t care.

    The key here is representation. For each member of this movement, they feel that their voice, individually, should be represented, not their district, but they, themselves. In truth, what they seem to want is a pure Democracy, one person, one vote, on everything that comes out ever. If you ever want to see why this is a thoroughly horrible idea, go look at California politics for a while.

    As for the historical comparison, the founding fathers dumped tea because the King was just droppin them taxes on them like they were hot and the colonists had zero elected officials representing them in parliament (curiously enough, one of the reasons they would have liked some parliamentarian representation was so that some of those taxes would come back to them in the form of spending on localized projects, or, wait for the fucking fuses to blow here kids, “PORK”!). Whereas today, these people are claiming to take up the same mantle despite the fact that each and every one of these people were given the same opportunity to partake in the election of two senators and a more localized congressman. Scoreboard: Founding Fathers: 0 Teabaggers : 3

    But, again, in their mind, representation does not mean democratically elected officials, it means “My opinion, screw anyone else’s that might disagree”. So I guess they must be right.

  24. The sign reminds me of some stupid, horrible, racist joke I was told a long time where the punchline is something like “Simba was a Lion King …and (someone) is a lying Ni**er”, which I’m sure is what this sign is based on.

  25. /Snark off

    As a Registered Republican and Official Gun Nut, I find posters like that almost as funny as the thought of sticking my Remington 870 Express up that stupid bitch’s ass, and pulling the trigger.

    Although, with a load of No. 6 shot, she might enjoy it too much.

    What a fucking country we’ve become. Or always were. Whatever.

    /Snark on

    You know, throwing that cunt into a cage with a real “African Lyon” might be amusing.

    (Sorry. Sorry. Getting the on/off thing confused again.)

  26. [re=531473]populucious[/re]: They take it a step further. They’re not racists, they’re just people who enjoy a good ape, watermelon, fried chicken or jungle joke/reference about hopey. After feigning shock that anybody can take said reference the wrong way, they have a friend or relative that knows a black person so its OK. In the Fox news alternate reality: people holding racists signs = non-racist average Americans then let Beck go out and say Obama has a deep seated hatred of white people. Yes with media like this, its no wonder we’re in the state we are.

  27. [re=531640]Smoke Filled Roommate[/re]: The only switch is “WISTFUL/ANGRY” and controls the mood exhibited whilst fellating a gun barrel.

  28. [re=531640]Smoke Filled Roommate[/re]: It’s thinly concealed, but it’s there. The problem is that so much of what passes for wit in here . . . isn’t.

    The whole Pearls Before Swine Issue. I’m sure you’ve experienced it.

    Or was that a “pearl necklace”?

    Life and politics can be so confusing sometimes.

  29. Actually, I like her sunglasses.I can’t wait to have her taxed to death on the death panel.I want the glasses for a trophy. Yesterday I got forwarded a pack of anti obama anti HCR anti ss anti everything decent and normal from two women who should know better. They both know I have cancer and I will never get any insurance again if I lose what I have now. I spammed back what I thought to every email address on all the forwarded messages. I expected to have to change my email address by this morning but I haven’t heard a peep. I think we need people who are willing to rip the sunglasses right off of these creeps and tell them why they need to shut the fuck up.The Senators and Reps actually know what the score is already they are in it for the pleasure of the game. The teabaggers need to be sent to the emergency room for a nice 12-17 hour wait til they cool off.[re=531542]Neilist[/re]: Why haven’t you infiltrated your local klavern teabagger bustriptoDC with some trucknutz signs???You could be our stealth wonkette republican school board nominee for 2012.

  30. [re=531993]102415[/re]: Hang the fuck in there, goddammit.

    That little wave-kissed beach of yours is quite often the high point of my day.

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